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joss whedon writing star wars (unofficial part 2)
  • poe dameron: *staggers over a jakku desert bluff covered in blood accompanied by bb-8, who is just two guns strapped to wheel* holy fuck bb-8 i cant believe reav- i mean STORMTROOPERS ate my entire squadron, and all those villagers, right in front of me
  • rey: *has like 12 lines, all of them are kind of cryptic and spoken at a whisper*
  • finn: i'm in space to escape my Past
  • kylo ren: hey hux did i ever tell you that i hate women. because hoo boy do i hate women a lot and i'm very blatant about it because im the villain and i need the audience to know that. im still going to be weirdly sympathetic though
  • rey: *takes off her shoes very slowly before snapping some guys neck with her thighs or whatever*
  • poe, looking straight into the fucking camera: wow thats hot AND it proves that women can fight
  • captain malcolm reynolds: hey guys can i be in this movie too

i love my body. that doesnt make me less dysphoric though. my body is beautiful, but its not /my/ body. its not how my body should be.
i thought i was a girl because i loved my boobs. i still love my boobs. but they shouldn’t be on me. they arent mine.
i also like my genitals. but again, they shouldn’t be there and it confuses me that they are.
what i’m trying to say is, is that dysphoria is not hatred of your body. i love my body from head to toe.
dysphoria is a disconnect or a discomfort from your primary and secondary sex characteristics. as much as i love my breasts, they shouldn’t be there when i look down. thats not how my body should be.
i look in the mirror and think “wow thats a hot girl but it isnt me”
i don’t look at myself in disgust.
i just don’t want this body for myself, but i wouldn’t change anything because what i’m going through right now, being my severe dysphoria, my depression, my anxiety, and a bunch of other shit, is all there for a reason. i can handle this and i know i wouldn’t be given this body if i couldn’t handle this.