wow these are so shitty i am so rusty

@burrito-aizawa-sensei​: You can tell how much 5 year old Aizawa likes you by how willing he is to share his juice pouches with you. This is also relevant for 30 year old Aizawa.

     The entire staff room was silent. All eyes glued onto the unbelievable scene in front of them. Faces full with such surprise that some even stopped breathing for a moment or two. Right in the corner of the room was Aizawa and Hizashi. Aizawa was in his sleeping bag his hand barely out of the opening towards the sitting blonde. In said hand was a newly open juice pouch. The two men were frozen in their spots. Hizashi ’s face was a bright red, his mouth ajar in amazement. Aizawa’s face was too beginning to heat up and gain color. The black haired man realizing what he has just asked and was now actually afraid to look at his co-works. Why you ask? Because only moments ago he asked

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