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Quick question...

If you came across an article that described a group of people as the most educated, fastest growing entrepreneurs, least to experience declining life expectancy, sent astronauts to space, what would you think of them??

An overwhelming sense of being proud should have came over you. “Wow they’re amazing” “Wow these people are great”. Many positive stereotypes should have popped up, correct?

Those titles above belong to black women. Black women have  been studied and shown to be the most educated, black women have been studied and shown to be the fastest growing entrepreneur group, black women are the least to experience declining life expectancy, and black women sent astronauts to the moon (Hidden Figures movie reference), so why are black women still so marginalized in society then? So condemned? So discriminated against?

From people of our own race telling us “Black women make us look bad”, to white and non-black  people mouthing racist things like “Black women are so ghetto”.

All of these articles and studies showcasing the progression black women from all types of backgrounds are making and all people can say is:

Why are black women so loud

Why do black women wear their hair like this

Why are black women so ratchet

Why are black women so this, why are black women so that.

Why are we still at the bottom of everyone’s totem Pole? If any other group had those achievements while fighting off various forms of adversity (racism, sexism, anti-blackness, misogynoir, other forms of discrimination) they’d be sat on the highest pedestal and showered with gold rose pedals every time they walked out of the door.

It’s not fair, what does it take for people to not berate on black women? If us making those types of strides doesn’t reshape people’s racist minds about us, then I don’t think anything will.

So I ask, if people read those titles and immediately thought positively then why don’t you do those things day in and day out when you think of, come in contact with or look at black women?


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Advent Ball

7.5k words, G rated

By @xoruffitup

When Albus and Scorpius hear that two fourth year boys are going to the Advent Ball together, their minds start racing with all sorts of wild new possibilities. Could they go together too? Is it still Scorpius’ dream to spend an evening with Rose? And how do you even get over the terrifying hurdle of asking your best friend to a dance? 

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Zodiac As Cliche Movie Tropes
  • Aries: girl is pissed at her parents and rides an injured/hopeless horse in rebellion and wins a race
  • Taurus: lazy unemployed guy with a sense of humor and a heart of gold
  • Gemini: "that's not my dream, dad.... it's yours"
  • Cancer: character killed off to fuel man angst OR protagonist of YA dystopian film
  • Leo: supervillain who reveals plan to captured superhero and ends up failing because of it
  • Virgo: chaotic neutral 90's movie hacker
  • Libra: "wow.... you... you look great"
  • Scorpio: shady morally grey leader who hides important information from everyone but overall has good intentions
  • Sagittarius: teenage coming-of-age protagonist who seeks adventure and ends up falling in love with a manic pixie dream girl
  • Capricorn: edgy, sharp minded femme fatale with no emotions
  • Aquarius: first to die, probably someone's sister
  • Pisces: manic pixie dream girl that sagittarius falls in love with

Elf headcanon: All the elven races of Azeroth use their ears and eyebrows for communication purposes. As such most elves are often uneasy around the shorter eared races of Azeroth, as they struggle to read them.

However among their own kind this can be both a blessing and a curse. Sin’dorei nobility for example, spend a great deal of time cultivating the ear equivalent of a poker face, with more talented individuals even deliberately moving their ears in certain ways to deceive others during conversation or even at high society events. Those who are not skilled in controlling the movements of their brows and ears wear their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak.

Bonus: Elves with autism often struggle to read the ear signals of their kin, and as such actually find it easier to integrate with the non-elven races of Azeroth, as they don’t rely so heavily on this form of communication.

Various in-game banter I jotted down:

Prompto - “If you could be reborn as anything, what would it be?" 
Gladio - "Easy. I’d want to be me.” (personally, I think this is interesting insight into Gladio’s character)
Prompto- “Wow. What a great answer.”
Gladio- “I know.”

Prompto- "Noct- another one out. Haha!“

Noct- "So, what’s the plan if your glasses break?”
Iginis- “Not to worry. I’ve got another pair. Just in case”
Prompto -“Haha. The man always has a plan.”

Prompto- “Ah. All these open fields make me wanna run around.”
Gladio- “How about a foot race?”
Noctis- “How about acting your age.”
Gladio- “Someone’s afraid he’ll lose.”

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Kags one accidently hurts yama while practice so he treats him extra carefully and now yama's all like "wow tsukki isn't kageyama so great!" "tsukki isn't kageyama so nice!" "tsukki isn't kageyama ..." Etc basically tsukki gets jealous

“Yamaguchi are you ok?! I-” Kageyama cuts off his apology upon seeing that no, Tadashi was not ok, and there was actually no way he could reply. “Shit.”

Kageyama blames Hinata. It was his idea to race, and had sped ahead without warning. He was only trying to catch up. How was he supposed to know Tadashi would walk out of his classroom door right as he ran past it? He didn’t know he had cleaning duty. It’s all Hinata’s fault.

And now Tadashi is laying on the ground in the doorway of class 4, blood flowing out of his mouth.

“I– I’m fine, Kageyama-kun, I just bit my cheek…” Tadashi mumbles, trying to stand, but Kageyama pushes him down.

“No, you should sit,” Kageyama insists, kneeling down and pushing Tadashi back to sit on the ground. “Did you hit your head?”

“N- No, I’m fine–”

“Are you sure?”


“Let me see your mouth.”

Tadashi flushes, his eyes widening, but he can do nothing but comply as Kageyama lifts a hand and gently pries his lips open, shifting closer to inspect the inside of his mouth with a concentrated look set on his face.

Kageyama bites his lip, seeing the blood gushing out of a spot on the flesh of Tadashi’s mouth. “You bit your cheek pretty hard…”

“No, mouths just bleed more than other body parts. I’m fine, really, Kageyama-kun, now we should get to practice…”

This time, Kageyama doesn’t refuse, and stands quickly, offering a hand to his team mate before he could get up on his own. Tadashi takes it gently, and Kageyama pulls him up before letting go of his hand and straightening his ruffled clothes.

“I’m really sorry. Dumbass Hinata–”

“It’s fine, I know,” Tadashi giggles lightly, covering his mouth. “I saw him run past. I should have known you were right behind, really. So I’m sorry as well.”

This doesn’t seem to satiate Kageyama, however. “You got hurt, though…”

“Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Tadashi says, waving a dismissive hand. “Let’s go. We’ll be late.”

Kageyama follows Tadashi dumbly, his words still stuck in his mind as they head to the gym. “Ah, I’ve had worse, so it’s no big deal.” Who hurt Tadashi? Was it a family member? Bullies? Tsukishima? When had he been hurt worse? As they enter the changing room, greeted by teammate’s grinning faces, and as Sugawara starts to fuss about the blood on Tadashi’s lip, Kageyama makes himself a promise.

He was going to protects Yamaguchi Tadashi.

- - -

“Here, Yamaguchi, you forgot this.”

“Oh, I was just going back to get it! Thank you!” Tadashi takes his jersey from Kageyama with a smile, and turns back to Tsukishima with a smile as Kageyama jogs away. “Isn’t Kageyama-kun so nice?”

Tsukishima hums. He has noticed Kageyama acting different; only around Tadashi, though, and that fact bothers him. “He seems as pretentious and rude as always to me.”

Tadashi laughs. “He’s acting different, though…“

Tsukishima rolls his eyes. Sometimes Tadashi can be oblivious.

- - -

“Kageyama-kun is so sweet, isn’t he?” Tadashi asks Tsukishima, taking a small bite from the ice cream cone Kageyama had bought him after practice. “He’s been treating me to treats all week, and he’s been spending a lot of time with me. He’s nice, if you get to spend some time with him.”

Tsukishima scoffs. “Sure.”

“He is! I don’t get why you two don’t get along…”

Tadashi pouts, and Tsukishima rolls his eyes. “Some people just don’t like each other.”

- - -

“Hey, isn’t Kageyama-kun–”

“Cool? Amazing? Nice? Sweet?”

Tadashi’s puffs out his cheeks and frowns. “Are you mocking me, Tsukki?”

“No. Moreso him, really,” Tsukishima says, not looking up from his book. “He’s not all that, no matter if you believe it or not.”

“But he’s been so nice–”

“As of late, yes, but when is ‘nice’ going to become overbearing, Tadashi?” Finally, Tsukishima looks up, shooting Tadashi a pointed, sharp look. He raises an eyebrow. “You know he’s flirting with you, right?”

Tadashi sputters. “F- Flirting?! No way! He’s just being nice,”

“And he has no reason to be.”

“What? No, he does, he’s just making up for running into me–”

“He ran into you?”

“Well, yeah…The other day, when I came in with a bloody mouth, it was because he ran into me. Don’t you remember?..”

“I was at a dentist appointment?..”

“Oh yeah…”

“Whatever. Not like it matters, anyway…” Tsukishima sighs. “I just…Don’t like it, is all.”

“Oh, really?” Tadashi grins. “Why’s that, Tsukki?”

“No reason. Shut up.” Tsukishima flushes. “Shut up,”

“Tsukki, are you jealous~?”

“I’m not,”

“You are!” Tadashi grins. “Tsukki’s jealous~”

“I’m– I’m not,” Tsukishima tries to insist. “It’s lame to be jealous.”

Tadashi snickers. “Sounds like you.”

Kei growls. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Tadashi laughs. “Nothing.”

Tadashi smiles, and hides his face in his hands. He didn’t mind at all that his best friend was jealous. Maybe he’d aught to talk about Kageyama more…

Gather round, Tumblr. Here’s what’s trending.

  • The Met Gala gave celebs an excuse to dress in metal and literal trash and somehow still look great. Mostly great.
  • It’s safe to assume that even our children’s children’s children will be playing The Legend of Zelda.
  • Game of Thrones: Wow, who saw that coming.

Something for the students:

  • Prom season is here. Please be safe. Don’t drink and drive prom night or any night. <3
  • Perusing the studyblr tag is a great excuse to put off actual studying for another hour.
  • Science is always trending, which is so basic. Or is it acidic?

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A GIF depicting science.

This was an important month:

Don’t forget the most talked about people this week:

  • Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race, is eating soup on the sidelines now.
  • Drake dropped an album and followed Zayn on Instagram. He’s been a busy boy all week.
  • Kesha showed us her True Colors.

Here’s a side of Tumblrs you should follow:

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Does anyone know if this is photoshop or real


* An AU where kids are at summer camp. The team Stan’s and Craig’s team are divide by camping equipment; indeed, I imagine them doing activities from a campfire to a obstacle race. Each teams with a diferent team color and even team shirts.

* AU mafia; where children play at being gangsters in the style of Al Capone, I like to imagine that the boys would have a slightly rough and intimidating aspect would be so great to see that. and even war between mafia, where Craig is the group leader taking the rest of the guys as a team. Wow! all very ‘20s with machine guns and black and white style.

* Detectives AU. Tweek and Craig doing good cop, bad cop. Moreover, They’re doing undercover work famous. with costumes from Gothic, nerds, cool guys and even some mysterious leather jackets.

* An AU to demonstrate their culinary skills.

* Being rebels, troublemakers bad guys with jokes and graffiti.

* Tweek being rebellious n’ renegade.

* The creek participating in a school play, where craig is a tree ‘cause he’s a terrible actor.

* The creek in the female version of schoolgirls in uniform.

* An AU where the creek alive in a barn in the style of lapidot. the boys spending the summer evenings feeling the summer breeze blowing your face, chatting about trivialities, spending time together, being quiet on the roof watching the stars in the night sky lit by hundreds of thousands of stars. while everyone is asleep and they are immersed in the silence of the countryside and chatting to each other.

* Something country. I tweek think it would be pretty good although you imagine coveralls with another style green shirt.

* The creek on the beach, the Californian style. perhaps surfer.

* An AU weapons. maybe some post apocalyptic. something cyberpunk.

* The female version of the creek imitating the style of French ladies.

* Tweek 'n craig being an artist and a photographer.

* Making a snowman together.

* Using sportswear for running.

* Practicing boxing or martial arts.

* The creek making a home movie with clyde and token.

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Care to enlighten us why the word "race" is #eeeeew? Because that's a pretty stupid thing to say.

wow SHOTS FIRED. i’m not sure which post you’re referring to, anon, but nevermind, it’s true i definitely dislike the word and all its connotations - as to why, here is the American Anthropological Association’s Statement on Race, aka Why *Race* Is An Awful Word We Would Do Better Without:

In the United States both scholars and the general public have been conditioned to viewing human races as natural and separate divisions within the human species based on visible physical differences. With the vast expansion of scientific knowledge in this century, however, it has become clear that human populations are not unambiguous, clearly demarcated, biologically distinct groups. Evidence from the analysis of genetics (e.g., DNA) indicates that most physical variation, about 94%, lies within so-called racial groups. Conventional geographic “racial” groupings differ from one another only in about 6% of their genes. This means that there is greater variation within “racial” groups than between them. In neighboring populations there is much overlapping of genes and their phenotypic (physical) expressions. Throughout history whenever different groups have come into contact, they have interbred. The continued sharing of genetic materials has maintained all of humankind as a single species.

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• Sangheili Elite •
• // Halo // •

Wow!!! A Sangheili!! An Elite!!
My Never would I have thought that I would get to meet such an incredible soldier from such an amazing planet!!
Your race is proud, strong, agile (and gorgeous I must admit)!! And you’re one of them?! Incredible!!! You’re amazing!!

Be on your way, proud Sangheili!! You surely earned your name of “Elite”!

At my part time job, I work in customer service directly face-to-face, and when people ask where I’m from or what I am, I respond with my races, and the ethnicities I was raised with. One of them being Hawaiian, and immediately after they say something along the likes like “Oh I loved Moana!” or “Oh I vacationed in Hawaii five years ago for two days (this is obv exaggerated, but it just seemed ridiculous)!” “Oh you totally look like her (Moana)!” “Wow I’ve never met a Hawaiian before.”

I get you wanna connect with me about my home, with me, especially after you mistakenly thought I was a different race (or kindly told me how great my English is) but please don’t do it this way. Don’t assume my race, and if you ask me where I’m from, make sure you already know I moved from a different state first. It comes off racist and condescending, which you may not realize, and I get it. Just, if I mention it to you, maybe don’t start huffing and puffing and calling for the manager. And if these things are somehow offensive to you then…I don’t know what to say. 

Article: JAWS DROPPING Stunning snap captures great white shark launch out of water behind an oblivious surfer

Nathan, 33, was on the beach watching surfer Daniel Caban, aged 20, surfing about 50 metres out when the massive 11-foot predator burst out of the water.

Pals raced the water to warn Daniel and others about the killer fish which they believe could have been secretly feeding in the area for more than an hour while surfers rode waves above it.

Hours later Nathan’s amazing picture was wowing Australia and made the front page of the country’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Wow. I’m truly appreciating all these #GrowingUp… tags. It’s like everybody had that one moment where they forgot to start cooking something/take something out before their parents got home, had that one food/seasoning to put on everything, not recognized people that remember holding you as a child, to other (apparently universal) coincidences. I’m really loving this.

By the way, don’t be afraid to start a new tag with your race after #GrowingUp____. This is a great way to bring your culture to the forefront along with many others! What a convenient way to have people who’ve lived a culture talk about their shared experiences.

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hiya, this might be a long-shot but i just wanted to see if you knew any fics that are particularly cinematic - for example, like faraway places that are perhaps remote or wide and open. for example, works like "the last great race" or "kind of a forever deal"? i'm really big on the imagery. thank you so much!

Wow, this is such an interesting question! We have to confess, this is definitely a YMMV kinda deal, but let’s see what we have!

I. Fics with great cinematic imagery and atmosphere - outdoors and indoors:

II. And here are some fics that made us feel like we are watching the movie:

For those who are interested, The Last Great Race and Kind of a Forever Deal.

I know a lot of players will disagree with me but I think naga would make a great alliance race, they could be accepted by the night elves isnce they let the highborne return also they could bring more internal conflict in the faction and we could see more variety in the night elven mindset but also help the kaldorei to recover the ancestral lands, only if there is a chance of playable naga of course, if not just an alliance aligned faction

So, the first thing my friend said to me when I got out of the car, was wow you’re so skinny.☺️

I was like thanks!! Then later had her take a picture of me for proof. Lol😋

Anyways, we finished the race in 57 minutes. It was her first race so I stuck with her instead of pushing myself. It was still great tho and under an hour! I was so proud for her cause I know she was struggling towards the end. 😃

In other news I have officially dropped into the 200’s!!!

Weighed in at 298.6lbs!!!

Now the only issue here is its right before the Valentine’s date of all the eats. Sooooooo, my goal is to work hard at getting back (because undoubtedly I’m going to go back up into the 300 after tonight’s dinner) into the 200’s by next Saturday!!

Wow! Holy shit!!! Why haven't anyone told me about Wildstar earlier?!?

This game is freaking amazing!!! I’ve just started playing it and I can already tell I’m in love! Only the whole race/class/path system is great and character customization is perfect! You can be FAT!! The game also looks absolutely stunning! And it’s free! Go play it!