wow the sketch for this is so old


“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)

I needed to draw this for rEASONS so… this is my version of Khadgar before the events of ‘The Last Guardian’ and the curse that turns him into an old man.

I kept details from the movie cause despite it being different from the original story, I love it to bits (visually this movie is heaven to me). So I kept his hair and kind of the shape of the face.  
I made him look younger cause he is supposed to be less than 17 years old here (like I said, before Karazhan). 

I gave him blue eyes like he is shown to have in the game and in Harbingers since it’s actually my favorite representation of Khadgar to use as reference. And because this version of him is supposed to grow into the one we see in game, so, same eyes.

I know he’s shown in the comic having light brown, orange-ish hair, but, meh. I like it better this way xD (I have a thing for dark hair and blue eyes, excuse me !)

AND that’s it. And I kinda like it :>

I almost forgot! Since I changed my icon, I wanted to upload the pic for the old one here. It’s really simplistic but I had a few people say they liked it a lot, and I figured like. Idk. I’m 99.9% sure I’m not gonna go back to it (yet?) so if you’re one of those people and you wanna use it, go crazy with it! As long as you credit me for it of course ^^

My computer is currently down so in waiting, here’s a kinda old and quick doodle x//D

She doesn’t wanna say why she’s sad, she’s just gonna burry her face here and occasionally mumble something incomprehensible. 

“What’s happening?”
“…I … I didn’t get that.”


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3920
Genre: Angst, high school AU (Warning: mentions of suicide)
A/n: I am sincerely sorry for any errors and sorry that it seems rushed but I hope you enjoy! :’D -Admin V

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Screaming, stabbing. It’s all you remember. In your mind, you see an orphanage that impacted you immensely and hear loud crying. To whom do the cries belong to?

“The tragic fate of one little girl.”

A whirl of wind blows around the familiar place and suddenly, you feel a cold sensation hit your exposed face.

Cute, childish squeals of laughter could be heard through the neighborhood as you walk hand in hand with your father. With each light step you take, you can hear the faintest crunch of snow sound out from under your feet. You swing your hand up and down with gaiety and hum a small tune your late mother used to sing to you. Pausing at the crosswalk, you turn your head to look at your father, an innocent expression full of naivety is etched on your face.

“Daddy,” you smile gleefully, “is school fun?” Standing on the tip of your toes, you wait for the stoplight to flash a red light. “Hm, I think that depends on the person.” He gives you a soft smile and, seeing a signal flash on, your father starts walking. “Come on now, let’s go, my little princess,” he says, gently tugging on your hand.

Halfway from crossing, you can hear the loud sound of a car of some sort approaching you and your father, the only people on the road. Before you could turn and look for the obnoxious source, you, who was skipping in front of your father, feel a harsh and firm push. Stumbling forward, you fall to the ground, grimacing at the painful impact. With a dull, aching pain in your wrists and already bruising and bleeding palms and knees, you gasp in pain and tears quickly trickle down your cheeks which were red from the cold winter air nipping at your bare skin. The dirty, gray bits of cold snow covering your wounds cling to your knees and hands as you struggle to get up. Hearing a deafeningly loud honk that sounded close by, more so than before, you whip your head around to see large amounts of a peculiar red color on the ground. From where you are, you see that a truck has passed through the safety of the crosswalk and screeched to a sudden stop. A faint metallic odor spreads through the winter air quickly and soon hits your small red nose. Seeing a familiar figure on the ground, bloody and mutilated, your eyes widen.

Everything blackens and a television appears out of nowhere, in the pitch black darkness. It switches on and the news starts playing.

“It had been reported that, at 12:00 noon, a young girl has committed suicide.”

A loud gasp resounds in your small room as you wake up on your warm and cozy bed, startled and drenched in sweat. Lately, you notice that you have been reliving your bad memories in your dreams.

Sighing, you check the time. 3:30 am, Friday. You still had quite a lot of time to rest, however, you felt restless and bothered. What was bothering you? The death of your father? How intentional it felt? Or was it the burning orphanage?

Thinking about the place, a frown appears on your face. You shift around countless times and finally stop when tears forming in your eyes start obscuring your sight. You try to swallow the small lump in your throat, however, it wouldn’t go down. Small, barely audible whimpers escape your dry, chapped lips and the wet droplets in your eyes start spilling over, cascading down your cheeks and onto the soft, white pillow you lay on. No matter what you did, the tears wouldn’t stop. Rubbing the salty tears away every time they poured over onto your cheek, you let out several sniffles. As several turned to multiple and multiple turned to countless, your cries erupt into a fit of sobs. It has been a while since you’ve had a good cry.

As your thoughts travel to your time in the orphanage, sorrow and pain paint over your frown. The wrist of your dominant hand burns with a stinging sensation as you curl yourself into a small ball. The memories of your childhood start replaying in your mind and you clutch your wrist gently, bringing it close to your chest. That, the orphanage, was what started everything, as far as you were concerned.

Running, screaming, crying. There was chaos in the orphanage. Bloody knives impaling children and caretakers, all the same. You, a child new to the orphanage, were following after one of the caretakers to safety when you were pushed back all of a sudden.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” The person yells over the screams of their coworkers. “This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t come! It’s because your dad, right? He’s probably dead because someone is out for revenge on your family!” With a strong grip, the person grabs your shoulders and stare into your eyes, convinced that you were the cause of the chaos. “If you’d just die, maybe we wouldn’t suffer and die too!” They had an intensely emotional look in their eyes - the eyes of fear and blame.

Tears glistened brightly in your scared eyes and you don’t utter a word. Shoved back a second time, you fall to the ground and your wrist comes in contact with small glass shards from a broken window. A strangled cry leaves your vocal cords and you hurry and get up, trying your hardest to ignore the pain. Despite being a child, you knew when the time to be quiet and run was.

Beep! Beep!

Your eyes fly open and you instantly grab onto your wrist while your eyes adjusted to the dim light that spread into your room from the window. You realize that you had fallen asleep and groggily reach over to your nightstand and grab your phone, turning the alarm off. Rubbing your slightly red and swollen eyes for the umpteenth time, you crawl out of bed and trudge to the bathroom, still frightened by your dream all the while thinking back to what the person said. Why would anyone feel the need to kill your dad? You didn’t understand. Your dad wasn’t in debt to anyone, didn’t have any enemies, and didn’t kill anyone, as far as you knew and were concerned. Wasn’t the attack on the orphanage just a cruel twist of fate? You can’t help but think of it as that. Not knowing the exact truth, you decide to stop thinking about the orphanage and push the unpleasant thoughts out of your mind and into the back of your mind. You move forward and enter the bathroom. Scratching the back of your head, you start doing your morning routine.

After you finish doing your routine, you skip breakfast and head out of your apartment in your high school’s winter uniform. A small smile is graced on your face as you open the door. Ready to greet Taehyung, you set foot outside and remember that he no longer walks to school with you. The smile vanishes from your face as quickly as it appeared and you close your apartment door with a great lack of enthusiasm.

You enter your classroom with an expression of displeasure and discontent mixed on your face. Walking over to your seat in a brisk manner, you sit down quietly. The moment you rest the elbow of your nondominant hand on your desk, cup your cheeks, and place your chin on your palm, the classroom door slides open, as if on cue. You don’t have to bother looking over your shoulder to know that it’s your best guy friend and the one and only holder of your unrequited love, Kim Taehyung. As he strolls inside and takes a seat at his desk (that was next to yours), you see him brush his soft brown locks back with his hand in the corner of your eye.

“Y/n, good morning,” he greets you as he peers over at you. “Hey,” you return. “Not drawing today?” “You could say it’s something like that.”

Taehyung nods his head in understanding and takes out his phone. He’s been on it an awful lot nowadays, texting someone. Someone special, probably, since he’s been oddly distant with you recently. It’s not like you were observing him countless times to know that, but you were. A quiet, brief sigh escapes from your lips and you shift in your seat, gazing out the window next to you. You disliked how short and awkward your conversations with Taehyung were nowadays. What exactly made him cease conversation with you? Secretly pursing your lips and chewing on the inside of your mouth, you think back to the way things used to be and how drawing was actually the source of your long time friendship with Taehyung.

It was lunch time on your first day of elementary school. You sat in your seat, alone and bored. Your classmates weren’t interested in becoming friends with you so, with nothing to do and no friends to talk to, you started to doodle on a piece of paper in front of you.

Drawing was your favorite hobby. In fact, you loved it so much, you were convinced that being an artist was what you wanted to be when you grew up. With a small, real smile on your face for the first time since your father’s death and the problem at the orphanage, you begin sketching out a decent piece, for a seven year old, quietly. You were at peace and found happiness in drawing your sadness and pain away, despite your wrist hurting a bit from the slowly healing injuries of the not-too-long ago past.

“Wow! You’re such a good artist!” you hear Taehyung exclaim. Ignoring the cheerful boy with a pleased smile on your youthful, childish face, you concentrate on your drawing, however, not even a second after praising your skills, you feel a puff of hot air on your ear. Your breathe slightly hitches in agitation and your eyes widen. Whipping your head around without a thought, your face almost collides with Taehyung’s face.

“Uh,” you breathe out. He locks his dark brown eyes on you curiously and steps back slowly as he realizes how close he is to you. You move your face further away from his at the same. “Sorry,” Taehyung says sincerely as he rubs the back of his head softly with his small hand, a small blush is evident on his cheeks. “I just wanted to watch you draw,” he confesses. “Because I can’t draw well like you, I like watching more you do it more.” He looks at you in the eye, in a shy manner. “I don’t think I introduced myself yet…” He says unhurriedly. Drawling out his words in a smooth, halting sentence, Taehyung cutely asks you to become his friend after politely introducing himself to you.

“Good morning, Tae! Y/n!” a bright voice chirps. “Morning,” you utter softly, slightly wanting your sister like friend to notice that something was wrong. Of course, like all other days, Rika didn’t notice. In fact, it felt as if she never noticed anything, despite all the signals you threw out. In all honesty, all you really wanted to do was tell her how you felt. You wanted to share with someone the story of your pain. The gut wrecking sadness you felt of not being noticed, not feeling any love from anyone. How neglected you felt when, on especially bad days, you would finally reveal your inner feelings on your expression and everyone would just walk past you and ask the person next to you if they were feeling okay. Were you some type of ghost? It frustrated you insanely. Were you truly all alone, to fight the battle of life all by yourself? You wanted to be notice, but you had a large feeling of reluctance to voice your depressing thoughts.

It was only Taehyung who noticed everything. Thoughts, moods, feelings. He understood you completely, with or without the small signals. He gave you all the attention and love you wanted, needed. Was that how you fell in love with him in the first place? Was it because of the beauty he possessed? The kind and playful attitude that radiated from each action and word? You couldn’t tell.

The day passed by with you barely speaking a word to any other people. It passed by uneventfully, however, you noticed how Rika and Taehyung seemed to converse more and more with each other while you drifted away slowly. Even if you had put in effort to join their conversations, it would die out quickly. It was odd, if you really thought about it. Why are they not talking to you as much? Did they find you annoying? Did they not want to be friends with you anymore? The unanswered questions left you feeling bothered and hurt. You sigh and trudge out of the classroom, feeling no more miserable than how you did waking up from the horrid dreams.

At home, you slump onto your bed as soon as you entered your room. Thinking about what to do, you start biting the inside of your mouth once again. Should you ask them what’s going on? You give up on finding an answer after a couple hours of you laying in bed, doing nothing, passes by. Pushing yet more thoughts into the dark depths of your mind, you close your eyes, thinking of Taehyung and Rika. They sure seemed closer to each other than usual…

The next time you woke up, it was already Saturday. As per usual, you do your morning routine. Finishing up, you think about how you have no homework and nothing to do, as always. Deciding to make real use of your weekend instead of just lazing around again, you turn on some music and sit at your desk. Contemplating on what to draw, you lay your head on your sketchbook. The previous song finishes playing and switches. Immediately, you hear a tune you listen to all the time. As the instrumental part slowly finishes, you hear Taehyung’s soft, deep voice sing a string of beautiful lyrics. It was a song he wrote himself and let only you hear. You smile at his inspirational and relatable song and pick up your pencil to draw. It seems that after being in a slump and depressive mood for a long while, motivation has finally made its way to you.

It’s 4:00 pm when you check the time again. Your hand had started aching in an overwhelmingly painful way so you decided to stop and take a break. Your drawing is almost complete. It just needs a couple of finishing touches. An hour later, after resting your hand, a soft smile graces your face as you look over your artwork again, lightly brush your fingers over it. Remembering that you had to go to work soon, you decide to take a hot, steamy shower before heading out.

Your job is at the amusement park, where many couples buzz about at this time of day. You silently wish that you weren’t working, and were with Taehyung, as one of the couples that wandered around. Your eyes dance around the small crowd, waiting for someone to come up to you to go on the ride. As you close your eyes for a while, a familiar voice captures your attention and makes you open them again.

“Tae, which ride should we go on~?” Your ears perk up. Rika? You frown and glance around to look for them from your assigned spot. As Taehyung and Rika came into view, you had to resist the urge to release a groan. What exactly was Rika doing, getting all up on Taehyung, with her arms hooked around his? What was she doing, breaking her promise to stay away from dating him? You couldn’t believe your eyes. All this time, you were holding onto that promise… just as the two of you swore to do… while she was flaunting around, breaking it? You were enraged, yet a cold feeling of your incredibly fragile heart breaking ceased that anger. Was this why they neglected you? You couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed from the betrayal you felt.

They stop by the ride you managed. “Y/n?” Rika’s eyes are practically bulging out of their sockets. “Rika,” you return emotionlessly.

You spent the rest of the day at work, in despair and envy, staring at Rika and Taehyung while gritting your teeth. After finishing work, you start walking home when you see Rika waiting for you.

You come to a stop, a couple feet away from her. “You broke the promise,” you start, with no emotion in your voice and dark nothingness showing in your dull eyes. “What did you expect? That promise was why back when, Y/n.” You were taken aback by her tone. “Did you only befriend me to get close with Tae?” She gives you a look as you move forward. “Rika, you’re joking, right? You’re like a sister to me!” you spew out in a choked up sentence. She had a disgusted look on her face. “I never thought of you that way. You were just a nuisance.” She flips her blonde hair back effortlessly and pushes you back harshly. As you use your hands to support yourself, your dominant hand lands on the ground the wrong way and you sprain your wrist. “Well, in any case, stay away from my boyfriend, alright?” she glares at you while you fight back tears forming from the intense pain in your hand and leaves the moment after.

As you walk home, you weakly glance at Taehyung’s house. He lived near you and used to visit you all the time… A hurt look flashes on your face and you look down at the ground in despair.

“Can you handle it?” You ignore the voice that echoed inside your head.

You open your apartment door and trudge inside after closing it. Lifting up your purple and blue bruised wrist, you flinch from the sudden pain that ran through your hand.

“You can’t endure it anymore, can you?” I can, you think to yourself.

Your phone beeps and you see that it’s Taehyung.

[9:32 pm] Taehyung: Y/n, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about me and Rika.
[9:34 pm] Taehyung: I saw how hurt you looked… but I ignored it. I’m sorry…

You don’t respond to his texts and toss your phone on your bed instead. You crawl into your blankets and hide yourself as the reality of Rika’s words from earlier sink into your mind. The promise was years ago, could you have expected her to keep it even if she really were your friend?

“Y/n,” Rika whispers to you on a cool, autumn day. You look up from your sketchbook and at her with an eyebrow raised. “Yes?” Rika drops her voice a couple octaves lower than how they were moments ago and looks into your eyes with a serious expression.

“Do you like Taehyung?” The question completely caught you off guard and you couldn’t voice a denial or your true feelings. Instead, your cheeks burned a brilliant red blush and you stared at Rika, dumbfounded. She doesn’t say anything in response to your reaction. Coughing a few times after a long stretch of silence made everything awkward, you look down at your sketchbook. “Uhm, was there a specific reason as to why you want to know?” You shyly peer at Rika while waiting for a response.

“… I like him too…” she confesses and you don’t feel the least bit shocked. Since there were so many reasons to like or even love Taehyung, you found it completely understandable. As you were about to say something, Rika speaks up again. “I don’t want to ruin our relationship with each other, so can we make a promise?” Confused, you look at her weirdly. “A promise?” She nods her head.

“A promise that none of us dates Taehyung! Will you promise me this?”

Bzzt! Your phone goes off and you don’t check it. Your eyes droop from tiredness and depression and you lose yourself in your haunting dreams once again.

“Did you know that your father purposely crossed the street on that yellow light? You know, he only did that because he let me exist. Just as you are doing now.”

You awake, sweat dripping down your face. There is an intense pain surging in your wrist and you silently scream in pain. Doing your morning routine at an excruciatingly slow pace, you finally finish and skip school. Obviously, you needed to head to the hospital to get your injury checked.

Bzzt! You check the text you got from Taehyung the night before as well as the one you had just received.

[9:43 pm] Taehyung: I need to talk to you tomorrow.
[8:55 am] Taehyung: Y/n, you’re not coming today…?

You bite your lips and don’t respond since the doctor has called you in.

You exit the hospital in a terrible state. Your wrist was in a condition no better than your crumbling emotional state. You sluggishly make your way home and sit at your desk. As you see the sketch of Taehyung you drew the day before, you bring your hand up to your face and start sobbing. Due to the poor condition your wrist, you could no longer use it for any activities that could potentially damage your hand more. That even included small, miniscule activities such as drawing and writing. It broke you since drawing was all you could really rely on at this point. You had to last an entire month with no drawing. Could you really do it?

Hey, who are you anyway, you ask the voice that whispered things to you. It doesn’t answer your question but instead asks one. “Are you ready for me to take you away as I did your father?”

Ding dong!

You don’t answer the door. Even so, without you doing so or your permission, the door creaks open.

“Y/n…” Taehyung’s soft, gentle voice calls out your name.

[2:30 pm] Rika: Tae!! Where are you??

He scoffs at her message.

[1:47 pm] Taehyung: I was at Y/n’s house.
[1:47 pm] Rika: Why??

Feeling enraged, Taehyung doesn’t bother answering Rika’s question.

[1:50 pm] Taehyung: Rika, I realize now that being with you will never help me get over Y/n.
[1:51 pm] Taehyung: Even if she told you that she doesn’t like me as I like her… I’d rather have stayed by her side and watched her find happiness.

He turns off his phone and quietly closes your apartment door. Looking back at your door, he slowly makes his way home, stuffing a white note written by you to him inside his pocket.

A bouquet of beautiful white lilies are placed on your desk, by the drawing of Taehyung you never finished. A small note is tucked near the bouquet.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry I neglected you. If only I paid more attention. I’m so sorry everything ended up this way… I should’ve realized sooner… I truly hope you find happiness and I know it’s not my place to say this, but I love you and always have since childhood… ”

[1:55 pm] Rika: … Are you breaking up with me over a girl who committed suicide?


A/n: To clear up any possible misunderstandings or confusion, the voice that Y/n heard in her mind is [Depression]. Sorry this is so rushed and not written very well..


Commissions are open! I had to tune the WoW gold yet again since the token change. But the same rules apply as before for commissioning me:

Link me helpful character references if you have any, and if you don’t, just a simple visual description will suffice. Also please tell me what emotion or pose you want them to be in, as it’s hard to come up with something to your taste about a character I don’t know about. Tumblr is horrible with fanmail privileges so I’d rather you send me info through emailing me with COMMISSION in the title at (shh don’t mind the 2006 year old email.) I will also be using PayPal to send you an invoice through this email, and, if you’re on WoW and want to do a gold commission, I’m stationed on the characters Karthuro-EmeraldDream, Karthuro-WyrmrestAccord, and Delashe-MoonGuard (HORDE ONLY). I will be doing upfront payment, so have your money/gold ready. I’ll also send you a preview sketch before posting on here to make sure everything is to your liking, and then attach the finished version. Please re-read everything in your email and make statements clear so we’re both on track of things! 

I will not draw obvious nudity or sexual acts. I can however draw gore to an extent, so have fun with that. Also please keep my style in mind, so if you have a very bubbly Sonic OC or something, it will probably look very weird, and I might decline your commission.

First come first serve basis! (ALSO– if you’ve gotten a sketch from me in the past and would like to have it colored for +5$, I can do that as well!)

ok but i love both of these so much???  fantasy and mer sheith is always good. also even as just like a general thing i would love if there was like a medieval or underwater themed voltron zine or something 


We all know that strange, as hell, feeling, when we miss someone so bad, so it seems like something is gonna brake our bones from inside.

P.s. those two sketches with Levy and Gajeel are sooo old, guys. Frankly saying, I prepared them a year ago for a tiny comics I was creating… But, but, but… :D
So, I decided to post them now (What a genius) i don’t know why XD
Maybe it’s never too late. But I can’t handle that feeling in my chest that is whispering to me: “WOW, YOU WAS SOOO BAD AT BLENDING COLORS JUST LOOK AT THAT SHIT” XD

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OMG YOUR LAWSAN DRAWING IS SO CUTE!! How many pairings do you ship/have you drawn until now? :D

AAAH THANK YOU!!! Well, ZoLu is my main OTP!! I’ve drawn a lot of other pairings, but I not necessarily like them all, hehe. Have one drawing from each!

…Oh, wow. I had no idea I had drawn that many pairings before LMFAO. (ALSO I’M SO SORRY SOME SKETCHES ARE REALLY TERRIBLE BC THEY’RE OLD AND I’M CRYING)


“I watched Osmosis Jones again after, like, 10 years. Safe to say that I am easily infatuated by voices and this guy is now on my list of coolest villains ever.

I did have a reference for the tinier sketches but then I decided hey let’s be cool and memory now so I drew the larger sketch by memory and that makes me that much happier about this. You can tell how I sort of gave up on the coat it being 2:30 in the morning and all. But even then, ishoulddrawhalfasleepmoreoften.

I make golden comments at my own work okay”

Found this old gem sitting in my drafts and decided to post it finally because wow I did that falling asleep.

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Brian Connelly for the headcanon thing :)

i’ll try

• brians a huge nerd and loves to secretly listen to movie scores and John Williams. basically all the Star Wars tracks make him feel pretty fucking epic.
• Brian LOVES falling asleep on his roof (especially with Noah) with pillows and blankets looking at the stars with his red flashlight and space books. his mom and noah forbid it though bc YOU ALWAYS MOVE AND COULD FALL OFF YOU IDIOT
• Brian would destroy anyone who dares to challenge at…wait for it….science quizzes.
•and since he’s a competitive lil shit he’ll smoke anyone at….pacman
•everyone hates him for it
• the only person he really texts is Noah
• he uses ;) all. The. Time.
• “oh god loOK AT THIS SCHOOL MURAL. Reminded me of you ;)”
• “Brian that’s a nude”
• even when he’s at home he’ll just randomly text Noah at 1am
• “dude. Look outside ;)”
• “it’s rain”
• “yeah. Maybe you should come over and warm me up ;)”
• on cold nights like this his preferred hot beverage is noah sweetwine
• when he’s in a slump and space feels a little too distant for comfort he always ALWAYS goes to Noah
• at times like this he feels like he’s an annoying boyfriend but some support + ‘I love you’s + puns later he feels whole again
• he really prefers a career in baseball you feel bc being an astronaut means being away from noah even more and he can barely stand being away a couple hours away during weekdays so how? would? he? deal?
• brian loves sunny weather bc it reminds him of home
• leave the singing to neither of the boys bc let’s face it
• brian unlike his artist boyfriend cannot draw for the life of him
• “do you like my sketch?”
• “dude wow that’s a very nice sky landscape brian. The clouds and trees and even rain? I’m impressed”
• … . ……….. . “it’s puppies”
• sometimes being away from Noah for such a long time leads him to mindlessly doodle his eyes or body or face on his papers but it ends up looking like a 4 year olds scribble anyways so he never mentions it

send me a character and i’ll give you a list of my headcanons

ReaperTale!Sans for someone on UT Amino 

Considering the sketch is extremely old, I’m so glad they convinced me to finish it, seeing as it was sitting in my WIPs for like a month. I’m kinda proud of this. He looks very shiny tho haha 

The wings cause I wanted an “'Angel of Death” feel to it. I dunno what I was thinking. 

Art by me 

ReaperTale by @renrink