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Model- Dylan O'Brien Smut

Warnings: NSFW Smut

Word Count: 1.7k

Disclaimer: Kind of want to do a part 2 and maybe more to this so request and post your comments/suggestions. Ily

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Being a model was great. The stereotypes you see in the movies are nonexistent in the real world. All models look a lot different and you have great piece of mind. One big plus was you got to go to so many amazing places and meet some amazing people. When going in to the modeling business you were pretty confident. So that brings us to present day. Slipping your tight black dress over you’re your butt was a struggle to say the least. When you got it completely on you put your knee high grey pumps on and got your semi- long coat, just enough to cover your bum and keep you warm because you were wearing a pretty revealing dress. The L.A weather was pretty chilly for L.A but you were used to worse living in New York. You came to L.A for some dumb premier that you agency wanted you to go to get exposure.  So now you were waiting for your car with your three friends.

When it finally arrived, it was a sleek and black limo and looked like it already had one person in it. You knew who it was, it was you manager Keith. He was the smartest and talented gay guy this side of the Mississippi. When each of you got in he greeted you one by one with an air kiss on the cheek. When you all were in a settled you decided to ask “Why am I being forced to go to this?” A groan escaped your lips and all the girls ignored you because you were known to be the one if you didn’t want to do something you would try your hardest to get out of it. “Y/n, honey I told you already. We are going to a Movie premier for the new Hunger Games now stop complaining and sit there and look hot.” You rolled your eyes deciding to let off some steam by opening a bottle of crisp champagne and pouring a good amount of it into the glass provided in the limo. It was a party and this is the only way you are going to relax.

Arriving at the venue was just like any other venue. The stars, in this case you, were to walk the red carpet and take pictures for the paparazzi and then go in to the venue area where the premier is being held.  After the thirty minutes of pictures and waiting everyone to be done you headed to your seats and started to order your drinks and meals for the evening. That was one of the only reasons you loved premiers, the open bar and food at all corners of the place.

“Hey I’m going to go find the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You stated just after the waiter left from taking your order. Everyone nodded then got back to their conversations so you decided to leave on just that. There were a lot of very well known stars there so on your way to the bathroom you mingled with a bit of people. Walking out of the venue in to the main hall you noticed that there was on ‘out of order’ sign on both the girls and the boy’s bathroom and an arrow pointing to the elevator. This meant that you had to use the restrooms on the upper level. So you spilled into the elevator with about 7 other people. Getting done, you walked over to the full sized mirror to smooth your dress out and take a few bathroom selfies. As you walk out you notice the doors to the elevator just closed so you’re going to have to wait for the next. While editing your photo with a few filters you sense someone behind you and you stiffen up a little bit. “Nice picture.” Said the deep seductive voice from behind you.  You glanced back with a smirk playing on your lips but when you saw who the comment came from you were shocked. A quite ‘thanks’ and you locking your phone was the only thing that you could do at the moment. You were practically trembling. “Uh. I’m Dylan” He stated. “Yeah I know.” You cut him off. You didn’t mean to come out bitchy but you were nervous after all. He chuckled. “And your name would be?” When you turned back you finally saw all of him. He was dressed in a white button up with the sleeved rolled up to his elbows. His pants fit him perfectly and his hair was tossed messily but in a clean cut kind of way. He looks amazing. You realized you were staring. “Oh, yeah- I’m Y/n.” He looked taken aback. “Oh you are that really famous model, wow it’s a pleasure.” His kind words rolled of his tongue out of his lips and made you blush. “The pleasures all mind O’Brien.” When you said that he licked his lips. You watched and wondered what it would be like to kiss his soft pink lips. The elevator doors opened and reveled no one inside. “After you.” He was such a gentle man. You smiled strutting passed him.

The elevator was painfully uncomfortable. Not from awkwardness but from sexual tension. Ever since you first saw Dylan in Teen Wolf you had a mega crush on him. After a silent ride, the doors opened and you flew out of there. You couldn’t deal with anymore silence.  For some reason you had no confidence around him, he made you very nervous, but in a good way.  Getting back to your seat you calmed down just a bit. “Jesus did you die in there?” Said your best friend Ashley. “No but I almost did when freaking Dylan O’Brien commented on the selfie I took. Then he said it was a pleasure to meet me!” You exclaimed. Everybody went silent at your table. They all at once started asking you questions. You were just as overwhelmed as they were. Then your food came and the movie started right after.

After eating you all decided to go get a drink and since you were pretty alcoholed out you stayed at the table as most of them left. When you had the feeling of eyes on you, you looked up and striated ahead was Dylan. His friend Tyler was yapping his ear off but his eyes were on you and so as his mind. You seductively smiled while taking a slow and painful sip of your white wine. He winked and licked his lips once again. You bit your lip and got up and moved to the direction of the open bar. Getting thee you ordered their fruitiest drink they have and waited to see if Dylan got the hint. You almost gave up 5 minutes after leaving your table, but a hand coming to rest on the small of your back and him telling the bartender for vodka on ice made you think otherwise. You smiled trying to act as coy as possible.  As you tuned to him he didn’t look at you, “Your ass does things to me.” He stated. He was pretty blunt but you liked blunt it made things interesting. “What things are we talking about?” You moved closer. “Well it makes me want to do things to you.” Licking his lips again you smirked. “What things?” You liked making him confess. “Things I can’t do in here.” This sent a ting to your core. Whispering up in his ear “Then let’s get out of here.”

You made some dumb excuse to your friends that you weren’t feeling well and you wanted to just go back to your room. They apologized and said there goodbyes. Walking out on to the busy L.A streets you were grabbed by the waist by large hand. You yelped. “My place or yours?” He whispered into your neck and sucking on your sensitive nerves. “Yours baby.” Was all you could choke out? Grabbing you by your hand he brought you to his amazing white Lamborghini. You were shocked when you got in. This was a dream and you were living it. The drive up the Hollywood hills was fast and of course he lived in a huge house.  Walking in it was very cleaned and well organized for a bachelor’s house. He noticed you confusion. “I haven’t been here lately; I’ve been in London shooting a movie.” He said pouring wine into two glasses. You nodded. Right now all you cared about was him.

You decided to be a little brave “How about we swim.” You suggested. He looked at his pool then back at you. “Well what about your swimming suit?” He asked. You slowly unzipped your dress down and stepped out of it. He looked up and down you, but your panty cover pussy was what he wanted. You smiled taking the glass from him and strutting out onto the back patio. Sitting slipping two feet into the pool you could tell he was near you and when he started to undress into just his boxers was when you got really excited. As he hopped into shallow part of the pool he moved towered you. His abs flexing as the cool water inched up his dry now wet torso.  Getting to you he moved between your legs and cups your ass from the back. You squealed in response and wrapped your legs around him to pull him closer. That’s when he surprised you with a kiss, his lips were soft. You moaned and his hand wrapped around you to unclip your strapless bra. It fell off your torso his hands then moved to groap and grab them. His skillful hands worked wonders on your breast as he sucked them and licked them. It surprised you when you were suddenly yanked into the water and turned so you were facing away from Dylan. As he pulled your now wet panties down he rubbed his finger through your soaked pussy. “So wet for me baby, naughty girl.” Once he finished his sentence he rammed his huge hard dick into you giving you no time to adjust. “DYLAN!” “Yes princess?” He asked. You moaned in response.

You were nearing your third and final orgasm when you told him you needed to come and he let you. It was like opening the flood gates and it was for him too. As you both came down from your highs you were wrapped around his torso holding on for dear life. You got a liking for being in his arms so he carried you to his bed and you both feel asleep from just having mind blowing sex.  

Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 25

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: I’M CAUGHT UP WITH THE WEEK I MISSED!! Wow, this chapter is longer than the rest. It’s 2.5 k. Yikes. Tell me what you think about this chapter. :)  

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