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Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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Wow look at me drawing 2 poly ships in one day. And coloring both of them. Nice.

When I draw humans on their own they look decent, but when I draw a cherub on the same page, I realize just how bad I’ve gotten at drawing humans.

Also hands are horrible and I can’t draw them, but I had this specific pose in mind so I redrew their hands like 20 times.

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If you are available, may I request a Jimin smut using toys? >.<

Needs A Little Something

You sighed as you closed the door behind you. You had spent a day out with the girls, and for the most part, it had been wonderful. You met at the your favorite store, and the three of you had shopped around until you got a little hungry in the afternoon, to which you went and had a nice late lunch. You all had sat around during lunch and talked about many things, just daily life, and you had laughed harder than you had in a long time. Yet the subject took a turn, and things started to go down for you from there. 

You started to talk about your sex lives. Of course, it was something you girls were never embarrassed to talk about with each other, and it’s not like the guys didn’t do the same either because they saw each other every day. You all talked about how sex became more rare when they got more popular and busy, but apparently Hoseok and Taehyung were really good at making up for it. When they got the chance to have a romantic night, they went all out. They had fancy dinners prepared, and then small activities before going home and indulging in not just a simple night of sex, but a ripened night of adventurous passion. Of course, you couldn’t really say the same for Jimin.

When you explained that you both hardly ever thought of going out for special dinners, frowns colored the girls’ faces. It got even worse when you said you couldn’t remember the last time you had great sex with him. Of course, that’s not to say it was horrible, it was just loosing it’s wow-factor. You wished that he would try new things, and positions, and make sex more of an adventure, but he was so exhausted most of the time that you both could barely get through plain old missionary sex without him wanting to fall asleep at one point or another. Foreplay was quickly becoming something of the past, and the art of seduction clearly had no place in your home any longer. 

Of course, if you were to tell any outsider that, they probably wouldn’t believe you. He was always so cheerful and charismatic on television and during concerts. He always seemed full of energy, and completely sensual when it came to moving his body. He was extremely sexy on tv, and even you would be fooled into thinking that he would be just as sexy in bed. Truth be told, he was at first, but the fire was slowly dying as time went on. You tried to be as understanding as possible, because you knew how important his career is to him, and being tired is something that goes along with it, but you had needs as well, and there were some nights when you weren’t sure you would be able to control yourself .

Your day out with the girls didn’t go very far beyond that when the boys started calling and asking where they were at. You all paid for the long lunch, and went your separate ways for the day. You were sure you would hear more from them later. Your ride home was quiet, and uneventful, and it made you wonder if the lack of spice in your life wasn’t your fault. You had been working pretty hard, and filling every spare moment with activities and spare work, knowing Jimin wasn’t there a lot of the time. It also made you reconsider your relationship. Was this the right path for you? Was being with an idol something that was good for you? You never considered yourself to be some one who lived for the attention of their partner, but maybe you were wrong?

You opened the door to your shared apartment, and everything seemed normal. You hung your coat and bag on the closet just inside the door, and kicked your shoes off. You reached down for your own house slippers when you noticed that Jimin’s shoes were resting in the entry way. You paused with your slippers in your hand, not sure quite what to do. It was the first time in a while that he was home early, and after your conversation earlier with the girls, you weren’t sure exactly what you should be feeling. You were excited yet nervous at the same time, because you didn’t know if he knew what you had said or not. Of course, you really didn’t expect him to, but news traveled fast in the group. 

You put on your slippers, and then opened the door to the main part of the house. You could smell something cooking, and that kind of concerned you. Jimin hardly ever cooked you anything, and when he did, it was never anything fancy. This smelled like something expensive, as if from a restaurant. There were also candles burning. You didn’t even know you had candles in the apartment. However, you still pushed yourself forward and went to investigate. You found Jimin cooking in the kitchen, and you surprised at how well he was doing. He wore some nice clothes (nothing too fancy) and he wore your apron, which you thought was pretty cute. 

“Hey, you’re home!” he turned and smiled at you. You couldn’t help but smile and blush when he looked at you like that. It really made your heart beat, seeing those puppy eyes so filled with love. You peeked over his shoulder and saw that he was cooking what looked like a noodle dish, maybe Italian. 

“What are you cooking, it smells really good,” you smiled. 

“Oh, just something Jin-hyung taught me to make. It’s really simple, and since I am home early today, I decide to treat you,” he smiled. 

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” you wrapped your arms around his middle, and buried your face into his shoulder. You stayed like that for a while as he made sure the food wouldn’t burn, and then you pulled away when he turned the burner off. 

“Why don’t you go have a seat at the table, and I will take care of this,” he said. You were really surprised. He hadn’t done this much for you in a while. He usually hated cooking, or having to do much of anything in the kitchen. But not wanting to disrupt whatever it was that he had planned, you decided to just silently make your way out to the table. You were even more surprised when you were met with a candlelit scene, white table cloth and everything. You were so impressed, but also kind of worried. He was doing so much for you, and you were just going along with all of it without thinking, instead of wondering what the special occasion was. 

Now panicking, you were wondering if you had missed some sort of memo or anniversary. But it wasn’t your anniversary. You always kept tabs on that, and it had already come around this year. Maybe he had something important to tell you? But he usually didn’t go this far with good news, he always just came out and told you. You were standing at the table, still worrying about what exactly you were missing when he came with your plates. You jumped when he set yours down, and then smiled as you took your seat. You both sat across from each other, and he waited for you to take the first bite before starting on his own meal.

You were surprised by how well the dish turned out, but if he had been practicing with Jin then it was bound to come out well. Not saying that Jimin was an awful cook, he was just pretty good at following instructions when he wanted to. You sat there and slowly ate your meal as you contemplated what could possibly going through his mind. Every time you looked up at him, he would be looking at you, and then give you that deadly sexy smile of his. It was driving you wild. 

“Jagiya, is there something wrong?’ he finally asked. 

"Oh? Um… no, everything is great,” you smiled at him, hoping he wouldn’t really notice your odd behavior. Even you felt like you were being weird. 

“Eh~ I surprised you right?” he smiled. 

“A little,” you would admit. You knew that you were being kind of obvious, but it had been so long since either of you had done something spontaneous for each other. 

“I heard something from the others today, and it made me really want to do something nice for you,” he said, and immediately you felt your face fall. You put down your fork, and watched him as he did the same. He didn’t seem stressed, so you were rally hoping that he wasn’t talking about the same information you had shared with the girls earlier that day. However, you weren’t getting your hopes up. “They said that the girls said you all talked about our sex life today… and how you’re not happy with it.”

“Jimin, listen…” you suddenly felt your throat getting tight. “It didn’t mean anything by it, we were just talking about crap. I love the way things are, I was just_”

“I know jagiya,” he would stop you. “I’m not mad or upset,” he would say, and you would stop. The weight in your chest would finally start to relieve, and you would be able to breathe a little easier. “In fact, after hearing everything that you all talked about today, I felt that maybe you deserved a little papering, so I rushed right home.”


“Now listen. I know I am busy, and I love that you always put me before yourself, but I love you just as much, if not more, and if there is ever anything you want from me, anything at all, I want you to tell me. I want you to always feel like you can be honest and come to me with things. I would do anything for you, even move mountains and collect stars. Okay?” he smiled. You felt your eyes fill with tears. Never in a million years did you imagine you were lucky enough to find a guy so understanding and compassionate. You hid your face in your hands, trying to compose yourself, and you heard him get up from his chair. 

When Jimin wrapped his arms around you, you took hold of him, and placed a kiss on his cheek. You both froze for a moment before he took your face into his hands and slanted his mouth of yours. You were overwhelmed by the raw feelings you had for this man, and were sure you had never felt so passionate for some one in your whole life. Yo two completely forgot about dinner as he pulled you away from the table and to the bedroom. You were overwhelmed bu his mouth on yours. His lips were so soft and plump, you nearly stopped breathing from the sheer excitement they caused you. 

When you finally reached the bedroom, Jimin Unbuttoned his shirt a little, before approaching you and pushing you back onto the mattress. You would gasp as you fall back on the plush mattress. You expected Jimin to follow you down, but instead he walked over to the closet. You watched him curiously as he pulled out a bag you had never seen from the bottom of the closet. You watched as he turned towards you with a mischievous smirk, and you felt that pit return to your stomach.

“Do you trust me,” he whispered.

“Of course,” you said without hesitation.  He smiled, and then pulled a long length of black silk from the bag. You gasped, and watched as he made his way towards you. Once he stood at the edge of the bed, he reached over and fastened the silk around your head, covering your eyes. You were a little nervous, you had never done anything like this before, yet at the same time, you were excited. You knew things could only get better from here.

Once your sight was completely taken, the rest of your senses seemed to be working on overdrive. You strained to hear what he was doing, and it sounded like he was taking the rest of the mystery items out of the bag. Once things went silent for a moment, he came back to you. He stood at your knees, and you reached to him blindly. He chuckled a little before taking your hands and placing kisses in each of them. He helped you move to the middle of the bed, and when he leaned down really close to you, you could feel that he had already removed his shirt. You were a little flustered, you loved being able to see and touch his sculpted chest. 

“Patience,” he chuckled as he tried to control your hands, which were running over every bit of skin you could reach. Sighing, you kept your hands to yourself. You felt him unbuttoning your blouse, and then pulling at your skirt. You help him strip the clothes from your body until you were only left in your underwear. Now you felt kind of bad for wearing something generic instead of something sexy, but it wasn’t like you knew this was going to happen. However, his next move made you completely forget about it. 

He kissed your neck, leaving little licks and nips here and there, and then slowly moving down. He lat his tongue dip into the hollow above you collarbone, before setting his teeth around it and nibbling. You careened beneath him, loving the attention he was giving you. Things only got better from there, He moved down to place open-mouthed kisses on the swell of your breasts, and you gasped again, this time reaching out and taking hold of him. Chuckling, he took hold of your hands in one of his and restrained them above your head. No matter how much you struggled, he was too strong, and held you firmly in place. You could feel how much he was enjoying this, the evidence obvious against your leg. 

He went back to placing kisses on the swell of your breasts, but the real surprise is when he used his free hand to roughly pull the cups of your bra down to rest below your mounds, causing the flesh to pillow up towards him. With a hoarse laugh, he reached down and took one semi-erect nipple in his mouth, laving it with his tongue until you felt like you might explode. Just when you felt like your poor nipple couldn’t take any more, he let it go with a slight pop, and then moved his attention to the other one. You squealed and squirmed under his ministrations as he abused the other nipple just as much. Your breathing was ragged by the time he moved his kisses down your torso. 

Letting go of your hands, he moved down your body until you felt his lips brush the edge of your panties. You gasped, and nearly held your breath, waiting for him to make his next move. You could feel him pull away slightly, and his hands slowly made their way around you, helping you to unfasten your bra. Once that was gone, his hands swept down your torso until he came in contact with your panties again. His hooked his finger in them and slowly pulled them down, you raised your hips to make it easier for him. He pulled away for a moment, and you spread your legs for him. You were so needy and wet, so ready for him to just have his way with you. 

“You’re so wet for me,” he whispered, and you cried out when his finger came in sudden contact with your core. You were gasping and writhing, waiting for him to touch you more. He ran his fingers over your slit, teasing you, before he moved his hand to play with your clit. You were already climbing to your peak as it was, but this was just pushing you along. You panted and gasped as his thumb continued it’s torture on your clit, not letting up until you finally came. You shouted your release, your whole body convulsing with shocks as the white before your eyes burst and then slowly faded. As you came down from your high, you knew you were at his mercy. 

You really expected him to move on to the main event, but you should have known he had more than a blindfold in that mysterious bag of his. With one hand he was rubbing the inside of your thigh, and with the other you could hear him fiddling with something. You weren’t a hundred percent sure what it was until it gave off a quiet sound, almost a buzzing. You opened you mouth, about to ask him what it was, when he suddenly touched it to your core and you nearly jumped right off the bed. Your body arched at an angle you never thought was possible, all brought on by the actions of a vibrator. 

He held it against your tingling, sensitive core, moving and pressing it slightly here and there, before he pressed into your opening. It filled you completely and you mewled as the device moved and rumbled inside of your sensitive walls. You didn’t think you could handle much more at this point, being completely used up as you were, your body twitching and your muscles tightening, but there was soon another sensation in an all new place,, and you weren’t sure if you were mentally prepared for this level of pleasure. 

You heard Jimin pop the cap on something, and a small squirting noise was heard. You didn’t think too much of it, so focused on your core, but then suddenly you felt cool, slick fingers at another entrance. You felt him spreading what you could only guess to be lube, around our ass before he finally started pushing one finger inside. You didn’t know quite what to expect since it was your first time, but it was so overwhelming that you had no choice but to roughly fist the sheets around you. It wasn’t really painful, just s strange stretching sensation you weren’t really used to. When he had one finger seated inside of you, he held still for a moment so you could gather yourself a little. Of course that wasn’t happening with your core still being assaulted, but you still appreciated his gentleness. 

Once he felt you were ready, he slowly moved the digit around a little before pulling out and attempting two fingers. You opened your mouth wide and gasped, and nearly quit breathing; the feeling of you being stretched and ravished so intense you thought you may just have a heart attack. His fingers moved in and out smoothly, thanks to the help of the lube, but when he curled his fingers, you nearly came undone. 

“Jimin, I need you, now?” you whined. He chuckled and removed his fingers from you, and the toy as well.

“As you wish,” he whispered. He reached out with his hands and flipped you over on your stomach. He pulled you to the edge of the bed, and you could feel him rub himself against you, lubing himself up. You let out a long, needy moan as he finally plunged home, and your body accepted him wholeheartedly. He thrust into you fiercely, and it was in that moment that you knew he was going just as crazy inside as you were. However, you should have known he wouldn’t let you off that easy. He was thrusting into you madly, and you were climbing closer and closer, when suddenly you felt something cold against your ass. You opened your mouth to say something when he suddenly slipped a plug into you. You threw your head back and cried out in pleasure from the surprising intrusion. 

You were nearly passing out from all the sensations you were feeling, his cock inside of you, rubbing against your walls, and the small plug in your ass providing another form of friction you never knew possible. You whole body was shaking, and after only a few more harsh thrusts, you came again. White flashed before your eyes, and you screamed out in euphoria. It was probably the best orgasm you had ever had. As you were coming back down from your high, Jimin reached his peak and came. You moaned at the feeling of him inside of you, and then you both collapsed on the bed. You could hear him  breathing hard, and in that moment you remembered the blindfold. 

You raised a sluggish hand up to the tie and pulled it off. What you saw first was a sinful surprise. Jimin was laying on his stomach across the bed, turned towards you. His dark hair was sweaty and sticking to his forehead. His plump lips were parted, and he was taking in deep breaths to try and calm himself after such excitement. You ran your eyes briefly over the sexy lines of his back, still impressed by his physique every time you saw him. He cracked open his cat-like eyes and gave you a scorching look, one that warmed you to your toes. He reached out his hand and gently rubbed your back ,before reaching down and gently pulling the plug from your ass. 

You whimpered when they toy was extracted from you, and Jimin threw it to the side. You heard it clatter to the floor, but could really care less where it landed. Arm still outstretched, he used the last of his strength to pull the two of you close together. Even though you both were laying sideways on the bed, he still pulled down the comforter and wrapped it around the two of you. You let out a giant yawn, feeling thoroughly loved. Jimin rested his forehead against yours, and stroked your hair until you both fell asleep. 

You knew, from now on, there was never going to be a dull moment in the bedroom again.

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I hope you all enjoy this one! Don’t have a heart attack!

kaialone replied to your photoset “kaialone: I was curious about something Danjimutt: the white fur…”

Yeah, its kinda weird what difference the color makes. THis just makes me imagine some scenario whree dandoodle has a nightmare where he looks like this and now he´s the one that everyone calls horrible looking and throws into jail, meanwhile manjimutt is a beloved foxy grandpa(?)

ohhh my gosh asfsdgfdg

I can’t believe the amount of effort I poured into these, wow

ty for the tag @meiyanaalexia, it’s been a while :^)

name: aislynn
nickname: ace, gayslynn (gaylsynn is courtesy of @ahsokano and our friends)
zodiac: leo
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orientation: pansexual my guys
fave fruit: peach
fave season: autumn
fave book series: ngl percy jackson and everything in that universe, i idolized rick riordan for a rly long time
fave flower: chrysanthemum
fave scent: vanilla
fave color: maroon
coffee tea or cocoa: probably cocoa
average sleep hours: uhh maybe 5
cats or dogs: i adore dogs but i’m a cat person
fave fictional characters: katara (atla), lance (vld), garnet (su), captain holt (b99), laurens (hamilton)
number of blankets u sleep with: 1 or 2
dream trip: london
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HONESTLY thanks to sabertooth-raccoon I have been wanting to draw these two forever. Here’s the kicker though;

I have never read the series.


But I’m also feeling really down in the dumps today, so that’s why I didn’t even bother trying to properly color this. So, my apologies. Just going through one of those “everything is going horribly” phases. So yeah… sorry for half-hearted work here. ;;;;-;;;;

But yeah. Have this. I will probably draw something tomorrow honestly.

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Idk if this has been asked before but how about all introverts in one room with only a tiny window and heavily-locked door trying to escape?


(All eight of the introverted types were going about their ordinary lives when suddenly they found themselves in a large neon yellow room, with a tiny window and heavily-locked door as the only means of exiting.)

ISTJ: (tries to get everyone to the center of the room to make a plan)

ISTP: (immediately tries the locks and breaking the window)

ISFP: where am I?! Ew, what a horrible color to paint a room! My eyes hurt already.

INFP: let’s introduce ourselves!!

INFJ: this reminds me of a book I read. Maybe … we’re all actually characters in a book. Or a horrible MBTI fic.

ISFJ: (introduces self to INFP, they start talking)

INTP: (attempts to pick the lock with some random stuff they have in their pockets)

INTJ: (tries to recall how to pick a lock, so they can tell INTP what to do)

(In the end, INTP did succeed in picking the lock, with some help from INTJ and ISTP. They open the door and it turns out they’re in a maze of these stupid neon-colored rooms. They escape and it turns out it was a terrible prank done by the extroverts. Time to plot revenge.)

(Sorry if this was terrible. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a request.)


can we just… appreciate how far i have come? Like… look at that mess to the left. Rosethorn has changed so much through the two years since i made her (also due to getting decent at art cause thats what i was just starting to draw and since ive become a better writer)

I’ve been meaning to do a comparison but that required me to look at old art, anyway, i went through the painful experience, and even though its not fully colored, its so ridiculous. Like i remember drawing the one on the left when i first got a tablet and i did it in like an hour and the one of the right was like 5 minutes wam bam all done. Like look at that claw hand, i slaved over that claw hand bruh, back when i was first getting into the httyd fandom, i draw 3 hands and 2 feet today, like it was obvi horrible but wow, i did that today.

so if y’all are ever feelin down or “my art will never be good” Just draw! Draw everyday! You will get better, here’s proof, theres proof everywhere, back then i hadn’t taken a real art class ever and then one day i picked up a pencil and decided i wanted to draw better, now i’m in a vigorous art class and looking at art colleges!!!! Like???? idk, i just thought it was kinda crazy!

so ya httyd peeps and ya other artists, you can get better, just practice!!!!!

The one thing, even after two years, is i can’t figure out what i would want her racing paint to be….

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Is it just me or does every interracial relationship (or potential one) end horribly? Beremy, caroline and jesse, matt and sarah, Salvatore uncle and his gf, Enzo and his gf etc. Wow Julie way to hide the racism! (Dries has been kinda supportive of any non bamon ship, I sense Julie is the one with the issues... like why would a hunky white guy like a black woman when he can have my creepy, stalkery, rape condoning ass?!)

I wouldn’t say it’s just Julie, I think they’re both racist pigs to be honest. None of the people of color have been treated in an even remotely okay way and I’m pretty sure they all died, too. Bree, Luka and his father, the man Caroline killed after she turned, Abby (although she became a vampire), Jesse, Grams, … I don’t know what happened to Lucy and Jamie, but they disappeared and were never mentioned again for some reason, and as far as I know, Sarah is the only person of color on that show who hasn’t died/disappeared yet. And I hardly think Plec was responsible for all of that, Dries is just as disgusting. And it’s not just black people dying on that show that gets to me, it’s also the way they’re treated in general. Bonnie, who never gets any male attention whatsoever, let alone a sex life. Jesse who died because some white freak experimented on him and to save another white freak’s life. Bree, killed by that same white freak because she wanted her friend Lexi’s death avenged. Bonnie, sacrificing herself over and over again to save a bunch of ungrateful white assholes who expect nothing less from her and don’t even thank her, has her boyfriend cheat on her but saves his life twice nonetheless, and I could go on.

I mean, I’m white and I, too, feel horribly disgusted by how Plec and her minions treat people of color.