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Talk to me abt a new brain pls,,,, give me ur headcanons I love this musical sm

omg im so down i fucking MISS anb it’s so fucking GOOD; and right back at ya! hmu with some hcs of your own, if you have any!

-rhoda is a coffee addict,,, i feel like she drinks 3 shots a day and is always doing so MUCH,, definitely the type to carry around a planner and be on type and gordon is…. the exact opposite. they probably met in college during a group project and she was the one to help him keep his shit together

-roger charms everyone in the room so it always surprises people when they meet his plus one, which turns out to be his cynical grump of a boyfriend. (i feel like roger is in some nerd-ass sailing association/country club thing. i mean cmon he wears polos) (they definitely have a very new-york-esque romance despite being from massachusetts)

-gordon hates sailing but loves swimming (“oh yeah fuck it i hate the sun”),, he doesn’t see the point in going out to the middle of nowhere just to cool off (and he gets motion sick from the waves), but roger loves it so he’s gone along a few times

-mimi works at a law firm (idk why i just get those Vibes from her) she’s very determined and frustrated when she can’t help gordon in the way that she could take legal action. it’s slow like law can be, sure, but she just has to wait, and can’t prepare anything against it, persay

- gordon’s sister is younger than him,, they’re kind of? close. not a ton, considering gordon’s definitely an introvert. she’s a receptionist but she does night school in order to go into nursing


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Happy (late) New Year! Okay so yesterday my computer decided to lose the original finished picture entirely. I had to do the lineart and colors all over again :/ But to be honest this one looks a lot better than the one before. So it was kinda a win lose situation haha. It would’ve been done a while ago but my family was leaving today and i wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. :]


Law that’s not how you train dogs at all??

IT CALLS FOR A DOG AU! Veera said like wow imagine this and then I was like hell yeah and ta-daa, I had to draw it. Law is the frustrated owner of this mutt Luffy, give him strength.

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“Are you nuts, violet? That shit’ll kill you.”

   “I’m not nuts! You just said I’m violet!” She snaps at him, as if she made a joke – did she? It’s not very clear. “Will it? Kill me, I mean? I mean, a lot of stuff is supposed t’kill you. Disease. Alcohol. Driving a car. Too much cholesterol. Global warming. I read a magazine earlier today. It would help if I knew what more than one of those things were.” 

My darling Sara,

I hope you can forgive my lapse in communication. I have been poorly the past several days. Cassandra has alternated between threatening to bash me right off the ramparts and writing you herself should I not inform you. Forgive me, but I did not want to trouble you, not while you needed your focus elsewhere. Knight-Captain Rylen has shouldered much, along with Cassandra and Lieutenant Aclassi. I am strangely loath to give any responsibility to Michel de Chevin in such a capacity, now that Leliana has heard whispers of his character. Perhaps I must re-examine my estimation of all of our Chevaliers the more I hear such whisperings.

In more intriguing but unsettling news, Professor Frederic tells me the eggs we have retrieved are drawing closer to hatching. I initially dismissed the dangers, but he tells me all seven of the clutch are healthy. Seven dragonlings in Skyhold! How will we feed them? I have already begun to send for nigh on a herd of Druffalo and twice that in goats, though Lady Montilyet is suggesting fish of all things. Will a dragon even survive on fish? I do hope we do not come to regret raising dragons. I never thought should have cause to write such a sentence.

I have rambled, and for far too long, as though I were standing with you on the battlements talking of everything and nothing. The truth of it is that I miss you. I miss you terribly. I miss the profound sleep I never know unless you are beside me. I miss waking to you in my arms. I miss your fingers in my hair, and even when you tease me for my curls. I miss the heated chess games I never manage to sit still through. I miss thinking of you the whole trek to your quarters. I miss your lips on mine and the way you fit against me. I miss the taste of you, the warmth of you. I miss the light of your eyes when you see whatever it is you manage to see in me.

Please return safely, and please return soon. I pray, even the days I cannot quite manage to make it to the garden Chantry, that Andraste’s light will see you safely back to me. Maker help me, I cannot do this without you.

With all of my love,

you were always of my choosing,
no sweeter smile, no softer eye,
and in the midst of sweet undoings,
your rosy lips had said goodbye /
a tilt of the head and a glance
were all that was needed to woo me,
dipped into a blue silk trance,
whilst silver eyes shoot through me
—  that’s right. i did write some sapphic fuckin poetry about “girl with a pearl earring” i’m GAY for ART

have some makeupless, unedited selfies bc i have no plans tonight

also one of my plans for next year is to realise i don’t need an hour’s worth of makeup to look pretty bc i’m fine without it