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first boyfriend | chanyeol

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  • makes a lot of jokes 
  • laughs 284 times more at stuff
  • always hyped to take u to popular places to go on dates
  • omG does really cliche cheesy stuff with u????
  • n lies that its what every couple does but u dont know cos hes ur 1st boyf
  • literally takes so many pictures with u 
  • remember that show he was on when he was the cameras bf 
  • takes u to places hes been but u havent n hes like
  • arm around ur shoulder a lot cos thats ??? a casual touchy thing ???? 
  • cos hes really worried about being too touchy 
  • but once hes touchy he likes rubbing ur cheek a lot
  • really soft and pure cos hes scared 

minseok / junmyeon / yixing / baekhyun / jongdae / kyungsoo / jongin / sehun

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Danny likes to hang out at the watchtower a lot. One reason is because he loves space, and the other reason.... Well, he just felt safer around heroes. True, he's a hero himself, but he's still a kid. A kid that's been living with parents that want to dissect him, surrounded by dangerous weapons and constantly threatened by ghosts. Sometimes, he wants to safe, to be protected, because he rarely feel that way at home. Not since the accident. -baby angst

Wow Baby Anon. Break your mother’s heart.

joss whedon writing star wars (unofficial part 2)
  • poe dameron: *staggers over a jakku desert bluff covered in blood accompanied by bb-8, who is just two guns strapped to wheel* holy fuck bb-8 i cant believe reav- i mean STORMTROOPERS ate my entire squadron, and all those villagers, right in front of me
  • rey: *has like 12 lines, all of them are kind of cryptic and spoken at a whisper*
  • finn: i'm in space to escape my Past
  • kylo ren: hey hux did i ever tell you that i hate women. because hoo boy do i hate women a lot and i'm very blatant about it because im the villain and i need the audience to know that. im still going to be weirdly sympathetic though
  • rey: *takes off her shoes very slowly before snapping some guys neck with her thighs or whatever*
  • poe, looking straight into the fucking camera: wow thats hot AND it proves that women can fight
  • captain malcolm reynolds: hey guys can i be in this movie too
thank you + a fanfic

So first of all I’m not here for very long, but you, guys, welcomed me with such open arms, which is so cool, I’m eternally grateful and happy to be a part of such an amazing and creative community, thank you. ❤

(btw it’s also my 600th post, so yay, lucky)

Soooooo now… if you saw this post, you kind of know what’s coming hahah

You don’t (and you won’t, lol, sorry) get to see my works here very often because I can’t draw or edit and so on, but I’ve worked on this fanfic since June and wanted to share it somewhere. Buuuut since it was written in my first language (which is Polish) I had to translate it into English, sooo I did it and now I’m sharing it. I’ve written different things for almost 4 years now, but never in English, so I’m stressing a lot bit (honestly, I’m so f******* nervous rn, I feel like throwing up). I probably mixed up past simple with past continuous and past perfect, so please, take it easy on me, lol.

Note: It’s obviously a Maxwell fanfic. 🙄 I wanted to show how their lives and personalities might change after everything what happened in Cordonia, so it takes place one year after the social season. MC (Claire) decided to go to university (to Hartfeld, basically, and she’s a Zig’s dormmate), so she doesn’t see her boyfriend Maxwell very often, but in the summer he organizes a vacation in France for them.

this is pretty long, guys, so prepare some tea and maybe snacks haha

“Zig!” I shouted from my room. He appeared in my door a few seconds later wearing only his skinny black jeans. I sighed. “Told you to start wearing T-shirts.”

“I was about to take a shower,” he responded. “What’s up?”

“Help me with this suitcase,” I groaned. “I can’t zip it”.

I sat on it. Zig bended down and did it up in a few motions.

“Impatient about meeting your prince, aren’t you?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. I hated when people in Hartfeld called Maxwell that way, but almost everybody did it, since they knew our story.

“You wanna… talk about it?”

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if you're not busy, could you give advice for where to start in animation, program-wise? one of my goals for the year was to try animating and i'm so lost. where do i even start? i figured asking someone in the business would help.

not at all ! 

Program wise i’d start with something free or cheap , the old version of pap , pencil and theres even personal learning editions of toonboom. ( ive never tried those but why not ! ) . If not you could try flash or photoshops animation options if you happen to have photoshop.

The key thing to look for in these programs is ABILITY TO FLIP. When you see traditional animators animating they always flip paper back and forth , this is so their eye measures proportions , spacing , and details between the pictures. they dont draw it automatically. This is key in really getting your animation skills. When I animate in toonboom i use the F and G keys to flip back and forth between my drawings so I can mimic the same thing :) . Find out what program works for you , have fun and play around.

To the animation side of things , look into getting ’ animators survival kit ’ . Its a really great guidebook to animation. There are also DVD lectures of it and even apps ! just check out the website.  This book will show you about the principles of animation which you need to know first before jumping into anything too nuts. You can read up on the principles of animation here 

The really important thing to realize is you need to practice these principles first ! Which is why the very first animation assignments you get in school is the pendulum swing or a bouncing ball. Once you get a good idea of them its way easier to really UNDERSTAND what goes behind animation..this is the start of a great journey ! Now you can analyze animation and go , wow i really like what they did here with that timing…it really makes the action pop. WOW that was awesome squash and stretch and it made the character so flexible !

theres tons that goes on in animation that you’ll start to see , its a lot at first , but its so amazing to learn :) . And thats not to say you cant just jump right out of the gate making your characters sing and dance but…THATS HARD STUFF…if you slow down and take things step by step it will become more of a lasting skill within you. If you ever need some ideas on what to do theres a great list here when you’re ready to start :)

why lilo and stitch is my favorite disney movie

  • it’s underrated and that makes me mad
  • hawaiian shenanigans
  • most of the characters are poc
  • and the ones that aren’t are aliens
  • (this came out in 2002)
  • romance wasn’t the end goal
  • familial love
  • pet love
  • cool air battle with weird af space planes
  • elvis songs thats make me sad bc twist and shout (@ destiel shippers)
  • his name is stitch because he’s stitching the fam together i cry
  • lilo is so strong and brave for being like 6
  • “that’s not a real name…. in iceland” like wtf
  • lilo takes weird pictures of people and idk why??
  • it’s just so great i probably forgot like 300000 things

i have a lot of emotions about lilo and stitch

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Wow, all the ghosts are really giving you space to figure everything out in peace. That's awfully... nice of them?


“you wanted him to burn in the furnace for a crime he didn’t commit.”




  • me: my blog is a space for me. if someone unfollows because they dont like my content, so be it. that's their choice in shaping their tumblr experience.
  • mutual: (unfollows)
  • me: is this what it's like . . . . to die, cold and broken? i never imagined it would feel quite so . . . . lonely. everyone dies alone in the end . . . . tch. i should have known . . . .
  • trans person: *writes "trans*"*
  • tucute: hey, don't use the asterisk.
  • trans person: why not? as a nonbinary person, it helps me feel represented.
  • tucute: i know, but you already -should- be represented in just "trans." you're sort of othering yourself by implying you normally wouldn't be that. plus, cis people sometimes barge into conversation about transphobia to correct actual trans people who don't use the asterisk-- it ends up being a way for them to invade our spaces. plus, the person who coined it was pretty transphobic against trans women? it's just in general not necessary or good.
  • trans person: huh. alright. i mean i'm still kinda wary about it because people so often forget nonbinary people, but if you're worried more harm than good can from from it, i totally get that.
  • tucute: *uses nounself pronoun*
  • trans person: hey, remember how even though the asterisk made me feel safe, it made a lot of other people feel unsafe? and that it had transphobic origins? and helped a lot of cis people invade our space? weeeell nounself pronouns were coined as a transphobic jab to nonbinary people, and are still used to openly mock us, plus--
  • tucute: WOW I can NOT believe you are going to gatekeep like this
  • trans person: i am literally just asking you show the same consideration I showed, because when they--
  • trans person: wait, what? I said /them/, that's gender neutral and all encompassing, besides, how is "plant" even a gender because it has nothing to do with people--
  • tucute: YOU'RE DOING IT TO SPITE US. lol nice transphobia :)

THE BOY NEXT DOOR (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were in the back seat of your car, waiting for your parents to get out of your now old house, you stared at your house through the window, your head resting on your hand as you sighed at the sight of your old home. Your dad got a new job opportunity he couldnt refuse, you got very dissapointed at the news he gave you and your mom that you had to move away.
Even though they saw how mad you got because you were leaving all of your friends behind, they still went to go look for a new house, and to make you even more dissapointed, they found the perfect one.
Your head turned to the back and saw some of your packed up boxes, you sighed once more.
Your mom and dad finally put away the last of boxes in the moving truck and came into the car with you.
“Alright sweetie you ready to see our new home?” asked your mother.
“Why dont I just live here by myself and you guys can move away? Im old enough anyway.”
“Very funny young lady as if we would let that happen.” said your father.
Your rolled your eyes and put your headphones in your ears, but before you did that your mom interrupted you once more, “Oh come on (Y/N), you never know what excited things can happen in our new place.”
“Whatever.” you muttered and finally drowned out their voices by blasting up your favorite music by your favorite bands.

Hours passed by and you saw the sign welcoming you to the new city you were gonna be living in. You never felt more sad and angry in your entire life, but at the same time you couldnt help but feel a little excited, your mom’s words remained stuck inside your head, “You never know what exciting things can happen in our new place.”
Your dad pulled up into the driveway,
“We’re home.” he says stepping out of the car.
“Yeah…home.” you mumbled as you got out of the car yourself, you stared at the huge house for a moment, taking it in, “Might as well get used to it.” you thought.
“(Y/N)! come on honey lets put your things inside.” called out your mom.
You grabbed some of your things from the trunk and stepped inside the house.
You followed your mom to your new room, she opened the door going inside, you went inside as well and became super shocked looking around.
“Well, what do you think?”
“Wow..well..its a lot bigger than my old room thats for sure.” you replied.
“See? things are already starting to get better, and look, theres plenty of wall space to hang up all your sketchings and other drawings.”
You nodded agreeing, in your old room you didnt even have that much space for your drawings so you had to store them away somewhere. You felt kind of happy seeing your new, bigger bedroom.

“Am I seeing a smile or are my eyes deceiving me?” your mom questions smirking and crossing her arms. You giggle and roll your eyes shaking your head, “Moooom.”
“Okay okay, Go ahead and organize everything here, your father and I will be organizing the living room.” she notifies then leaves your room.
You took one last look around then went up to your window, you raised your eyebrows noticing that it was facing the window of another person’s room, it seemed pretty close.
“So much for a nice view, I wonder who sleeps there, kind of a messy person..” you pondered as you kept looking inside.
Days had passed and you and your parents finally got yourselves settled in, your sketchings were hung up on your walls, your new room was very beautifully decorated, you made a couple of new friends at your new school, life was not as bad as you thought it would be in a new city.
You were now sitting in your bed making a new sketch, the drawing was supposed to represent your new life, it was filled with happy things like butterflies, music notes, and colorful swirls.
You were very proud of your art but something seemed to be missing for you, “Riiiiiight.” you cooed, you plugged in your phone to your speakers and played your playlist. The music blasted in your room, you began smiling big and dance your heart out. “Woooo!!!” you yelled, rocking out to your favorite bands. The song The drug in me is you by falling in reverse was playing, it was one of your most favorites, your hair was swaying side to side, your body moving all around, you even jumped on your bed dancing.
You didnt even notice yourself getting the attention of a certain boy in the bedroom window across from yours. He had just came out of the shower, towel drying his beautiful black hair, wearing a black ripped up t shirt and black skinny jeans. He leaned against the window and just stared at you dancing like crazy.

“Who is that?” he asked himself as he observed you, his perfectly shaped lips slowly forming a smile the more he watched you dance. He even chuckled a little,
As you turned around you glanced at him and stood still, he stood still as well thinking that you were going to snap at him for looking at you. But you didnt, you smiled and waved very friendly, he shyly lifted his hand and waved back at you.
You opened your window and leaned on it as well, “Hi there.” you greeted happily.
“You enjoy the show or what?”
He laughed a little and nodded, “A little bit yes, do you always dance like that in your room alone?”
You nodded also, “It helps me with my art.”
“Oh so youre an artist, thats pretty cool, and you must be my new neighbor huh? whats your name?” he asks.
“What a pretty name, Im Andy.”
“Nice to meet you Andy, Now if you excuse me Im gonna get back to dancing now.” you say shutting your window and turning up your music again. You started dancing once more, Andy laughed and closed his window, before looking away he muttered, “She’s cute.”
“He’s cute.” you also muttered getting back to your drawing.

“Andy!!” his mother called out, “Comming!!” he calls back, going downstairs to both his parents, “Whats up?”
“Did you see our new neighbors yet?”
“Oh yeah I saw one of them.” he says smiling a little as he remembered your pretty face smiling and dancing all around your bedroom.
“Well your dad and I were thinking of inviting them over for dinner, you know to welcome them into the neighborhood.”
He smiled even bigger, he thought it would be an awesome opportunity to get to know you. He already thought that you were very adorable.
“I think thats the most awesome idea ever.” He responded.
“Good, I’ll go to their house and let them know.” Says his father.
Andy smiled once more, he couldnt wait until you and your family came over.
Days and nights later, the day came for you to come over, you and Andy have been talking a lot non stop through your bedroom windows, you even showed him one of the new sketches you drew.
He was very impressed and the more he talked to you, the more he came to like you.
And you came to like him more as well, he was such to sweet guy to you, never in your life have you met someone so nice and caring, even though you never really saw him up close
you can spot his beautiful blue eyes, especially in the night time, it almost seemed like they glowed, like if they were stars themselves, Andy didnt even look human to you, he looked like a total angel, and thats exactly how he treated you, just like an angel.

“Well uh, Im gonna get dressed so I can have dinner with you.” you let him know.
“Okay, you dont really need to dress up though just saying.”
“Is that a compliment?”
“Yeah.” he replied, he smiled at you and closed his window. You blushed big time, he always did make you feel so beautiful some how.
Moments later, you and your parents showed up at their house and enjoyed your time having dinner with them. You truly felt welcomed with how friendly and polite they were being.
“So (Y/N) how do you like it here? is it different from your old home?”
“Yeah but its a good kind of different.” you said, your eyes sliding over to Andy’s direction.
“Well Andy here doesnt seem to stop talking about you since you moved here.” says his dad.
He looks down and shakes his head a little embarassed.
You giggled, “Thats okay, I havent stopped talking about him either.”
Andy looked up again at you, his cheeks blushing a light shade of pink on his pale smooth skin. His expression was pretty surprised but he should know by now that youre a girl who is not afraid to say or do anything.
Just then an idea popped in his head, “Uh, Mr. and Mrs, (L/N)? is it okay if (Y/N) and I walk around the block for a moment?”
Your parents approved and the two of you went out for a stroll. The sun was still setting, the sky turning a shade of orange, red and purple, it was the most beautiful sunset you had ever seen, not even back at your old place did you see something so radiant and calming.
“You know when I first moved in here, I never thought I would meet anybody like you, or much less be my neighbor.” you tell him.
“Yeah, my old neighbor was the biggest bitch ever, she even put really dark curtains over her window because she didnt want me looking inside her room, so honestly its very nice to have someone I can talk to, especially since I dont have siblings.”

“Yeah same here, talking to you really makes my day you know that?” you say.
“Back at ya…” he replies, he takes a really deep breath causing you to be a little confused, “What is it?” you questioned.
“Can I tell you something?”
“You should know by now that you can tell me anything.” you assure him.
“Look (Y/N) I know we have only known each other for a fe-”
“(Y/N) sweetheart! we’re leaving! its getting late.” shouted your mom, you sighed and looked into his precious eyes once more, “You can tell me the rest tonight. Later.” you said walking away.
Andy just looked at you going further and further away from him and muttered “I sure will.”
Later on at nightime when the sky was fully black with bright sparkling stars.
You came up to your room and quickly took notice of Andy waiting for you on his window.
You smiled and opened your window up, “Hey!”
“Hey, what took you so long?”
“My parents and your parents would not stop talking, sorry to keep you waiting.” you said.
“Its alright.”
“So, what was it you were gonna tell me?” you asked reminding him.
“Oh yeah, well I was saying that I know we have only known each other for a few days but…I really like you a lot (Y/N).”
Your mouth dropped open, you couldnt believe that such a hot guy would like you so much, not that it wasnt obvious before, but you never believed that it would be true.
You smile grew bigger and wider at his confessin, “Good, because I really like you too.” you also confess.
His heart warmed up to the fullest at your words.
“You do huh?”
“Yeah I do.”
“Then meet me downstairs.”
You raised an eyebrow, “For what?”
“So you can kiss me.”
“Oh Im fucking there.” you tell him rushing downstairs making him laugh.
You went out through your back door climbing over the fence to his back yard. He was standing there like a handsome knight in shining armor, you rushed into his arms and locked your soft lips with his. Your eyes opened wide and slowly closed again, never in your life have you felt a kiss like this, with so much love and passion. As the two of you slowly leaned away you smiled at each other, he held you close to him, his huge hands gently rubbing the small of your back. Now you were truly happy to have moved away from your old home.

The next morning, you were sketching something new and even more beautiful than all of your other drawings.
You grabbed a light blue color pencil and started shading in a pair of eyes, eyes that belonged to your new boyfriend. Life was truly better than before, you had a bigger room, new amazing friends, and a new neighbor that turned out to be your true love.
And you knew that Andy was the one, because everytime you would see him, or he would kiss and hold you, your heart banged inside your chest, butterflies formed in your stomach, and his lips upon yours was the most relieving medicine for you whenever you felt down.
You heard a whistle across from your window, you grinned and stood up from finishing your art, looking at yourself in the mirror to see that your outfit, makeup and hair was absolutely perfect.
“Babe you ready?” shouted your loving boyfriend.
“Ready!” you shouted back, tonight was your first official date and it was going to be a very special night for the both of you.
“Oh! almost forgot something.” you tell yourself, you grab a black marker and finish the title of your sketch, you hung it up on the wall, it was the biggest drawing of all, a big pair of blue eyes and swirls and hearts, and at the bottom were the words in cursive writing,
“The boy next door.”

(Hope this was cute enough :3)

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The line that always hurt most from KTM was when Clara calls the TARDIS lonely, because throughout the Doctor's life, he's been fighting this loneliness, the ache of being the only survivor, the last of his kind, the man without his family and his space ship, the only constant he's ever had (besides his friendships) is all he has. it just seemed like the saddest thing to say b/c that's what the Doctor fears most (I think) is being lonely, left alone. oh wow whoopz i made myself cry [sobs]

Oh man, yes - that was a sharp dig. She was hurt and she was aiming to hurt, and nobody knows how to hurt you better than the people who know and love you. Sad fact.

I’ve gotten a bit long-winded in my reply here (I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS OK) so I’m going to put the rest under a cut. Many apologies, mobile users!

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