wow these took forever


Marvel’s Secret Avengers Netflix Series.

After The Sokovia Accords and personal issues tear the Avengers apart, a new underground team is assembled to do whatever it takes to eliminate once and for all the threats that could destroy the world as we know it.


Wow, here’s something that certainly didn’t took forever x_X

This is my submission for the fanart contest for the SagGeek event. Once it’ll be done editing I’ll update/reblog this post with a link to the speed draw video I made as well

EDIT: Speed draw video HERE


here’s the closeted furries “hey man… can u bum me a cig” and “the one uncle nobody invites to the family reunion but SOMEONE keeps telling him where it is anyways”

if you want an idea of what john is like, imagine hau from pokemon sumo

ALSO the ppl who kept asking me for trans thomas art, HERE he’s trans in this au (; 

ft John: