wow these new ones are adorable

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Pack Mom - Derek Hale x Reader

Originally posted by hvproductions

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: You’ve always been the mother figure to everyone in the pack but when the pups start calling you mom they also start treating you as Derek’s mate, awkwardness and confessions ensue.

Warning: Smut! and other shit! :D 



You hopped out of your newly bought Mustang, you knew the pack would be shocked at your new car but the moment you saw the sleek black vehicle you knew it was the one. Your last car got trashed in a car chase with the Calaveras but you dug into your inheritance and decided to get something nicer. The moment one foot stepped out of the new car Stiles was on you with a million questions.

“Ohh my god when did you get this!? How does it run!? How much was it!?” You rolled your eyes but answered all of Stiles’ question calmly because you adored Stiles he was like a brother to you.

“Wow that is one beautiful car.” You heard a gruff voice say from behind you, you knew who it was but you turned around anyway with a nervous grin.

“I know she runs amazingly!” You exclaimed cheerfully which made Derek crack a small smile.

“Did he just smile?” Stiles stared at Derek with wide eyes.

“Yes Stiles I have the ability to smile.” Derek deadpanned.

“How come I’ve never seen you smile at anyone except Y/N? Well unless you count that deputy at the police station who you flirted with. Why don’t you smile at me?” Stiles rambled his arms flying around in an exaggerating manor.

“I smile at Y/N because she is about 5 times more attractive and 100% less hyperactive spaz.” Derek replied easily but when he said you were attractive your mind went blank, your heart started racing rapidly and you knew your cheeks were most likely bright red.

“Ooo Derek and Y/N sittin’ in a tree K I S S I N G fir-”

“Stiles shut up before I rip yo-”

“First comes love!” Erica popped up out of nowhere and started singing along.

“Then comes marriage!” Liam exclaimed as he burst out the door with a grin on his face.

“Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” The three of them shouted together, at this point you knew your face was bright red so you buried your head in your hands willing it to go away.

“Then comes a divorce because she finally realises how grumpy Derek is.” You heard a cheerful voice at which made you look up to see Peter.

“Derek’s not grumpy.” You huffed at Peter which made everyone turn to you.

“Oh so no divorce?” Peter smirked knowing he’s caught you red handed.

“No! I mean-We’re not…And he’s not-Fuck my life!” You screamed storming into the house the pups soon following behind you.

You sat down next to Isaac and Liam as soon as the pack meeting started, they were both sat very close but you knew it was because contact made them calm. As Derek went through everything he needed to you stared at his chiselled face, the abs that you could see through his tight shirt and his ice green eyes as they darted to and from each pack member who asked question.

As the meeting came to a wraps Liam already had his head on your shoulder and Isaac had his on your lap you glanced at both of them smiling but knew you had to move if you wanted to get started on making dinner.

“Liam honey I need to go start on dinner.” His head shot up, nodding before running off to play video games with the boys.

“Isaac sweetie I need to go make food.” You giggled when he nuzzled into your lap more, you ran your fingers through his hair softly before looking down at his face realising he was sleeping. You lifted his head gently and set it on a cushion once you had moved. His face twisted in one of a lost puppy and he reached for anything he could.

“M-Mama..” He whimpered as his hand touched mine. Suddenly you were aware almost all the packs eyes were on you. You wanted to be embarrassed but you couldn’t be because it didn’t feel weird to be called that by the pups.

“Can I ask why everyone feel like that is something to gawp over?” You snapped in a motherly tone which soon made them lower their heads. As so finally got round to making tea you could hear Isaac shouting at the tv which you assumed to be because of a video game, suddenly Jacksons voice cut through the conversation.

“Aww is mama’s boy losing? Why don’t you go-”

“JACKSON JOHNATHAN WHITTEMORE!” you screamed as you shot out the kitchen door straight into the living area. Jackson froze and dropped his controller.

“Apologise right now!” You shouted as everyone seemed to freeze. Derek seemed ready to jump in but you knew he didn’t need to.

“Sorry Isaac..” You dipped his head slightly as if he’d been scolded by his mother.

“Now who’s a mama’s boy?” Stiles snorted which made your eyes shoot to him.

“Mieczyslaw Stilinski! Get in this kitchen and help me make food!” Everyone stared at you wide eyed making Stiles flush.

“How the hell did you pronounce that so perfectly!? I can’t even pronounce it and I’m his best friend!” Scott exclaimed as everyone stared at you then Scott. You ignored Scott question and followed an embarrassed Stiles into the kitchen.

After you finished making dinner you had the pack set the table and carry the excessive amount of food to the table. You all sat down, staring at the various foods you had made. You sat to Derek’s left and Scott was on his right. You noted that everyone let Derek eat the first bite which was normal because he was the Alpha but when everyone stared at you, you looked to Derek for help.

“Why is everyone looking at me?” You asked confused by everyone’s actions.

“The first person to eat in the pack is the Alpha then his mate, then the Alpha’s second.” Lydia stated calmly as she smiled over at you.

“But Scott is Derek’s second not me?” You replied, your left eyebrow raised slightly.

“But your Derek’s mate. Right?” Isaac asked from the seat next to you.

“What?” You looked back to Derek who was staring at Isaac with the same confused look.

“Guys we’re not dating…” Derek shifted awkwardly in his seat as he spoke it made your heart clench painfully at the fact he was uncomfortable with the idea of dating you.

“Oh sorry the idea of dating me seems so farfetched to you.” You growled at him making everyone freeze for what felt like the millionth time tonight.

“That’s not what I was saying Y/N.” Derek stated softly as he stared into your Y/E/C eyes.

“So what were you saying Derek?” You sneered and everyone seemed to shrink into their seats.

“Well I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with everything they were saying…” He whispered his voice trailing off slightly.

“In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Derek Hale?!” You screeched staring at him like he’d grown another head.

“Well if you wanna play that game fine! In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Y/N Y/L/N!” He retaliated harshly.

“So then why aren’t you guys dating?” Liam spoke up softly, everyone turned to look at the youngest of the pack his head held high as if he’d knew he’d said something smart.

“Because Derek doesn’t like me the way I like him and you know this!” You whisper yelled to Liam but realised that you’d said it loud enough for everyone to hear.

“You like me?” Derek asked making you turn your attention to him, your face now bright red.

“Can we talk about this after diner please? I’d like to at least enjoy the food I cooked before you flat out reject me.” You mumbled softly before pushing the food around your plate. You looked up to Derek who was now out his seat. Before you knew what had happened you were yanked out your seat, one of his arms firmly wrapped around your waist and the other hand cupped your cheek.

“Do you like me?” He asked again with more heat and curiosity in his voice, his green eyes stared into yours making everyone else disappear. You nodded softly as your eyes flicked from his to his lips. His lips met yours in a soft yet passionate kiss, after a few seconds of small kisses that stole your breath away you were pulled out by the sound of Isaac’s voice.

“Ew it’s like watching your parents make out.” You pulled away flushing slightly before looking up at Derek who sent you a pantie melting grin which made your knees weak.

“Can we eat now I didn’t slave over a hot stove to eat cold food?” Stiles grumbled which made me turn to him with a raised eyebrow daring him to take all the credit.

“I mean let eat this delicious food mama made and then make sure to give her a foot massage later?” He grinned over at your cheekily.

“Stiles shut up or I will rip your thr-” Derek stopped mid-sentence as you shot him the same look.

“I mean let’s eat then put on Y/N favourite film?” Derek mumbled his eyes wide.

“See now you’re getting it. Okay time to eat.” You giggled pressing a gentle kiss to Derek’s cheek.

After dinner you all put on a film and cuddled on the giant L shaped couch. Everyone was touching in some way with and Derek in the middle of what could only be classed as a puppy pile. You could stop to scared thought that this could just be another one of your dreams about Derek but every time you count your fingers and thumbs you had ten altogether. You buried you head into Derek hard chest which was surprisingly comfortable. You drew shapes absently on Derek’s chest as your listened to his heart beat. Every now and then it would rise and become louder but other than that it was a calming tempo.

Eventually everyone started leaving until you were the last on left in the newly re-built Hale house. You shuffled about as Derek walked you to the front door. As you were about to put your shoes on Derek stopped you grabbing your face and kissing you with so much emotion and roughness you knew your lips would bruise. When he pulled away, you let out a small whine from the loss but opened your eyes to look into his.

“God I’ve wanted to do that all night but I felt like I’d scar the pups.” Derek sighed softly as he started regaining his lost breath.

“Derek…What are we?” You asked softly as his hands made circles on both cheeks.

“You’re mine and I’m yours.” He responded calmly, his hands slipping into your hair. When he gripped your hair slightly you let out a whimper now thoughts of him claiming you, his eyes glowing red as he made you submit, made their way into your head. You soon started to feel your panties grow damn which as soon as Derek took a deep breath through his nose you knew he smelt because his eyes changed from icy green to crimson red.

“Stop.” He growled as your arousal got worse as his red eyes stared into yours.

“I can’t stop the fact that you turn me on Derek.” You chuckled softly, biting your lip so stop another whimper escaping when you felt his hand grip your hair tighter.

“You smell so sweet.” His left hands moved to grip your hip as he drew you closer towards him.

“If you don’t leave now I’m going to take you upstairs and claim you.” Derek growled into your ear, his fangs grazing against the shell of your ear.

“Then do it.” You panted as his mouth moved to your neck.

“You sure that’s what you want I mean we only star-”

Before he could continue rambling you grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down for a bruising kiss. Both his hands gripped your waist in a tight hold but you didn’t care if he left bruises it just meant that Derek wanted you that much he couldn’t control himself and to you that felt empowering.

“Yes I’m sure I want Alpha to claim me.” You whined softly as you pulled away from the kiss.

He didn’t answer with words instead chose to growl at my choice of words, there was something extremely attractive about his red eyes and growls that went straight to your core. You step back from him and pulled off your baby blue summer dress you were currently wearing, leaving you in your underwear, a strapless nude pink bra and matching panties. His eyes roamed over you hungrily as you made your way up the large set of stairs, swaying your hips seductively as you went. He was soon chasing after your almost fumbling like a horny teenager to get his shirt off.

Once you reached his room, you crawled onto his bed on all fours. He made his way over to you gripping your hips tightly. His right hand slowly made its way down your back pushing softly on your shoulder blades so you were face down with your lace clad ass in the air. You giggled shaking your ass at him playfully making another feral growl emit from his chest. He playfully slapped your ass making you playfully moan at him. You knew at this point you were so wet that your panties were likely soaked. His right hand made it way down my back to my ass before skimming over your lace cover pussy.

“Jesus you’re so wet.” He groaned as if this fact caused him and his dick physical pain.

“Mhm because Alpha makes me wet.” You gasped as he moved your panties to one side and ran his index finger through your wet folds.

“What does Alpha’s little kitten want?” He whispered as his lips gave small kisses to your ass cheeks which made you whine softly.

“Want Alpha’s tongue.” You managed to whisper, your hands gripping the sheets tightly in anticipation. Instead of responding he ripped your panties off, his tongue delving into your pussy as soon as the shredded panties were thrown away. You let out a breathy moan as his tongue dipped into your hole, fucking you roughly with his tongue before moving his attention to your clit giving slight kitten licks making you whimper before trying to push back on him. His hands gripped your hips keeping you firmly in place as he continued his ministrations on your dripping core. Soon his fingers entered the mix, his two fingers slowly pushing in and out making your moans louder. He started sucking on your clit making your orgasm start towards the edge.

“D-Derek am gonna’ cum.” You stuttered out barely able to even form the sentence but these words only made his finger go faster and his licks and bites get rougher. You finally felt yourself fall gripping the sheets, his name repeatedly falling from your lips over and over. Finally as you started to come down his attention stopped and you were flipped onto your back.

“Would like to stop now Y/N?” He asked as he hovered over your body his shirt gone along with his jeans leaving him in boxers with a very large noticeable hard on showing. He tucked some of your Y/H/C hair behind your ear, his actions soft and loving making you smiles up at him tiredly.

“No I want you to make love to me.” You smiled at him lovingly as he leaned down kissing your forehead. He nodded as he grabbed a condom from the nightstand, carefully rolling it on. He lifted your legs gently wrapping them around his waist, his tip now teasing your entrance. He looked at you one last time as if asking once again if this was okay but instead of answering verbally, you brought him down for a reassuring kiss. He entered you slowly your back arching softly as you gripped onto his bicep with one hand, the other gripping the sheets. You had only had sex once when you were 17 but he was a lot bigger than the guy who took your virginity. He stopped as soon as he was fully inside of you he looked down to make sure you were okay.

“You okay baby?” He asked softly caressing your face.

“Y-Yeah this is only my second time ever having…” You drifted off yours cheeks flushing tenfold.

“You should have told me I’d of prepared you more!” He whispered yelled his voice full of panic and apologies.

“It’s okay Der I’m fine now you can move.” You whispered bring him down for a chaste kiss.

He looked uncertain with your words but you moved your hips up letting out a gasp followed quickly by a moan. You moved your arms to rest around his neck pulling him down for a slow yet passion kiss as he began with slow thrusts that made you moan into the kiss. He supported himself on one arm and used the other to run his fingers through your L/S hair. He kissed the corner of your mouth as his thrust got harder but not faster. His lips placing a trail of kisses to your neck.

“Shit Y/N…Feels good.” He moaned huskily into your ear.

Your moans were gentle and worn out as you felt yourself building again. When you clenched around Derek slightly brought his hand down to draw circles against your clit. His panting and gasps getting heavier as his thrust became more uneven and messy. His other hand gripped the sheets as he felt you finally cum around his shaft.

“Derek!” Your voice shouted out as you felt yourself cum for the second time.

“I’m cumming…” He gasped as he thrust into deeper than before, making you rasp out a quiet moan. As he came his thrust became more uneven and slowed down before coming to a stop. You were both panting as he took the condom off. He tied it throwing it into the bin before he collapsed next to you. He pulled the covers from under both of you making sure your naked body was covered as he drew you in until your head was on his chest.

“I love you Y/N.” He whispered as he kissed your head, running his fingers through your hair.

“I love you too Der.” You murmured before you felt sleep take you.

I guess being pack mom isn’t so bad after all.

of-moon-and-stars  asked:

Do you know any fics where Yakov, Lilia and/or the Russian skate team take Yuuri under their wing?

Wow! Thanks for all these requests! I can’t wait for season two when Yuuri is totally immersed (and accepted!) into the dysfunctional Russian skate fam! 

P.S. If anyone knows more fics like these, please let me know! I love these fics and would like to expand this list!

Yuuri & The Russian Skate Fam

Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club by Katyaton, Teen, 2.2k
Yuuri has been adjusting well to life in St. Petersburg, making friends with the Russian skaters and slowly adapting to the new culture. When Viktor starts obsessing over something on his phone, though, Yuuri starts to worry. He suspects it’s something related to him and wants to find out what has Viktor so transfixed, but will the ensuing embarrassment be worth his curiosity? LOVE THIS FIC!

My Heart of Constellations by LFMH021, Teen, 59k (WIP)
Yuuri, Viktor and Makkachin lives in one apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia now. Viktor is still coaching him. Yakov and Lilia are actually growing fond of Yuuri. Mila, Georgi, and the other skaters had begun adoring Yuuri and his shy personality. Wow, this is a fantastic fic! Must read!

Friendship Training with Phichit by krazieLeylines, Teen, 32k (WIP)
In which Yuuri Katsuki lives in St Petersburg with Viktor, and has a difficult time fitting in with his new rinkmates, so Phichit takes Yuuri under his wing and teaches him how to make friends. Cute!

The Goddamn Tie Has Got To Go by Katyaton, Teen, 4.5k
The powdery blue monstrosity was not only unfashionable, it also reminded Viktor, with shocking clarity, of a sweaty, half naked, pole dancing Yuuri. The night where he was finally, and without warning, lifted from the fog that had crept up on him in his last few years of skating. LOL I LOVE THIS FIC

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

Only You by alisayamin (sh_04e), Gen, 1.1k
It’d only been a month since Yuuri made his home rink in Russia. He was almost always in control of his practices after the Grand Prix Finals in Spain, both in jumps and program rehearsals. But it’d been awhile since Victor had seen him so riled up. Fun!

Everybody Loves Me(?!) by Chrysanthos, Teen, 1k
“Oh come on, Yuuri, it’s much easier if I do it like this,” And before Yuuri could stop him, Phichit turned towards the table, “So, anyways, who here’s had a crush on Yuuri at least at one point?” To Yuuri’s mortification, almost every hand at the table was raised in an instant. Not just the russian skate fam, everyone loves him!

Shimmering Silver Souls by Belvedere_The_Butler, Gen, 947 words
Little snippets of Yuuri’s life with Viktor in St Petersburg. The Russian skate fam appears and gushes over Victuuri!

185/120 by RC_McLachlan, Gen, 1.1k
Yuuri begins training in St. Petersburg and Yakov is shook. So fluffy and a quick read!

you’re like heaven to touch by lazulisong, Mature, 3.1k
Victor is one hundred percent obsessed with Yuri wearing his Russia jacket, which would just be a shame and embarrassment to the entire country, if only he would do it private like a normal man. Russian skate fam is only mentioned, but they’re there!

Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family by JustBeHappy, Teen, 12k
The new skating season begins, and Yuuri works hard to get his gold medal for the Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family. Yes. The Russian Skating Family. Rec’d by a follower!

Okay I just finished watching all the Star Wars films (except Rogue One but I'll get to it) for the first time in my existence

And just a few things:

•wow Luke Skywalker really does look like Sebastian Stan
•Harrison Ford in the first movie was very, very underwhelming but I grew to like him.
•Princess Leia is so adorable
•Sorry Carrison, I ship Han and Luke
•Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had some serious bromance going on.
•"I loved you"
•Boba Fett sounds like the most badass bubble tea.
•Anakin was real cute with the long hair
•And lmao Anakin’s mom is letting him race at like what? 8? My mom still won’t let me do what I want.
•I’m growing really fond of the millennium falcon
•I’ve always loved light sabers but damn I have a new found respect for it *goes to the toy store to buy all the light sabers*
•I love the way Jar Jar Binks talks?
•YODA IS ADORABLE and a badass like damn the only other time I’ve seen that combination is with Dwayne the Rock Johnson
•Storm Troopers look so cool
•Confession: I thought the storm troopers were the good guys
•Finn is so cute
•Rey is so cute
•Poe is so cute
•Crying bc Darth Vader had to wear the mask bc he couldn’t live without it, Kylo Ren just wore it for the aesthetic.
•Um?!! The line wasn’t “Luke, I am your father”, it was “I am your father”??? My whole life is a lie.
•Omg R2D2 and BB8 so cute
•the fuck they kill Han Solo for? By his own son?? We didn’t deserve this bullshit.

Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan, but shit happens. Sup’ Star Wars fandom, there’s a new kid in town.

May the force be with you.

seefin  asked:

Okay so you know the way Draco is written in some fics as being a lovable weirdo? Kind of an oddball? Kind of an odd egg? Can u pls do a reclist for this particular brand of Draco n I'll love u forever xxxxxxx

YESSSS. ODDBALL!DRACO IS MY FAVORITE EVERYTHING. Look, I have a serious thing for this particular characterization of Draco. In fic, Draco is often the elegant suave flirt. But not oddball!Draco. I don’t know if you all know what I mean by that, but it’s like… he’s pointy, he’s a bit odd, maybe even eccentric, VERY endearing (like cinnamon roll precious), slightly awkward. And he completely owns my heart. Here you have my faves ft. him. ♥

Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
(Everything I love about the oddball!Draco trope is right here in this fic. He’s so precious, awkward, adorably proud of his muggle knowledge, he’s kind to old people, and he researches ridiculous things. This has wonderful writing too!)

The Way Down by lettered (65k)
Harry is overwhelmed by his own power and fame and angst, so he’s become a hermit. Draco Malfoy is tired of the melodrama.
(This Draco is a sweetheart, he’s got social anxiety and he tries so hard, it doesn’t always work out for him but he means so well. I feel for him, this amazingly sweet dork who’ll drink hot chocolate with a straw and can go on about Pygmy Puff classifications for ages. I love this fic so much.)

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes. But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
(Oh wow, I could write a novel about why I adore Draco in this. There’s his supreme cuteness, his social anxiety that tugs at my heartstrings, his fascination with electrical plugs, all of it. So many new headcanons.)

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49k)
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”
(Is this the creator of oddball!Draco, because I think it might be? He quotes muggle movies, makes dramatic impressions, sings Christmas carols, and Harry thinks he’s barking mad but also completely irresistible.)

Clear as Mud by scoradh (9.9k)
One could be said to have stretched the term ‘friends’ rather far.
(Aaagh, this fic hurts so good and yet. Draco sulked for an hour after Harry removed the mushrooms growing in the stairwell of his run-down house. He’s a total oddball and has all these quirks and Harry is so so in love.)

The Guise of Forgiveness by SunseticMonster (23k)
George’s new potion has caught the interest of the entire Auror Department, thanks to an article by the elusive Draco Malfoy. So, when Harry sees Malfoy in the middle of a panic attack, he attempts to make amends as a ploy to find out what’s really been going on.
(Oh this Draco, who bakes his own biscuits and has anxiety and is all-around awkward and lovely. He’s so sweet in this and I’m so proud of him.)

And an Owl Named Romeo by Rickey (26k)
Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
(As if the idea of a Draco with cute little owlets isn’t enough, this one sends snarky letters and is frankly HILARIOUS. Love his voice in this, love it allll.)

Currency by blythely (31k)
Harry wasn’t at school any more, nor was he fifteen. He was a successful merchant banker with a flat to die for and an owl who loved him. And he wasn’t going to get into a pissing match with a stick-fiddler who’d always driven him mental.
(This fic is full of melodramatic!Draco and I loveeee it. He’s a total geek about wands and wandlore, and he and Harry have such passion.)

Porter Robinson quote starters

  Source of quotes

“ my freaking fans are the freaking best. freak “

“ wow im so adorable wow wow “

“ fuck the sore throat fairy. “

“ one of my favorite memories of the last year was telling _____ about my new music and him offering to be my therapist “

“ i played stepmania in front of my manager today and he asked me what was wrong with me “

“ list of things my cold is keeping me from doing: breathing “


“ i am and always have been secretly a robot “

“ my favorite feature is clicking to an unloaded part of the video, and youtube stops loading and forces you to refresh “

“ the entire athleticwear fad has been insanely convenient and comfy “

“ pump it up plebs “

“ tropical pineapple fuck offf “

“ this is me suppressing my hateriest impulses “

“ i forgot to breathe “


“ what’s an ekowraith “

“ this ‘very decent christmas’ compilation makes me wanna go to xmas party djed by ____ in a santa hat he doesnt seem to know he’s wearing“


“ you guys are my favorites (i have favorites). “

“ i’m being an insomniac piece of shit “

“ i will fuck you up at age of empires “

“ y'all are some straight-up buttlickers for not sending me or even telling me about krmt “

“ attn all boyfriends of twitter: may you all give jim halpert-tier gifts this year “

“ I’ll be the one dying “

“ Ideally, I’d be waking up at 7am on my farm “

“ untz untz untz untz “

“ Ay I will ay~ “

“ i tossed that fucker off “

“ Stand up and get out of my cool guy crouch “

“ Now i know how Olympic athletes feel “

“ I’m making smoke over here “

“ Our beautiful child has be ruined “

“ I’m starting to make weird faces, i can feel it “

“ we are definitely absolutely in the club “

“ my hand hurts! “

“ And there’s no question i think that i like cute things and shit “

“ These are kind of like Star Wars galaxies “

“ i like crying about moe girls “

“ put a fucking shirt on you bro “

“ im fucking crying and sad “

“ oh man, in game music is playing “

“ windows media player, killin it “

“ i’m the realist “

“ you can be a guy who plays a weird flute “

“ i was lmaoin “

“ now that i have your attention, check this out: people in australia think it’s funny that we say “badass” “

“ funny meme rukes. good shit “

“ I dreamed last night that I met Wolfgang Gartner. He didn’t know Say my Name. “

“ name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-nam “

“ this baristas name is tiff tiff “

“ neek thiyah “

“ meme-free since 1992 “

“ i couldnt find the version of the tour poster that had giraffage’s name on it so i improvised with ms paint “

“ .. join us…. “

“ (glances at watch, groans) “

“ im looking forward to corporate twitter accounts attempting the doge meme well into the year 2017 “

“ i woke up at 6:00 AM feeling sick and having a weird, delirious dream about needing to turn in a mixtape today “

“ eating poutine does nothing for me. “

“ im pretty sure the best way to characterize the amount of ice cream i just ate is “illegal” “

“ when someone starts talking while i’m trying to show them a song, i will 1) hate them 2) passive aggressively triple the volume right away “

“ I just burned the hell out of my hand on steam. “


“ You got gengar eyes “

“ someone just approached me & asked 1. are you in a rockband 2. are you on the Disney channel “because you look famous”. answered yes to both “

“ snapchats i have received so far: shirtless dudes, videos of college girls smoking blunts, pictures of cats “

“ that sneeze felt so good that i got chills “


Like on father’s day the kids have to write about the gifts they got or want to get for their dads. Jungkook giggles as he stands in front of the class and talks about how he wants to give his Yoongi papa some new baking pans and new sweaters. The teacher coos over the bunny teeth and eye smile and wow Kim Jungkook is so adorable. It gets even cuter when she ask him what he wants to give his other dad and Jungkook hides his smile behind his small hand;

“I want to give daddy a new watch because he got blood all over his old one!” 

Oh….. The teacher just lets out an awkward laugh and calls up Jimin next to give his talk. 

“What about you Jimin? What do you wanna get your papa and daddy for Father’s day?” 

Jimin grins just as wide as Jungkook did.

“I wanna get papa new shoes because he wants some Puma ones and i want to give daddy uh… um… oh! I want to give daddy a new knife because he lost his the last time he went to go play with uncle Hobi!” 

(poor teacher just wants to teach she didn’t ask for this weird as fuck shit) 

Okay, obviously I’m a Supercorp shipper, but I only just realized that if you don’t ship it, then Kara and Lena’s relationship–and especially Lena herself–just become unbearably tragic. Platonic!Supercorp is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s honestly painful to watch the writers crafting this.

Supposing a lack of romance, Lena nevertheless clearly adores Kara; but as she says herself in 2x05, Kara is literally her only friend in National City. But forget National City: Kara is literally her only friend, anywhere. It starts in 2x01: Lena is dismissive of Kara until after Kara tries to convince her not to go through with the ceremony. This wouldn’t seem like much to Kara, but she knows everything that’s happening with Corben, etc.; Lena just thinks this girl she only met yesterday not only heard about the attack on her life but then went through the trouble to try to prevent its recurrence. So naturally, otherwise alone as she is, Lena immediately attaches to Kara: she plumps Kara’s ego when she’s self-effacing, and she prompts another reunion with the semi-infamous “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk” line. Lena thinks she might have a friend, and she’s so damn happy about that.

And then 2x03. First, Lena is eager to get down to a first-name basis, eager to dispel the formalities that would indicate a personal distance. And she’s so damn excited to show Kara her new device, so proud of it. But when Kara balks, she has her own reservations off-camera (interesting, isn’t it, how the device has never been mentioned again; obviously, Lena scrapped it when Kara disapproved, because Kara’s opinion means the world, and the galaxy, to Lena), and she doubtlessly was awaiting that interview’s publishing with great trepidation. But then Kara doesn’t do a hatchet job, and Lena is frankly bewildered, and she can’t figure it out, so she calls Kara in. She’s so nervous during that conversation, so terrified that she’s somehow ruined this fledgling friendship, and so utterly relieved when Kara dissuades her fears and then displays solidarity on top of it. It’s adorable, but it’s also sad. Imagine if Kara had not relented! Lena would’ve been devastated.

2x04 is brief but telling: Lena gives Kara unfettered access to her at all times, which–given Kara’s reaction–is an unexpectedly open gesture. And Lena is all too willing to help, but alas, she lays the groundwork for the transactional nature of her and Kara’s relationship. It’s likely because the Luthors were like that: they only offered favors for favors, always expecting payment for kindness or generosity, and so Lena falls into the same pattern of behavior with Kara. Tragically, Kara never corrects this.

2x05 wields the infamous “literally only friend” scene, but Lena’s persistence in just showing up out of the blue demonstrates her investment in this friendship, and the sheer depth of her attachment to Kara–and hints at how severely she’ll be wounded if that link is ever severed, or perceived to be so. She goes to Kara’s work to personally invite her, and gladly invites Mon-El when she assumes that Kara may not come without him. She goes to Kara’s home to collect last episode’s favor, and yes, even platonically, she is jealous of Alex–but because she sees this as an infringement on her friendship’s territory, and she goes cold at the thought that Kara, of course, must have other people in her life (and what an irony she perceives in it being her savior). The potstickers at the gala are indeed suspect, as they’re not exactly finger food, so Lena went out of her way to make Kara as happy and comfortable as possible, to demonstrate just what a good friend she is, and doesn’t Kara want to keep her around? Not to mention, of course, that she orchestrated the entire event to help Supergirl (and Lena must know Kara and Supergirl are the same person, because for someone as lonely as Lena, surely she would’ve identified Kara as “one of her only friends” if only to increase her social circle). She’s pleased and proud that she was helpful; she seeks to make herself indispensable to the hero, and even suggests collaborating again. Always with the “next times”. Lena doesn’t want to be left high and dry. She thinks she needs to ball-and-chain Kara with that favor, always another favor.

In 2x07, Lena does not appear, but Kara’s interaction with Lillian provides a chilling glimpse of the future. Lillian states that Superman made Lex promises he didn’t deign to keep, and however unintentionally, Kara is doing the same with Lena. Through her kindness and her affability and her genuine affection for Lena, Kara is making promises. She’s promising to be there, to make Lena a priority, and Lena’s starting to count on it. You can see it happening. She’s making her world revolve around Kara’s sun, and there will be cataclysmic repercussions if that sun ever goes out, or even flickers.

Which brings us to 2x08. Here, the tragedy of their platonic relationship becomes sharp. Viewed as a romance, this episode is gentler. But as a friendship, it is nearly the beginning of the end. Firstly, Kara keeps up–however unconsciously–the transactional aspect of their relationship; they seek favors from each other, but Kara doesn’t invite her to Thanksgiving, even though she must know that Lena is alone in the city (and that wounds me, so I can only imagine how Lena might have felt about that). Lena reacts instantly to Kara’s suspicions about her mother, showing just how much trust she’s thrown into Kara’s corner. And that, of course, is only further demonstrated when Lena turns her back utterly on Lillian in order to prevent Kara/Supergirl from ever suffering again. Lena doesn’t want to believe her mother’s evil, but she’s not willing to bet against Kara; happily, in this instance, she chose well. But this only serves to show that, if Kara wanted, she could make Lena do anything for her. Kara wouldn’t, but the unbalance in the relationship is there, and it’s stark. Kara’s essentially holding Lena over the edge of a cliff; if her attention ever falters, Lena’s going to fall.

Which brings us to the inescapable conclusion of this platonic interpretation: the writers, so cruelly, are setting Lena up to fall. She will turn evil; that much is apparent. It’s too well-crafted, too subtly nurtured, for them to possibly intend otherwise. They’re making Lena utterly dependent upon Kara for approval and affection, and they’re not having Kara reciprocate with the same fervor; they’re preserving the sense of favors, of only interacting when they need something from each other, of acknowledging friendship but not deepening it.

So Kara, one day, without any ill intention, will fail to respond to Lena, be that in the inability to return a favor or a simple lack of time/attention. But Kara is all that’s holding Lena up; otherwise, Lena is in danger of succumbing to the black loneliness in her chest. It was once held at bay by Lex (and the way she describes her relationship with him is strikingly similar to her new relationship with Kara), and now it’s held at bay by Kara, but one day, it will overwhelm her. One day, she’ll need someone new to trust and adore, and if it’s not someone as blazingly good as Kara Danvers, there will be hell to pay.

That’s why I ship Supercorp. Because their platonic relationship is way too fucking sad.

It’s just so fucking sad.

Hello! Okay, now this is long overdue. It has been like a month and I haven’t posted a single thing. I am really sorry, I apologize for this inconvenience, I was facing a few personal problems that have now been dealt with. :) This is one of your admins @yukihime713 and this is my first piece of work on this blog. Enjoy :D

Imagine discussing about Asgard with Loki. 

Originally posted by kingharry

You looked at the blanket of stars above you, as you laid on the soft grass with a content sigh escaping your lips. You were out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to Loki and his magic. 

Because of lack of pollution due to about 3 to 4% population here, the night sky looked breathtaking. There were billions of stars spread out in the vast night sky shining like pearls, winking at you every once in a while. “How is it there?” you whispered, your head tilting slightly to look at Loki, who was enjoying the scenery as much as you were. “Where?” his eyes locked with yours. “Asgard” you smiled. 

He looked taken aback by your question. This was the first time you asked Loki about Asgard as a small smirk graced his lips. “It’s beautiful. Even more so than here.” You quirked an eyebrow in curiosity. “Really? Tell me more about Asgard” you grinned. 

“Well, those mythical creatures you mortals talk about, the ones in books, like for example, dragons.” He said with twinkling eyes, looking at you with adoration. “Yeah, what about them?” you fully turned towards him. “They’re real and dangerous I dare say.” He smiled. “Seriously?” you asked popping up on your elbows and staring at him in amazement. “Yes. They can be tamed, and are useful in battles, but now they are very rare species. You seldom see them at the more cultivated areas of Asgard.” 

“Wow” you mumbled in bewilderment and laid in your previous position, with the new discovery swirling in your head, as you dreamily looked at the stars above you with your thoughts occupied by dragons. 

“I will take you to Asgard someday and then, you can see them and all other amazing things over there” Loki turned his head back towards the velvety dark blue sky with diamonds in them. “I’d love that, thank you.” you beamed, moving closer and kissed his forehead making him smile fondly at you. “Anything for you darling”. 

When the Cradle Comes After You

Another extremely belated gift for @rahndom.  Sorry for the wait, but I did have help from @iphoenixrising so here’s a mesh of our writing!  This takes place sometime after Sneaking into Courtship. After a while I think I’d like to dedicate a bunch of kiss drabbles to this series, but this is the first one. 

Tim is going to kill Dick.  

“You know, Timmy. Damian’s always been a bit young for you,” He reaches over to poke Damian’s ridiculously chubby checks, “ But I didn’t think you’d turn out to be a LITERAL cradle robber.”

He’s gonna skin the acrobat gleefully if he doesn’t quit it.  "Dick I just got him to sleep.  If you dare wake him up….“

Dick just moves to touch Damian again. "But he’s so soft and squishy.” He coos when Tim attempts to evade, “He’s never been squishy before.”

“Dick.” Tim growls as lightly as possible.  He freezes when the small burden on his chest shifts a little.

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I know I’m dumping a lot of gold on these, but I only have a 700 scribe on one server and I haven’t even leveled him yet, so gold spent worth it.  I really, really adore all of these new Legion glyphs though!  Glyph of the Sentinel this time, it’s a lot larger than I was expecting, the wingspan is awesome.

(Blizz takes all the fun out of it though by limiting 1 form glyph at a time… I want my orca back but I also want to be a doe and a great horned owl)

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ChenLay pleeease~ (o^ ^o)

wow all the feels right here

first, let’s think about this; jongdae -was new in china, totally confused and frightened… but never fear! yixing was near

jongdae’s chinese tutor

jongdae even chose him as the one who helped him most


okay yixing forced him a bit but hey not every relationship is perfect

also let’s not forget how yixing always there to help the lost korean out at every chinese shows with his soothing whispers

look at the way jongdae clinging to him

baby duckling


and of course jongdae appreciates and adores yixing

no homo


they laugh at the other members’ fails. true love

while tao danced they just sat there and…yeah. bask in the lame.


look at how they play around and act ridiculous


careful yixing you’re doing to get drown in your homo



watch them claim each other

my man my man mymanmymanmyman

come here ma man

that nipple touch


idk they kind of attract each other

oh let me just-oops hi yixing. sorry i’ll just- oh wow i just rubbed myself all over you sorry

ayo jongdae imma be your knight in the shining armor nevermind the rest they can survive 


look at yixing always saving seat for jongdae to seat

jongdae penguining his way to yixing’s heart

for his bae only


totally no homo

jongdae you have to stop man


only for yixing jongdae would abandon dancing

showing off the sick moves

forget dancing let’s mingle


getting all lovey dovey

pinch pinch pinch

yes because it was totally necessary to rub yourself on jongdae for that yixing

i bet stretching was the only thing in your mind. you both love sports i’m guessing.

External image

touch him more



2PM Bodyguard Jun.K 'Dying Here Just to Be Safe'

@xxsugamonsterxx​ asked: Hello, I’m a new fan and I really adore your work/writing. Can I please have bodyguard Jun.K drabble expansion please? love your blog! ^_^

Anon said: Wow. Your penmanship is admirable. You are one of my(few) favorite writers here. Could I have an expansion to Jun. K version of bodyguard scenario???? Looking forward to it. Thank you.

A/N: Thank you!! You both are too kind. ^^ I am thrilled you like my writing and I hope you enjoy this as well. *hugs you both until it’s awkward*

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.  

You’d just about had it with Kim Minjun. He’d been your head guard for about a year now. He’s always taken his job seriously and never leaves your side while on duty. However lately he’s become almost suffocating in his attempt to keep you safe.

And you didn’t know why. It wasn’t like there had been any close calls to trigger this overprotective streak. Nor was he controlling. He never tried to deter you from going somewhere, just always had to know your plans to ensure adequate protection. Minjun even went so far as to debrief the other guards that covered you when he was off duty. You didn’t understand his behavior, but you were an adult and needed some freaking space.  

Escaping from Minjun’s watchful eye was too difficult but his replacement wasn’t as diligent. Biding your time you waited until he was distracted and slipped away. With the cushion of a few streets distance between you, already you felt the euphoria of getting away with something you shouldn’t be doing. Part of you felt guilty though. The guy was just doing his job and you knew Minjun would tear him a new one when he heard what happened. But it wasn’t like you were running away. You just wanted to see the ocean. By yourself, without people watching. Sometimes people took for granted how lovely solitude could be.

You were starving for it. As well as other things you did your best not to think about, thoughts shying away from the image of a certain man.

The sun was setting and it was getting chillier. It was off season so the beach was empty. Kicking off your socks and shoes you felt the sand between your toes and smiled. Sitting on the sand you watched the waves consume the sun. The wind combed through your hair, whipping it about your face. You were peacefully alone. Strong. Independent. You wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything.

After a few hours you heard someone approaching from behind. There was no need to turn around. You knew who it was, just as he knew how to find you. Silently Minjun crossed his legs and plopped down in the sand beside you. Peeking at him out of the corner of your eye you were startled to see him in relaxed attire. Always a sharp dresser, he usually wore a suit of some sort. Tonight he was in a t-shirt and ripped jeans, topped with a well worn leather jacket. The type that was weathered by age, not bought off the rack that way. A part of your mind registered that he looked really, really good.

Resting your chin on your knees you asked, “So how much trouble am I in?”

“None.” Removing his jacket, he draped it over your shoulders. The residual body heat felt warmer against your skin than it should.   

“How much trouble is your replacement in?”


“That’s not right. I’m the one who messed up, not him.”

He shrugged. “That’s debatable. But not really what I’m concerned with right now. Why’d you ditch him?”

You didn’t know what to say, so you were silent. He waited patiently until you cracked and the only thing you could express was, “I couldn’t breathe. I feel like I’m in a cage.”

“Is it me?” There was an undertone he couldn’t quite hide. You knew him too well to miss it. But it confused you. If it had been anyone else you would have guessed it was fear.

“Yes. No.” With a helpless groan you flung yourself backwards into the sand and stared at the stars above. “I feel like I can’t do anything without you knowing about it. You always have to know what I’m doing or be watching over my shoulder. It’s smothering me.”

Minjun continued to stare out at the sea, elbows resting on his knees, the only thing moving was his hair. The rest of him sat still as stone. In a low voice he responded, so quiet the words were nearly stolen by the wind. “I just…I can’t bear the thought of something happening to you. The idea of it kills me. It’s making me hold on to you tighter and tighter and I can’t stop myself because sometimes I’m so afraid.”

“Afraid? Of what?”

“Losing you.”


“Because I’m in love with you.”  

Well you certainly hadn’t been expecting that. If it was true, he’d hidden it from you well. Of course it was true, you chided yourself. You only had to look, vulnerability radiating from him, as he confessed to the ocean rather than you. You’d never seen this man appear uncertain before.

“I…I have to admit something. Part of the reason why I felt I had to get away, why I didn’t want you watching me so closely is because I couldn’t handle the thought of being so close to you, and you not wanting me.”

Quickly his head swiveled to look at you over his shoulder. For a moment the words hung in the air as both of you felt your perceptions realigning. Slowly Minjun eased himself down to your side. Eyes hopeful yet hesitant he closed the distance between you, alert for any signs of unwillingness.

Lightly his lips settled on yours, like the tide tickling your toes. Head swimming and still unable to believe that this was real, a sound escaped from the back of your throat. Immediately Minjun deepened the kiss, fully coming to rest on his elbows and clutching you to himself. You felt the sand beneath your shoulders shifting as he devoured you, pulling at you like an undertow and you were more than willing to drown.

Once the kiss was over his breathing and voice were ragged as he hovered over you. “I want you. I love you. Please don’t run away from this, from me. I’ll never let anyone hurt you, I promise.”

“Now that I know I can have you, I don’t want to run anymore. But you have to let me breathe on occasion. Please don’t worry so much.”

His only answer was to kiss you again so you knew there’d be more discussion on the topic later. But it was ok, there was time to work it out.    

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4, 5, and 11 for "You Know They're Gonna Think You're Lovers, Right?" I love your writing btw!!

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Oooh I love this one! I have so many? Some of them were amazing to write because of my emotional connection with them, whereas I adore others because they’re just…fun. Right now, my absolute favorite is “I have to go; I’m going out tonight with my new boyfriend. You may know him, his name is Jared Kleinman and he’s the love of my life.” (from Chapter 18).

5: What part was the hardest to write?

Anything from Jared’s perspective! I actually am Evan, as a person, so writing him comes naturally. Jared, though? Absolutely not. Showing how loving and supportive he can be while still maintaining his particular sense of humor…is very, very difficult for me.

11: What do you like best about this fic?

Aw! For me, I like the responses I get to it the most, if that counts. The reactions that it gets are my favorite part! (If you’re talking about the actual fic, though, I really like the detail I’ve put into the past)

And thank you so much!!! You’re so sweet! Thank you!