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Why You Should Pay Attention In Class, Feat. Dad and Dr. Puck

Gather ‘Round everyone, it’s time for another installment of Family Lore!

So back in the late 60′s  dad was getting his undergraduate at Cal Poly, because Dad was an early proto-nerd  (like really, he wrote a bunch of the groundwork for the thing that would eventually become the internet), and Cal Poly had one of the first comp sci programs in the country.   Also, it was like 10 miles from home, so he didn’t have to move out. However, because this was undergrad, dad had to take a bunch of non-major courses, so he decided to do geology because he’d been good at identifying rocks in boy scouts.

The course was taught by  gentleman named Dr. Puck, yes really, who was a brilliant geologist, but teaching a bunch of somewhat uninterested just-out-of-high-school kids about rocks can wear on you, even if you aren’t some sort of deranged fey creature.  So he tried his best to make it interesting, and Dad and most of the other kids had a fairly interesting time.


Dad recounts that there were two girls in class who spent the entire time blowing off lecture, talking and generally being a distracting nuisance, until they heard that a quiz was coming up, then they’d pester and bully anyone for notes, usually Dad.  This went on for about three months and virtually everyone in class was grinding their teeth at these two, but Dad in particular, who did not appreciate being accosted in the hall by these two, who would alternately offer sexual favors for his notes, or threaten to start rumors about him if he didn’t help them study.  Puck knew some shit was up, but dad wasn’t eager to start legal action in his first semester, not to mention it was the 60′s and rampant patriarchy would have meant nobody would have believed him.

One Day, Dr. Puck organized a field for the class to the Santa Cruz Mountains, which are full of all manner of interesting geology things, most notably, fossils.  Really stinking cool ones.  Everyone is having a nice time hiking through the hills, looking at all the picturesque geology, when they round a corner and see a Big Goddamn RIB, just sticking out of the side of the trail.  Everyone goes OOOOOOH appreciatively, and Puck explains that this is an ancient Whale that UC Santa Cruz was digging up, but he knew someone in their geo department, so he got the goods on the site.

He then explains, in grand gestures and with the sort of vivacity that only people of Fey ancestry can muster, how this used to be an ancient seabed, but due to the magic Natural Geologic Process of Continental drift and Uplift, this whale was now some 2000 feet above sea level.  He spent a good twenty minutes telling the tale, while everyone took notes.

Almost everyone.

Literally the moment after Puck finished, one of the girls finally noticed the GIANT FUCKING RIB and asked him “But Dr. Puck- how did  whale get all the way up here?”

Puck, somehow, did not explode, but instead stood up to his full five-feet-and-one-and-one half-inches and explained in his most deadpan, eloquent lecture voice.

“This is a Great Flying Whale of the Cretaceous Period.”  He gestured at the Rib.  “They used to migrate here to Santa Cruz to breed, from their winter grounds in Hawaii, and would build magnificent nests out of kelp.”

Dad recalls stuffing his notes into his mouth to keep from laughing.  His more silver-tongued classmates began to chip in.

“Didn’t they used to eat Stegosaurs?  Just swooped down and gobbled them up.”  a student asked, trying not to snicker.

“Indeed!  They were far from the gentle giants we have today!” Puck agreed.  “Teeth the size of your arm, and long sticky tongues to catch smaller prey with.”

“How did they fly?” Asked another, ready to hear a choice piece of bullshit.

“Oh, gravity was much weaker back then, so they could ‘swim’ through the air with only the aid of a few helium bladders.”  he nodded sagely.  “Yes, and when they fossilized, the bladders were preserved.  Santa Cruz has some of the finest Helium mines in the world thanks to these magnificent beasts.”

“Wow.”  Muttered one of the girls, scribbling notes furiously.  Dad unwaded the parper from his mouth, ready to drive the nail into the coffin.

“Is this going to be on the test?” He asked, sweetly.

“Oh yes.”  Puck nodded gravely.

Sure enough, two weeks later, there was a test, and at the very bottom was the following:

“EXTRA CREDIT: explain everything innacurate/wrong about The Great Flying Whales Of The Cretaceous Period.  One Point per Idea that makes me Laugh.”

And that’s how Dad walked out of geology with 106% and the invaluable knowledge that people will believe ANYTHING if you speak with enough conviction.

Suga Daddy: Part 10

Suga Daddy: Part 10 (m)

Word count: 7.7k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, language

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You want to confront Elizabeth about what’s going on. You’re not ready to give up on Yoongi.

The movie nerd came on in me so if you get the Beatrix Kiddo reference, let me know and I will love you forever! :)

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

You felt sick, this week was going by so fast with Yoongi. All the time you spend together was clouded by the crippling fact that he was going to be taken from you soon enough. You tried to enjoy your time but it was just becoming harder and harder. Your moods were swinging from happiness to when you were with him. To sadness and crying yourself to sleep. But also anger, even at Yoongi for not trying.

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anonymous asked:

The Minyard last name reminds me a lot of the french word "mignardise" (pronounced minyard-eez) which means a tiny version of a dessert, a mini pastry, and honestly if "tiny pile of sugar" isn't a definition of Andrew idk what is

not to alarm you or anything but this is stupendous & you’re a comedic genius

If I had character tags you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be stealing “tiny pile of sugar” for andrew

a little bite-sized dessert wow how much do you think french-speaking neil absolutely calls andrew his mignardise :////

Mystic Messenger: V’s Common Route Walkthrough (Days 1-4)

V’s Route Days 5-11 | Bad Ends V’s Route Chat/Calls Times | Walkthrough Masterpost 

Read before you start:

  • In order to get into V’s route, you need to play along with Saeran. I’m assuming that if you reveal the truth to the RFA early in the game, you might get a common route bad end.
  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock.
  • Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Costs 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning:
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough: 
    • V: 30/37 | Unknown/Ray: 6/6 | Jumin: 6/6 | 707: ¾ | Yoosung: 1/1 | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

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Quick Lips

Originally posted by fyeahallenbert

Summary: Being an Albert has pros and cons. One of them being the strictness of your brother and his desire to keep you safe.

A/N: First The Flash imagine! Thank you anon!

Pairing: Barry x Reader (feat. Brother!Julian)

Warnings: Sibling love, angst, cute love, minimal swears

The steel interior of S.T.A.R. Labs made echos from your fast pace, your feet skidding along the sleek metal to get to your destination. Lights were coming from panels of concrete and, for a moment, you wanted to put your fist through the grey walls. Julian Albert, your older brother of exactly three minutes had sent you the first text in ages, to send you a simple life update:

Hey (Y/N), the job in Central City is amazing, and I’ve made a few acquaintances. Speaking of which, they are helping me with a serious issue and I sadly have been too occupied to give you a call. Love you lots, don’t worry, I might not die.

The earliest flight in for Central City was the next day, and without any precaution or forewarning, you dropped your job, packed bags, got your beloved passport, and took the ride.

As the light at the end of the hall became brighter and larger, you slowed down, gathering your thoughts. Turning the corner, you raised your finger and opened your mouth.

“Julian Albert, you cannot leave me for years and then drop the bomb on me saying you might not die. How can you possibly say that so casually? It actually shocks me that-”

Scanning the room, your eyes halted on the guy in a red spandex suit, who in fact looked quite dapper. His face was milk white and his eyes were peeled open, mouth agape and slowly taking a step back.

“Wrong room?”

The man in red picked up the phone on the large desk and, presumably, called Julian or someone for assistance. You took the time to walk around the lab, admiring vials of chemicals and the intricate technology. When he slammed the phone down on the desk, he ran his gloved hand down his face.

“So, Mister Red, wanna tell me what you’re doing here?”

You turned on your heel and twirled your hair in your hand.

“I could say the same for you, Miss…”

“(Y/N). (Y/N) Albert. You might know my-”

The man held his hand up with a smug grin.

“Lemme take a guess. Wife, no. Best friend?”

You rolled your eyes and sauntered up to the desk, resting your hands on the edge.

“Twin. Would you have guessed that?”

The guy in red leaned over the desk, putting his chin in his hands.

“I can tell by the accent. Can I also ask if you’re single?”

As you leaned in slightly closer, you heard multiple footsteps coming from the hallway. Heels clicking, the rubber from sneakers and a loud gasp erupted from the entrance. 

“So, you didn’t die after all. I guess the text was accurate all along.”

After many hugs and long explanations, you finally learned the names of all the people in the room. HR, Cisco, Caitlin, Wally, Iris, and the infamous Flash, Barry Allen. You paced the room trying to run the story once again. Everyone sat in the chairs, Julian and Barry standing at the ends of the desk.

“… So, this Savitar dude ‘possessed’ you?”

“Not quite the word choice I would particularly prefer, but I suppose.”

You stopped pacing and looked at Barry.

“Are you possessed? Because if you are, you can take me anyday.”

You shot a wink at Barry and he gave you a smug grin, pushing himself off the desk. As he made his way to you, Julian threw himself between you two.

“Oh no. No no no. Not the kid I despise with my twin, who is pure and not going to get involved in this shitstorm. He is off limits. No googly eyes, no smirks or winks, or whatever repulsive act that’s imaginable.”

“Oh come on, Julian. You didn’t see me complain about every girl you brought home every night! Remember the girls in Norway…”

Caitlin sat up from her chair, wipes her hands on her pencil skirt and gave an excuse for her departure. Julian held his hand out to stop her, and Cisco got up to talk to her. Wally, Iris and HR clearly were uncomfortable and decided to leave into the laboratory for ‘forgotten, essential work’. Julian turned around and gave you a threatening glare.

“Don’t try me, (Y/N). I’m serious.”

“What ever do you mean, Julian? I was just asking.”

You gave an innocent look and shrugged, glancing at Barry out of the corner of your eye. Julian let out a heavy sigh and shook his head, turning to run and speak to Caitlin. Barry took his place, his hands holding your hips.

“Wow, and I thought Julian could be harsh.”

“I was seriously concerned, and he had no right.”

Barry raised his eyebrow and let out a laugh.

“Does that mean I do?”

You leaned in slowly.

“I guess so, Flash. Speaking of which, show me how fast you really are.”

He gave you a devilish grin and leaned in, closing the miniscule gap. Your lips molded together and his hands ran down your sides, giving goosebumps along your arms. Your hands were tussling his hair and he gripped you harder. His tongue ran across your bottom lip, and as you deepened the kiss, a gust of air ran through you two. Pulling away, you were pushed against the wall of the lab, near the exit. Letting out a laugh, Barry grabbed the collar to your shirt and leaned back in.

“What did I just say about not doing anything!”


TITLE: Something Similar (bucky x reader)

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


As the group translator, you seem to be the only one who can wake Bucky from his nightmares but soon everyone is left wondering if it is just your language skills that have an effect on Bucky.

WARNINGS: fluff, mention of sex

WORD COUNT: 2.3K (wow this is a long one… worth it though)

A/N: If you messaged me about being on my tag list, see the bottom. I made a boo-boo lmao. Also, apologies if the Portuguese bits are wrong. I do speak a little Portuguese but not much so feel free to correct me!


Originally posted by marvxl-trash

“Would you look at this,” Sam smirked from beside you. “The old crew back together again.” He sounded almost sarcastic as he glanced back at Bucky. 

“Yeah, bosom buddies we are.” Bucky rolled his eyes and Sam smiled, knowing he’d got his sparring partner back. 

“To share bosoms you’d actually have to get some, Barnes.” Sam teased and Steve chuckled, Bucky glaring at the back of Sam’s head. 

“I get some, birdbrain,” Bucky muttered. “Besides, at least I don’t pine after red-headed Russian spies who are clearly out of your league.” You chuckled from the driver’s seat, twisting the keys to turn the engine on. 

“Oh shut it, Miss Daisy,” Sam smiled and you fake gasped at his insult. 

“I’ll have you know, I am the most experienced out of all of you.” You smirked, pulling out of the gas station and onto the road. 

“Yeah right.” Bucky laughed and you looked in the rearview mirror to see his mouth twitching into a smile. 

“Think about it logically fellas.” You said, shrugging. “Golden boy here has been on ice for ninety years and has only just bagged himself a girl.” You gestured to Steve who blushed but smiled. He didn’t care about experience. “You have only been alive for what, thirty years?” You turned to Sam who frowned. 

“You say that like it’s an abnormal thing.” Sam muttered. 

“And Mr. Robot was brainwashed for most of his life and I doubt Hydra considered his sex life.” You shrugged. Bucky knew you were right but glared anyway. “I on the other hand was young, alive and kicking in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, decades of sexual exploration and freedom.” You smirked at the road and the men glared at you. Bucky suddenly felt uncomfortable talking about your sex life and Steve noticed. 

“Ugh, this isn’t fair.” Sam muttered. 

“Suck it up, chickie.” You teased, pinching his cheeks. “How does it feel to be the baby of the group?” You teased and Sam glared, causing you to laugh. 

The next twenty minutes passed, full of Bucky and Sam bickering sarcastically. You all couldn’t help the grins on your faces as you slipped back into the normal routine. Usually, after this amount of time, you and Steve would step in but neither of you could bring yourself to do it. The boys automatically silenced when the border approached. You passed the old man in the crappy toll booth without a problem and were soon on your way, the car comfortably quiet as you all admired the mountainous scenery. 

“So how many?” Steve asked suddenly. 

“How many what?” Bucky asked, frowning. 

“People.” He was looking at you and you stared back at him, wide-eyed. 

“I’m not telling you that.” You laughed quietly, focusing on the road. 

“You brought it up.” Sam sided with Steve and you laughed again, ignoring them. The two continued pestering you. You finally gave in. 

“It’s above thirty.” You admitted just as Bucky exploded. 

“Cut it out!” He shouted and you all silenced. Steve smirked at his friend who stuttered for an explanation. “I was just gonna tell you to stop making her share something she doesn’t wanna share.” Sam looked at Steve and raised his eyebrows. You smiled at Bucky in the rearview mirror but he wasn’t looking. 

“Thanks, Buck.” You said. He mumbled something that sounded like ‘no problem’ under his breath, looking out the window. 

The rest of the journey through Spain consisted of Sam and Steve worming out stories of Tony’s childhood from you. You told them about his fascination with building things as a kid and how his father wasn’t around much to help him grow. You told him about the day you prepped him for his first date and how you watched him suffer through his parents’ death alone. That story was told in hushed tones, worried about Bucky’s reaction. He stilled but didn’t speak, relieved when the subject was changed to your life in the 70s. As night began to fall, you were pleased to find that Steve was right, you had made it to the border by the evening. Crossing the final pointless border check, you led the van behind you to a motel, parking up in the carpark. 

“We can go for dinner tonight if you want?” Clint suggested and you smiled but declined the offer, declaring you needed to rest. This time you managed to get three rooms, one twin, one double and one twin with a sofa bed. You and Wanda offered to take the double, Clint and Scott settling for the twin, leaving Steve, Sam and Bucky with the family room. You dragged your duffle up the stairs and collapsed onto the bed, Wanda laughing at your exhaustion. 

“You sure you don’t want to come for dinner?” She asked you for the millionth time as you lazily lounged on the bed, reading again. 

“I’m sure Wanda.” You smiled. “I’m going to order some room service and take a bath.” She hesitated before leaving the room but said goodnight and shut the door behind her. 

You were thankful you were finally alone. It had felt like weeks since that had happened. You decided on bathing first, filling the tub with hot water and bubbles as you sat on the side of the tub reading. When the tub was full you stripped down and assessed the damage under the bandage. Luckily the scratches had closed up a lot with your healing capabilities but the bruising was dark and sore. It was that that was causing you the most pain now. You ripped the bandage away, knowing it was doing no good now that the cuts had healed and climbed into the bath. 

The warm water immediately soothed your aches and you relaxed, enjoying the quiet. After a long soak, you climbed out, stared at your clothes on the floor and huffed, not feeling like dressing in the clingy jeans and t-shirt. Instead, you wore the robe. It was a little small for you, the material only just covering your butt, and the material was a little scratchy, but it was loose and comforting and better than the alternative. With that you exited the bathroom, ready to order room service. To your surprise, Bucky was relaxing on your bed, your notebook in his hands. 

“Hey.” You frowned at him, snatching the book away. He immediately jumped up, shocked at your presence. 

“Y/N!” He stuttered, looking anywhere but your face. He tried to explain himself but gave up and settled on an apology. “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s not like you it’s anything you haven’t heard me tell you today.” You sighed, instantly forgiving him as you walked over to the room service menu. 

“I wish you’d stop that,” Bucky mumbled. 

“Stop what?” You asked, flicking through the menu. 

“Forgiving me so easy.” He admitted. “I don’t want you to treat you different.” 

“I’m not treating you differently, Bucky.” you turned to him, holding out the menu. “I’m treating you like someone I care about.” Bucky frowned but took the menu from you, scanning its contents. You picked up the phone and began talking in Portuguese, ordering a Spaghetti Bolognese for yourself before turning to Bucky. 

“Chicken pie.” he whispered. 

“Torta de frango.” You repeated down the phone. You mimed a sign for beer followed by a thumbs up and Bucky responded with a nod “Quatro cervejas também, por favor.” You asked. 

“Si, Obrigado” You said. “Tchau” Bucky looked at you in awe and you frowned. 


“How do you speak so many languages.” He asked and you smiled. 

“I’ve had a lot of time to practice.” 

“What’s your favourite?” He sat down on your bed, legs kicked up onto the mattress. 

“Portuguese, actually.” You admitted, sitting at the foot of the other side of the bed. You swung your legs up, careful not to flash under your robe, and used your arms to prop yourself up. “It’s the first language, besides English, that I could speak fluently.” 

You weren’t sure why Bucky was in your room but you were unable to ask why. It seemed out of place. Like it shouldn’t be questioned - it was just happening. You talked more about languages and you even started teaching Bucky some Portuguese, laughing as he failed at the pronunciation. 

“I’m sorry about this morning,” Bucky said suddenly and you rolled your eyes. “No, let me say it. I’m sorry I hurt you - both physically and emotionally.” 

You studied him for a second, examining the worry on his face. “I already forgave you for all of that, Barnes.” you whispered. You both looked at each other for what felt like a lifetime and you swore you saw his arm twitch toward your legs when there was a knock on the door. 

“Serviço de quarto.” The voice called from the door and you grinned, jumping up to get the food. The man entered the room, placing the tray on the table by the window. You handed him some euros as a tip and he thanked you, nodding his head with a smile. 

“Aproveite, senhor e senhora Y/S/N.” You blushed as he assumed you were married but didn’t have the heart to correct him, moving to sit at the table. Bucky joined you, taking his pie and opening the beer bottle with his teeth. You handed him your beer and he did the same with yours, throwing the two bottle caps in the bin. Silence settled over the pair of you as you ate but it wasn’t uncomfortable. You were just enjoying each other’s presence. It did, however, give you time to think about the last twenty-four hours. You had somehow managed to spill your secret back story to the entire group, fall out and makeup with Bucky in one morning and now you were eating dinner with the stupid super soldier you had a crush on. Your head spun. Bucky also couldn’t keep his mind from wandering. He too was baffled by this morning’s events and even more baffled to discover your history. 

You were like him. Steve always tried to relate to him but willingly enduring a couple of hours of pain in a machine never seemed to stack up to Bucky’s eighty years of mindless torture. Sure the two had been in the war together and suffered through the losses of shared friends, but Steve and Bucky knew there were bridges that were impossible to build. But now, everything you said to him and the way you acted around him made sense. It may have only been a few years you were tortured, but it wasn’t consensual and it was repetitive. Bucky finished his meal and watched you scoop the last spoonful of spaghetti into your mouth, chuckling at the spot of red sauce at the side of your lip. Instinctively, he reached out and ran the pad of his thumb across the spot, wiping it away. You froze under his touch and even Bucky looked surprised at his action, quickly licking the tomato sauce off his finger. 

Did he really just do that? You thought, leaning closer over the table. 

“Y/N.” Bucky leaned forward, watching as your body inched closer to him. You froze for a second realising what was happening but stood abruptly. Bucky joined, stepping around the table and taking you into his arms, his hands cupping the small of your back as he lowered his face to yours. The kiss was soft but powerful, his lips moving against yours gently. You placed your hands on his chest, kissing back immediately. The heat of his body pressed against yours was enough to drive you insane and your hands moved up over his shoulders to tangle in his hair. His hands steadily moved downwards and you gasped when they gripped your ass. 

Bucky took advantage of this and deepened the kiss, tongue running against yours. You lost yourself in his touch, the feeling of relief becoming too overpowering to notice the door opening. Bucky, however, did hear the clearing of a throat and broke the kiss, turning to see Wanda stood in the doorway, eyebrows raised. You held your breath and Bucky stepped away, looking at you then back at Wanda. He bit his lip. “I’m sorry.” He frowned and then in three strides, crossed the small room and left, brushing past Wanda. You stared at the door long after he’d gone before turning to Wanda, who smiled sheepishly. “

What was that?” She teased, her voice excited but you just sighed, grabbing your pyjamas from the duffle. 

“I don’t know.” You muttered, storming into the bathroom. You changed out of the robe and into the pyjamas quickly, knowing you didn’t want to think too much about what had just happened. You focused on brushing your teeth and splashing your face with water. Wanda was changed and waiting on the bed when you returned to the room and she looked up from her phone to greet you. 

“Well, well, well.” She smirked and you ignored her, climbing under the covers. “You know I could just read your mind and find it all out myself.” She muttered. “Go ahead.” You murmured drowsily. “It’s not like you could make sense of that either.” Wanda frowned, going through your memory of what just happened. 

“You’re right.” She defeatedly admitted. “But it was hot.” She wiggled her eyebrows at your back and you kicked her, causing her to let out a yelp. Wanda watched it a few more times over in her head, trying to piece things together. She couldn’t - but knew one thing. 

“One thing is for sure.” She started, not aware that you were already fast asleep. “Bucky likes you too.”


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Deleted Kiss Pt. 2

First off, thank you to everyone who shared/reblogged my drabble, means a lot! By popular request, I decided to write a second and final conclusion. I promise it is not as angsty!  Part 1 can be found here 

Everything happened so quickly.

One moment she and Klaus were having a nice time at the pageant then he kisses her and then he’s gone.

Caroline felt sick inside, mainly because she didn’t want him to leave. A big part of her wanted to go after him and apologize for what she said.

She wasn’t angry at him for kissing her, she was angry at herself for wanting him to.

Klaus was so angry and disappointed, he had never looked at her like that before. It was more than a broken ego. She was breaking his heart.

This wasn’t supposed to be difficult. Klaus was everything wrong and bad and obviously not right for her. So why was she having conflicting feelings about him? Why did she want him to kiss her when she’s supposed to be in love with Tyler? Why was she feeling guilt for hurting him and having an urge to go after him and make amends?

She clutched her crumbled Miss Mystic Falls application, that Klaus carelessly threw on the ground, in her hands as she walked back into the mansion to gather her things.

The pageant was thankfully over just a few minutes after Klaus vanished. Caroline wasn’t in a pageant mood anymore and just wanted to go home and yell into her pillow for the rest of the night.

She jumped when she walked into one of the dressing rooms and Elena was there as well.

“God Elena you scared me.” The blonde said breathlessly.

“Sorry, Care.” Elena faintly grinned as she hastily threw her change of clothes and other necessities in a bag.

“Looks like I’m not the only one in a rush to get out of here.” Caroline claimed in a curious tone.

“Well, with Jeremy trying to kill me, Damon being distracting and Stefan hating me, kinda puts a damper on the pageant mood.” Elena explained.

Caroline nervously nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Can I ask you something?”

The brunette answered with a nod.

She gulped. “When did you realize you were falling for Damon?”
Elena’s head shot up.

“I mean, you were so in love with Stefan yet you began falling for someone else. How did you come to that realization after being in denial for so long?”

The question making her want to vomit.

Caroline did not approve at all of Elena’s sudden feelings for Damon, to be honest she loathed the eldest Salvatore brother.
But she was in no position to judge her on having questionable feelings for questionable men. They were in the same boat now and Caroline needed advice without giving herself up.

“You actually want to know about me and Damon?” Elena laughed.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “No details, if there are any, just curious that’s all.”

The brunette sighed, sitting down in one of the chairs at a makeup table.

“It definitely wasn’t planned, for starters. It would have been a lot easier on me and everyone if I shut my feelings for him off. But…I can’t. Stefan was a great boyfriend and great guy who I did love with everything in me, I still love him but I realized I’m not in love with him anymore, if that makes sense.”

- More than you know.

Caroline thought.

She simply nodded. “And that’s where Damon comes in?”

Elena grinned. “Damon, kinda just snuck up on me.” She sighed. “I always felt something for him but becoming a vampire only intensified those already existing feelings. He’s dangerous, manipulative and defiently nothing like Stefan but…he gets me. I can’t explain it but he makes me feel, everything.”

Caroline bit the inside of her cheek in an attempt to control her emotions.

“Coming to that realization was hard because I was so worried what people would think, what Stefan would think, but I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t feeling what I felt anymore.”

“Even if you knew you’d possibly lose people close to you?”

Caroline’s biggest fear of opening up about her feelings for Klaus was losing all her friends. No one shunned Elena for liking Damon but she was still losing.

The brunette sighed. “Sometimes, you have to make those leaps. Everyone isn’t going to agree with every choice you make, so why not go for it? I don’t know what, if anything, is happening between Damon and I but I wanna see where it goes. You could be missing out on something great if you don’t take those chances. At least that’s what I’ve been told.” She concluded.

Could she? Be missing out on something great with Klaus? Could he give her everything she needs? They had eternity to figure everything out, Klaus could give her a fulfilled life.

This was too much, she’s already talking about being in a relationship with him and having a possible future.

Coming out about her feelings for Klaus wouldn’t be the same as Elena coming out about Damon. She would get the cold shoulder treatment from everyone and possibly kicked out of the little Scooby gang all together. That’s what scared her more but, she can’t ignore her feelings and she can’t put her life on hold forever.
She liked Klaus and needed to tell him. She owed it to herself and him to see where this could go, her friends had to wait.

Caroline stunned that she finally admitted to herself what she felt for him; step one complete.

“Where are you going?” Elena asked when Caroline abruptly stood to her feet with her bag of clothes in hand.

For a second, she forgot Elena was even there.

“Umm, I just need to do something right now. Don’t wait up for me okay?”

Elena was confused as much as she was curious, but nodded anyways.

In a flash Caroline was already in her car, heart speeding rapidly as she drove to the Mikaelson mansion.

The coward side of her wanted to detour back to her house and forget this ever happened, but the curious side of her knew she had to see this through.

Caroline couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t at least tell Klaus how she felt, and she didn’t want him hating her either. Even though she doubted he did, she’s never seen him that hurt before.

Who would have thought Klaus Mikaelson had a heart?

Her palms were sweaty as her hands tightly gripped the steering wheel. She almost forgot how huge Klaus’ home was until she pulled into the driveway. Granted  she hasn’t been to his mansion since his family’s ball, where he made her feel like the most beautiful gem with just a glance.

- Stop it Caroline!

She cursed herself as she finally parked her car.

This was really happening. There was no turning back now.

Her stomach was in knots, hands a sweaty mess and mind clouded with possibilities.

Caroline rested her head back against the seat, eyes closed and taking deep breaths as she gave herself an inner pep talk.

She was being completely out of character putting herself out there like this.
Well, the worse that could happen would be Klaus rejecting her and wanting nothing to do with her.

A scenario she didn’t even want to entertain.

Before she could second guess herself any longer, Caroline heavily sighed before opening the car door and climbing out.

She could hear her heartbeat thudding through her chest as she made her way towards his front door.

Caroline couldn’t remember the last time she was this nervous for a confrontation; probably freshmen year when she started liking Matt. But this was no pointless high school crush, she was admitting her feelings to Klaus Mikaelson.

The man she’s to see as evil and wrong but has been nothing but lovely to her. Who frustrates her every being because he understood her better than anyone and she couldn’t even deny it. Who terrified her because he’s capable of giving her everything, making her feel everything.

She was tempted to turn around and hop back in her car till she realized she was already standing in front of his door.

- It’s now or never.

Taking a deep breath, the nervous vampire knocked her fist against the door. It didn’t take long for the door to open, revealing the hybrid standing behind it.
He defiently was not in the mood to talk to her, if the emotionless expression on his face was any indicator. But she needed to do this tonight before she goes back home, overthinks it and drops the situation completely.

That would be too easy. Easy wasn’t going to get her to where she wants to go.

Caroline sighed. “Hi.”

Klaus didn’t respond.

His face hard and stiff.

- Really, the silent treatment? Is he twelve?

She thought, now feeling uncomfortable but she refused to leave.

Caroline gulped, looking around. “Wow, I almost forgot how huge this place is. Haven’t been here since your family’s ball. Seems like forever ago…” She softly laughed.

“What do you want, Caroline?” He coldly asked

Even though his question was harsh, at least they weren’t on no speaking terms anymore.

Caroline nibbled on her bottom lip. “I know you might not want to see me right now, but we need to talk.”

Klaus shrugged. “I think we both said all that needed to be said.”

Of course he was going to be difficult. It wouldn’t be Klaus if otherwise.

“Can I come in?”

“No. I don’t think you can.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

She sighed. “Klaus-”

“What do you want from me, Caroline? You made it perfectly clear at the pageant that you want nothing to do with me. I’m a terrible person who has done nothing to help you besides for my own selfish gain, right?” Klaus spat back the hurtful words she threw at him earlier.

Caroline pressed her lips together.

“I’m not playing silly school girl games with you anymore, I’ve had enough. You can’t use me as your punching bag then expect me to still be open arms when it’s convenient for you. I won’t be made as a fool by you any longer. What’s said has been said, nothing more is necessary and we both should just move on now.” He claimed.

That stung.

“You hate me, you still have the Lockwood boy to fawn over, your friends and everything is right in your world again.”

“I don’t hate you.” Caroline abruptly said.

Klaus’ eyes slightly softened at her confession but he quickly brushed it off.
Contrast to popular belief and expectation, Caroline didn’t hate Klaus and never has. Dislike, occasionally, but Caroline didn’t know much about Klaus enough to hate him and he never directly hurt her.

But now she’s falling for each discovery she made about him and it drove her insane. She could hear the hurt in his voice with each word and, oddly enough, it pained her.

Just because Klaus acted like a big bad doesn’t mean he was, not when he’s with Caroline.

“I know I haven’t exactly given you a reason to trust me and I understand you not wanting to talk but, just give me the opportunity to explain myself. Please.”
Klaus raised a curious brow.

He knew Caroline was as stubborn as he was and would never beg. This had to be more serious than he anticipated.

With a heavy sigh, he opened the door wider gesturing for her to walk in.

Caroline entered the mansion, stunned by how its beauty, just like she remembered. Her eyes wandered around from the extended staircase to the ballroom where she and Klaus danced for the first time. Seemed emptier than she before but nonetheless extravagant.

The usual bright chandelier was dim and low.

“See something you like, love?”

His voice sent chills up her spine.

Caroline turned around to face him again. “I’ll just never get over how gorgeous your home is. I’m sure you don’t appreciate it, huh rich boy?” She teased.

“It has its charm.” Klaus said with a small grin.

The tension not completely gone but definently lessened.

She playfully rolled her eyes before they caught the multiple moving boxes in the middle of the dining room.

No wonder it looked so empty.

Caroline furrowed her eyebrows as she turned to him again. “What’s with all the boxes? Are you leaving?” Her question so soft as if she was afraid of his response.

Klaus was thrown off himself. He wasn’t expecting her visit so he definently wasn’t prepared to provide her an explanation for his departure.

 "I am.“ He blankly stated.

Caroline scoffed. “When did you make that decision?”

“Why does it matter to you what I do?”

Okay so he’s still mad, good to know.

She gulped. “Where are you going?”

“New Orleans. I think a nice change in scenery is well overdue, it was never the plan to stay in Mystic Falls permanently in the first place. I only came for Elena but now she’s a vampire and is of no use to me any longer. Hence, there’s nothing else keeping me here anymore.” He coldly explained.


Caroline opened and closed her mouth a few times, thinking of what to say next.
It was hitting close to home that Klaus was packing up his life in Mystic Falls and moving away.

Moving away from her, and he wasn’t shy about making that point clear.

If Caroline didn’t drop by and waited till morning like she first planned, he would already be gone.

Selfish prick.

“So, that’s it? You were just going to leave without saying goodbye?” Caroline asked.

He shrugged. “Wasn’t exactly given the impression that you would care, in your mist of insulting me and whatnot.”  

Caroline threw her hands up in the air. “I’m sorry. Is that what you want to hear,
Klaus? I’m sorry, okay!”

Klaus crossed his arms again.

“What I said…” She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. “I didn’t mean it…I-I was just so frustrated!”

“Because of me?”

“Yes! No. I don’t know.” Caroline huffed, pacing in a circle and massaging her temples.

This wasn’t going according to her plan.

She was letting her nerves get the best of her but she couldn’t help it. Klaus and this whole situation made her anxious.

There was no going back now though. She was already here and Klaus was leaving, no more room for nervous breakdowns.

Caroline licked her dry lips before facing Klaus again. “You do frustrate me and you know you do, that’s why you always have that stupid smug look on your face every time we’re together. You do it on purpose and I still let you get to me, knowing your games and it’s frustrating!”

“What is it that I do, exactly?” Klaus innocently asked.

She scoffed. “Like you don’t know.”

“Afraid not, love.” He teasingly answered.

“Stop.” Caroline demanded taking a step back. “Stop doing that. Stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about, you always know! Stop doing things like digging up my old Miss Mystic Falls application because you want to get to know me. Stop being charming with your annoying teasing tone and making me forget who you are. Stop making me like you when I’m supposed to hate everything about you.”

Klaus’ eyes widened at her confession.

- Did she just say that?

Caroline didn’t give Klaus a moment to respond, clearly she was on a roll.
Klaus’ demeanor calmed as he stared at her curiously and fondly.

Caroline growled. “Stop looking at me like that. I can’t breathe with you looking at me like that so just stop!”

The hybrid was dumbfounded but also amused by how much of an affect he actually had on the baby vampire.

Caroline was losing it. Her words were jumbled and she looked as if she was in the verge of angrily crying.  

She pressed her lips together and heavily sighed. Running her fingers through her blonde locks attempting to catch her breath.

“I-I don’t understand what I feel for you or why, it’s not right because you’re you and I’m me. We’re on different teams. You’ve done so many awful things Klaus.  Things that shouldn’t be forgivable and I know that when I’m with my friends. But then…when it’s just you and me, all judgment goes away. I don’t forget what you’ve done but I don’t hold it against you either, I don’t want to. I like seeing the good before the bad in people, it’s who I am and underneath all that rage and mayhem there’s a man. The Klaus I see is the Klaus you hide from the world, but I catch myself caring for all sides of you.” She confessed softly.

This was really happening.

If he wasn’t so amazed, he’d pinch himself to prove he wasn’t dreaming this.
“I wasn’t mad at you for kissing me today, I was mad at myself for wanting you to. I was mad that I’m supposed to be in love with Tyler yet I craved your kiss. That’s insane right?” She nervously laughed.

He shook his head. “I don’t think you’re insane at all, love.”

“Ugh, you’re doing it again.” She softly said with a grin that Klaus reciprocated.

“Everyone always expects the best from me, expects me to do the right thing all the time. That was never a problem, until you. Until you were the only one who took the time to get to know me and make sure I was okay. The only person out of all of my supernatural friends to say it’s not a bad thing to embrace that side of myself. You opened my eyes to newer and scarier possibilities that I’m not sure I’m ready for yet, I’m only 18. But I do know that…I like you, Klaus.”

Klaus’ eyes glazed over at Caroline’s admission. His mouth was dry and body still.

“I like you and it has become harder and harder to deny it lately. It scares me that I want you just as much as it scares me that you want me.”


She shook her head. “You’re an a thousand year old species who has seen and done everything. It was intimidating having to live up to that. I’m just average, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all that you’ve experienced.”

“I can assure that there’s one thing you’re not Caroline Forbes, and that is average. You never have to be anyone but yourself with me.” He said honestly.

She briefly smiled. Nodding while looking down at her feet briefly.

“Look, Klaus it took a lot for me to admit this, not just for my pride’s sake but because I could possibly lose everyone  I’ve ever cared about. If I wanted to see what could come out of this, I would be sacrificing so much and that’s terrifying. But then there’s the exciting part that makes me feel like it will all be worth it, that you’ll be worth it.” Her eyes hesitantly met his.

Klaus never expected the night to end like this.

After abruptly leaving the pageant, he took Caroline’s rejection to heart. Only one person has managed to break his heart after capturing it so quickly, and that was the baby vampire standing in front of him.

He decided leaving Mystic Falls was best when he assumed all hope was lost with Caroline, not to mention this town was growing more unappealing by the second.

Never imagining she’d show up an hour later on his doorstep confessing her hidden feelings for him. Feelings he knew were there but was growing impatient with her delay of realizing it herself.

Yet here she was.

“I should go…”

Klaus was snapped out his thoughts from Caroline’s voice.
One blink and she was already at the door.

He quickly grabbed her arm, spinning her around so they were face to face again.

Caroline’s breath hitched as they were nose to nose, her back pressed against the door as his chest was inches from touching hers.

Klaus trapped her body between his and the door, his hands on the door and both sides of her head.

They heavily gazed into each other’s blue eyes.

Caroline was at a loss of words, saying everything she needed to already. What more could he say now?

“Ask me to say.” He softly demanded.

Well, there’s that.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “What? Klaus-”

“Ask me to stay, Caroline.”

“I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Sweetheart, you completely underestimate the affect you have on me.” Klaus grinned.

She briefly grinned back.

“You don’t realize how long I’ve waited for you to say everything you just said. To finally be honest with yourself, with me. The only reason I decided to stay in this toxic town after everything was you. I only decided to leave when I thought all hope was lost.” He confessed.

Klaus has said a lot of heavy confessions to her in the past, she wasn’t sure she could handle another one after what she just delivered to him.

“From the moment I met you, I was intrigued by the courageous baby vampire who wanted to live. Who shot down my every advance, which only made me desire for you more.”

“So if I wasn’t a bitch to you, you would have gotten the hint?” Caroline amusingly asked, much to Klaus’ dismay but he chuckled.

“It would take a lot for me to give up on you, Caroline Forbes. Like, saying you want nothing to do with me for starters.” Klaus teased back.

She laughed, sniffling. “You know I didn’t mean that, right?”

“I know.” Klaus nodded.

Caroline relaxed into his touch as his knuckles brushed against her soft cheek. Why was this so calming?

Klaus’ eyes burning through her skin with admiration, Caroline could feel the blush creeping up her face.

His hand cupped the side of her face, his eyes searching for an answer in hers.
“Ask me to stay.”

The coolness of his breath kissing her skin sent welcoming chills throughout her body.

It felt weird asking that of him, even if she wanted him to stay. That’d be selfish of her, oh god she was already being selfless with Klaus.

She’s in deep already.

“Klaus-” Caroline sighed.

“Ask me to stay.” He asked again.

The blonde nibbled on her bottom lip briefly. “You can’t kiss me again.”

He grins, sliding a strand of hair out her face. “Ask me to stay, Caroline.” Ignoring her plea.

Caroline hoped that might distract him but Klaus is nothing but persistent. Oddly, that was something she secretly liked about  him. A guilty pleasure of hers.
She would love to be kissed by him again, a real kiss where they both enjoyed it.

This was becoming too real too fast.

If she asked him to stay, that would mean they would give this a chance. That meant Caroline would be leaping into the unknown of Klaus Mikaelson.
Was she ready for all that he was and could give her?

Klaus felt so infinite. There was no going back to average after him. He was 1000 years old who has seen and done almost everything. That was as intimidating as it was thrilling. All he could show her, new experiences for her to live, worlds he can take her to and heights she never knew were possible. But there were also possibilities and experiences she could show him as well.
Could she handle him ruining her in the best way?

Caroline’s body was shaking, mind reeling and fingers fidgeting. She wanted him here, she wanted to see this through.
It was all or nothing.

Caroline’s lips trembled before she spoke. “Stay.”

Her voice so soft if Klaus didn’t have supernatural hearing, he wouldn’t have heard her.

Klaus softly exhaled in relief.

He knew this wasn’t easy for her, he didn’t want it to be. This was a decision she needed to take seriously, given all that she would giving up; though it was ridiculous she felt she couldn’t just be with her so called friends.
He wanted to be the one who challenged her and made her want more. He could give her more, everything she wants and needs.

Klaus wanted to be it for Caroline and vice versa.

A sweet grin crossed his face as he stared down at the nervous blonde vampire.
She was so damn beautiful even with tearful puffy eyes and red cheeks. He wish he could capture this moment on paper; the night she chose him.

He cleared his throat, feeling a slight knot in his throat. “Well, now that we covered that part, let’s discuss what that means hm?” Klaus smirked.

Caroline nodded with a grin. “What it means is that you’re not selling this beautiful home before you have another party.”

Klaus rolled his eyes making Caroline laugh.


She placed her hand on top of one of his that was on the side of her face. “I’m only teasing. I do want to see where this could go, I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself with that confession if I wasn’t serious. No more games, no more denial I promise. I’m giving you a chance so use it wisely, got it?”

“You know how sexy you sound ordering me around? If it were anyone else I would have dragged their heart across the floor by now.” Klaus stated with a smile..

“I guess I should I feel pretty special, huh?” She teased.


Caroline playfully swatted him against his chest.

Klaus caught her hand and pulled her closer so their breaths brushed each other’s lips.

She couldn’t deny that her eyes wandered down to his tempting red lips. Only experiencing the taste of his lips once and she was already fantasizing about them.

The hybrid shamelessly expressed his want for her through his eyes and Caroline has never felt so desired in her life.


“Hmm?” She hummed. Dragging her eyes back up to his face.

“Can I kiss you now?”

It was almost laughable how shy Klaus seemed in this moment.

The usual smugness was gone. He was acting like a teenage boy asking to kiss a girl after their first date. It was odd but incredibly adorable, even though he wouldn’t think so if she told him.

Blood rushed from her head to her core, imagining tasting his lips again. The sinful lips that took her breath away with just a surprise peck.

This kiss wouldn’t be a quick surprise though, it would be lasting which only made Caroline more eager.

She leaned into him more so they were now chest to chest and her eyes stuck on his lips.

Caroline nibbled on her bottom lip, nodding. “Please.”

Her tone much more breathless than she anticipated but she didn’t have time to dwell on that as Klaus’ mouth already molded against hers.

He was urgent and demanding but so damn good.

She has imagined kissing Klaus before, as awful as that might sound given that she’s been in a relationship, but this surpassed her expectations. Their mouths gracefully moving together as if they’ve kissed on a regular basis.

Caroline gasped when Klaus bit her bottom lip then probing his tongue into her mouth. They both softly moaned into the exchange, feeling the rush of being together like this

Caroline felt as if she was floating on a cloud. Her mind hazy as his tongue tasted the inside of her mouth, as her own tongue clashed with his while indulging in the moment.

It was as if their mouths were made for each other’s.

Klaus could still taste the faintness of champagne lingering on her pink lips. So sweet and perfect.

He grabbed her by the waist and pressed her back against the front door. His hands traveling from her waist down to her hips. He couldn’t get enough, feeling her and touching her and the surreal thought that she was actually allowing him to do so.

Of all the times he’s imagined this moment, he didn’t think it would happen so soon. Caroline surprised him and he wasn’t a man who was easily surprised.
She deserved to be worshipped. He wanted to be the one to show her how beautiful she actually is.

Caroline tugged on his hair; he hadn’t even realized she wrapped her arms around his neck. She tilted his head to seek a better angle, deeply moaning into another kiss.

He let her take control for awhile after all, he did like a woman who knew what she wanted  and Caroline Forbes wanted him.

Their hips ground into each other’s roughly, making Klaus groan in her mouth at the contact of their clothed centers making contact.

“God Klaus…” Caroline moaned, breaking their heated kiss and leaning her head back against the door.

Klaus nearly came on the spot just from hearing her moan his name. He stared with hungry and lustful eyes.

Her porcelain neck on display for him. The hybrid took that as an invitation to lower his head towards the flesh.

Caroline didn’t mean to let his name slip from her lips, stroking his ego even more, but she couldn’t hold it in. His kisses were hypnotizing and his hips were sinful. Caroline hissed when she felt his teeth scrape her neck but contently sighed when his tongue swept over the wound.

He was careful not to let his venomous fangs drop. They needed to work up to blood sharing first.

She bit down on her lip with closed lids, simply indulging in the pleasurable feel of him exploring her neck with licks and kisses.

Klaus’ hips continued to move up into hers which only added to the pleasure.

Caroline’s fingers snaked into his curls, keeping his face as close as possible.

“You’re so beautiful.” Klaus whispered against her collarbone.

Caroline grinned to herself at his compliment, moving her core against his rhythmically which elicited a groan from the hybrid.

She was wondering how a simple kiss resulted in them practically dry humping against Klaus’ front door.

This felt too damn good to be considered wrong. Caroline couldn’t remember the last time she was so enthused from just making out with someone. She’s never felt this wanted and she’s never wanted someone so much.

But as amazing as this felt, she knew if they didn’t stop then they would have sex. Not that Caroline was opposed but, not like this. Not when she still has a lot on her mind, lose ends to mend and things to figure out; like how to explain all of this to Tyler.

She wasn’t looking forward to that confrontation but it was something that had to be done. She wanted everything to be settled with her friends before she moved forward with Klaus.

Klaus would be a new beginning, a fresh start.

When he cupped her breasts through her dress, Caroline knew they needed to stop.

No matter how burning his large hands felt over just her clothes.

With one more desperate moan as he began kneading her mounds, Caroline tugged on his hair to lift his head up from her neck so they were now face to face again. Her hands pressed against his chest to create space between their bodies. Both breathless and flustered.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Klaus asked with concern in his tone, lowering his hands.

She nodded, liking the fact that he was more concerned about her well being than his hard on.

“Yeah. Nothing is wrong at all, trust me.” Caroline smiled, reassuring him that he did nothing wrong.

“This is really, really nice…” She softly confessed, nibbling on her lip.

“If you keep doing that, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.” He mused, cupping one side of her face with one hand, stroking her cheek lightly with the pad of his thumb.

She sighed, trying not to get lost in him again. “I’m totally going to regret saying this but, I think we should slow down a little…for now.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow. “I got the impression you were quite enjoying yourself, love.” He smirked.

Caroline blushed. “I was, a lot actually. I’m not saying I don’t want to because I obviously do…”

“Hmm…” Klaus smuggly hummed, brushing his nose against hers.

She fought back a moan. “But I still have some things to figure out and explaining to do. And you should know that I’m technically still with Tyler, we didn’t really break up.”

“I know.” Klaus sighed.

She furrowed her brows. “How?”

He grinned. “I’ve been around for a thousand years Caroline you think I can’t differentiate between a real and fake break up? Not to mention, the Lockwood boy has very little talents as is and being a convincing actor isn’t one of them.”

“Hey! Don’t be mean.” She scolded, not being able to hold back a small laugh.
Klaus pulled her by the waist so they were chest to chest. His arms safely wrapped around her body, leaving a sweet kiss on her nose and cheek.
Caroline smiled at the affection, never taking Klaus Mikaelson for the gentle type.

“Take all the time you need. I waited this long just to kiss you, I can wait a little longer for the whole thing.” He began. “When you’re with me, if you choose so, I want it to be something you want. I want to be who you want, and for you not to be ashamed or scared about it. Not worrying about Elena, Tyler or anyone else.”

Reality was hitting harder and harder.

“And just know, that if you do decide to give us a real chance, I’ll never let you go.”

Caroline sucked in a breath at Klaus’ promise.

Suddenly she wanted to take back what she said about waiting.

Klaus was overwhelming and extreme but he was exactly what she needed.

“Okay.” Caroline agreed, casually pecking his lips which stunned them both.

They were already acting like a couple who have been together for years.
It was almost scary how comfortable he made her feel.

Klaus reciprocated the kiss, gradually deepening it with his tongue.

Caroline allowed herself to enjoy it for awhile. Moans swallowed by his mouth, her hands brushing over his stubble cheeks as they cuffed both sides of his face, and her body already craving to be destroyed by his.

She planted one more kiss on his lips before leaning back with her hands still on his face. “You’re not making this easy.”

“I didn’t intend to.” Klaus smirked, grabbing one of her hands and kissing the palm.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “I really should go.”

Klaus nodded. “May I at least drive you home?” He offered.

They were both aware that Caroline drove herself to Klaus’ place but she didn’t question it. She wanted to be with him as much as she could tonight, who knows when they’ll have time alone after she breaks the news to her friends and Tyler.
But she was ready for that, at least she thinks.

This evening took such a huge turn. From Klaus storming off to Caroline storming after him to heartfelt confessions to passionate make out sessions.
One surprise kiss literally changed everything for the both of them and Caroline couldn’t be more excited.

“Okay, but no funny business.” Caroline said, poking her finger towards him.

He chuckled, putting his hands up in defense.“No funny business.”

She pressed her lips into a wide grin as Klaus reached behind her to open the door, leading her out the mansion and closing the door behind him. 

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you were my almost | | [ barry allen ] pt. 2

a/n: ah finally finished part 2 of you were my almost ! warning it is feelsy towards the end since someone dies. but this almost hit 3,000 words of the two parts combined, wow. I’m starting to plot corpse bride flash au and I will do a separate post for those who want to be tagged in it. but it will come after the savitar imagine dedicated to @staringatademigod​ ! ships will be opened tomorrow and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me !

               Relationship(s): Amnesia!Barry ‘Bart’ Allen & Reader (crushing), Iris West/Barry Allen (engaged), Barry Allen & Reader

“Um that’s Joe West, Barry- Bart’s foster dad and I’m Iris West. His. .fiancé.” She speaked out as she bites the bottom part of her lip when she sees you starting to look upset, “I’m really sorry that this happened but we need him back to S.T.A.R labs.”

Bart shook his head and moved closer to you like a little child who didn’t want to leave, “No. .No I’m not anywhere without Y/N, there were people trying to take my kidneys. I want to keep my kidneys.” He mutters as he stays by you until feels you tugging him to go.

“Go Bart- or Barry or whatever your name is, they need you there. .I highly doubt that S.T.A.R labs needs your kidneys for anything I think.” You say softly, you were heartbroken as the words from Iris’s mouth still stung that he was actually engaged. You thought maybe you had a chance since many other guys just looked at you the same way they did in high school, a nerd with her nose stuck in a book. You watch as Bart refused to go with the other two still before you managed to speak up once again, “How about I come along? Maybe it will help his nerves about going to S.T.A.R labs, I promise I will keep whatever secret you may have to hide. I’m good with secrets, please I promise that and to help in any way I can- I mean I might be just some astrophysics scientist but you know.” You shrug your shoulders as Joe gave a worried glance to Iris before nodding you to come along as the brown-haired male finally followed since you went as well.


“Wait so are you sure you want to involve another civilian with this mess Joe? I mean, we surely can’t risk another person’s life of this.” Julian says as you are greeted by H.R and Cisco as Bart just looks confused as Iris tries to talk to him while the blond man looks at the older gentlemen with concern eyes, “We already have Caitlin and Savitar out there to worry about.”

Joe sighed as he rubbed his forehead before explaining that Barry- Bart wouldn’t come to S.T.A.R labs without you and learned that Julian and Cisco had possibly found a way to restore his foster son’s memory, “And if he doesn’t remember after this?” He asks with a very obviously worried expression written all across face.

“Well then, the best we could hope is something that jogs his memory of being well, him and being the Flash. I don’t what else we can possibly do I’m afraid after this, I’m sorry Joe.” Julian responds to the question as he and Cisco head toward Barry before looking at the others with a deep breath leaving him.
“Alright, let’s pray that this works.” Cisco says as he’s was about to touch something on the tablet that he was holding in his hands before you stopped him by catching his arm.

You took a breath and as much as you wanted him to yourself instead with Iris although it was extremely selfish idea. You looked with teary E/C eyes at Cisco with your hand on his arm to stop him from getting Bart’s memories back, “Not yet please. I think it’s best that I should leave if he gets his memories back, I mean after all he won’t remember me.” You say as you turn the heel of your red and white converse towards Bart while trying to fight tears, “Goodbye. It was really nice knowing you, I don’t meet much guys like you. You were one of quickest best friend I had ever made, thank you so much. Maybe one day, our paths might cross again but who knows right? Goodbye Bartholomew.” You choke out before running away out of S.T.A.R labs with tears streaming through your eyes while ignoring the calls to bring you back.


You worked day after day since that faithful day, never hearing back from anyone for a while you did a formula on the table to figure out an experiment that you were kept you occupied. It hurt that you were once again alone, but you were used to it. You were mostly alone as a child growing up which always made your parents worry about your wellbeing but it didn’t bother you no more. Maybe it was comforting to be alone as you sigh before walking out to go catch a break, some coffee and one of those scones from Jitters sounds good. It was fine walk until the most unthinkable happen but it happened so often that it was normal as you walked across the street before getting hit by a speeding car.

While you were gone, Barry had become back to his normal self as the speedster dork that everyone in S.T.A.R labs knew. However, they were very seldom about talking about you since they didn’t want to drag you back into the mess so they never spoke a word until H.R had accidently let it out one day before having to explain to Barry about you, the girl who helped him. “So, you guys didn’t bother telling me about Y/N? Where is she now Cisco? Tell me, I need to thank her or something because who knows what would’ve happened to me out there. I could’ve gotten myself hurt or worse, killed?” He says as Cisco types up your profile and looks for your location while Barry waits with his arms crossed.

“Oh no. Oh no.” The technical engineer repeated himself as he looks up at his friend, “Y/N was involved in a hit and run accident. She, being the who got hit by the driver and it looks like she’s at the local hospital in. .critical condition. It,” He bites his bottom lip before managing to speak out the rest, “It looks likes she might not make it Barry. I’m sorry.” A gust of wind blew with papers shuffling beside him as he sighed knowing that the brown-haired male sped to go the hospital.

“Excuse me.” Barry spoke, “Pardon me please.” as he moves through the people in the busy sidewalk and pushes through the doors before rushing towards the front desk receptionist, slamming his hands on the counter which startled the older woman typing on her computer. “I need to see Y/N L/N, please. I beg you.” He breathes out as the women pushed her cat eyed glasses up and pushes keys on her keyboard.

“Are you her family sir?” She asks in a nasally voice as Barry shook his head, “Then I’m sorry. I can’t let you see her, doctors’ orders.” While eyeing Barry, “I’ll let you know when visitors can come see her.”

Barry nods sadly as he sat down on a chair, waiting for the nasally women to tell him that he can see her. He refused to come home that night as he slept to wait to see you until he was awoken the next morning the same old woman receptionist from the day before only with sad eyes behind the cat eyed glasses. “Where is she? How is she?” He asks almost a million questions at once before slowing down for the poor lady.

“Sir, I’m afraid Ms. Y/N L/N passed away an hour ago due to complications. I talked to Dr. Sanders and she will let you see her to say your goodbyes if you want.” She speaks as Barry’s heart broke from those words, “Ms. L/N is in room 113, second floor.” She adds as the brown-haired male got up and said his thank you before leaving to your room.

Barry couldn’t believe what he saw you there, laying so peacefully like you were just sleeping but your heart monitor proved otherwise as his green eyes filled with tears. Even if you weren’t a major part of his life, it sure as hell felt like it did as he moved his warm hand to touch your cold S/C toned hand. “Y/N, I just wanted to say thank you for everything when I lost my memory. H.R told me about you and the things you told him that we did together. It sounded like we could’ve been really good friends and watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Cisco. We usually go all out with popcorn, candy, and a bunch of stuff.” He dryly laughs before his tears got the best of him, “And to quote, ‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’ I promise that Y/N.”

“I promise to be there on time for you and be your friend wherever you may be.” 

NCT Mysteries

NCT DREAM X Platonic Reader

I don’t even know what this is, like it turned from one thing to a whole other thing altogether. I’m trying to make this a small series, but we’ll see where that goes. Anyways, enjoy!

            “Lee Jeno is a god.”

            You looked up and gave your friend an odd look after her dramatic announcement. You had just been sitting at your desk trying to get some last minute homework done before class started, and she just had to come over and start talking about the boy who easily was the prettiest in all of your school. You had a few classes with him, and he was nice enough, but you really didn’t want to hear about him when you had like five minutes to finish all your work from the night before.

            “Look, I really don’t—“

            “He dyed his hair,” she continued as if you hadn’t even spoken. “He’s blonde now. Blonde. Like, oh my god.”

            “Can I just finish my homework in peace?”

            “No because I was attacked when I got to school today! I need some support from my friend!”

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whenever people start reading back on my blog and serially liking tons of old posts i go on my own adventure down memory lane through my notifications and let me just say the following, from the bottom of my heart: i either remember my own posts to the point where i get sucked into a vortex of deja vu when reading them again, OR they’re complete fucking strangers to me. complete strangers. like, nat posted this??? good for her. same. i agree with OP

Bestfriend!Hyungwon (Smut)

This is my first piece of writing so bare with me! Also, I suck at titles. Basically, Hyungwon and you share an apartment and he has got one hell of a curious cat inside him.


“Hyungwon, what in the hell are you doing?,” You half laugh, half deadpan as you catch him wracking his way through your underwear drawer.

He immediately sits up from his haste, his tall stature now back to his full size, “Um, I was, I mean,”

His deer caught in the headlight stare and his stuttering speech means he was definitely up to something no good, and you were determined to figure out what it was.

“Excuse me perv! What are you doing searching through my underwear drawer?” You choke out through laughter; this situation was in no way alarming to you, you have caught him making his way through your things many times before, but never your personal items.

“I was looking for your black lace panties!” He blurts out, like he finally got something off his chest, like he was revealing something that had been bothering him for quite some time.

“Okay?, why?” You say monotonously, obviously unbothered by his confession, which seems to make him even more nervous.

“I need them..” He trails off, seemingly very embarrassed by his own words. “I need them to masturbate!” He almost yells out, his eyes screwed shut.

Now this you didn’t expect, why in the hell after 2 years of living together, have you just now caught him using your underwear for his own bodily pleasure?!

“What the fuck, Hyungwon, how long have you been using my panties for your sick fantasies?” Your voice is now raised, but still holds what seems to Hyungwon, as humor.

“About a year..” Hyungwon’s voice is much quieter now. His voice holding shame; like he was just scolded by his mother.

“Why?” You ask quietly this time, your mind wondering to all the places it probably shouldn’t. “What the hell?!” You thought to yourself, is this turning me on?!

After a long pause, he takes a deep breath, closing his eyes again. “BecauseIliketothinkaboutyouwhenItouchmyself.” He rushes out, almost incoherent and quiet that even sonar technology couldn’t pick it up.

“Huh?” You ask, walking a bit closer to him only to have Hyungwon take two steps back.

“I use the underwear to cum into, okay?!,” He starts in a loud tone, “I’m a filthy perv and I should leave..” Hyungwon says, a lot softer than before, but still with force and shame.

“Hyungwon..” You say, inching a bit closer to him, softly grabbing his arm, “I’m not mad at you, just surprised, and if you wanted to cum in my panties, all you had to do was ask.” You say jokingly.

But, Hyungwon still stands there, a blank expression on his face and a glint in his eye you’ve only ever seen once before, but, that was when he brought a girl home and you just happened to have been walking through the hallway past them; off topic though.

“Y/N, are you really joking right now?” He deadpans, stepping towards you.

“Well, y-yeah I mean are there other things to do in this situation?” You laugh, trying to step back, but his hands wrap around your shoulders, holding you in place.

Instead of answering, Hyungwon uses his hold around your shoulders to push you in closer, your lips smashing together, almost hurting you both.

“Hyungwon,” You moan out between his rough kisses, pushing his shoulders back a little, “Shouldn’t we talk about this first?” You ask him, a serious look etched in your features.

“Haven’t we done enough talking?” He breathes out, his chest heaving a lot heavier than yours is; You did kind of interrupt his almost masturbation session.

“I mean, I guess..” You smile, teasing him, “But, shouldn’t we talk about why you use my panties as a cum bucket?” You jokingly pin point, running your finger across his plump upper lip, slick with saliva.

Hyungwon lets out a snort, a small blush creeping its way to his cute cheeks, “Isn’t obvious or are you just messing with my feelings?” He pouts jokingly, leaning in to you more.

“Is it because you liiike me?” You couldn’t help but tease him; he did rifle through your underwear drawer, and admit to using your favorite pair of undies as his personal jizz wipe.

He has a serious expression on his face this time, like he almost zoned out while listening to you speak. You follow his eye line and realize he’s staring at your lips.

“I think you should stop the teasing and finally let us what we both want.” He says sexily, cornering you till your back is against the wall by your bedroom door.

“What is it we both want?” You say breathlessly, making direct eye contact with his glazed over eyes.

Again, instead of using his words, he uses his lips, and you don’t back away this time, you don’t interrupt his silent hard kisses, and the way his hands wrap around your hips.

The kiss becomes way more intense than you anticipated and it’s making the arousal you’ve had since he admitted to taking your panties for uh, personal reasons.

Surprisingly, Hyungwon pulls back this time, heaving out a heavy, “Are you sure?” while rubbing his hands comfortingly along your hip bones.

“I’m sure, now fuck me so you can stop stealing my panties.” You try to be sexy, you really do. But, the fucker laughs, and the moment is almost ruined till you grab the outline of a very hard, very large bulge inside of very tight pants.

“Ugh,” Hyungwon chokes out, almost falling on top of you, using one of his hands to hold your hip while the other one lands above your head.

“Not laughing now huh, Hyungwon?” You whisper, sliding out from under him and pulling him to the bed. You push him down, straddling his lap and leaning down to whisper in his ear, “By the way, you know those black lacy panties you were looking for?.” He nods, “I’m wearing them.” Your voice drops dramatically and you don’t even recognize it for a split second. But, Hyungwon seems to have a very larger problem as soon as the words spill out of your mouth.

Suddenly, your body is being flipped over and a very tall boy with fire in his eyes is leaning over you and speaking the most filthy words you’ve ever heard come out of his mouth, to you,  “Just the thought of you wearing those panties that I’ve jerked off in so many times makes my cock so hard baby,” He all but moans out, biting his bottom lip.

You freeze as the words flow out of his beautiful lips. The only sound that can be heard is Hyungwon and your heavy breathing mixing into the air. You finally catch your breath, looking up at him once more, “Please fuck me.” You whine pathetically, growing impatient upon hearing his teasing words.

“Wow, you’re really impatient.” He chuckles, taking your pain as his pleasure. Masochistic bastard.

You have enough of his teasing, pushing him off you so you’re on top again. You hastily unbutton his pants, pushing them down his impossibly long legs till they’re at his feet.

He stares at you with a smirk, his hands behind his head. “In a hurry?” He says condescendingly.

“I wouldn’t be teasing, Mr. ITake(Y/N)’sPantiesForMasturbation,” You spit back at him. His smirk immediately falls and he glares at you. “That’s what I thought.” You smirk, straddling him once more. You take off your shirt, your bra immediately falling afterwards.

“Holy shit,” Hyungwon whimpers, probably having imagined them before, “They’re even better than I imagined.” Yup, there you go.

“Well I would hope so.” You joke, reaching your hands down to unbutton your jeans, pulling them off in a haste.

“There are those pretty panties.” Hyungwon mutters after your pants are long gone, “Keep them on.” He demands, right before you hook your thumbs in the waistline.

“Okay,” You say submissively, knowing how this is gonna turn out. Hyungwon’s definitely in charge.

Hyungwon pushes you up till your straddling his chest, “I can’t wait till my cum fills those panties of yours.” He mutters, almost to himself.

“Then hurry up already.” You push at his chest like a child, pouting and whining.

“Okay, scoot up.” He pats your ass, motioning for you to move onto his face with his other hand.

You hesitate, you’ve never ridden anyone’s face before, and you were scared that he was going to suffocate. “Hyungwon, I’m not sure about that.” You say with hesitation evident in your voice.

Hyungwon sighs, “(Y/N), you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but, I promise you, if you do this, I’ll make you feel so good.” He pushes a a small strand of your hair away from your face, looking at you with such sincerity that you believe him.

“Okay, but pinch my thigh if you can’t breathe.” You mumble, moving so your hips were right above his head.

“Move your panties aside,” He pants, almost dying of anticipation, he’s been waiting for so long, and he’s finally going to get what he wants.

You do as he says, moving the lacy fabric away from your almost dripping pussy. When he doesn’t do anything for what feels like hours, you speak up, “Is it ugly?” You say, insecurities breaking through. It was a ridiculous question, yes, but you were nervous, and Hyungwon mindlessly staring wasn’t helping.

“God no,” He moans, “It’s fucking beautiful.”

Your first initial reaction was to laugh, but before you could, Hyungwon dives his tongue flat against your clit, “Oh, fuck!” You squeal, not prepared for his attack. You would never imagine the meme face, frog prince would be such a good pussy eater, you had never imagined he could find your g-spot within seconds of sticking his long tongue inside of you. “Hyungwon!” You moan out as he skillfully slides two of his long, slender fingers inside your gaping pussy.

“Baby, quiet down, you’re gonna get us evicted.” He breathes out pompously. How he could still be teasing in this situation was beyond you.

“But I- Oh my god!” You almost scream as he adds his tongue in with his fingers, his thumb rubbing against your clit as he expertly eats and fingers your sopping wet pussy. It’s only been about 5 minutes and you’re already about to squirt your juices all over his beautiful face. “Hyungwon I’m, I have to!” You mumble out jumbled sentences that he seems to understand. He picks up his fingers and his tongues pace, almost devouring your little pussy whole.

“Almost there, baby?” He lets out, almost as breathless as you.

“Yes, yes, yes!” You shamelessly moan, ready for your release. Your thighs start to quiver and it gets harder for you to hold yourself up. Hyungwon notices this and removes his fingers completely, replacing them with his mouth, this time eating you like your his last meal on earth. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum.” You squirm on top of him, almost crying and screaming. You feel a gush rush out of you, embarrassingly fast and in large quantities your juices spill out onto Hyungwons greedy tongue.

You’re slouched over, only being able to hold yourself up by Hyungwons grip on your hips.

“That was amazing.” Hyungwon says enthusiastically, making you almost want to laugh, but you’re way too tired for that.

“Is this the part where we cuddle and confess our love for each other?” You say tiredly, climbing off of his face to fall on your back next to him.

“Nah, I think we can save that for when I don’t have a raging hard on and a sticky face”

anonymous asked:

Yaasss vitya licking yuuri's belly *-*

IKR like damnnn, and that lingerie, like MM.  I think Victor just loves Yuuri’s body, every part of it.  Tbh I think that (other than bottom vic ofc) body worship is the most likely to be canon viktuuri headcanon, ESPECIALLY now with the whole yuri on stage “I love your belly!  I squish it!” thing, like wow victor. Real subtle.  I see you and your worshipping of Yuuri’s body and I LOVE IT.  Like Victor would just want to touch and kiss and lick all of Yuuri’s body, all the time (contributes to his foot thing tbh)

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alice in wonderland & seventeen au?

- instead of alice in wonderland get this
- he’s lying outside in a flower field just watching the clouds when he suddenly hears someone go like “I’VE NEVER BEEN LATE IT’S ALL THAT STUPID SEOKSOON DUO’S FAULT”
- chan looks up and sees a bunny with pink hair and he’s like “WOW WHAT A CUTE LITTLE BUNNY”
- the bunny turns to him and glares “who are you calling little
- but before chan could say anything, the bunny looks down at his stopwatch and his eyes widen when he sees the time
- he then runs off without another second to lose
- chan screams “wait!!” and chases after him and he ends up falling down a huge rabbit hole
- when he reaches the bottom he sees the bunny and calls out to him “bunny wait for me!!”
- the bunny just turns to him and goes like “I HAVE A NAME IT’S JIHOON OKAY NOW SHUT UP I’M LATE” and he runs off again
- chan’s like wow what a meanie
- and as he explores the most beautiful world ever he discovers it’s called wonderland
- he meets a cheshire cat named jun who appears and disappears at will
- and instead of speaking in riddles, jun just says a bunch of cheesy things that make you cringe for life
- seokmin and soonyoung are tweedledee and tweedledum
- rather than disagreeing on everything they always agree even if it’s THE DUMBEST THING EVER
- chan comes across this tea party in a beautiful garden and seungkwan is the mad hatter
- he sings at the table nonstop and performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on any food the march hare vernon effed up
- cute little dormouse minghao sleeps at the table but wakes up and cheers the loudest when chan shows them his michael jackson dances
- he meets caterpillar wonwoo who just reads books on a mushroom all day
- tries to give chan advice but stumbles on his own words and chan has no idea what he just said
- before chan could ask him to repeat wonwoo becomes a beautiful butterfly and just flies off and chan’s like ok
- jisoo is the white knight who saves chan from any harm
- mingyu is the black knight who chan thinks is super cool but mingyu falls off his horse all the time and drops his sword every time he tries to get it out of his scabbard, basically he’s not cool at all
- jeonghan is the red queen who wants chan aka his baby
- instead of “off with your head” jeonghan says “whose baby are you?” and if you don’t say you’re his lmao see ya
- seungcheol is the king who probably ate jeonghan’s tarts and doomed all of wonderland
- when the house of cards falls apart, two cards fall in front of chan
- the ace of diamonds and the seven of diamonds
- that has nothing to do with anything i just thought it was a cool idea lmao
- chan suddenly wakes up and he finds himself back at the flower field and by then it’s already sunset
- “oh so it was just a dream…”

this was so much fun to write!! thank you for your request anon!! ^^

Lanyard Dreams pt 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Friends POV | Part 4 Your POV | Part 5 

I hope you guys enjoy this part I’m not too sure how I feel about it. Excited to see how all of this unfolds though! Thank you guys for all the lovely things in my ask and for reading my shit. <3

Hit up my ask and tell me how you like it!

- M


Luke walks into the studio with his head down at first but then suddenly puts on a smile when greeted by the radio host and co-host. Looking at him with such gloom your friend appears beside you

“Dude this is fucking awesome!” Then realizing your face her tone changes “Wait what the hell. Are you okay?”

Slowly feeling the build up of tears at the brim of your eyes you begin to walk away from the window where you and your friend were watching the boys. As Luke was talking on the mic he takes notice in you walking away. Your friend comes running after you with concern on her face.

“Oh my god what’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?

Bombarded with a bunch of questions you feel your eyes fill to its threshold and large tear droplets drop from your face slowly and then all at once. Squeezing your eyes shut hoping for all these emotions to just vanish at the blink of an eye you lean your back against a wall and then slide down.

“I….I..I-” You say stuttering and not being able to form a complete thought

“Talk to me tell me what’s wrong so I can help you!” Your friend demands

“I fucked up! I don’t know…..”

“What do you mean? Luke’s crazy for you!”

“No…it’s not even like that!” You try to lower your voice hoping no one notices your total breakdown. “I’m scared! I’m actually terrified!”

Feeling your anxiety build up and like you can’t take anymore and wanting to explain fully to your friend but unable to you slide your knees to your chest and hug them tight lowering your forehead to them. Your friend sinks down to your level and with no words coming out of her mouth gives you the hug that you desperately needed. After a couple of minutes sitting in silence and only the sound of your sobs being heard you take a deep breathe in and then out. Looking up with your now swollen eyes you look at your friend whose face has softened from her highly concerned look not too long ago.

“Okay” You say hesitating on how you should begin to explain yourself. “Seeing all their fans earlier while we were in the car scared me shitless. Everything just hit me at once ya know. Like is this what I want my life to be? Do I want to be an ornament to Luke that all the fans have free range to bash and tear down? I’m not strong enough for this. I know you are but I’m not too sure about myself and it fucking sucks.”

“Wow. Girl I had no clue that you felt this way. I thought that you were just so into Lu-”

“No trust me I am. I feel like I’m balls deep already for this boy and that makes me scared. That’s the bottom line. I like him but I’m not sure if I’m ready to basically be a punching bag for everyone out there who doesn’t like me for the sole fact that I’m associated Luke.”

Speaking rationally your friend tries to understand you

“I get it girl. Trust me it has crossed my mind a few times when I just even look at Calum. But honestly fuck them. Fuck everyone that’s going to bash you and judge you without knowing you. You’re an awesome chick and Luke knows that. And you never know they might actually love you!”

Your friend always knew what to say to make you feel better about yourself and all the weird situations you get yourself into. Letting out a little sigh you hug your friend tight

“Thanks bitch you always know what to say.” You say jokingly

Sitting there for a minute to collect yourself then getting up you and your friend walk back to the window of the studio arm in arm. Seeing that the radio interview was over with you prepare yourself to face Luke once again. The boys head for the door and you feel you heart racing. Making eye contact with Luke through the window he sees that your eyes are red and puffy. Walking out of the door first comes Michael

“What the fuck Ash what kinda answer was that?” Michael says jokingly

“I don’t know it just came out I don’t even know!” Ashton laughs to himself

“Where the hell did you guys go?” Calum questions as he approaches your friend to stand beside her. She wraps her arm around Calum’s waist.

“Uhm we just went to the bathroom and then looked around the place. Did you see that Katy Perry poster over there Cal?” Your friend answered quickly so you didn’t have to explain anything. Looking at her you give her a little smirk and she returns it back.

“Ahhh you missed a funny ass interview but Luke here wanted to be all quiet and not answer questions so of course Ash did it for him” They all laugh while Ash shoves Calum jolting him and your friend to the side.

You shift your gaze to Luke where he still looks upset. He looks at Calum and gives him a little smirk that was nothing like his usual incandescence. You both meet eyes. The look in his eyes was something that you had never seen from him. It was almost a solemn, lost look that you knew was something you caused. You felt like complete shit. Questioning if you should go up to him Dave comes walking in disrupting the plan you had going in your head.

“Alright boys there’s some time before the acoustic show so you can just hang out in that lounge over there” Dave says while pointing to a room with couches and refreshments

You all make your way over there. Your friend and Calum hand in hand but you and Luke could not be further from the opposite. Calum takes notice in you and Luke’s disconnection and he whispers in your friends ear.

“Not right now….” Your friend whispers back to Calum with a stern look.

You all take seats on the couches. Deciding to not be totally obvious and awkward you sit by Luke. He places his hand on your thigh. What? Maybe he wasn’t mad? Confused you begin to look around. Did he just want to drop everything and go back to how you were on the bus? Feeling content at the moment you begin to relax your body and sink into the fluffy couches. The boys begin to talk about what they saw on instagram and twitter flashing their phones to one another. Calum gets up to talk to his mom on the phone. Your friend goes all heart eyes at the sight. You then see a couple of fans wearing lanyards around their necks begin to approach the couches. They were there for a special meet and greet with 5sos. When Luke sees them approaching closer he quickly lifts his hand from your thigh.

He knew.

He knew everything you were thinking. He knew that you were scared for what the fans would say. He just knew.

Shifting your body towards your friends you pretend to talk to her. The boys all get up to hug and greet the fans there. You try not to make eye contact with them. They were around your age. You hear all the boys being so lovely and giving them massive hugs and complimenting their outfits. These girls were not part of the younger 5sos fam. You felt intimidated. This easily could be them in your position right now. Trying to clear all the negative thoughts from your brain you turn to look at Luke for some clarity. He didn’t meet your eyes like usual. He was talking to the fans and laughing at what they were saying totally disregarding your presence. Feeling a fiery urge in you, you make the decision to confront Luke about all of this after the fans had left.

But they weren’t leaving…

“Hey why don’t you guys just come and sit with us till the acoustic performance!” You hear a voice exclaim. It was Luke’s.

Totally and utterly confused as to why he would do such a thing you felt your face grow warmer and warmer as the girls approached the couches you and your friend were sat on. They were gorgeous. Tall, skinny, with long, tousled hair dressed in all black. One about your height and the other ones taller. You couldn’t help but compare yourself to them and each time you did you felt shittier and shittier. As they sat down you and your friend gave them a closed mouth smile. Not speaking till you were spoken to. Feeling almost lethargic you wonder if what Luke and Calum told you was a lie. Did they actually always invite girls to hang out with them? You turn to look at your friend to try to get to the bottom of this.

You notice that she is on the verge of tears.

You grab her arm and begin to walk over to the table with an array of desserts.

“Girl are you okay?” You say to her

“Do you feel like they do this often?” Your friend said with a trembling voice trying to fight back tears.

“I don’t know but I swear if they do I’m going to be pissed.”

Feeling anger just at the thought of being treated like a groupie you rub your friend on the back trying to reciprocate the comfort she gave you earlier.

“Time to go boys and ladies!” Dave says while motioning to get moving

“We’ll see you girls out there! You better be jamming out or I’ll be pissed!” Luke says to the girls as they giggle and nod back to him.

Hearing those familiar words you realize that Luke had said the same thing to you before the show yesterday. You feel your head begin to spin and you feel so light headed. What did you get yourself into? How were you going to fix this for not only you and Luke but for your friend and Calum? You both were so invested in becoming something more than groupies with the boys and you thought they didn’t see you in that light. But at this moment you didn’t even know what to think.

As the girls left you were left with the boys. Building up the courage you ask Luke and to wait for a second.

“Luke? Can I…we talk to you for a minute?”

Looking apprehensive he walks up to you slowly.

“What’s up?” Luke asks

“Uhm…I just want to explain myself to you before this gets out of hand…”

He pierces you with his blue eyes almost like daggers. Thinking you were going to talk about how you didn’t want to be groupies you quickly change your mind.

“I’m scared” Taken back by how forward you were with those two words you bite your bottom lip.

“What? Of what?” Luke says with a questioning look

“Of us. Of everything. I just…I don’t know!” You say raising your voice subconsciously. You were confused.

“Oh. So what you said earlier on the bus…you didn’t mean it?” Luke said with a dwindling voice.

“NO! I did trust me I did. I just feel so uncomfortable at the thought of the fans. It scares me to think that they can get in between us. I don’t know if I could handle it. I feel like it’ll get to me and I’ll crack and go crazy.”

“No. Like I said earlier you’ll get used to it. Everyone has shit to say but if you know what’s true then it shouldn’t even matter. Honestly I thought you were regretting everything you told me earlier. You were starting to worry me. You can ask Cal I was mess during that interview” Luke’s face began to change to a gentler face that you remembered. He began to lean down to get to your level and placed the most delicate kiss on your lips. “Plus I’m totally into you, you wanker so fuck everyone else!” He says still connected to your lips. You feel his smile. It was the most beautiful feeling. You were so relieved at how small this whole situation actually turned out to be.

You choose to talk about the whole groupie situation later so it doesn’t ruin your high. You and Luke walk hand in hand to the area where the acoustic session would be. You see a bunch of teenage girls sitting there anxiously through a blacked out curtain. Taking a deep breath you and your friend slide through the black curtain first and are met by dozens of eyes. Making your way all the way to the back you try to remain calm.

5sos begin their set and it was amazing. They sang all your favorite songs. The acoustic versions were some of your favorites. During the songs Luke would look around but always meet his eyes back with you shooting you a smile. Calum had his eyes fixated on your friend like she was the only one in the room. Everything felt right again. You let out a sigh of relief.

When the set was done you all made your way out of the radio station and are then again greeted by tons of fans who waited outside for hours just to take a picture with them. Staying back you watch as the boys greeted them and took countless pictures. You see a fan whisper to Luke and look at you. He laughs and gives her a hug. This moment was so surreal. If you and your friend didn’t catch Luke and Calum’s eyes that day of your concert you would be behind that barricade waiting for them to spend 10 seconds with you. Not even asking for your name. You felt so lucky.

When they were all done the boys met you back at the car that would take you all back to the venue. As you all file in Luke looks at you and takes his seat.

“They think you’re beautiful” Luke says with his face so close to yours while giving your hand a tight squeeze. “I knew they would love you.”

Rocking the Tom Ford (all boys)

Requested by Anon - Will yo please do one where you and the guys have been friends for almost 10 years but they’ve never seen you dressed up like only in skinny jeans and baggy tops and one night they want to take you to an award show so you surprise them and wear a dress and heels and when they come to pick you up they all just stare at you for the first like hour or something haha

You knew how lucky you were. You have been best friends will Ashton since you buys were 9 and when he joined 5SOS, you suddenly gained 3 new best friends. It had only been 3 years since that happened but damn did time fly. You were never really a total girly girl and they all seemed to accept that. Your nails were usually painted black and your style consisted of skinnies and vans with one of the boys’ shirts. You always felt more comfortable when you wore bigger shirts but you refused to buy them. 

“Holy shit balls, guys” Michael yells from the living room. When you walk in to the room you see them crowded around Michaels laptop, looking at an email.

“What’s wrong?” you asked them.

“We got invited to the Brit Awards!” Luke told me excitedly.

“Wow, that’s awesome guys! Congrats” I told them. 

“We’re allowed to bring a guest you know, do you wanna join us?” Ashton asked. I know I looked stupid standing there with my mouth open and my eyes wide but I couldn’t help it. 

“You really want me to go?” I asked stunned.

“Yeah, why not?” Ashton replied.

“Wow, yeah that would be so awesome!” I exclaimed. I thought to myself that I would have to go out and get an outfit that would be appropriate for an awards show but I didn’t know where to start. I knew Lou would be busy  since her book was coming out in a few weeks, but it couldn’t hurt to just ask her for some advice, right?

3 days had passed and the boys had all been taken out with Liz individually to find a new outfit for he show. When I called Lou she insisted that not only  did she want to go with me, but she wanted to do my make up for the event. I felt honored that she would take the time to do that for me when I’m just that girl that is always with 5SOS. 

“You look amazing” she told me once she put the finishing touch on, red lipstick to match the pumps I was wearing. 

“I feel like a doofas” I told her.

“You only feel that way because you have never been this dressed up” she teased back.

“You are right. I just hope the boys like it. I don’t want to embarrass them if I can help it” Lou said her goodbye and left the room. She had to pick up Lux from her babysitter before 5 and she was running a little behind. Looking in the mirror I saw something that blew me away. The dress that I was wearing was strapless and cut just above the knee. It was in classic black and had a lace overlay. My hair was in a very elegant updo with a few pieces hanging down here and there which were curled and my makeup looked awesome. All natural colors but the eyes were almost like smokey eye. I had the red lipstick to match the shoes and I could only hope and pray that I would to trip in them. My jewelry was as simple as it could get, a bracelet that Ashton got me for my 16th birthday, a ring Calum bought me for my 19th since he saw me staring at it every chance I had, earrings from Luke when I graduated last semester and a locket that Michael bought me for Christmas which held a picture of me with Luke and Cal on one side and the same on the other with Ash and Michael.

I took a deep breath and headed down the stairs. My eyes remained on the stairs as to avoid falling and it was only when I reached the bottom of the stairs that I noticed the house was silent. Something that NEVER happens with these four. I look up and notice that each of the boys was staring at me with the same expression on their face. They looked amazed.

“Wow” Ashton was the first to speak up. “I uh” he coughed “you look fantastic” he told me. The other boys nodded their head in agreement but didn’t say anything. When we were in the limo I could feel all 4 sets of eyes on me and I didn’t know how to feel. I was flattered that they kept looking but I was also a little upset that I had to go through all this work to get them to look at me like that. It’s not that I wanted them to fall in love with me, quite the opposite, but it would still be nice to be looked at like this every once in a while. We pulled up to the red carpet and Calum helped me out of the limo. I followed behind the boys but not close enough to be in the way and when we approached the first cameras I stepped back. I watched them answer questions for some different interviewers before Luke took my hand and pulled me in. 

“Y/N is all of our dates” he laughed out. “She is the best friend of the band and all the fan’s love her so we keep her around” I just smiled and stood in the middle. I was having a hard enough time acclimating to the fact that the boys were giving me extra attention but now I had interviewers and camera men looking at me too.

“Y/N, explain the outfit” one interviewer asked me.

“Well, the dress is a Tom Ford, the shoes are Gucci and the hair and makeup were done by Lou Teasdale” I told her.

“What about he jewelry?” She asked. I told her which piece was from which boy and admitted that I wore them everyday. It is my way of keeping them with me, even when I’m not with them. We made it through the red carpet and found our way to our seats. I noticed that the boys were still glancing every now and then but I felt relieved that it had died down to only being every few minutes. I was looking at the program we were given and gave a small jump when Ashton started talking.

“You really do look beautiful tonight Y/N I hope you know that” he said.

“Thanks Ash, you guys look pretty suave too” I giggled. 

“I’m sorry we are staring but we have never seen you dressed like this and God damn do we like it” he admitted.

“Luke is convinced we will have to fight the dudes off” Calum threw in.

“Nah” I replied “the only person you will ever have to worry about me with is Liam cause I know you guys are friends with him but DAYUM” I laughed.

I continued to laugh along with the boys until behind me someone spoke “I heard my name” and I froze. The boys knew I had a crush on him and it was an unspoken rule that he would NEVER be told about this. 

Ashton smiled “Y/N was just saying that you were the only one of the 1d guys that she had seen tonight”.

“Ahh, I see. I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’m being flagged down” he walked away with a smile. I turned beat red and hid behind the program.

“Just kill me” I mumbled.

“Meh, I think we will keep you around” Michael said and they all laughed.

The night was spent with tons of laughs, mostly at Harry and Louis who continued to make faces at us from 3 tables over. After the show was over and we were exiting I felt an arm around my shoulder and I looked up to see Liam walking beside me.

“Keep looking this amazing and the boys will have to start worrying” was all he said before he slipped his arm back off and walked off in a different direction. I blushed a deep crimson and got into the limo. I can’t even predict tomorrow anymore.

Taylor wasn’t having such a good day. From the paparazzi all in her face to feeling down because she was feeling overwhelmed and anxious and trying her hardest to please everyone. Everyone has bad days right? Calvin was always there for her and tried his best to make her feel better about herself, but what happens when her insecurities get the best of her and causes her to push him away? Will they both give up on the relationship or will they fight for their love?

Word Count: 6371

All of Me- Tayvin One Shot

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Lies= female privilege

So i’m getting into this long debate with this guy in my comment section and i figured i’d post my last response because fuck, it’s long. Hahha. I type to much

To give you a backstory, when I asked him to give me an example of female privilege that had nothing to do with misogyny or a woman’s position in the context of a man, he said that women have the ability to lie and get away with it. He went on to say that if a woman ‘didn’t love you anymore" she could make up lies about you. 

sorta kills me how dudes always seem to bring up their previous relationships in conversations about social justice. 

You can read everything here

“ There are always multiple ways to achieve the same goal. In the conversation about women, their experiences and struggles in life, you have no say. You cannot and should not describe to me what my life is like, i’m perfectly aware, i’ve been there the entire time.

Saying "men like you” is not a lie. Ironic how you posted the definition of a lie and didn’t see how it didn’t line up. If you made the assumption that I was a bad person, that isn’t a lie=that’s an assumption that didn’t turn out to be accurate.

You haven’t even really answered my question about lies. If the only example of female privilege you can provide me is that women can lie, then you don’t have much as lies are not gendered-this should be obvious.

Anti-feminists don’t believe in feminism and they have numerous reasons for this, not all of them consistent.

MRAs can be anti-feminist, but not all of them are. MRAs can support feminism and believe that feminism is in pursuit of men’s rights. However, they can also believe that feminism is the antithesis of their position and the cause of all of their problems.

At the end of the day, you need to recognize your place in this conversation. To be completely blunt you don’t have one. I have explained this to you several times, but there are always women who will see misogyny as a benefit to them. that doesn’t mean that it’s a structure we should maintain or defend. Men benefit the most from misogyny, which is why they are so defensive in conversations about it. They fear a loss of privilege. If you speak to anti feminists, if you speak to MRAs, you will find that there’s generally this notion of a loss. They fear, for example, “the extinction of men”. Which isn’t literal, but rather the extinction of the things they believe make them men-most of which relate to or are informed by misogyny. They react negatively in conversations about sexual harassment and often will try to describe a situation in which they have it worse off than women ever will. This ignores the fact that devaluing women places them into these situations. It ignores the fact that men are often the victims of violent crime because men often have access to violence and violence is seen as a way to prove that they are truly men Of course there are dangers to being a man of course men are judged a certain way and held to certain expectations and of course that isnt’ fair and is very oppressive, but we should examine that they are generally held to these expectations because they do not want to be associated with women.

You opened this conversation up with
“Even though you don’t like their calls you understand they are not oppressing you, just doing their jobs. One of the main problems today is that people don’t understand men, or just find it easier just to attack them for playing the role that most women including feminist like. ”

The thing that stuck out to me is “for playing a role that most women, including feminists like”. This idea that women, full stop, like something or prefer something is dangerous-especially in the context of street harassment. You cannot enter into a conversation with the insinuation that most women enjoy this type of attention and expect for me to not instantly categorize you with men who are oppressive towards women. See, the bottom line here and the general issue I have is that you prioritize your voice over the voices of women. I’m sitting here, as a woman, saying that at the end of the day there s not benefit really to me being a woman and you’re thinking that I’m holding that position for some great power of being able to say “oh wow I have it worse than you” as opposed to me simply speaking about what I’ve actually dealt with in life. Because you are a man you view this conversation as one that I willfully participate in. A conversation that I have because it benefits me. Like most people who benefit from axises of oppression, you have to tell yourself that this is a conversation and a position that I occupy so that I can get the great benefit of being a “victim”. So that I can sit around and complain all day about how hard things are for me and see pity. So from the start, you invalidate my position. You roll your eyes at the things I say and you don’t see them as a reflection of real life. Being considered lesser than, being taken as weaker, less capable and more fragile is not a privilege.Male privilege is about having easier access to resources and the things that you want to pursue in life. Men don’t usually have to, as you’re suggesting, play into their emotions or fain weakness in order to see benefit to being male. They simply exist and navigate the world with the intrinsic understanding that they are capable. No need to put on a show outside of performing masculinity to disprove femininity.“

title: make a dead man come alive

relationship: kaneki/hide

rating: general

word count: 1838

description:  Ajin AU: Ajin (demi-human): immortal humans who can’t die by war, accidents, sickness, suicide. Their wounds heal but the pain of dying still exists. A rare specimen which is hunted down and handed over to scientists to be experimented on for life. (Ajin!Hide and Ghoul!Kaneki)

His voice was so close, scent embracing him. Too much. If he continues to stay so close I’ll end up tak —

“—ing a bite. I don’t mind.”

Wait, what?

chapter: 3/?

chapter 1 chapter 2

beta’d by the beautiful @mildlycuriousdragon

Also I want to thank @arimasixa for the inspiration and motivation to finally finish this. Thank you so much for your stunning fanart.

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