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supernotnormal234  asked:

how do you feel about girls dress codes at school? be as detailed as you'd like.

aw man. aw mAN.

alright, so at my school (and probably others lmao) there’s one general dress code, right? that means that guys and girls must be treated the same way when it comes to enforcing the policy. does that happen? no. does that piss every girl in my school off? yes.

some asshat boy can come into school wearing a “babe make me a sandwich” shirt and it’s fUCKING DANDY but a girl come into school w/ a lil thigh showing? “corinne, i think you need to go down to the office/:” 

fuckboy tom over here can wear his pacsun tanktop with weed on it and “wow tom nice xmas shirt! love the garland!” and a girl wears her tank top and suddenly the world is ending

blunderboy jimmy comes to school with his ass hanging out of his pants, but GOD FORBID a girl wears a dress that shows off her cute shaved legs (and no ass to be seen)

can i also point out that my buddy “jessica” (not her actual name) came to school dressed rly on point with a bandana being used as a headband and was told to take it off because it looked like she was part of a gang? JESSICA HAS A 4.0 GPA AND CAN’T EVEN SAY THE WORD SEX. SHE STARTS GIGGLING EVERY TIME FORNICATION COMES UP IN CONVERSATION. However, the football/ wrestling team is allowed to show off the school “gang” symbol w/ no consequence.

oh oh oh my favorite. my lovely friend was literally screamed at for being out of dress code. taken to the teacher’s office and screamed at, to the point of crying. and teacher thought it was justified. (friend, if u read this, ily to death)

i just/: