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everyone is gay: the sequel // evak & magnus

even and magnus are hiding something from isak.
(sequel to everyone is gay: the musical)

When both of their phones go off at the same time, it means either one of two things: 1) Eskild is telling them to keep the noise levels down, or 2) there’s a new message in the guys’ groupchat.

Since the closest contact they have with each other’s fun zones (at the present moment, at least) is Isak lying with his head in Even’s lap, Even can only assume it’s the latter.

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The 7th Wheel

(or in other words I gave up and wrote some langst. there’s some self-loathing, but nothing really worse than that, a bit of internalized biphobia)

It wasn’t as if he was unhappy. Not really. Sure, If he thinks of the blue expanse of ocean and its stinging salt air upon his face, his chest might tighten, air being drained from the lungs. But, every one was feeling homesick, right? And that lack of air that made his eyes water when the darkness in the castle was just too oppressive was a bummer, sure, but it didn’t define him. No, he wasn’t unhappy. Hunk was there, always there, and despite the fact he suspected Pidge didn’t really have many feelings, they were there too. The three idiot students from Earth who were in way over their heads, right?

(something in the back of his mind would remind him it’s only Lance who’s out of his element.)

I mean, sure, he misses home. He misses his family with their unrelenting enthusiasm that was always infectious - but hey, he was saving the universe, and that was pretty cool. Well, more than cool.

(When it wasn’t the most terrifying thing in existence, a part of him responded.)

Like, who else got to pilot a giant robot lion that turns into a bigger robot? I mean, that’s sci-fi shit, right? It was what his childhood dreams were made of - flying through stars, defeating bad guys, and all that other jazz. Right? He wasn’t unhappy. I mean, sure, it was a little intense. Sure, it was a lot intense. But in all his boyhood dreaming, he’s still seen things he never actually dreamed of - I mean, space mermaids. Fucking space mermaids. He’d almost laugh out loud if he really thought about it.

(best not Lance, he reminded himself; if you think then it becomes real.)

So, no, he’s not unhappy. He’s not like The Mullet, brooding and angsting around like he was a member of My Chemical Romance.

(don’t think about Keith.)

And yeah, Keith has reasons to be as miserable as he seemed, with the whole ‘part alien’ thing, and no family, and the whole ‘loner badass’ shtick, plus, it’s not like he isn’t cute when he’s brooding, because he is, and –


He remembers Keith’s smiling face and his heart ached, because as cute as Keith’s serious face, it could never compare to when Lance could actually make him laugh, and –


it wasn’t like Keith liked him anyway. He was nothing comparatively. But that’s okay. Lance knows, really, he does. He knows how frustrating he can be, with his jokes and his flirtations, and his lack of talent, but… still. Blue chose him and it’s not like just anyone could pilot that particular lion, though if he thought about really hard the others probably could, they’re such great pilots hell even Hunk is a better pilot and he gets (got) spacesick like wow Lance what are you even doing here, how the hell do you think you could ever be like Shiro, have you seen yourself everyone pities you how the hell do you think Keith could ever like you back he probably doesn’t even like boys, because you know, he’s not a freak who can’t make up his mind what are you doing Lance what are you doing here, and why are you complaining about it I mean the others have real problems for fucks sake and you’re whining because he doesn’t like you back don’t you see how pathetic that is - Pidge lost her family, Shiro lost his friend, his arm, his old life, Allura and Coran lost their entire species and you can’t deal with homesickness and I mean you could get away with it if you had a thing but you don’t you don’t have one single thing going for you you know what they would be better off with a different pilot and you know that but–

“Are… are you okay?” The voice was the familiar stuttering of his emotionally stunted crush and Lance looked up, releasing his fists and looking in shock and the small red lines his nails left behind. “Uh…?” Lance shook his head remembering that he hadn’t yet given an answer.

“Oh, uh…yeah, dude, just thinking about this babe I met on mission, man, she was into me…” Keith scoffed, somewhat unconvinced but not willing to hear more.

“Sure. Whatever. Anyway, Shiro needs to talk to us.” Lance’s face fell as he realised Keith in no way volunteered to talk to him. “So… uh…I’ll just go.” Lance nodded shortly, flashing a smile.

“Catch you up, Mullet-head.” Keith glared at him as he turned to go. Lance balled his hands into fists again, and got up, eyes silently stinging.

But, it wasn’t like he was unhappy. Right?

rashaka  asked:

scenario: Bellarke kiss next episode. How would it go? DETAILS ARE FRIENDS.

(or I get episode after next since they’ll be separated lol)

okay SO. The reunion will probably be something rushed, given how this season has been going. I would be surprised if we don’t get a hug…dare I ask for a forehead kiss???

But as for their first real kiss, I picture Bellamy finding Clarke after their initial reunion, pulling her aside somewhere private. 

“We don’t have much time left,” he says, calling back to his terse words to her in the Rover. 

Clarke sighs. “I know, Bellamy. But we can still save-”

“Will you please,” he says, exasperated, “let me finish.” 

Clarke ducks her head, a small, embarrassed smile teasing her lips. But her heart stops when she feels his hand cup her chin, gently urging her to look up and meet his gaze again.

“We don’t have much time left,” he repeats. His dark, soulful eyes bore into hers, and she doesn’t think she ever wants to look away from them. “And there’s something I want you to know. Just in case.”

He hesitates then, and for a second Clarke thinks he’s about to tell her whatever he was going to say before they last separated. She had interrupted him then, not ready to hear those words, and a brief panic bubbles up inside her now, because she isn’t ready now, either.

Bellamy, attuned to her as always, realizes this. So instead of speaking, his grip on her chin tightens infinitesimally and he steps forward, and then he’s there, he’s kissing her, and Clarke thinks, 

This is good. This is right.

His lips are soft, insistent but not demanding. She kisses him back, of course, but he only allows their lips to move together for a few seconds before stepping back. 

Clarke’s heart is beating so hard that she’s honestly expecting it to pop right out of her chest. Bellamy is looking at her expectantly, and a bit nervously, so she takes a deep breath.

“When this is all over, and we’re still alive,” she says, her voice a lot steadier than she expected, “we’re going to do that again.”

Bellamy’s face cracks into a grin, and wow, Clarke’s heart is really in trouble now. 

“Okay, Princess,” he says, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. His thumb lingers, stroking her cheek. “That sounds like a plan to me.” 

All His - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

The words in his text message jumped out at you and you couldn’t stop reading them over and over again.

’Come play with me.’

No matter how much you thought about it, absolutely no part of that phrase sounded innocent.

You knew the man found you amusing and you had practically been his source of nonstop entertainment for the past month or more, but to outright request your presence merely because he was bored?

What did he mean by play? You half expected him to be holding a deck of cards in his hands, shuffling them over and over looking for someone to play Go Fish with.

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Annoy Me - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by @pale-and-empty

Warnings: cussing (this happens a lot), sexual tension if you squint maybe idk, annoying people, violence
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: The reader and Carl annoy each other too much and her/his anger brings them together
A/N: wow that description and omg lemme just say this took way too long okay and i really don’t how i feel about this ( ALSO this gif took me ages to find and it still doesn’t work I’m sorry)

“Stop it,” You roll your eyes as Carl pushes you again. He’d been doing it for a few minutes to rile you up, but you knew better. Two could play at that game. You were just as annoying as he was. 

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Headcanon: Body Image & Sexuality

I’ve been thinking really hard on it the past few days, and I think I’ve determined my interpretation of Prompto’s sexuality.

Prompto is Demisexual, but not aware of it. However, if someone were to read off the hallmark traits of said sexuality he’d kind of laugh with the familiar (if you’re any sort of not-straight) ‘ha ha, shit, wow….okay, that does sound like me’.

Prompto also considers himself Straight. Well.. mostly.  Heteroflexible His eye is always going to be drawn to a pretty girl before it is to a pretty guy, and the standard for ‘pretty’ can widely vary– generally he’s attracted to folks who would fit the conventional ‘beauty’ mold, going first for aesthetics over actual attraction.

Relationships are… a struggle. He had a few girlfriends when he was in school, but didn’t actually go far with most of them. While he’s quite keen on kissing and otherwise exploring a partner’s body with his hands, laying close, and doing otherwise romantic stuff, but when it comes to the receiving end he has some severe hangups.

He has severe anxiety about the barcode on his wrist, and generally people want their partners to be fully undressed when engaging in more sexual activities. He cannot comply with this, and actually left a date’s house in the middle of the night because it was better than having the ‘what is that’ conversation.

Teen-to-young adult Prompto knows he’s attractive. He worked for it. However, he still feels best with his clothes on– his stomach to thighs bear evidence of just how hard he worked to become fit, and he finds them embarrassing. They’re not poetic scars of lightning engraved in the skin, they’re just gross. He’d much rather keep his shirt on, honestly.

TL;DR : Prompto is an incorrigible flirt with too much baggage to carry through beyond that.

Jimin as Your Husband/ Boyfriend

You walk in to see the washer going insane as bubbles and water spurt out. You gasped. “Park Jimin!” Jimim raised down to the laundry room with tired eyes and looked at the mess too. “Oh do you work a washer?”

You walked inside and dropped your bags exhausted and looked at Jimin who was eating silently, watching TV. “Where are the kids?” You asked. Jimin slowly looked at you. “Don’t tell me you didn’t pick them up, Jimin,” you groaned. Jimin didn’t saying anything,

“No daddy,” your daughter whined reaching for the doll on the shelf. “No baby next time I promise,” Jimin tried to move your daughter along. “Nooo,” she began to reach and cry. Jimin looked at her. “Don’t make your dad mad.” She began whining and Jimin sighed and looked at with an angry face, making her giggle. “Let’s get ice cream now okay,” he picked her up

“Okay you can’t hate me if this tastes horrible, but I worked real hard on this Jajangmyeon,” you said and placed the plate in front of him. He licked his lips and smiled up at you. “Thank you so much Y/N-ah!” he kissed your cheek before getting the fork and take a bite, making him speechless.

“This is amazing babe,” he complimented. H offered you so and you happily accepted.

(Your a K-idol) -

“So Jimin who is your ideal type?” the lady asked. Jimin blushed and responded. “Y/N from Y/G/N.” The people gasped. “Wow!” “Hyung really likes her! He likes her thighs,” Namjoon teased. Jimin blushed harder as the crowd laughed. “Is it true you like her thighs?” She asked. Jimin couldn’t help but blush harder.’

“-its okay if your not, jagiya,” Jimin said through the phone. “I’ll still love you.” You sighed being a bit impatient with the test results. “I know.” “Either way you’d make a pretty great mother. We can have a big happy family and name them after our hyungs-” “Jimin I’m pregnant!” You screamed. Jimin smiled and happily danced around 


Mistakes In His Head

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Words: 679
Prompt: ( @fandomingforever​ ) Hey I just stumbled upon your writing and it’s amazing!! I was wondering if you could do something where the reader is a mutant that can make anyone attracted to them and they are best friends with Peter. One day Peter all of a sudden feels attracted to her and he is upset because they said they would never you they’re powers on him. So he confronts them only to find out they weren’t using they’re powers?? That would be great.
A/N: No matter how many fandoms I write for; I’ll always come back to Peter. He’s complex, fun and a real sweetheart. I feel like I’ve connected to the character so much since I made this blog that I’ve almost gotten to know him as a real life person. Ah, the curses of fandoming.

Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

Peter awoke pasted in sweat; his hands shaking against the hot blankets on his bed. He’d been plagued by restlessness; the sudden onset of intense emotions pulling at his heart and mind. 
He’d been close with (y/n) for almost a year now. She was beautiful, gentle. A flickering candle, illuminating a dark and desolate room. But he’d never…wanted. Wanted for them to be more. Or if he had, he’d shaken it off as a moment in passing; mistakes in his head.
He knew what she could do to people. Pulling their emotions around, if she wanted to. Of course, she had never really wanted to; and if she had, she’d never do it to him. She’d promised him that long ago.
But still.
He gritted his teeth, rushing up from his bed and zipping up his clothes in seconds. He ruffled his silver hair in the mirror, one curl refusing to comply with him no matter how hard he squinted at it and pushed at it.
He’d have to leave it.
Forcing the door open, he sped down the corridor; his hands unsteady as he lifted them to knock on her door. His palms were clammy, and he could feel his heart thrumming against his chest. Why? Why now?
“Come in, Pete!” (y/n) called from behind the door, her voice ringing out softly through the crack.

Giving the door a push, he took in her room. Posters and paintings made some attempt to make it a little brighter; a cream rug lay at the foot of her bed. She sat on the rug in her t-shirt and jeans, flipping through an old magazine. Her hair was still a little wet from showering, and Peter felt his lip tremble.
“You look like death. Not in a good way” (y/n) chuckled, pooling through the pages of her magazine. 
“Couldn’t sleep” Peter added, his voice slightly too high.
She looked up then, her eyes meeting his.
“Is everything alright, Pete?”
“Yes. No.” Peter breathed and then swallowed hard, cracking his knuckles.
“-You said you’d never…do that mind stuff to me. Right? You said you wouldn’t.”
(y/n) opened her mouth, her brow furrowing.
“Of course I wouldn’t. I don’t know why you’d think I’d do something like that, Pete.”
When she said his name, he felt emotions rise in his chest. He wanted to respond; but somehow words weren’t coming to him right. The silence began to hang like a dead weight between them, like lead hanging in the air.
Say something.
He took a deep breath.
“I’ve got all of these…” he waved his arms in the air “…feelings. About things. Recently.”
“Right” he nodded “and they’re complicating things. My thoughts and stuff.”
(y/n) put her magazine down on the floor, pushing herself up to stand across from him. She looked down at the carpet, pulling back a stray hair behind her ear.
“If I did go into your mind and…do something; it wouldn’t last very long. It would feel like seeing through a fog; and then you’d be normal again” she breathed, wrinkling her nose “but I wouldn’t do that to you, Peter. I want you to believe me.”
She was right. He’d seen her do it before; make people think thoughts that weren’t their own, feel things they’d never felt. But it was always like a haze was cast over them; lasting only a day, if that.
This had gone on for too long. Too much clarity.
Peter groaned.
“Ah. I’m…yeah. I’m sorry. I just wasn’t sure.”
She nodded. “It’s okay, Peter. Really. It’s fine.”
Silence hit, hard and fast, and Peter started feeling incredibly awkward. He shifted his weight, his hands clammy at his sides.
“I’ll…I’ll see you at breakfast?” Peter stumbled, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets.
“Yeah. Of course” (y/n) smiled sheepishly, avoiding his eyes.
Peter turned to leave, his hand on the doorframe.
“Pete-” she added.
“-yeah?” he interjected almost too quickly, biting his lower lip.
“I do, though. Like you, I mean.”
Peter grinned, his heart feeling warm, his head giddy.

Me: Yeah I mean La La Land was okay but I had issue with it bec–

Some filmblr: HAHA WOW. I’ll have you know, this movie won 68,000 Hoodee Doodee awards and they had to shove cameras up their ass every day to get this movie made!! This is a movie for the DREAMERS!! It was so hard to get this movie made lol! Moonlight? Haha yeah so good, I’ll watch it someday, I mean it’s not like it leaked or anything and it’s really easy to watch it!!

Friends ? // Derek Hale // requested

Request : can you do a tw imagine with derek where the reader is a witch and can like control peoples mind and has someone from the pack beat derek up bc of something that happened years ago?

Requests are closed. xx

A/N Okay so I’ve recently just started watching teen wolf and I’m only on season one so if any information is wrong just let me know. xx

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Originally posted by maddeningsea

“Okay, before Y/N gets here I need to just warn you that she is a bit of a show off…and she has a flair for the damatic.” Derek’s loud voice cut through the silence.

“What do you mean?” Once those words left Scotts mouth, the front door flew open.

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“i was hoping you could write something where like, you have a bestfriend for a long time and you always insult eachother and joke around A LOT until you let him spend the night and you both start complimenting eachother and get all flustered and he ends up awkwardly trying to kiss you and etc. ( the more blushing and awkwardness, the better )”

This person messaged me to give extra details, which you can totally do because it’s easier for me to write! I combined it with this request cause I thought they fit well together:

“Could u make one when ur walking out of school to go home + u literally bump into him + he decides to walk u since ur houses r in the same direction + when u get to ur house u invite him in + watch a movie, cuddle, kiss and cute fluffy stuff happen😊”

Word count: 2.9k

You watch the clock on the wall, counting down the seconds until the bell rings. It’s the last period of the day on Friday, and right now the second hand is the only thing standing in between you and the sweet freedom of the weekend. 5…4…3…2…1… the bell goes off at last and you jump up and exit the classroom before the teacher can assign last minute homework.

Once you have all your things and you’ve waved goodbye to your friends, you push open the front doors of the school and step out, breathing in the crisp air with a smile. Ahhh, Fridays. Like the tasty dessert after an unpleasant meal. You adjust your backpack straps and start walking home, thinking about what you’ll do with your weekend.

The sidewalk makes a right angle and you cut the corner a bit, walking across the grass. As your feet hit concrete again, something slams into you and you fall over.

“What the-” you look up, trying to identify your attacker. An outstretched hand descends from the sky, and behind it, there is a concerned face saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” It’s your best friend and crush, (c/n).

You grab his hand and let him pull you up, brushing the dirt off your butt. “Thanks for that,” you say sarcastically.

“Sorry!” he says one more time, hands held up defensively. “But I must say, it’s your fault for walking right in front of me like that. I don’t have the best reflexes when I’m on a moving bike,” he adds, reaching down to pick up the fallen bike in question.

You laugh. “My bad, you’re probably right. Bike is okay?”

He pats the bike and nods. “Better question is, are you?”

“Yeah I think I’m good,” you reply, pretending to check for broken ribs. “Bones are all intact.” You flash him a smile and start walking forward again.

“Fantastic,” he says, walking his bike beside you. “Heading home?”

“Yes, I’m very excited to veg out in front of the TV for several hours.”

“Same,” he agrees. “Why don’t I walk you home, to make sure you don’t get yourself into any more accidents?”

“See, the problem with that logic is you’re the reason I fell over in the first place,” you point out. Plus your house is on the way to his anyway, but you decide not to mention that.

(C/n) thinks about this for a second. “I guess you could say you…fell for me?” He grins charmingly.

You clap a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing. “Wow, we really need to work on your pickup lines,” you tease. Of course, you secretly think it’s cute as hell, and you have no problem with being on the receiving end of said cheesy pickup lines. That won’t stop you from giving him a hard time, though.

“Are you suggesting you’re better at this than I am?” He arches an eyebrow in a silent challenge.

“Definitely,” you say confidently.

“Alright then, impress me with your flirting skills.”

“Okay, get ready for this cause you’re gonna be blown away.” You smile and flip your hair for extra effect. “Are you a fire alarm? Cause you’re loud and annoying,” you finish, smirking at his expression as he processes what you said.

“That was not a pickup line!” he protests.

“Well, it was true!” you tease.

He shakes his head disapprovingly. “This is why you’re still single.”

“Hey!” You punch him in the arm. “Like you’re any less single than I am.”

“Fair enough,” he concedes.

“And I think I should warn you that you can’t get girls by running them over,” you advise sagely. “Generally not considered very romantic.”

“Really, cause that’s what I’d call making the first move!” he jokes.

You sigh. “Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.”

You arrive in front of your house, but hesitate before walking up to the door. You don’t want to stop talking to (c/n). “Hey, (c/n), uhh…you wanna come in for a bit?” You bite your lip nervously.

(C/n) grins. “Okay, sure.”

He parks his bike against the side of your house and then follows you through the front door.

“Are you hungry?” you ask him as he looks around the house, taking everything in. He nods absentmindedly. You search through the kitchen for something worth feeding (c/n). After a minute or so you emerge from the pantry with a bag of microwaveable popcorn, and hold it up, shaking it up and down. “Popcorn?”

(C/n) looks up. “Perfect.”

You put the bag in the microwave, which emits a chorus of pops. (C/n) comes over, making popping noises with his mouth. You laugh at him. “You weirdo.”

“Dude, we should totally watch a movie,” he says suddenly as you pull the finished popcorn out of the microwave. “We’ve already got the popcorn, haven’t we?”

You shrug nonchalantly, hiding your eagerness to spend two plus hours with (c/n). “Why not, it is Friday after all.” You lead him down to the basement and plop down on the couch in front of the TV. He sits next to you, close enough that your thighs touch. As you open Netflix, he puts an arm around your shoulders. “Netflix and chill?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

You laugh. “You’re still not cute. Getting warmer though!” You scroll through the available movies, conscious that (c/n)’s arm hasn’t left your shoulders.

“Let’s watch a horror movie,” (c/n) suggests, jiggling his leg excitedly. You can feel it against your leg. You groan. “God no, I’ll be screaming in your ear the whole time.”

He shrugs. “I can take it.” He grins. “I’ll protect you from the scary monsters,” he says teasingly.

“Okay, fine,” you relent, sighing. You have to admit that watching a horror movie with your crush protecting you doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. You come across the movie Sinister. “Is this a good one? Looks pretty scary,” you say.

“Hell yes. Hit play.” You start the movie and settle back against the couch. (C/n)’s arm is still around you.

The movie starts out tamely enough, with Ethan Hawke’s friendly puppy face and nothing particularly terrifying. You eat your popcorn contentedly, your hands occasionally bumping into (c/n)’s. After a little while you rest your head on his shoulder, and he doesn’t object. You smile, knowing that he usually hates physical contact and would push anyone else away.

It doesn’t take long for things to take a turn for the scarier, however. Some scenes, you just know something is coming, and tense up as the suspense builds. (C/n)’s arm tightens around you in response, pulling the two of you closer each time. Other times there are completely unexpected jump scares, and as predicted, you scream loudly every time.

At one particularly bad jump scare where the demon Bughuul suddenly appears in the garden, you screech in terror and hide your face in (c/n)’s shirt. He chuckles and you feel his arms go around you, shielding you from the outside world. “Wow, you weren’t kidding,” he says, as though impressed by how scared you are. You peek up at him to see him looking down at you in amusement. “How are you so unaffected?” you ask him, bewildered at his completely calm demeanor.

“Nothing can faze me,” he says proudly.

“Ooh, you’re so manly,” you say sarcastically. “What happens when I do this?” You tickle his sides, and he shrieks. You laugh hysterically at his reaction.

As he recovers he points to the screen. “Okay, let’s pay attention, we already missed an important plot point!”

You oblige, sitting up a little but still leaning partially into him, his arms still lazily encircling you.

A while later the movie draws to a very dramatic close. You breathe out as the camera pans out on the box of films, the excitement seemingly over. But right before the end of the movie, Bughuul’s face suddenly pops up. You scream again and dive into the safety of (c/n)’s shirt, wrapping your arms tightly around his chest. You feel him shaking with laughter under you. “You’re such a wimp,” he teases.

You flip him off without lifting your head. You’re very comfortable and not about to move. (C/n)’s heart is beating right by your ear. When he chuckles it rumbles in his chest. “I don’t mind, it makes me look tougher by comparison,” he adds jokingly.

You get an idea, and sit up a little bit. “Hey (c/n).”


“Wanna sleep over?”

“Really?” He starts to smile.


“Okay, let me run home and get my stuff.” He tries to get up but you’re still lying on his chest.

“Don’t leave,” you whine, “just call your mom.”

He laughs and moves a strand of hair behind your ear. “I live like practically next door, it’ll only take a second.” He tries to stand again. “Get up, you lazy ass.”

You roll away, grumbling. Already feeling sleepy, you don’t move as he goes upstairs and leaves your house. Your eyes close and you lie still, waiting for him to return.

You wake maybe fifteen minutes later to (c/n) shaking you. “(Y/n)! Did you seriously fall asleep?”

You rub your eyes. “Wha-” (C/n)’s concerned face comes into focus. “Maybe you should go to bed right away,” he suggests.

“No!” You jump up, fighting the sudden dizziness and trying to act awake. “No way, not before dinner.”

He grins. “And what is dinner, exactly?”

You ponder this. “Takeout? What do you want?”

“Chinese,” he decides. You nod in agreement. “Good call.”

Half an hour later you’re sitting criss cross on the basement floor across from (c/n), with rice, dumplings, chicken and noodles between you. As you feast, you tell stories.

“Okay, your turn. Most embarrassing moment,” you challenge him.

“Oh, god.” (C/n) groans and covers his face with his hands, laughing slightly. “Oh man.”

“This is gonna be good.” You rub your hands together excitedly.

He makes a pained face and sighs in resignation. “Okay. So picture this. I’m like 10 or 11, sitting in class, nervous as hell cause I’m about to give a presentation. Funny thing is, I have no idea what it was about. I think I was so traumatized I forgot.”

“Go on,” you encourage him, not without a hint of sadistic enjoyment.

“So the teacher calls me up to present and I walk up to the front of the room. I almost fall over cause my legs are shaking so much. But I make it up there anyway. And then…I totally freeze up and just stand there, staring out at the class.” He winces at the memory.

“Dude, that’s not that bad,” you say, a little disappointed.

“Oh no, it’s not over yet,” he replies grimly. “As I stand there paralyzed, I feel something warm on my leg…” (C/n) grabs a nearby pillow and hides his face in it. His muffled voice comes out: “I peed my pants in front of the entire class.”

You burst out laughing. He removes the pillow and glares at you. His face is red, which only makes you laugh harder. He throws the pillow at your head. “Stop laughing at me!”

“Okay, okay.” You stifle a last giggle. “Honestly that wasn’t even that bad,” you reassure him after a moment.

“Oh really, have you done it too?” (C/n) grins and raises an eyebrow at you. It’s your turn to throw the pillow at him. “No way!” you say, laughing. Then you notice the pillow landed in the noodles. “Whoops.”

“Okay, I think that’s our cue to clean up,” (c/n) decides.

You put all the leftovers in the fridge and clear away the plates. After you kill a couple of hours playing video games, you decide to set up your sleeping bags so you can lie in bed and talk for several more hours.

You lay them down side by side and climb into them, facing each other. You’ve put on your pajamas, which consist of shorts and a camisole, and quickly realize that the air conditioned basement and thin sleeping bag are a bad combination. After a couple minutes you start shivering.

(C/n) notices and frowns. “You’re cold,” he says.

“Oh, nah, I’m fine,” you deny weakly. “It’s like a sauna in here.”

“Yeah, right, I can practically hear your teeth chattering. Come here.” He beckons with his finger.

You scoot closer to him like a large worm wriggling sideways. He smiles. “Just get in here,” he says, pointing into his sleeping bag.

You giggle nervously. “In there? With you?” Your face is suddenly warm even though you still feel cold.

“Yeah, there’s plenty of room,” he says, opening up the sleeping bag to show you. “And it’s very thick and veerry comfortable.” He grins.

“Okay, if you say so,” you respond casually, though inside of course you’re totally freaking out. You unzip your bag and clamber over to his, sliding inside. Immediately (c/n) puts his arms around you and pulls you into him, pressing you close against him. You can feel his skin against your bare arms. Warmth radiates from his body.

“Wow, you’re really warm,” you whisper, already feeling the comfortable heaviness of sleep pressing in.

He smirks. “Told you.”

“Thanks for letting me invade your personal space,” you say jokingly.

He smiles. “My pleasure.” After a moment he adds, quite out of the blue, “You know, you have a really nice voice.”

“What?” You lift your head and look at him, furrowing your eyebrows.

You feel him shrug next to you. “Your voice. It’s just…really soft and soothing. When I hear it it’s like I’m being wrapped in a fluffy blanket. I could listen to you talk forever.” He shakes his head, smiling. “It’s like…listening to really good music. I don’t know.” He looks away, blushing.

“Oh, thanks…” you smile slightly. Your face feels warm and you wonder if you’re as red as he is. “I like your voice too.”

(C/n) starts stroking your hair lightly, which gives you chills (the good kind). After a moment he says quietly, “And your hair, too, it’s so soft, and like, perfect.”

You reach up and ruffle his adorably fluffy hair. “I like yours more.”

He chuckles, and even though you’ve turned the lights off you can tell his whole face is pink. “Honestly everything about you is perfect,” he whispers.

Your heart starts to race, and you’re close enough to feel his heart beating rapidly as well. “Really?” you whisper back, at a loss for words.

“Yeah.” He lifts a finger up to your mouth and softly traces your lips. You’re so nervous you couldn’t move if you wanted to, and you don’t.

(C/n) looks up at you and back at your mouth, and then leans in as if trying to kiss you. But you’re both still lying on your sides, and your noses bump awkwardly. You stifle a giggle. He laughs too and hides his face in your neck. Then he props himself up with one arm so he’s leaning over you, and for the second time, he brings his face to yours. This time, your lips connect.

You feel as though fireworks are going off around you. He strokes your face with one hand as he kisses you, and when you pull apart several seconds later, he’s staring intently into your eyes, as if he sees something inside them.

“(Y/n), I really like you,” he murmurs in a husky voice.

You reach up and play with a bit of his hair that’s sticking out, hardly able to believe this is happening. “I really like you too,” you whisper almost inaudibly.

(C/n) smiles. “Well, that works out nicely,” he says, and you laugh giddily. He kisses you on the forehead before settling back down next to you. He pulls you into him and you rest your head on his chest. You can feel his heart still beating fast, but after a few minutes it slows along with his breathing. Exhaustion settles heavily over you from the rough week at school, and wrapped comfortably in (c/n)’s arms, it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep.

Cadillacs and Cherry Stems

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Absolute writer’s block, but I still managed to churn it out! Requests are always welcome. Just message me. Lol, love y’all❣️ .xx ~ Ryn

Words: 2,722

Warnings: None, other than insecure Pete (aww ): )

You didn’t notice the way he looked at you. 

When you were lost in class, inking blue pen into your hand, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you because your concentration was so alluring – you were oblivious. Or when he took the long way home, trading 25 minutes for a mere three seconds of catching your eyes looking back at his – you had no clue. Peter Parker was entranced by you – your quirkiness, your intelligence, and he wanted nothing more than to say just one word to you – at least one. He wanted more than those three seconds every day; he wanted to wave, or smile, or talk, or get lost in eternal conversation. He wanted to know what your favorite food was, and he wanted to ask you what songs were always drumming through that head of yours. He wanted to know what your hair smelled like, and why you never paid any thought in English class. Above all, he wanted you to want to know him, too. It was crazy, mad even, but he was desperate. And his desperation was killing him. He couldn’t say anything to you, though, because he was just him, and genius or not, you deep-fried his brain. He may be Spider-Man, but without that mask, it was all just a facade. He couldn’t be witty or courageous. Without the red and blue to camouflage his self-doubt and insecurities, he was just Peter Parker, and no amount of superhuman strength would change that. So he kept walking the extra mile and three quarters just for three seconds – end of story. That was until the day the sirens rang like a deafening blast through his heightened ears, and he stopped watching where he was going, and you, too, were deafening yourself with the consistent beat of your music. The collateral reaction came like a flash of light, because the same three seconds he lived for became the three seconds in which your story began. You crashed like two bullets, cherry red coating your clothes. 

“O-oh my gosh. Are you okay? I-I’m so sorry…” Peter felt like he’d been struck by lighting, because you were doing that thing you always did to him just by walking on the same side walk. This was not how he had planned on meeting you. 

“I’m fine.” You had had it with the world today. Now wearing your milkshake, you were starting to convince yourself of life’s boundless ability to wreak havoc on you. Peter, at this time, was also convincing himself of this very same thing, but with more emphasis on blaming himself. 

“Really, it’s my fault. I-I got distracted… stupid…” He started mumbling to himself, and a kind of guilt washed over you, as you looked up at his contemplating face. You placed a reassuring hand on Peter’s shoulder, and gave your best attempt at making a friend,

“It’s okay, Peter. I was pretty distracted, too.” His head snapped up at his name leaving your lips – a name he was sure you didn’t know. 

“Y-you know my name?” He looked like a blubbering fish out of water, and the naivety running around in his eyes made an unfamiliar feeling bubble up in your gut. A small smile tempted to form on your mouth, and suddenly you’d forgotten all about your sticky clothes and abhorrent day. 

“Duh. We’re in like, what, four classes together, and you’re kind of like the school Einstein… You’re hard not to notice.” You suddenly felt awkward, as you noticed your hand still lingering on Peter’s shoulder, and he surely did, too. His heart was about to burst, and if he wasn’t an ace at keeping his cool before, he surely wasn’t now. 

“W-wow, um, yeah… Okay, so uh, okay.” He managed to cough out before forming a small coherent sentence.

“Well, there’s, uh, not much I can do about your wrecked clothes – which I’m like, really sorry about, really – but I can get you a new drink…? I mean, i-if you want. We can go right now, actually. I’m not doing anything. That’s stupid, you probably have a life and are doing something. Are you doing anything? I’d really like to get you a new drink, because I feel super bad… Not like a date though! I-I –” 



“Cherry.” A small smile was considering showing itself on his lips, but it didn’t need to because his eyes were saying enough for the both of you.

“Do you like Sonic?”

Hours later after the endeavor that was only supposed to consist of a hop to sonic, skip to order, and a jump back home, you and Peter found yourselves lost in that eternal conversation that he’d been wishing on a star for and the one you never knew you desired to have. 

“So, Coldplay, huh?” It was amazing to you how Peter’s blockade of awkward geek piece by piece cracked away until this funny, kind, sarcastic boy had blossomed – a guy you never knew existed. 

“Who doesn’t like Coldplay?” He sent you a laughing touché as he shook his hair out of his eyes, realizing that every little detail about you was more perfect than he’d imagined them all to be. Surrealism was floating all around him, and he just couldn’t figure out what to do with himself. He refused to think about the end of the night – he blocked out what would happen when you went to school the next day, and he pushed away the thoughts and knowing of his once again invisibility in your eyes – when he went back to being the dork, the geek, the loser. 

“Peter?” He pulled himself away from his incessant self-berating to look over at you.

“Sorry, what?” You rolled your eyes at what you thought to be a typical act of a boy, not listening, unbeknownst to you the thoughts going through Peter’s head. You sighed and smiled anyway.

“I said, have you ever tried to tie a cherry stem with your tongue?” A blazing fire instantaneously began blotching itself along Peter’s cheeks, as you began to realize the gravity of the question you’d asked, and a light pink hazed over your normal color, and you choked on the last sip of your Cherry milkshake.

“That’s, uh, not what I meant Peter. I’ve heard it does mean you’re a good kisser, though.” He belched out an uncomfortable laugh. He never, ever – like ever – expected to be having this conversation, especially not with you. He didn’t have any idea what to say, but he figured he couldn’t be any bigger of a moron.

“Uh, I, uh, wouldn’t know… and no, I’ve never tried.” You questioningly gazed up at him, somewhat shocked at what you were sure his answer couldn’t be. Had he never kissed anyone? You found the idea outrageous, yet the perpetual innocence of the idea charmed you, and you couldn’t help but find yourself slowly falling into a spell Peter didn’t even know he was casting on you.

“Have you.. never kissed anyone?” You instantly regretted pursuing your question, as a look of embarrassment imbedded itself on the sweet boy’s face. You wanted nothing more than to tell him that it was okay, and it was all artificial – all so manufactured – unless you really loved the person anyway, but he caught words before you could.

“Yeah, um… I haven’t. But I’ll try the cherry stem.” You could tell he wanted to change the subject, and he made it pretty obvious, too, so you did your best to push it aside, plaster a new feeling in the air as you dug around for the cherry in your now empty cup and popped out its stem. You took Peter’s hand, but the second you touched his skin, you had to stop– if only for a mere and brief moment – to feel the electricity that surged through your veins, all the way to your heart, before placing the stem in his palm. 

“Here you go hot shot. Now come on, there’s a place I want to show you.” 

Since you’d grabbed his hand, Peter had had trouble not sounding like he was speaking Greek, and he wasn’t sure if it was because the cherry stem was still rolling around in his mouth, or because he was just truly that retarded. You were questioning your own genuine intentions of your decision of grabbing his hand, rather than just handing the stem to him, and Peter was still stuck on the fact that you touched his hand at all. 

“Are we, uh, you know, like, at there, or there? Or like, the place, is that…?” He felt like smashing his face into a tornado of bricks, and you couldn’t help but snort.

“Yeah, look.” Peter turned his gaze just in front of him, rather than your Y/H/C hair that had blown strands in front of your eyes and he was really wanting to tuck behind your ear (ugh, what is he, a 1993 RomCom?). You had found yourselves standing in front of a rusty gate that looked close to the end of its life, yet it was still standing, dutifully guarding a vast expanse of junk yard as if it were a sparkling castle. Peter glanced down at you, at the childlike smile adorning you face, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling, too.

“Well, come on then.” You tugged at his jacket sleeve in anticipation.

“Uh, Y/N, it’s uh… locked. Doesn’t that mean this is trespassing?” You gave him a sarcastic eyebrow raise as you adored his ‘goody-two-shoes’ act.

“Oh, my dear Peter, that’s the fun part.” He looked at you wide eyed, questioning your sanity, but then unquestioning it because it was your demeanor of rebelliousness that had always drawn him to you in the first place. You held your breath before letting out a loose laugh that danced through his ears, better than any music he’d ever heard. 

“I’m just kidding. It’s abandoned. Has been for 5 years now.” He let out a long breath before slowly nodding, now questioning his own sanity for trusting you – something he surely couldn’t help doing, anyway. As you both slipped through the crack in the gate, you guided them to a car far in the back. It stood proud on a hill – the king of the yard – its pawns guarding it in the valley below. Finally reaching the top, you huffed and turned around, facing Peter and promoting him to follow you and clamor to an unsteady, yet sturdy and dented roof. 

“Uh, Y/N. This is a Cadillac.”

“A 1952 Cadillac.”, you pointed a correctional finger at Peter, who was slowly sitting himself down next to you, pulling his knees up to his chest in the approaching nightfall. 

“Aren’t these, like, really expensive?”

“Oh, very. But not Lucy, here. She’s too beaten, too abandoned. Nobody cares or even knows she’s here” He laughed at you and you glowered your eyes.

“Mr. Parker, are you laughing at abuse?” He raised both eyebrows and looked over to you.

“Oh absolutely not. I’m making fun of the fact that you named it Lucy.”

Her.” You shoved his arm, and a clearly fabricated look of pain filled his eyes, making another one of those unfamiliar feelings grace you with its presence. You didn’t want to acknowledge your crazy ideas, but you couldn’t help but admit to yourself the way the boy who asked you questions no one else cared to know, and the boy who you’d never once spoken to unquestioningly treated you like he’d known you his whole life was making you feel. Your feelings were cut off in the middle of their realization when Peter’s eyes widened and he promptly opened his mouth and rolled out his tongue in which a cherry stem was lying, surely enough in a loop. Your mouth hung open as you slowly started to laugh.

“Unbelievable. I’ve been trying to do that for years! Like I said earlier though, you know what the fact that you can do that means.“ You wiggled your eyebrows in a wavy motion at the boy, and with your everlasting eccentric behavior, Peter was grounded, as a sudden and pleading urge to put his lips on yours overcame him. He was mortified by his own feelings and was sure the internal sweat he was feeling was showing through his eyes. He was petrified, but all the same he was angry – truly angry. His whole life he’d been the good kid. He did his homework, always came home on time, focused on family and school, and yes, it made him happy, but it also made him hate his inability to do otherwise. His whole life he’d been too afraid to live it. Maybe once, maybe just this once, he could convince himself to be more like you – more like the girl he’d admired since he’d set his eyes on her. Maybe once he could be Spider-Man without the camouflage. And in the moment of sitting on this hill, staring at the lights of New York City, his life for once seemed like a movie, and he was the guy who wasn’t afraid to kiss the girl. Ending the constant questioning of the rationality of what he was about to do, he started leaning toward you, praying against your rejection. You noticed instantly, and internally thanked the world around you for his seeming ability to read your mind. But the nearer he drew, the shallower yours and his breath became. Having remembered he’d told you he had never kissed anyone, sudden thoughts flooded his mind, a centimeter away from your lips, foreheads touching. He wasn’t good enough. He was too chicken. He was Peter Parker. Spider-Man wasn’t real; he was a mask – an idea. His breath hitched, and his eyes squeezed shut at his idiocy. Stupid. Insecure. Unrealistic. Somehow, in a way you didn’t know, you knew exactly what was beating through Peter’s mind. You knew apprehension in someone when you saw it. You knew self-deprivation. 

“Peter…” He still had his eyes closed when he hesitantly replied,

“Yes…” He was almost inaudible, but his breaking confidence was loud and clear.

“What are you so afraid of?” You just barely breathed it out, but you didn’t want anything to scare him from telling you the truth. He stiffened, both of your eyes still closed. It may have been the most intimate moment you and he had ever experienced in your lives. Everything felt so raw; you could feel Peter’s vulnerability as if it were your own. You could cut the silence with a knife, and it was only Peter’s voice that ripped through it.

“That-that I’m not good enough, especially not for someone like you. I make so many mistakes, Y/N – more than you may ever know. An-and I don’t know how to do this. I’m afraid of myself sometimes.” You lifted your eyelids, the tenderness of the moment hanging by a thread.

“Being honest Peter, I don’t know much about you. I don’t know your story – your past – but what I do know is that you care enough to ask me the little things about myself. Without even asking you paid to buy me an entire new shake, even though us colliding was half my fault. I also know just by looking at your eyes, there’s this-this light. You have such a big heart, and believe me when I tell you, you’re good enough.” Still leaning his forehead on yours, Peter let out a raspy laugh and a small nod, all of which you heard and felt rather than saw. 

“Okay?” You were desperately hoping what you said could at least help him in some way, the way he had helped turn your day around. He opened his eyes fully to look at yours.

“Okay.” {sorry not sorry John Green😂 } And then he kissed you. It happened so drudgingly slow at first, but it quickly caught up with the pace of both of your hearts. Peter officially was lost is a world he thought didn’t exist, barely managing to process the events of the entire day while you pulled at the back of his neck, he pulled at your lips and placed his hands on your waist. It was something that you both needed – something you both wanted. It was a kiss that you both made sure the other knew you never wanted to end. 

Birthday Girl (M)

A short fic I wrote for @xiustories since it’s her birthday~

Genre: X Reader, fluff, smut

Member(s): Minseok <3

POV: Second person

Warning(s): Um, it’s smut, so…

Summary: It’s your birthday, and you know what you want.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“(y/n)-ah?” Your boyfriend poked his head into your room. “(y/n), it’s morning. And you know what that means…” He cooed, walking up to your bed and brushing a strand of hair from your face. He smiled, taking in your peaceful expression, his heart swelling at the sight of you.

“(y/n)?” He tried, one last time.

When you didn’t wake up, he sighed, shaking his head amusedly. Gently lifting the covers, he slid into bed beside you, situating himself so that your head rested on his chest. He wiggled around a bit more, before wrapping his arms around your sleeping body.

“Min?” You mumbled, your voice hoarse with sleep.

“Morning, birthday girl,” Minseok whispered, grinning and kissing your forehead.

Your eyes cracked open, peering up at him sleepily.

“Morning, Minseok,” you said with a yawn. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here…so early.”

He chuckled, the sound vibrating in his chest. You snuggled down into it, your lips curving up in a smile at the comforting sensation.

“Well, it’s 9 o'clock, sweetheart, so I figured it wasn’t too early. I was hoping, maybe, that the birthday girl would go out for breakfast with me?” He said hopefully, his fingers playing with your hair as he awaited your response.

Your smile grew, and you nodded against his chest.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” You asked, sitting up to look at him.

He shrugged, his cheeks flushing slightly.

“Well, you seem to value your sleep an awful lot.” He said teasingly.

You rolled your eyes, giving him a playful slap on the chest.

“Whatever.” You sat up, crawling out of the bed. “I need to take a shower first, though.”

“Okay,” he said, pulling out his phone.

You walked into your bathroom, slipping off your pajamas. Turning the faucet to hot, you stepped into the shower. The stream of water hit your bare skin, making you yelp slightly in surprise. You wet your hair, washing it thoroughly before scrubbing your body. You rinsed your hair, turning off the water and coming out into the steamy but chilling air. Wrapping yourself in a towel, you looked around.

“Crap,” you said aloud. You had forgotten about clothes…and Minseok was in your bedroom.

It wasn’t that you two hadn’t experimented. Far from that, in fact. You two had had your share of make out sessions and whatnot. But it hadn’t gone any further than that, for some reason. It wasn’t as if you two didn’t love each other, it just…never escalated that far.

Recently, you had noticed that the heated interactions between the two of you had become more frequent. And afterwards, more often than not, it left you with a dull aching inside of you, a craving that just wasn’t satisfied by Minseok’s fingers or tongue. A throbbing need. You were a virgin, but you were pretty sure you knew what this meant. You knew he wouldn’t mind, he’d probably be more than glad to oblige. But…you just weren’t sure how to ask him.

You stood shivering, contemplating what you could do. You could go get some clothes from your room, asking him not to look. You could check the laundry room and see if you had anything clean. Or, you could gather up your courage and…

Biting your lip, you stared at yourself in the mirror. Were you ready for this?

“(y/n), are you okay?” You heard Minseok call from down the hall.

“Yeah, Min! I just…I…”

Taking a deep breath and nodding to your reflection, you made up your mind. Opening the bathroom door, you found yourself staring up at Minseok.

“(y/n)? You scared me. You didn’t answer me,” he said, looking down at you concernedly.

You gulped, tugging your towel tighter around yourself, although he didn’t seem to notice.

How the hell were you going to do this?

“Sorry, I m-must not have h-heard you,” you stuttered.

He stared at you, a hand coming up to cup one of your blushing cheeks.

“Are you sure you’re okay, (y/n)-ah? You’re stuttering, are you cold? But your cheeks feel warm… Are you getting sick? Do you not want to go to breakfast?” He questioned, taking a step towards you.

You blinked.

“I’m not sick, Minseok…and I do want to go to breakfast. But I…I was just thinking, while I was in the shower…there’s something I-I want for my birthday,” you choked out, your breathing uneven.

He stared into your eyes, surprised.

Wow. Were you really that easy to read?

He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing slightly.

“And what would that be?” He asked, voice wavering.

“I…I want you, Minseok.”

He was silent for a second. Five seconds. Ten seconds.

Your heart fell, your eyes glancing away from his down to your feet. He didn’t feel the way you did…

“If you don’t want to, I-”

Your words were cut off by his lips pressed against yours in a warm kiss. His hand left your cheek, both hands making their way down to your hips and squeezing them gently. He took another step forward, slowly guiding you to the wall, never breaking the lip-lock. His teeth sunk into your lower lip, eliciting a soft moan from you. His tongue slid into your mouth, exploring it with deep, firm strokes. You stood still, still a bit surprised by the sudden action.

He pulled away, panting slightly, his pink lips swollen and reddish. You imagined yours must look the same.

“Why wouldn’t I want to, (y/n)?” He asked, his eyes searching yours. “Why wouldn’t I want to make love to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, the sweetest girl I know?”

You shrugged, a little shy.

“I don’t know, I just thought…”

“Well don’t think,” he whispered, his nose brushing against yours. “Don’t think for a second. But tell me: do you really want this? Because if you do, I’ll do it. I want to. But do you?”

You nodded quickly.

“I’m sure, Min.”

He watched you for a second, searching for any sign of hesitation.

“Okay,” he breathed.

In an instant, his plump lips were attached to the side of your neck, his hot tongue licking at the skin like his life depended on it. You tilted your head back, allowing him more access to your neck. He nipped at the flesh, the feeling of his teeth making a moan bubble up in your throat. His hands pulled on your towel, causing it to fall to the floor. Pulling his head back from your neck, he groaned, his eyes darkening at the sight of your bare figure.

“(y/n),” he growled, his usually cute and sweet voice now lower and filled with lust. “Do you have any idea how fucking beautiful you are?”

You whimpered, feeling him take a nipple into his warm mouth.

“You do, don’t you? You did this all on purpose, making me worry, only to lure me here,” He hissed against your breast, his fingers ghosting over your sides, down your hips, inwards, until he reached your clenched thighs.

Smirking against your skin, he pried your legs apart, tracing your slit with a single finger.

“Hmm, so you do want this,” he observed, feeling your wetness cover his finger. “Let’s get started, then.”

You gasped as he pushed his finger into your entrance, sliding it in and out at a torturous pace. He released your nipple from his mouth, his eyes boring into yours.

“How does this feel, hmm?”

“Min…I want more,” you choked out, shivering at his touch.

He grinned, adding a second finger.

“That’s my girl,” he hummed, speeding up ever so slightly.

You whined at his praise, your head thrashing about. It just wasn’t enough!

“Min, it’s not enough. I need…I need your cock. Please.” You begged, your hands on his clothed shoulders, trying to get him to move.

“Oh really?”

You nodded your head eagerly, feeling your stomach twinge at the thought of his dick being inside of you.

“Well…I guess I’ll let you have it. After all, you are the birthday girl.” He crooned, his fingers leaving your slick heat with a squelch.

Before you knew it, he was unbuckling his belt, his pants and boxers gliding down his pale legs. He took his cock in his hand, stroking it, his eyes on you.


“Yes. I want this. This is what I want for my birthday.” You were glad your voice didn’t waver, or you knew he wouldn’t do it.

“Okay.” He took a deep breath, nudging your legs apart a bit more. “Do you trust me?”

You nodded.

“Then jump.”

You did as he said, trusting him entirely. He placed his hands under your butt, holding you up against the wall. He took his erection in his hand again, slowly guiding it towards your wet core.

You squeezed your eyes shut, your teeth sinking into your lip as you felt his cock begin to stretch you. You whimpered, your hands reaching out to clutch his biceps tightly.

“Mmphhh, tight,” he grunted under his breath, tempted to begin pounding into you then and there. He paused, noticing your tense expression. He waited for you to adjust, his eyes concerned.

“Move,” you finally mumbled.

His lips curved up in a smile, secretly happy that you still wanted to continue.

Cautiously, he slipped out, leaving only the tip in. You gasped as he slid back in, the feeling of his hardness against your tight walls making your core clench. His hips began moving at a considerably tame pace, his thrusts going deep inside you. You squirmed, feeling him hit a spot that made you want to scream.

“Ahhh, uhh, Min…” you moaned. “That spot…”

He thrust into it again.

“Yes, there!” You cried out.

He rocked his hips, hitting that one spot in you each time. Before you knew it, your insides were twisting, heat flooding your body.

“Minseok, I’m so close…” you groaned out.

“C'mon, babe, cum for me,” he cooed, still thrusting in and out of you. He slid a hand between your sweaty bodies, his fingers finding your clit and rubbing it quickly.

Your eyes rolled back, every inch of you filled with bliss. The coil in you tightened, more and more, until it snapped.

“MINSEOK!!!” You screamed, your hands flying from his arms to his hair, your fingers knotting themselves in it sharply.

Your walls convulsed around his cock, making him grunt loudly.

“Fuck, (y/n),” he muttered, pulling out at last. His hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it furiously until finally he came as well.

His warm cum shot onto your stomach, his head tilting back as he moaned.

You both panted, staring into each other’s eyes as you relished in your orgasms.

“I love you, (y/n),” he said, pressing a kiss to your temple. “Happy birthday, jagiyah.”

You smiled.

“Thank you, Min.” You said softly.

He opened his mouth to say something, when his stomach growled loudly. You both chuckled.

“Shall we clean up and go out for breakfast?” He asked.

“Sounds good to me,” you replied. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hot chocolate.”

“I am too! But only if there’s marshmallows,” he said, tugging his boxers up.

You laughed.

“Of course. There has to be marshmallows.” You said, rolling your eyes at his silliness.

“Well, I’m sure there will be.” He kissed your lips. “I’ll make sure of it. Anything for the birthday girl.”

Thoughts?? This is only my second smut after all lol. also, thank you to my proofreader @laineylovegirl <3

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"Forget I even asked" dexnursey

“Hey. Um.” 

Dex glances up at the sound of Nursey’s voice, sticking his pencil behind his ear. Nursey’s frowning, his expression more hesitant than Dex has ever seen him. And that’s weird. Because Nursey never looks uncertain–he’s always got that chill face on, the one that drives Dex up a fucking wall. This isn’t a look he’s used to. Dex raises his eyebrows. “Sup?”

Nursey gestures to the chair across from Dex. “Can I sit?”

“Yeah?” Dex blinks, watching Nursey plop down and put his backpack on the back of the rickety dining hall chair. “You okay, dude? You’re doing, like, a face.”

Nursey wrinkles his nose, which just kind of makes Dex’s point, and then says, in a rush: “Okay, look, so. I was thinking about Winter Screw. And it’s coming up, and I know I’ve been kidding around, mostly, about setting you up with someone? And you haven’t been into it at all, which is cool, because, like, you’re not into my aesthetic or whatever, I get that. But we’ve also been, like, way chiller than we used to be? And I like hanging out with you–not just with the team or whatever, but like, when it’s just us. And then I was thinking, you know, Rans and Holster are trying to set me up with somebody, but I don’t really wanna go with some random person, and–”

Nursey,” Dex interrupts, because he’s actually a little worried that Nursey isn’t breathing. “Get to the point?”

“I–” Nursey breaks off, chews his lower lip for a moment–and wow, okay, that’s not distracting–and then blurts out, “DoyouwannagotoWinterScrewwithme?”

Dex stares. Gapes, really. Because–what? 

Because that. Does not make sense. Because Nursey is soft and gorgeous and languid and cool water, and Dex is–none of those things. Dex is hard edges and too-big ears and jerky movements and hot tempers. And Dex gets distracted by Nursey’s green eyes and his long fingers and the sweep of his curls when he takes off his helmet after practice, but there’s no way that Nursey would ever look at him like that. Dex knows empirical data, and that shit does not compute. It’s gotta be a joke, or a trick, or something.


He must be quiet for too long, staring, because Nursey’s cheeks darken slightly, his lips pressing together. “Okay, message received,” he says. Dex blinks, startled out of his train of thought, but Nursey’s still talking. “Sorry, this was–this was dumb, I shouldn’t have–forget I even asked you, okay, I’m sure Rans and Holster can find you someone you’d like better, I’ll just–”

“Yes,” Dex blurts out. 

Nursey stops. “What?”

“Yes, I’ll go with you.” His face is burning, and if this is a joke he’ll absolutely never look Nursey in the eyes again, but he can’t lose the chance. 

“You–really?” Nursey sits back down in his seat–Dex hadn’t realized he’d gotten half to his feet. His expression looks a little dazed, but the beginning of a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. “Like, as friends, or…”

He trails off. Dex swallows. You miss every shot you don’t take, right? “No,” he says. “Um. Not as friends.”

Nursey’s grin is instant, and blinding, and without a trace of mocking or teasing. Something loosens in Dex’s chest and spills warm and fluttery into his belly. “Swawesome,” he says.

Dex grins back. “It’s chill,” he agrees, and Nursey’s laugh keeps him warm the rest of the day.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 11 Translation  [PREVIEW]

It’s that wonderful time of the month again, guys!  I translated these at 2:00am though, so if anything looks weird, please give me a shout. :)

Thank you to @chibiyuuto for posting the scans here and to @meimi-haneoka​ for letting the Discord channel know.

Nakayoshi’s release date this month is Monday, April 3rd and barring craziness at work, I will try to have the full translation out then (or sooner if more spoilers pop up online). I’m getting really excited for Sakura Fes this Saturday too, so I will keep you posted! ^^

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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littlemikleo-deactivated2017041  asked:

It's so cute how Mikleo puts a bubble around sorey to protect him! It's so cute! I only got it now while playing the game last night. Also the bridge of Camelot is quite spoopy. The negative colours and the wind! Creepy

One of the funniest things to me about Zestiria is how when the game doesn’t want you to go places yet, Heldalf just like. Shows up there and makes malevolence so you can’t walk through it, lol. ACTUALLY funny story about that, the first time I played through Zestiria, I got to the one village the Pope ran off to? With the fire temple in the back? And you have to go through the cave to get there the first time? Well on my way back, I wanted to use the cave again for whatever reason, but it was full of malevolence. So I just sort of… crawled through the malevolence? And whenever monsters showed up I “escaped” the battle. AND THEN HELDALF WAS STANDING IN THE CLEARING NEAR THE BEGINNING OF THE CAVES where it connects back to the Meadow of Triumph AND I JUST CRAWLED AROUND HIM AND LEFT THE CAVE

Idk man I thought it was hilarious but maybe you would have had to be there.

ANYWAY THE BUBBLE!!!! I LOVE ME THE BUBBLE!! First of all, the SORMIK, obviously. Like, okay. You gotta put this into context. Last time they ran into that much malevolence, SOREY LOST HIS RESONANCE. We all remember how scary that was for both Sorey and Mikleo. And this time, Sorey loses it again and can’t see Mikleo. BUT THIS TIME, MIKLEO’S STRONG ENOUGH TO BASICALLY FORCE HIMSELF THROUGH THE MALEVOLENCE??? LIKE WOW I LOVE HIM and it’s just a really romantic scene. Also, there are some Dezerose/Sormik parallels in that scene, so take a sip, @soymilkheaven :P

And then the bubble itself, the result of all his hard work. We see him training so so hard in all those skits, and all those hints that he wishes he were more powerful, worrying he’s not as good as the other seraphim (who, lest we forget, are all AGES older and more experienced than him) AND HE MAKES UP THIS BUBBLE ALL ON HIS OWN?? Like I imagine he had to know something like that was possible, but I can only assume that’s because he was studying up really hard, reading about the previous Shepherds, asking Lailah and the others for advice on how to become more powerful, and the bubble was the result. AND HE’S SO PROUD OF IT (as well he should be)

AND idk if you saw this part in your playthrough, but if you try to go outside the city enough times WITHOUT using the bubble, MIkleo’s all “Sorey, you really don’t trust me this much?” AND HE SOUNDS SO SAD. WHICH IS SAD but to me it really shows how much Mikleo had his heart set on becoming more powerful specifically to be more useful to the party/Sorey. Like. I LOVE MIKLEO OKAY AND THE BUBBLE AND ALL IT IMPLIES IS ACTUALLY A VERY SIGNIFICANT PART OF THAT.


Need Your Help

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Modern AU

Warning: smut

Summary: Reader and Laf are close friends and one day she asks for his advice on some lingerie. One thing leads to another and smutty times begin.

Word Count: 1790

You were out of your depth. You weren’t like Maria, you weren’t daring like her. And, well standing outside Lafayette’s door holding a bag of lingerie from Victoria Secret had your nerves on edge and the longer you stood there, the more you doubted yourself. Lafayette is your best friend, doing this could destroy all of that, yes you wanted to take things past friendship, you wanted more, you just weren’t sure if this was the way to do it, but Maria told you it would be a great idea. She took you to Victoria Secret and picked out what you would be showing off for Laf.

So there you stood, debating whether you would actually do this. All you had to do was knock. Not so hard right? What comes after though, that is the tricky part. You don’t know shit about seducing someone. You’re awkward and shy and trip over your own feet.

You start to question what you’re even doing here when the door swings open and there he is in all his crazy haired glory.

“Hey Y/N,” Lafayette greets as he looks down at you with a smile, “were you gonna knock anytime soon or..?” He chuckles

“Oh! Yeah obviously, I was uh just about to,” you say while you cringe internally.

“Well are you gonna come in?”

“Yes! I mean uh, only if you’re not busy. Maybe I should come back another time,” you say hurriedly.

“No, no I’m not, come on in.”
And so you do. You squeeze by him, clutching the Victoria Secret bag close.

“Uhh, what’s that you got there,” he questions and his cheeks heat up. So do yours.

“Oh this. Well that’s actually the reason I’m here. See I uh, have this date and I just need your opinion on this and I thought that a guys opinion would be best, but I mean uh, you don’t have to I just thought that maybe well uhh,” you rambled out.

“Y/N breathe. Yes I’ll help you. What are friends for right?”

“Right.” You swallow.

“So are you gonna show me or what?”

“Well I thought I would put it on and um well show you.” You stutter out.

“Y-yeah, yeah okay. Uh you know where the bathroom is, I’ll just wait here,” Lafayette swallows roughly.

You don’t say anything in response, you’re just too flustered. You make your way into the bathroom and quickly change into the lingerie, not wanting to give yourself a chance to back out. You look up into the mirror and your mouth pops open when you see your reflection. You look really good. Like one of the models you see in Cosmo magazines. It’s a black lace. Teddy one piece. The cut is low between your breasts and it shows off a good part of your ass. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you know Maria wasn’t lying when she said you looked drop dead sexy. You felt it. So taking a big breath, you slowly opened the door and made you way back to the living room. You could see Lafayette sitting there, head in his hands. You stood there for a few seconds and he still hasn’t noticed you so you lightly cleared your throat, prompting him to look up.

“W-wow,” he stuttered out, “you look, wow.”

You chuckled nervously, taking what he said as a good sign.

“You like it then?” You stepped closer to him as he stood from the couch.

“Yeah, yeah it looks great, you look great.” He moves closer to you. It was like gravity. Like he was being pulled to you and you to him. You were close enough that you couch reach out and touch him. You felt so small standing next to him, almost helpless. The thought made you ache between your thighs.

“There’s one more thing that I need help with,” you breathe out.


“Well see the problem is, well you know how I am, and I’m not really sure how to go about doing this,” you strutted out, cheeks heating up.

“This?” He looks confused and a little of something else.

“Seducing someone,” you peaked up at him innocently through your eyelashes.


With his lack of response you suddenly felt so stupid. How could you even think this would work. Lafayette was so far out of your league, you didn’t have a chance.
You were about to step back when his hands came to rest on your hips, keeping you where you were.

“It’s okay Y/N, you just caught me off guard. Yeah I’ll help you. So it’s simple really and it’s not like you’d have to try hard if you’re wearing that, cause wow. But if you want to take things further it’s best to go slow. You want to work your way up to it, have them begging for it, for you. It’s all in the touch. Where you touch them. How you touch them.” His hands squeezed your hips before one started to move up your body, running over your ribs and brushing against your breast, stopping on the back of your neck.

You shivered.

Lafayette leaned in closer, his lips brushing your ear as he spoke,

“Make them need it.” His voice was low and rough in your ear. The hand that was on your hip slowly made its way down to your ass grouping you roughly, causing a moan to leave your mouth. You could feel him chuckle against you, his hard chest grazing yours, rubbing against your stiff nipples, forcing a whimper from your lips. He was barely doing anything and you already needed it so bad.

It all happened very fast, one moment you’re standing there, and the next both his hands are on your ass and your back is pressed into the wall. Your legs are rapped around his waist and you could feel his hard member pressing against your core. Lafayette was breathing heavily and looking into your eyes, asking a silent question. All you could do was nod.

And then his lips were on yours. All teeth and tongue and it felt so good. His tongue was in your mouth slidding against yours, swallowing your moans as he squeezed your ass, causing you to grind your hips into him.

He was walking now and soon your back met his soft mattress. You looked up at the man above you. Pulling his shirt from his body and throwing it somewhere in the room while you made quick work of his belt. Your hands were shaking with nerves though and you struggled with the buckle. His hands covered yours and helped you undo it with a soft smile.

“Slow down Y/N, we have all day.” He then gently pressed you down into the bed and slowly kissed you. He bit your lip, making you gasp, and quickly ran his tongue over the wounded flesh, soothing it. You moaned beneath him. His hands made their way up your body finding the straps of the Teddy you wore and slowly pulling them down your shoulders.
Once they were off and your breasts were released, his mouth quickly found a nipple and started to nip and suck at it. His hand started to play with the other. Tweaking it between his fingers making you whither with pleasure.

“Ooh Laf. That feels good. Don’t stop. Please,” you moaned out.

He released your nipple from his mouth, ignoring your cries of protest. He kissed and licked his way down your chest, pushing your lingerie off as he went. His tongue dipped into your navel as he went lower. His hands dragged your lingerie down your legs and to the floor. Hips lips trailed over your hips and his breath soon fanned the space between your thighs. Lafayette pushed your legs apart so he had better access and kissed his way to your clit. Hips bucking at the contact of his tongue ghosting over the bundle of nerves. You moaned louder, wanting more, but he just kept teasing. He lightly licked at you while his fingers stroked your inner thighs.

It was too much and not enough all at the same time.

“Fuck Laf! Stop teasing,” you begged.

He didn’t respond, but he did speed up his ministrations. His tongue dipped between your wet folds and into your slit, licking up your juices. His hand quickly found your breast again and began rolling your nipple between his fingers.

“Oh. Oooh Laf. Yes! Fuck, please don’t stop,” you groaned. You were close. He was pushing you closer and closer to the edge, but all too soon he removed his tongue from you.


“Shh, it’s okay baby. I got you,” he whispered in your ear.

You saw him lean over to the night stand and grab a condom from a drawer. He sat up quick and you helped him remove what was left of his clothes before he quickly slid on the condom and hovered back over top of you. You spread your legs wider, needing him inside you.

He chuckled deeply, “eager huh?” But didn’t wait for a response, just held his cock in his hand and rubbed the head of it against your folds. You cried out bucking your hips up into him. He rubbed his cock against your clit once more before slowly pushing into you making you both groan.

“Oh Y/N. Christ you’re tight,” he moaned into your ear. Your hands were in his hair, holding him to you.

“Harder!” You plead.

His pace picked up, his cock pushing roughly into you. Your hips rose to meet his thrusts, your clit rubbing against him. You hooked your legs around his waist and your nails scrapped down hip back making him groan loudly before he slammed his lips on yours in a sloppy kiss.

The room was filled with grunts and moans as your bodies moved in sync with each other, both of your climaxes approaching fast.

“I’m close,” Lafayette broke the kiss to tell you, his thrusts becoming faster and out of rhythm.

“Oh! Oh Laf yes! Don’t-oh! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes!” You shouted, your orgasm washing over you in waves as you clenched around his cock, pulling his orgasm from him as well.

He laid there on top of you for a few seconds before pulling out and laying beside you. You both were drenched in sweat and reeked of sex. You looked over at Laf and saw that he was already looking at you. You both looked away, blushing.

“So uh,” you weren’t sure what to say.

“Yeah,” was all he said in response. You looked back at him again and this time you didn’t look away. Neither did he.

some sex during pregnancy sentence starters as requested.

’ are you sure you want to have sex while you’re pregnant? ’
’ oh, oh, wait… i think maybe my water may have broke. ’
’ oh, wait.. i’m getting some cramps. ’
’ i don’t know if i can manage having sex since you’re pregnant. ’
’ i read that having sex while your in late pregnancy can help being labor on. ’
’ can you still have sex even though you’re pregnant? ’
’ i can still have sex, just because i’m pregnant, doesn’t change anything. ’
’ being pregnant has made me so horny lately. ’
’ mmmm, i’m super wet and super pregnant, come over here. ’
’ you have a fetish for fucking pregnant women? ’
’ i have a fetish for pregnant women. ’
’ this is a little weird, you’re belly is a little in the way. ’
’ should i run your belly while we fuck? ’
’ it’s okay, it’s just the baby kicking, keep going. ’
’ maybe we should try doggy style.. ’
’ oh, shit! oh, what was that? jesus. ’
’ you’re not going to go into labor while we do it, right? ’
’ i think i’m going to cum… ’
’ oh, my! oh, wow! the baby is really kicking hard. ’
’ do you think i’ll hurt the baby if we do it? ’
’ should i still wear a condom even though you’re already pregnant? ’
’ it’s okay, just come on before you ruin the mood. ’
’ yes, it’s perfectly fine, now come on already. ’
’ wait.. wait, hold on, i can feel something.. ’
’ oh, wait… a minute.. what is that? is that your baby’s head or something? ’
’ it’s okay, just keep going, it’s probably the baby you’re feeling. ’
’ wait, hold on now - i can’t cum on your baby’s head. ’
’ there’s something in there, what is that? i’ve never felt that before. ’
’ are you going to talk about it the whole time? ’
’ it’s not a big deal, jesus. ’
’ are we going to have to go to the hospital afterwards? ’
’ i can’t believe you’re making me do this. ’
’ oh, yes, come on, a little faster! ’
’ oh, god! i just felt it again, what is that? how babies are in there? ’
’ wait, i can’t do this! there is something in there! ’
’ what is that i’m feeling? it’s like hard. ’
’ i can’t believe we’re getting cock blocked already… literally. ’
’ just keep going, don’t think about it. ’
’ i promise you it is okay, just keep going. ’
’ oh, yes! right there! that’s the spot all right! ’
’ are you okay? you need me to stop or slow down? ’
’ no, no, no… don’t stop, don’t slow down. ’
’ i can’t tell if you’re in pain or pleasure… ’
’ can i rub your belly while we do it? ’
’ don’t touch my stomach while we’re doing it! ’
’ you’re belly is huge from being pregnant, how is this going to work? ’
’ listen here, we are going to get through this one way or another. ’
’ you are not finished until i said so! now get back in there! ’
’ we have some unfinished business to tend too. ’
’ you ever wanted to have sex? even though you’re pregnant? ’
’ there is really no difference, other than my belly being huge.. ’


“hello dears! can i request y/n really missing jimin and doesn’t feel well like kinda tired and warm/cold and she just wanna cuddle and jimin responds super cute and loveable like the boyfriend he isss im sorry if thats to much but your texts are super good i would also love to know you better”

“(Those tae texts though!!!! Like wow 💙) can I request bf Jimin text? Just late night texts talking and being flirty of course! (I know this is t really a “request after dark” BUUUT that’s okay 😂 Love the admins hard work on this page!! Love you guys!!”

“Hello, gorgeous! Can I get fluffy Jimin snaps/texts where you’re crying because you think he doesn’t love you but he is hopelessly in love?”

“Can I request Jimin buying you a plane ticket while he’s on tour because he misses his number one fan?”

Okay I tried my best to combine all of these. Sorry if I didn’t cover all the bases. I tried. 😅 Here’s your boyfriend Jimin finally inviting you on tour when he sees how much you’re hurting over him being gone. - admin nicole 💕