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I thought of this while watching the Simpsons and couldn’t stop myself. (Better then doing homework though)

Sorry for lame quality I only have SM paint at home, also this is for laughs it’s not hating on France I think he’s cool!

NEW EDIT: Was such bad quality that I changed the image into 3 separate parts for better viewing. 

reverse dippica !!

Dex falling asleep - Part 2

(1 - 3 - 4) (AO3)

A few days had passed since Dex had fallen asleep in the library, and he had managed to avoid any other embarrassing incidents since then. Surprisingly Nursey hadn’t attempted to chirp him for it, and although Dex thought that it was weirdly out of character, he was too thankful to try and find out why.

In fact, Nursey had been behaving kind of weirdly overall. Dex couldn’t remember the last time they had had an argument, or even a mild disagreement. Instead, Nursey seemed to become hesitant whenever conversations started to get heated, and if Dex really thought about it, he could almost say that Nursey was worried? But that was stupid, he had no reason to be.

Dex yawned widely, kicking the door to the Haus closed as he stepped through into the hall, dropping his bag as he went. He could hear the faint sound of Beyonce coming from the direction of the kitchen, and angry yelling coming from the lounge.

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Wow Guys. Just. Wow.

I couldn’t not say anything after being told by people still in the community and browsing the tags myself. Just wow guys.

If you’re not gonna read this all the way and bother digesting every single word, don’t bother reading it at all. Read it all. Its long, but read it all or nothing. Take the day (or week) to decide what you’re gonna do. What you and this community will do.

This is your wake up call.

First off, the fact that I even have to make this post makes me sad. Sad, horrified and disgusted. All words below are my own and I stand by them. I don’t give a fuck anymore. Also, language advisory, because I am done. 

This community is falling apart. No, don’t tell me I don’t understand (that I don’t have a right to say that since I’m not apart of you guys anymore). I can wholeheartedly say as a former member of the community and a bystander that it is falling apart. 

The question isn’t whether or not the community is falling apart, its what you guys are gonna do when it does. So far it seems that everyone thinks that the solution is to A: find someone to replace me (what the actual fuck), B: smile all happy and project lots of positivity and it will go away (such naive thinking) and/or C: beg everyone to stop hating on one another (uh).

I’m gonna talk about those points. Because wow. 

A: Find someone to replace me. I wasn’t aware that I needed to be replaced?? Like?? Ow. Thanks for that. I still have a tumblr, I still have friends in the community. I’ve been discussing this with Ode especially. You all seem to think you need a leader. But that doesn’t make it a community, does it? That just makes it some person and a bunch of followers.

When in the fucking world did I say I was your leader? I was never a leader of this community. STOP. Digest that. I was never a leader of this community. I was a person who tried my hardest to make it safe for other members, to make everyone feel welcome and (wait for it) equal. Like everyone else.

How can people in this community be or feel equal to one another if you put certain people on pedastools and then follow them around blindly. You are your own person. I had absolutely no idea that I was considered some leader (seriously, I laughed when Ode told me that, but then I grew horrified when I saw she wasn’t kidding). Someone awful is gonna come along and manipulate this community if you keep looking for someone to follow. And you probably won’t realize how awful they are until you’re so blinded by them.

Like damn. If I had known I would have stopped it in its tracks. Was it because of the Muddy thing? Guys, it was a joke. Yes, a fucking joke. I am called Dad and Granddad amongst my small group of friends I still have in real, so I thought Muddy was the same thing. Apparently not. When I am Dad and Granddad, it really is a joke, We make jokes about it. THAT’S IT. You all took Muddy to mean I was the actual parent, didn’t you?

I don’t mind giving advice, cause I sure have a lot. I don’t mind being there for people. I don’t mind hanging in game if you have a bad day, or being (yes) a friend to you. But damn. I do that with everyone I want to be friends with, or get to know better. Because I like to think, even after all my jokes of how awful I am (I am an awful person) that I can be a good person, too, ya know? I try to be there for people because I don’t want anyone to live through thoughts I have.

Apparently that meant something different to everyone. I just…wish people had said that?? I would have shut it down. I’m a friend, an equal, and a former person of this community. I’m still a person at the end of the day, who has thoughts and feelings. So are you. What am I, fucking Violet Flowergarden? No, I’m Feya Seastorm, I’m a sea of me, and I’m not popular, or famous, nor do I want to be any of things. That’s why I joined tumblr over a year ago.

If you continue along this line of thinking, that the person who has the most followers and attention (which has always been said didn’t matter in this community), or even just someone that seems to know what they’re doing (even if they have no fucking clue), you’re just gonna become like every other community out there. Like Instagram, and YouTube, and FaceBook. Where all the famous people are the ones everyone wants to meet, etc. You won’t be different, like it once was. I can say for a fact this community was once a community.

But I can’t call this a community anymore.

B: Smile all happy and project lots of positivity and it will go away…’re pushing these problems and issues under the welcome mat. That doesn’t solve anything. Who do you think smiled the brightest, and offered the most support? Who did you guys look up to for that? Apparently me. Also some other people in this community. I can tell you for a fact that I (and others) who put on smiles and masks are suffering; deeply. We have lots of things going on, so when we come to this community, we push all that aside and pull out the brightest mask to keep our blogs a safe space for ourselves and others.

You seem to be forgetting: there’s a person behind the blog. There’s a person behind the character. Just because we can spin some pretty lies doesn’t mean we’re not hurting. Everyone is going through something. People in this community once understood that. After being gone unexpectedly for a week or two, they’d come back without apologizing. It was slow paced, and everyone understood. Now people have to apologize if they’re gone for a few days. 

Good lord, everyone has lives outside of SSO and this community. But its so fast paced now that everyone has the need to apologize if they’re gone. Saying you’re on hiatus is one thing, but apologizing because you have your life and/or needed a break? Its ok guys, take a breath.

Respect people. Don’t judge. I keep saying it, Ode keeps saying it…listen.

C: beg everyone to stop hating on one another…how can you beg people to stop hating one another if you actually do hate one another? Its like asking someone to push aside anger when they get hit by a car, or fear when they face someone with a gun. Its an emotion, you can’t tell it to go away. What matters is how you handle it, which is what I keep trying to say. What others still in this community have been trying to say, but you don’t want to listen.

(As a side note, it takes more energy to hate then to let something go.)

You don’t want to listen because you don’t want to change. Listen here guys. “It is neither the smart nor the strongest who survive, it is those who adapt to change.” If you don’t want to see the other side of the situation (or several sides), if you don’t want to accept another person for who they are, if you don’t want to acknowledge that people are different and look down on someone for having an emotion over something you think is nothing, this community will not grow. It may not affect you directly, but its still there.

In the end, this community is falling apart. What are you gonna do? Sit around and watch it happen because you refuse to believe that is what is happening? Or are you going to make a stand? Cut the bullshit? This isn’t even a community, just a collection of individuals lost. Well, get unlost. Decide on a path you take, whether that’s together or not.

I wasn’t the only person who left. Star and Abbey are gone, and Stormy has given an indefinite amount of time. Stormy has been here longer then me, Star has always posted wonderful pictures, and Abbey has reblogged everyone in the community since she first joined. Are these people less important because they’re not ‘popular’? Is it because you guys gave more of a damn about me then them? 

Star and I are friends in real, for those of you who don’t know. If our friendship wasn’t already so strong, we’d have fought and ended, I know, because only 3 people noticed she left, while mine got all the attention. That’s not right guys. That’s awful of you, as people in “this community”. That’s awful of you just in general. Its too late, though. She won’t care what you guys do. She’s got her few peeps, and she sure as hell has me. We joined the community in her room on the same day, and we left this community on the same day. It was destiny.

And even if this post gets nothing but hate, I don’t care, either.

Want to know why I left? I’ll lay out my reasons, in hopes that you guys will learn. Its not that much different then my friends who left, either. 

One is that this drama is enough. Everytime someone makes a joke, or posts about something that isn’t liked by people, everyone has to hide behind anon and spew crap. Its old, guys. Get over yourselves. 

Two is that the drama has always been there, but no one ever wants to acknowledge it. Pretending drama isn’t there doesn’t make it go away, pulling it out into the open, acknowledging it and doing something about it does. When drama arises, people tend to leave or say nothing. That silence hurts the people involved.

Three is that no matter what I did, whether it be the SSO Welcoming Committee, or otherwise, except a few people, no one wanted to lend a hand, even after saying they would. I tried so fucking hard to get this community to realize a lot of things, but apparently that didn’t work, or get through. At all. Some other people tried to offer up great ideas too, but people say nothing if they have to lend a hand. You have lives outside of all this, yes. But that doesn’t mean you do nothing. Offer another solution. 

Four is that I would do a lot of things, but would get nothing in response. I held meet ups, but people wouldn’t listen when I’d try to talk in say. At least respect the fact that I’m not very assertive (even more amusing that people thought of me as the leader pfft). I hated having to use caps, or trying to get your attention. As a person, I can’t do everything myself, which leads me to five.

Fifth is that I never felt appreciated for me as a person. I was apparently put on a pedastool? I felt the burden, but wasn’t sure why it was there. Its not my job, or any one person, or four or five peoples’ jobs to fix and keep together this community, this family as you say. Its every single person’s. If you don’t like something, say it. If you want change, do it. Don’t sit on you ass and complain.

If you’ve read all the way down to here, reblog and comment: I read and I saw and here is what I have to say- and then speak.

I had to say something because you guys are just….not this helpless? You all are beautiful, but showing an ugly side that makes me sad. Be yourselves. Take this community back. Or don’t. Not my business anymore. I’m happy on my new blog and have lots of fun events that were going towards this community but now are for my club, and some joint club events. I’ve got my club, and I still have my game. I have friends, the few I truly love.

So do something. Why are you still talking? Do.


Ode ( @odettedeerlee ) has been making lots of great comments here and here and here and you guys ought to listen because she’s the oldest in the community and knows what she’s saying. Plus, because there is not “small” or “popular” blog if you consider this place a community and family. Everyone’s voice matters, so make it be that way.

That’s another thing. We’re all still growing. You don’t know everything. Stop acting like you do, and be receptive to which you don’t. That’s being an adult.

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now if only a certain app would allow me to add images to my answers, then my job would be a lot easier


MY TUMBLR ACCENT CHALLENGE! (if the link doesn’t work:

I put it off for a while, but here it is! Its really long, I know, there’s lots of unnecessary commentary in it but I was having fun so I just went with the flow. Enjoy!! hope my voice isn’t too grating and my hair’s all messed up too but oh well 

Tagging these great friends of mine:  @cherryblossom69-things, @anon(2 of em), @alli-ie, @arkarii, @xsunset-bright, @firedragonroaring, @kilin-trash, @golden-dragon-hunter, and @atrailof-whispers for giving me the accent asks 

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Coffee and Tea

(I’m beginning to think that my writing ability has improved this year compared to my first fic in tumblr which is cringy af. This one is a bit better. I hope )

A lot of people like coffee and tea, some only coffee, some only tea.

Our taste varies, I know a couple of people who argue over which one is better. But i think it’s a silly thing to fight over. They are, just drinks.

And those drinks remind me of a certain couple.

Oh how adorable they are. Met in highschool, dated since senior year, school’s prom king and ‘queen’. That was a funny memory.

Anyways, let’s travel down memory lane shall we?

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@takeeittsloww tagged me in this really cool thing where you spell out your URL with song titles! (Of course, I’ll be doing mine without the hyphens, haha.)

If You Like It Or Not - The Brobecks
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Your Daddy’s Son - Ragtime: The Musical
Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel
underneath it all - Death Spells
Last Kiss - Kenneth Aaron Harris
(One Of Those) Crazy Girls - Paramore
Voodoo - Godsmack
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - The Rolling Stones
Magnolia Simms - The Monkees
Elderly Wine - Elton John
Life On Mars? - David Bowie
Eight Days A Week - The Beatles
The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy
Missed Me - The Dresden Dolls
Enter Sandman - Metalica
Sarah Smiles - Panic! At The Disco
Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots
Early Days - Paul McCartney
Eclipse - Pink Floyd
Planetary (Go!) - My Chemical Romance

Super diverse group of rock n’ roll, if you ask me. Thank you so much for tagging me! I enjoyed this.

I tag: @aclockworkqueen @bandpants @blowingthingsupisfunny @puppies-at-the-disco @dashoformaldehyde @thehospiceis @mysuicidalharmony @vssl @no-but-i-got-cheez-whiz @midnightsummers1013 @jawshdun @hornyhippies @gglowingeyess @folieadeuxvinyl and @rhapsody-under-pressure !

wow, holy shit

thats a lot of bitterness in the tag

guys, i really hate to say it, but… i LOVED that episode

it felt very right to me. at first i was obviously crushed by the loss- but it was different. i FELT the loss. it felt like i had lost. but then i saw how everyone reacted- mairon crying happy tears for alain’s victory, alain and charizard being so happy to win, ash being okay and even HAPPY that he got to battle alain, and… it felt good. it felt right. maybe its just because i havent been with this franchise for more than a year now, but it felt satisfactory.

and that CLIFFHANGER- oooh boy, you KNOW those two are gonna have the most intense rematch, no question. alain has a thing or two comin.

Update #.... Ive lost count

Hey guy’s, its getting close to that time of year again ;). Just some reminders to some of you who are new to my blog.

1. I love you thank you for checking out my little pumpkin patch

2. This blog USUALLY off of a Quee. A lot of the time when we get closer to Autumn ill start to upload manually. 

3. Sometimes because i quee, my tags will be well… fucked up. I apologize im doing my best.

4. There are now over 9k of you wow thats crazy to say. I can not please all of you but i will do my best. I do answer ask and reply to messages.

Much love 

Robert / @rcskater1