wow that was difficult to spell

Learning French vs Learning German

Reading French: a lot of words look like English, fairly straightforward, no casualties yet

Reading German: …where’s the verb gone? because i on sunday with my friend shopping went…

German tenses: wow look at these tenses that are easy to distinguish between

French tenses: is that the future, conditional, or imperfect???

German spelling: not massively difficult

French spelling: HAHAHAHA

German pronunication: things are said how they’re spelt, better master CH and R though

French pronunication: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Listening to German: as long as Hochdeutsch is spoken, all is good

Listening to French: what did i do to deserve this

Speaking German: did i send my verb to the end??? did i even say the verb??? oops i said k instead of ch

Speaking French: honestly why did i learn ALL these endings

French prepositions: not brilliant, not the end of the world

German prepositions: oh just kill me now

Telling people you’re learning French: “But it’s so easy and boring!”

Telling people you’re learning German: “But it sounds so violent!”

French grammar: WHY

German grammar: WHY (x6)

Magic, Myth and Mayhem

“Did you cast a spell?”

“What does this potion do?”

“Do you have any idea how a cell phone works?”

“Is that a dragon?”

“No, no, no, no, no…”

“I need a wand!”

“This gun doesn’t shoot bullets.”

“Oh, that’s just my familiar.”

“Maybe wearing a cape isn’t the greatest idea if you want to blend in.”

“Can we not talk about magic and powers?”

“I love you even more after that fire trick.”

“How did you piss off that wizard? Did you kill his familiar?”

“Wow that’s so… sparkly.”

“I need some water…”

“Don’t suppose you could conjure some wind…”

“Is abracadabra really a magic word?”

“Did you see on the news? Someone animated all the dead cows in a slaughterhouse in Houston.”

“You don’t need any spells for that, just some ginger will do.”

“I’m tired of hiding.”

“Can you turn coal into a diamond?”

“Alchemy isn’t all that difficult. All you need to do is follow a recipe.”

“Do you really need all these books?”

“I - I can’t tell you how I did that.”

“I’m a pretty good spell slinger.”

“I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Sorry. SORRY!”

“I have a little bit of everything. What are you looking for?”

Hermione Granger INFJ Bamf

There has been much dispute on what Hermione Granger’s mbti is.  Out of all the Potter characters, hers have had the largest variety as to what she could be.  I’ve been re-reading and watching the series, and as I look into everything more I’ve determined that Hermione Jean Granger is an INFJ. While I am an INFJ, this is not me searching for myself within my favorite character. I often actually find it difficult to see an INFJ in many fictional characters. It is the rarest of all types, so it would make sense that it would be rare to find an INFJ character.  There is just so much that Hermione Granger does and so much of who she is that is just INFJ to the core.

To start off I’m going to go more in depth the the actual personality of the INFJ, because if you aren’t familiar a lot of what I will reference to will not make sense.  The INFJ is described as the Protector, they will go to great lengths to protect those whom they care about.  The INFJ also has a great sense to read how others are feeling and understand what someone is thinking often before they know themselves.  The INFJ is also known the be the most empathetic of the personality types, and truly wants to understand what others are going through.  The INFJ also has an extreme sense for what is right and wrong, because of this they are often found taking up causes, even when the cause might not exist.  

So now back to Hermione Granger. For this post I plan on going book/movie from 1-7 and pointing out actions and characteristics that allude to Hermione Granger being an INFJ. At the end I’ll bring whatever that doesn’t fit into a miscellaneous category.  (I’M GONNA PUT FUN PICS IN, BECAUSE THIS IS GOING TO BE A HELLA LOT OF TEXT)

Sorcerer’s Stone

“Are you really?” said Hermione. “I know all about you, of course – I got a few extra books, for background reading, and you’re in Modern Magical History and The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century.”

  • Not that to say that other types are not found reading, but INFJs are not only found rare because their type is rare, but often those with the personality are found hiding behind the pages of a book.
  • Also while INFJs have a very strong sense of who people are, they are also researchers they want to know the truth about the world. They need it to truly know the truth about themselves.

“Do either of you know what house you’ll be in? I’ve been asking around, and I hope I’m in Gryffindor, it sounds by far the best; I hear Dumbledore himself was in it, but I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn’t be too bad.”

  • While many people have said that Hermione’s type would be an ISFJ, because of her desire to learn and her book smarts, however this is one of the first places I find where Hermione distinguishes herself from that though.  She loves knowledge and desires it, but she has a different alignment of priorities. She values bravery and friendship over knowledge.
  • This is not to say that INFJs cannot be Ravenclaws (I’m a Ravenclaw myself), but Hermione knows early on in the series that knowledge is very important, but what is even more important is the knowledge of people.
  • This is something you will see continuously from her throughout the series.

“Hermione Granger was on the edge of her seat and looked desperate to start proving that she wasn’t a dunderhead.”

  • INFJs have an inherent need to prove themselves, this comes from a place of self-doubt.  While it is never spoken of, mostly because the story is not told from Hermione’s point of view I believe that Hermione’s need to show her intelligence comes more from her wanting to prove herself rather than wanting to show off.
  • To add into that self-doubt, she was not born into this world, she constantly needs to prove that she belong in this world she wasn’t born into.

General Hermione trying to keep everyone out of trouble

  • This happens too many times for me to cite all of them, but she in general is looking out for the wellbeing of everyone.  At this point she isn’t even good friends with Harry and Ron, but she still is protecting them over other students.

“Hermione didn’t turn up for the next class and wasn’t seen all afternoon. On their way down to the Great Hall for the Halloween feast, Harry and Ron overheard Parvati Patil telling her friend Lavender that Hermione was crying in the girls’ bathroom and wanted to be left alone.”

  • While INFJs can appear confident they are easily torn down. Criticism from others can rock the INFJ to their core.  Hermione while had been annoying most students for the first part of the year had never heard people talking about her.  To hear Ron say such horrible things to her, caused her to break down and isolate herself. This is a common reaction from the INFJ.

“Ron dropped his wand. Hermione Granger, telling a downright lie to a teacher? "If they hadn’t found me, I’d be dead now. Harry stuck his wand up its nose and Ron knocked it out with its own club. They didn’t have time to come and fetch anyone. It was about to finish me off when they arrived.”

  • The INFJ while they have a great sense of right and wrong, will pick the people they care about over the the truly right thing every time. INFJs do not make friendships that they only anticipate lasting a short time. They play for keeps. This was Hermione deciding that Harry and Ron are her people.  

“Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery and – oh Harry – be careful!”

  • INFJs while they are able to see the good and greatness in others often overlook it within themselves.  Hermione is trying to tell Harry how brilliant he is while all she has is books and cleverness. This whole time however Hermione has been choosing friendship and bravery over books and rules every time.

“Second – to Miss Hermione Granger… for the use of cool logic in the 247 face of fire, I award Gryffindor house fifty points.” Hermione buried her face in her arms; Harry strongly suspected she had burst into tears. Gryffindors up and down the table were beside themselves – they were a hundred points up.

  • Just as INFJs have strong reactions to criticism they have strong reactions to recognition.  

“Hope you have – er – a good holiday,” said Hermione, looking uncertainly after Uncle Vernon, shocked that anyone could be so unpleasant.

  • INFJs have a very idealized viewpoint on the world, they always see the best in people, so it often confuses them when they find truly unpleasant people.

Chamber of Secrets

Continuous Hermione worrying and protecting of Harry and Ron

  • Post-troll Hermione has her people and she is not letting go.  In typical INFJ fashion, she only lets those closest to her get to know her true self and she in turn is the loyalist of all friends.

Hermione’s idealized view of Gilderoy Lockhart

  • More INFJ idealized views of people who will later prove that they did not deserve the faith you put into them.

“A promise is a promise,” Hermione reminded Harry bossily. “You said you’d go to the deathday party.”

  • If you make a promise to an INFJ expect to be held to it.  INFJs take promises very seriously, especially when it has to do with showing up some place. You would not want to be late to a Hermione Granger party, trust me.

“Oh, no, Peeves, don’t tell her what I said, she’ll be really upset,” Hermione whispered frantically. “I didn’t mean it, I don’t mind her — er, hello, Myrtle.”

  • Even though Myrtle is someone that Hermione finds it important that her feelings not be hurt. INFJs typically don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  This can cause issues because the INFJ will often put others feelings before their own.  

There’s a lot of similar actions from Sorcerer’s Stone that I’m not adding in here, because that would be overkill

Hermione planning actually everything they do in this book omg

  • INFJs strive for perfection and therefore take a lot of planning on to themselves.  Hermione pretty much came up with all the plans, and was still helping Harry and Ron figure shit out when she was petrified for goodness sake.

Hermione spends the more exciting part of this book petrified so there isn’t much more to say on this one folks.

Prisoner of Azkaban

“Harry laughed as he put Hermione’s letter aside and picked up her present. It was very heavy. Knowing Hermione, he was sure it would be a large book full of very difficult spells – but it wasn’t. His heart gave a huge bound as he ripped back the paper and saw a sleek black leather case, with silver words stamped across it, reading Broomstick Servicing Kit. “Wow, Hermione!” Harry whispered, unzipping the case to look inside.”

  • This isn’t a generally known fact about INFJs, but they tend to be the best gift givers.  They will often get you gifts that you could not even think of yourself. They tend to surprise anyone they usually get a gift.

Hermione figuring out that Lupin is a werewolf and knowing him well enough to trust him.

  • This is also one of those defining moments where Hermione chooses people over fact.  She know’s that Lupin is a werewolf, but she keeps his secret because she knows in her heart that he’s a good guy. INFJs can sense when people are good even know when they know the worst side of a person.

Hermione and the Time Turner

  • Hermione like an INFJ wants to have control over everything and do everything to perfection.  By taking all of the subjects she is striving for a level of perfection and again wanting to prove herself to those who wish to tear her down and those who believe in her.

Hermione’s struggle when Trelawney tries to read her

  • Hermione is very uncomfortable with anyone knowing her on that level, and it seems to have scared her when someone read her like the books she loves.  INFJs are known for being too mysterious to understand. This comes from a place where INFJs are just more difficult to understand in general, but it is also an INFJ defense mechanism.  If you don’t let people know you too well they won’t know how best to hurt you.

The Hermione Granger Face Punch

  • There is a concept known as the INFJ door slam where and INFJ completely gives up on you and essentially slams the door on your face forever. While Hermione and Draco Malfoy had never been friends, she was still willing to see the better parts of him, but with one slammed door or punch in the face that was long gone.

Hermione’s Quest for Justice

  • Hermione starts to show how she can rally behind a person or cause.  While it is very illegal for her to rescue both Sirius and Buckbeak, she is not willing to let innocent lives go to pasture - which is very INFJ.

Again there were a lot of repeat actions from the first and second book that I chose not to repeat because they just weren’t necessary.

Goblet of Fire

“Your scar hurt? Harry, that’s really serious… . Write to Professor Dumbledore! And I’ll go and check Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions… . Maybe there’s something in there about curse scars… .”

  • Hermione continuously tries to solve problems that don’t really have a solution because she wants to not only understand her friends, but to understand their problems. Hermione is always the first to catch on to what Harry is feeling and often tells him before he can even understand it.

“You know, house-elves get a very raw deal!” said Hermione indignantly. “It’s slavery, that’s what it is! That Mr. Crouch made her go up to the top of the stadium, and she was terrified, and he’s got her bewitched so she can’t even run when they start trampling tents! Why doesn’t anyone do something about it?”

  • OK let’s talk about S.P.E.W for just a hot minute because it probably the most INFJ thing to do ever.  INFJs are known for taking up causes and not usually your average ones.  They are know for sticking up for the those who usually forgotten and who might not even seek help themselves. Hermione does this again and again. Even when everyone (including quite a few house elves) told her that house elves were not worth the effort, she kept fighting for them.

“Stop it!” Hermione said shrilly. Harry looked around at her. She was looking, not at the spider, but at Neville, and Harry, following her gaze, saw that Neville’s hands were clenched upon the desk in front of him, his knuckles white, his eyes wide and horrified.”

  • Hermione’s sense of right and wrong is on full display here while the rest of the class is amused and curious about what they are seeing, Hermione is the only one willing to step up and say what is happening is wrong.  

“Oh Harry, isn’t it obvious?” Hermione said despairingly. “He’s jealous!”

  • Hermione’s ability to read how people are actually feeling is so overlooked throughout the series. (mostly because Harry is a thick son of a gun).  She is able to read both Harry and Ron in a moment of pure chaos.

Hermione hiding the fact that she was going to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum

  • INFJs are usually seen as mysterious, but it’s not for the reasons you would expect.  Sometimes keeping things secret for an INFJ is a way of protecting something good when they have it.

More of General Hermione behavior

  • Harry and Ron are her people, and while some may have ditched Ron completely for how he was treating both Harry and Hermione, she sticks with him and convinces Harry to do the same.  It takes a lot for an INFJ to quit on someone and it seems the same for Hermione Granger.

Order of the Phoenix

“HARRY! Ron, he’s here, Harrys here! We didn’t hear you arrive! Oh, how are you? Are you all right? Have you been furious with us? I bet you have, I know our letters were useless - but we couldn’t tell you anything, Dumbledore made us swear we wouldn’t, oh, we’ve got so much to tell you, and you’ve got things to tell us -the Dementors! When we heard - and that Ministry hearing - it’s just outrageous, I’ve looked it all up, they can’t expel you, they just can’t, there’s provision in the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery for the use of magic in life-threatening situations”

  • It has actually been torturing Hermione that she has not been able to talk to Harry and have a deep connection while he’s been at the Dursley’s.  While the INFJ is an introvert they are the most extroverted of the introverts and crave having that deeper sort of connection with people, especially the people they love.

“Well, obviously, she’s feeling very sad, because of Cedric dying. Then I expect she’s feeling confused because she liked Cedric and now she likes Harry, and she can’t work out who she likes best. Then she’ll be feeling guilty, thinking it’s an insult to Cedric’s memory to be kissing Harry at all, and she’ll be worrying about what everyone else might say about her if she starts going out with Harry. And she probably can’t work out what her feelings towards Harry are anyway, because he was the one who was with Cedric when Cedric died, so that’s all very mixed up and painful. Oh, and she’s afraid she’s going to be thrown off the Ravenclaw Quidditch team because she’s flying so badly.“ A slightly stunned silence greeted the end of this speech, then Ron said, "One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.”

  • (OMFG INFJ ICONIC AF) This is one the scenes where I specifically was like omg Hermione has to be an INFJ.  She is not even close friends with Cho and has never been, but she can tell just by knowing a little bit about her and Harry exactly how she’s feeling.  INFJs can just tell.  This scene is often overlooked because Ron and Harry are thick as all get out, but this scene is such an important

“You should have told her differently,’ said Hermione, still with that maddeningly patient air. ‘You should have said it was really annoying, but I’d made you promise to come along to the Three Broomsticks, and you really didn’t want to go, you’d much rather spend the whole day with her, but unfortunately you thought you really ought to meet me and would she please, please come along with you, and hopefully you’d be able to get away more quickly? And it might have been a good idea to mention how ugly you think I am too,’ Hermione added as an afterthought. ‘But I don’t think you’re ugly,’ said Harry, bemused. Hermione laughed.”

  • Order of the Phoenix Hermione is so INFJ it hurts.  She is constantly ready all the other characters emotions and helping her friends to understand their problems.  It is difficult enough for other types to sometimes read their friends let alone strangers.

Hermione and Exam Stress

  • INFJs tend to fixate on smaller things and talk about them endlessly. Hermione is no exception.  When it comes time for the students to take their OWL examinations during Order of the Phoenix Hermione cannot stop talking about the exams and begins to aggravate the other students

Hermione and House Elf Welfare

  • INFJs while good at being able to read people and form deep connections, often think they are able to know what people or creatures want better that person does on their own.  Hermione does this when she starts leaving clothes around the common room so the house elves will accidentally free themselves.  The house elves do not want this and actually take quite a bit of offense from this act.

I’m not going to list every single INFJ thing that happens,because straight up there are too many in this book and it’s a long ass book.  So much of Order of the Phoenix is focuses on Harry and all of his angst that pretty much everything Hermione does ends up being INFJ, because she’s trying to understand and help Harry.

Half-Blood Prince

Hermione and Insecurity

  • This book really allows you to see through the cracks of Hermione Granger’s perfect life. Up until now all you’ve really gotten to see is perfect student Hermione who helps Ron and Harry solve all their problems.

Hermione and a Crush

  • While we have seen Hermione with a boy before (Viktor Krum), we haven’t really seen her deal with a real crush.  You would think that a typical 16 year old witch would have had several boyfriends at this point. Ginny as example had several within the 6th book.  This is another insight to Hermione being an INFJ.  INFJs in relationships or with people they like tend to be very protective, and whoever they care about they tend to be that person’s number one cheerleader. Hermione not only helped Ron with his Quidditch tryouts, but she also is his biggest encourager when he doesn’t even believe in himself. (Also the ideal match for an INFJ is their best friend, just saying.)

Hermione and Jealousy

  • "The only person who did not find these charms amusing was Hermione, who maintained a rigidly disapproving expression throughout and refused to talk at all if Harry had used the Muffliato spell on anyone in the vicinity”
  • INFJs tend to get jealous when others receive validation in areas that they think they deserve the validation more.  This is true for Hermione in multiple areas of Half Blood Prince.  When Harry starts receiving more credit in potions because of the help he is receiving from his potions book, Hermione becomes really defensive of her own intelligence.  When Ron starts dating Lavender, Hermione becomes very distant from Ron until he begins to validate her crush and her friendship.

Hermione and Loyalty

  • “You’ve said to us once before that there was a time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we?”
  • INFJs are fiercely loyal to their friends.  There is not much that anyone can do once an INFJ has picked you.  They will stick by you until the bitter end.  Hermione despite the fact that they will be facing death right in the face and knows that this puts everyone in her life, including her parents, in danger is not afraid to stand by Harry.

Deathly Hallows (Hermione is an INFJ BAMF)

“No, Harry, you listen,” said Hermione. “We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago—years, really.”

  • Hermione is so fiercely loyal I can’t even stand it.  Hermione, before she even came to the Weasley house, erased her parents memories and sent them to Australia to protect them.   INFJ loyal af.

Hermione still trying to protect house elves

  • Even in the midst of chaos and the new wizarding war, Hermione is still disgusted by the treatment of house elves.  INFJs don’t just give up on causes, just like they don’t give up on friends and relationships.  Even when Kreacher treats Hermione like garbage and filth, she continues to want to protect him.

Why Hermione became so distraught when Ron left

  • INFJs have a large fear of being abandoned.  Ron had been someone that Hermione had grown to rely on and to see him walk out like that was devastating. This is why Hermione was so harsh to Ron when he got back.  
  • “Hermione launched herself forward and started punching every inch of him 329 that she could reach. “Ouch—ow—gerroff! What the—? Hermione—OW!” “You—complete—arse—Ronald—Weasley!””

Godric’s Hollow

  • While both Harry and Hermione knew the risks of going into Godric’s hollow they decide to go anyway.  They go in disguise, but when they come to the graveyard where Harry’s parents are buried they abandon all safety measures and take their time.  Hermione puts up no protest because she knows what this means to Harry. This exactly what an INFJ would do.  Many other types would convince Harry to leave or to at least put his cloak back on.  Hermione and INFJs understand that it’s important for Harry to fully be himself in the place he was born, and to visit his parent’s graves as himself.  Hermione even leaves a wreath at their grave.

Hermione and Ron finally getting together

  • INFJs do not easily fall into relationships and it takes them a long time to trust someone.  They typically fall hard for their best friend and make a long term commitment. You won’t see a lot of serial dating from Hermione or any other INFJ.

Hermione offering to go with Harry to the Forest to his death (movie only)

  • Hermione, in the movie, when she realizes that Harry is going to the forbidden forest to be killed by Voldemort, offers to go with him.  There is no good reason for Hermione to go other than to just be with her friend one last time.  This is such an INFJ move omg. When INFJs find someone is upset or is about to deal with something difficult, they desire to be there for the person.  Even if they say nothing the feel they need to be present.


  • JK Rowling has stated on multiple occasions that Hermione is very much like herself.  She has even gone to the extent of saying that she practically modeled Hermione after herself.  JK Rowling is also an INFJ. 
  • Many debate the fact that Hermione is an N because she is far too logical.  While this is not a completely illogical argument, I believe there is no way that Hermione could be a S.  Hermione is an N and INFJ for the same reason she wasn’t a Ravenclaw.  While Hermione values logic and knowledge, she prioritizes friendship and and bravery over those things.  I touched on this back during Sorcerer’s Stone, but I honestly feel like this is the biggest misconception about Hermione.

I know this post was hella long and I commend you if you go all the way through it.  I know that even after I post this there will be a lot of debate, but I had a lot of feelings on this one :D thanks for reading

-Marriann “Going to name my first daughter after this infj bamf” Green

A Spell Gone Awry

A great crashing sound caused the young woman to jump as the door to her laboratory was flung open with intense force. Her dark eyes darted to the door and she jumped backwards slightly, holding back a slight gasp as the King stormed in.

King Neville’s own dark eyes were eyeing her closely. He was clad in black trousers and a matching tunic, and he wore his deep violet cloak over his shoulders. His damp hair hung limp over his pointed ears and by his strong shoulders, and his brows were low over his eyes.

“Your majesty!” said the woman, giving a quick, somewhat clumsy curtsy. “My apologies, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Selene,” said King Neville, approaching her. From beneath his cloak he produced what appeared to be a weathered scroll, bound with a thin leather tie. He held it out to her, and she eyed it suspiciously for a moment. “Well? Take it,” he said, and she quickly did so.

She eyed the scroll for a moment before untying the leather strap that held it shut. As she unrolled it, the King was silent, watching her.

“What is this, your majesty?” Selene asked as she looked over the scroll.

“A spell,” he answered in his low voice. “Do you think that you can cast it?”

“Your majesty, this is - wow…this is remarkably dark magic, your majesty,” she said quickly, looking at him. “Where did you even get this?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he answered sharply. “Can you cast it? If not, you’re wasting my time.”

“I - it will take some time, your majesty,” she replied. “I could cast it, but it will be difficult.”

“Then cast it,” he said. “Anything you need to cast the spell, I will provide. Just tell me what you need.”

“Time, to begin,” she said, becoming irritated at how insistent he was that she cast this spell. “It will probably take me an hour or more just to translate it, then I can tell you what will be needed.”

“Then I will return in an hour,” the King replied sternly. He said nothing more, simply turned with a flourish of his cape and walked out, the door falling shut behind him with as loud a bang as when he’d entered. 

It was almost an hour to the second - Selene had been watching her clock closely - when her door was, for the second time that evening, flung open by the elven King. This time she was prepared, and managed to avoid jumping. She lifted her gaze, meeting his dark eyes with hers.

“Well?” he asked expectantly.

“I’ve made a list,” Selene said calmly, picking up a piece of paper and offering it to the King. He all but snatched it from her, his eyes darting across the paper. “Most of these things will be easy enough to come by - my only concern is that last item, the one I’ve circled.”

“Why is it a concern?” he asked, sounding much calmer now.

“Well, to begin, there are two plants almost identical that grow in the same region,” Selen said. “The only way to tell the difference is by the veins in the leaves - the plant we want has dark blue veins, but the other one has veins that are a purple colour. On top of that, the only place I’ve ever known it to grow is a location in the Outlands,” Selene continued. “Along a riverbank that leads into the sea - I believe it is most accessible from Three Isle Kingdom, if you have any contacts or smugglers there who would be able to get it for you?”

“It will be done,” Neville answered with a nod. He eyed the list for a moment longer before lifting his brown eyes to look at her. “Selene?”

“Yes, your majesty?”

“…good work.”

He spoke briskly, and then turned and left just as briskly. Selene smiled to herself. The King wasn’t one for giving compliments, so she appreciated that, even if he’d stormed away and said it so quickly she’d almost missed it, he’d taken a moment to show his appreciation for her work.

It took five days for the King to get all of the ingredients to Selene. While she waited, she prepared the ingredients that she already had - chopping and powdering roots from the kitchen, drying and grinding leaves from one of the little plants she kept in her quarters for this very purpose, measuring out liquids from vials and determining what would need to be refilled. She contacted her vendors to purchase replacements of what she had used, and soon, all that was left was to wait on the plant from the Outlands.

She did some research on the plant, and on its counterpart. From what she could gather, it didn’t seem that using the wrong plant would have any adverse effects - it appeared that it would simply cause the spell to fail, which would be annoying given how fast the King wanted it ready, but it wouldn’t be harmful.

King Neville stopped by a few times to ask her questions about the spell. There seemed to be something about him over the last few days - as if he was softening to her somewhat. He was generally a cold and harsh man, but he’d spoken gently as he asked her about the spell.

Why was it so important to him that this spell be performed? The information he’d given her had only included ingredients and instructions - the desired outcome of the spell was not written. All of the ingredients, she’d noticed, seemed to be related to the mind. She’d contemplated the idea that it might be some kind of a mind sharpening spell, but if that had been the case, the King knew that he could just come to her for a spell that would be faster and easier. This one consisted of dark magic, something Selene typically avoided using, and something that would not be necessary for a simple spell like that.

She was asleep when the plant arrived. She found herself caught up in the most unwelcome of dreams, for tonight, Selene dreamt of her handsome elven King. In her dream, he came to her in her room - his strong arms were around her, his harsh face was gazing longingly at her, and his thick accent was speaking to her of how much he desired her. It was strange to her - the small part of her that was vaguely aware that she was dreaming couldn’t figure it out. Yes, the King was attractive, but she’d never thought of him this way before. Perhaps it had something to do with how kind he’d been since asking her to do the spell? Perhaps seeing him soften somewhat was making her soften to him. She hoped that softening herself towards the King didn’t mean finding herself attracted to him.

She was woken rather violently from her sleep by the door being flung open, just as suddenly and forcefully as that first day. She jolted awake, gasping somewhat when she saw the King standing there. His expression immediately softened and he turned away.

“Selene,” he said. “I - I wasn’t aware that you were sleeping.”

“It’s midnight, your majesty, what did you think I was doing?” she asked, feeling a flush come across her golden brown cheeks. However, as embarrassed as she was by the King bursting in on her asleep in only her nightgown, it stirred something deep inside, making her think again of that dream she’d just been dreaming.

“Is midnight not the witching hour? I thought you’d be, you know, doing magic - oh, never mind. The plant is here, so we shall perform the spell.”

“After you step out and let me get dressed,” Selene replied. “I am not doing your spell in my nightgown.”

“Of course,” Neville answered, all too ready to turn and leave, closing the door behind him. Selene sighed softly, getting up out of bed and beginning to get ready. She threw on a simple dress, one that wouldn’t take too long to put on or take off so that she could get right back to sleep when the spell was finished. She tied her hair together so that it would be out of the way, and then she went to the door.

“Your majesty,” she said to him when she opened the door, unsurprised by the fact that he was waiting for her, “let’s perform your spell.”

It took her only a few minutes to get everything ready, what with all the prep work she had done over the last few days. She got her large cauldron bubbling with hot water over the fire, added a handful of ingredients, mixed together another handful of ingredients in a smaller cauldron - all while Neville watched. He had never actually watched her perform magic, and she could see the wonder in his eyes.

“Is this what you do all the time?” he asked as she stirred her large cauldron.

“Not all the time,” she replied calmly. “This spell requires more steps than most. Lots of my magic only takes a wave of my wand and an incantation.”

“Still, this is remarkable,” he said.

“Well, thank you,” she replied, turning her attention back to the cauldron. “May I see the plant?”

The elven King took a pouch from within his cloak, handing it over. She opened it and took out the plant. It had been clipped at the base of the stem, just as her instructions had requested. She eyed it closely, wanting to be sure that it was the right one - the dim light of her candles was hardly enough to tell whether those were purple or dark blue veins.

“And whoever fetched this is sure that it’s the right one?” Selene asked, looking at Neville.

“He gave his word,” Neville replied.

“Good,” Selene answered.

“What happens if this is the wrong plant, though?” he asked.

“Then the spell fails and we have to wait another week while someone fetches us the right plant,” Selene said with a shrug of her shoulders. “I looked into it and I do not think that using the other plant will have any adverse effects. Though, since I do not know what the spell is even supposed to do, I have no way of knowing for sure.”

“It is not your place to question me,” Neville said in a stern voice.

“I was not, your majesty,” she answered, irritated that he wouldn’t tell her what the spell did. “I was simply telling you what would happen.”

Delicately, she tore the leaves from the plant. The spell called for the stem and flower, but not the leaves, so she decided to keep them for future use. Plus, she had needed it delivered with the leaves intact so she could tell whether or not she even had the right plant. It was unfortunate that it was so late at night, as she’d wanted a good look at it in the sunlight. She simply had to take the delivery man’s word for it.

She dangled the flower by the end of the stem over the pot, taking the spell and reading aloud the incantation. It was in another language, one that Selene understood well enough to perform the incantation but not quite well enough to fully determined what the spell did. It was an unfortunate situation all around.

When she had finished reading the spell, she dropped the flower into the cauldron. It flipped itself rightside-up so that the flower was on top and the stem sank below. It floated for a moment before slowly sinking into the cauldron. It would have been the perfect moment for a lightning strike outside.

“Now what?” asked Neville.

“I don’t know,” Selene answered. “That’s all the spell says, so whatever is supposed to happen should - oh!”

As she spoke, the mixture began to violently bubble. Each bubble seemed to let off a small cloud of violet gas as it popped, and as the cauldron bubbled more, more of the violet gas began to spill over the sides. It was like a fog cloud, creeping around their ankles.

“Is this supposed to happen?” she asked, looking at Neville. The cloud gave off a sweet aroma, almost like candied sugar - almost sickeningly sweet to Selene, but a small child might be in heaven.

“I don’t-” the King started to say, but his words were cut off as he started to wobble, before collapsing into a heap at her feet. Selene’s eyes widened and she dropped to her knees beside him.

“Your majesty?” she asked, immediately finding herself filled with panic. If her spell had killed the King, she’d surely be put to death. Before she could get up and drain the cauldron, though, she felt a wooziness come over her. Whatever had happened to the King was happening now to her. That was the last thing she was able to determine before she was out like a light.

Selene awoke to the sound of birds singing. She blinked open her dark eyes slowly, taking in the sunlight from the window. She was…in her own room. In her quarters. The cauldron, which had been bubbling, had died down. The fire had gone out. The sky outside was blue, the birds were singing, and Selene…was asleep on the floor, with her head upon the sleeping King’s chest.

She knew that he was sleeping only because she could feel the rise and fall of his chest beneath her head. She sat bolt upright, not wanting to be caught in such a position, and then turned her attention towards him. He was certainly asleep, with a peaceful look on his face.

“Your majesty?” she asked in a soft voice, placing her hands gently on the elven man’s shoulders. As she lightly shook him awake, she felt a sudden sensation of panic rush over her. He woke with a start, and as he collected his bearings, the shock that had filled her faded. His brown eyes looked up at her, and she could feel a strange sense of confusion come over her. What was she confused about?

“Selene,” the King mumbled. “W-what happened?”

“I don’t know, your majesty,” she said softly, offering him her hands to help him get up. He was a proud man, but not too proud to know that it was in his best interest in that moment to let her help him up. The pair of them stood, and their gazes shifted to the cauldron. Selene had to find out what had gone wrong. The spell hadn’t just failed, it had done something else.

“The spell didn’t just fail, it did - something,” Neville said softly. “Something else.”

“You read my mind,” Selene said, shaking her head. “We have to find out what.” She glanced around for a moment, trying to recall where she had set the leaves of the plant.

“You put them on that table there,” Neville said, pointing.

“W-what?” Selene asked, turning to face him.

“The leaves,” he said. “You wanted to know where you put them.”

“Your majesty,” she said slowly, “I did not say that out loud.”

A long silence fell over them. A flurry of thoughts raced through both their minds, trying to figure out what had just transpired between them. How had the King heard something when Selene hadn’t said it out loud? Were they reading one anothers’ minds? Selene thought about the panic that had filled her as she woke the King - had she been sensing his own startled feelings upon awakening?

“What number am I thinking of?” Neville said suddenly. Selene didn’t even have to think about it, or look for it - the number two popped immediately into her head.

“Two,” she blurted out.

Neville went silent, staring at her. “That was right,” he said. “And I didn’t ask you out loud, either.”

“So we can hear one anothers’ thoughts?” Selene asked slowly.

“It seems like it,” Neville replied. “I wonder - did the backfiring spell give us the ability to read minds?”

“I don’t know,” Selene said. “All I know is that I’m getting a headache - all my own thoughts coupled with yours, it is all a bit much to process.”

“I’m feeling the same,” Neville said.

“You should go and rest - I’m sure your back must be hurting from sleeping on the floor all night, I know mine is,” Selene said, going over to her shelves and fetching a kettle. She suddenly felt a sense of annoyance, and she knew that it couldn’t have been her own.

“Are you not going to figure out why the spell backfired?” Neville asked sternly.

“I think we both know why the spell failed, your majesty,” Selene replied, setting the kettle down and walking over to the table where she had put the leaves down. She picked one up, carrying it over to the window and eyeing it closely in the sunlight. “They gave us the wrong plant.”

“Can you reverse it?” Neville asked. Selene paused thoughtfully - considering that she didn’t even know what the spell was supposed to do, it was hard to figure out what to do to fix it. “Never mind,” said Neville abruptly, interrupting her train of thought. “I can hear what you’re thinking, I already know what you are going to say.”

“We will figure this out,” Selene said, gazing towards him. “You should go rest. Really. Have a nap and then go about your kingly duties. I’ll start trying to figure out what to do. But please, your majesty, I need to know what the spell was supposed to do in the first place, and where you got it.”

“I suppose there’s no point trying to hide it from you when you can read my mind now,” said Neville with a sigh. Immediately, she could feel the strange sense of remembering…remembering the moment when he got it? Though she hadn’t been there, she could recall seeing a young man with dark hair clad all in black. He’d offered up the scroll, and Neville had paid him, then thanked him.

“Who is-” Selene asked, but before she could even finish asking the question, she heard Neville’s memory of the man’s accented voice introducing himself as Finn Balor.

“He was a diplomat from the Demon Kingdom,” said Neville, and as he spoke, Selene picked up her teapot and went to put it on the fire. At this point, she wasn’t even sure if his lips were moving or if he was just thinking to himself the thoughts that he wanted her to hear. “He had been asked to deliver the spell to me by his King, the Undertaker. He’s already gone, on a ship headed back home by now. I’m not even really certain what the spell was supposed to do, only that the Undertaker was presenting them to all of the other Kings as gifts - a message of good will, you know?”

“I suppose that makes sense,” Selene replied. “I need to find out, then, what it does.”

“I will have a letter sent to the Undertaker to ask,” Neville replied. “Do you have…you know, witch friends that you can ask?”

“Of course,” Selene said with a smile, shaking her head. A few came to mind right away.

“Kiera? Niko? Belle? Who are these people?” Neville asked, and Selene couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Friends,” she replied. “Witches tend to know other witches, it’s just how we work.”

“Right,” Neville said slowly.

“Now, how many times do I have to tell you to go and rest? You need a nap, and then you have a job to do - a Kingdom to run. See if you can play around with the mind-reading while you’re at it, see how it works on other people and what it does in terms of proximity. See how close you have to be to someone to read their mind, see how far you get from me before you can’t read mine any more, see if you can hear thoughts from more than one person at once - those kinds of things.”

“Should I take notes as well?” he asked sarcastically.

“Should I even dignify that with an answer?” Selene asked, and Neville narrowed his eyes, taking a step closer.

“You may be able to read my mind but that does not change the fact that I am your King,” he said in a low voice.

“Of course,” Selene replied. This time, the annoyance she felt was her own, though it was likely amplified by his. “My apologies, your majesty. Go have a nap.”

The rest of the day, Selene sat in her little tower and worked away at her solutions. She could still sense things that were going on with Neville - she could tell when he went to sleep by the tired sense of peace that rushed over her, and she felt his sudden alertness when he woke up. She could feel him eating, her own faint sense of hunger fading away at his fullness, and she even felt it physically when he bumped a knuckle on the table.

She eventually set down her letter-writing and closed her eyes. She thought about Neville, and it was barely a moment before her closed eyes could see what he was seeing. It was as if she could see through his eyes - he was in the throne room, seated upon his majestic violet throne, and there was a young man there speaking to him. It was another elven man, with pale skin and red hair. She could feel annoyance from the King as the young man addressed him regarding plans for a royal ball in Empire Minora that all the Kings and nobility were expected to attend.

“You don’t want to go, do you?” Selene thought, though she already knew the answer perfectly well.

“Not at all,” came Neville’s voice, echoing about in her mind. “I can’t read his mind, Selene. I can still hear your thoughts, but nobody else’s.”

“I’m having the same problem,” Selene said. “I’m starting to wonder if perhaps the spell linked the two of us together, rather than giving us the ability to read minds.”

“It seems to lessen with distance,” said Neville. “When I was with you it was as if your thoughts were right in my mind, and I could hear everything. Now, though, I only hear it if it’s strong, or if I’m thinking about it.”

“I’ve noticed the same thing,” Selene said. “I felt when you hit your hand today off the table, it hurt.”

“Apologies,” Neville replied. It was rare for the King to apologize for anything - it must have been more painful than just what she’d felt. “This man is wasting my time, but I have to listen to what he says.”

“Of course,” Selene replied. “I’ll get back to work trying to figure this out.”

The King didn’t stop by again that evening, but he didn’t have to. He was able to speak with Selene by just thinking what he wanted to say, and she responded by doing the same. She told him about all that she had done - she’d written and sent letters to a few friends of hers to see if anyone knew of the spell, and she’d started researching the plant they’d used to see what kinds of adverse effects it had and what other materials could neutralize its effects. He, in return, told her that he had sent a letter to the Undertaker, King of the Demon Kingdom, to see what he knew of the spell.

Selene settled down for bed early that night, tired as a combined result of her late-night spellcasting and the uncomfortable sleep she’d had on the floor. As she slept, she again had that dream about the King. It was different this time, though - tonight, the elven man was sitting upon his throne with her in his lap. He held her hips and kissed her neck, and again, his accented voice spoke of how much he loved her. She couldn’t remember the specifics, though she did recall him making a remark about making her his Queen.

When she awoke from the dream, she got up and made herself a pot of tea. For a split second upon waking up, all had seemed normal, but then she had remembered the spell. She had a mind connection to the King, and she was having fantasy dreams about him? She inwardly groaned, praying somewhat that they wouldn’t share their dreams. She drank her tea and then went back to sleep, a dreamless sleep that would last peacefully until morning.

When morning came and she woke to the chirping of the birds, she again got up to make herself some tea. This time, though, she took her teacup and headed downstairs, figuring she’d get some breakfast from the kitchens before she got to work. She’d barely eaten the day before, having been too engrossed in her work.

She and her breakfast returned to her room, ready to start the day, when she felt an incoming thought from Neville - “Should I send for more of the plants we used? So you can study them?”

It seemed an odd question, but perhaps he’d been paying attention to her yesterday while she worked. She didn’t have much to go by - the plant wasn’t mentioned often in her books, and it would be some time before she heard back from her contacts. “If you can do that, it would be appreciated,” she said in response.

“I will do that,” he replied. She thought it was the last she was going to hear from him, but it was not. “The part that I’m most curious about, to be truthful, is this: why did it link us? Was it because the two of us were the ones who breathed in that gas?”

“I have no idea,” Selene replied. “That could be it, which begs the question of what would have happened had one of us been alone performing the spell? Or if more than two people had been present to inhale the gas? Would we be connected to everyone else involved, or would the gas have paired us up? I’m not casting it again to find out.”

“I don’t blame you,” Neville said. “If this is some kind of new discovery, Selene, it could probably make you a very wealthy witch.”

“I don’t need wealth, I need my mind back,” Selene replied, laughing a bit to herself and hoping that her humour would project into him so that he could sense the joking tone that she tried to convey.

“As do I,” he replied, and she could practically feel him shaking his head. “As do I…”

The next few days were uncomfortable to say the least. Selene and Neville avoided one another as much as they could, agreeing that the clamour in their heads when they were in close proximity to one another was too much. Each night as Selene slept, her dreams of the King grew more and more vivid. She would wake up with her heart racing and her body craving his touch, and every night she swore that she was going to hear him angrily yelling in her head, but she never did.

The responses came from her friends, staggered over a few days. None of them were familiar with the spell. Her friend Kiera remarked that based on the ingredients and incantation, it looked as though the spell was intended to connect one’s mind to an object, though her translation was rough and she wasn’t sure what the object was.

“Perhaps using the wrong plant caused the spell to connect our minds to one another when it should have connected you to whatever the object was,” Selene remarked to Neville an hour or so after reading the letter. “The connection that we have, though - I’m not sure how such a connection would work with an object.”

There came only silence from the other end. Selene went quiet, waiting to hear from him, but he said nothing. She frowned, closing her eyes and allowing herself to focus on his thoughts instead. He was far away - in the market in town, which was the furthest he’d been from her since the spell. It took some effort to get in, but there he was. He was at a jeweler’s, and she could see him eyeing a beautiful ring - amethyst set in silver, intricate and ornate as anything.

“Here you go, your majesty,” said the jeweler, and Neville looked up. The man was holding out a box, and the King took it quickly. He gave the man no thanks, instead offering a curt nod before turning and heading back to his carriage.

“Your Majesty,” said Selene, trying to be a little more forceful this time.

“What is it?” he asked.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “Have somebody to woo?”

“Why are you watching? It’s none of your business, Selene,” he said, and even over the distance, she could tell that his words had a sharp tone to them.

“I was talking to you, I just wanted to check in and see why you weren’t answering,” she replied. “I was wondering if-”

“Please, Selene, don’t check in on me when I’m not expecting it,” he said. The sharpness was gone, and instead it was something of a plea - there was something he wanted to keep from her.

“Yes, yes, I understand,” she said. “Just please, don’t think you can hide anything from me.”

“Oh, believe me, I don’t plan to.”

That night as Selene sipped her evening tea, she began to hear a flurry of thoughts whirling inside of her head. It was difficult to discern specific ones from one another, but she immediately got the sense that Neville was nearby - and she could tell that he was nervous about something. Before she had the chance to ask, there came a confirming knock at her door.

“Your majesty,” she said as she opened it, her eyes widening. Neville was dressed in his finest outfit and in his arms he carried a large bouquet of purple flowers.

“Selene,” he said slowly, “there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Please, don’t,” she said quickly. Well, now she had her answer - they must, in fact, share dreams at night when they slept.

“No, let me say this,” he said, holding up a hand. “In the time since that spell, I’ve come to learn a great deal about you. I’m learning to see you as more of a person and less of a tool, and I feel like that’s helping me to see others the same way too. You’re bringing out the best in me, Selene, and I want to know if you’ll do me the honour of joining me for dinner?”

“Your majesty, you’re making a mistake,” Selene said softly. “You only think this because of the connection - once we fix it, you’ll realize that this isn’t what you want.”

“I cannot stop thinking about you, Selene,” he said, shaking his head. “You fill my dreams, I’m constantly wondering what you’re doing, what you’re thinking - and it may be because of this connection, but until we get that sorted, this is what I want right now. It’s just dinner, Selene - if you despise me then we don’t have to do it again.”

Selene went quiet. She felt guilty for the fact that he’d seen her dreams and thought them his own - after all, she’d been having the dreams before their connection came to be. She knew they were her own. She was suddenly torn - part of her wanted to tell him the truth, that the dreams were hers and that he probably wasn’t attracted to her…but part of her saw a handsome, sexy, powerful man in front of her all but begging her to be with him, and how could she in her right mind say no?

“You’re not reading my thoughts right now, are you?” Selene asked softly.

“I am working very hard not to,” he replied. “I can tell that you’re thinking it over, and I want the decision to be your own.”

“Your majesty, if I am to agree to this, there is something you must know,” Selene said finally, deciding it best to just tell him the truth.

“I am all ears,” he said.

“Those dreams about me that you’ve been having - they’re not your dreams, they’re mine. It’s a dream I had before we even had the connection, but now the connection causes us to share our dreams.”

Neville’s lips slowly curled upwards into a smirk. Selene blinked back her surprise, not having expected to see him happy about this? She’d thought he’d be furious that she would dare think of her King in such a way, yet he looked pleased.

“Then Selene,” he said slowly, “that means that you absolutely must join me for dinner.”

“How - how does that work?” Selene asked.

He took a step forward, closing the space between them and lifting one hand to delicately touch her cheek. “Because I’ve found myself attracted to you since long before all this happened,” he said in a low voice. “I didn’t want to act on it because I saw you as little more than a glorified servant, but you are by far the most beautiful woman in my Kingdom, and the only one smart, clever, witty enough to one day stand by my side as Queen.”

Selene’s mouth fell open with surprise as she looked up at him. She was about to ask whether he truly meant that, but there was no need. She didn’t have to read his mind to feel the sense of relief and honesty that was filling him at this moment. He was telling the truth, and he was happy to be doing so. So, Selene did the only thing that really made sense in that moment, and she allowed herself to close the space between them by leaning up for a kiss.

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Born from a typo made by scorpdaddy
With contribution by mynameissteverogers

Grantaire with a Twin sister no one knows about until she just appears.

AND EVERYONES LIKE “???? Whos the hot girl who looks like R”

No one bothers to ask Grantaire and just assumes it’s another of his hookups

They don’t actually meet her until later





No one notices it’s not him until R actually shows up. He introduces her as his little twin sister.

Enjolras looks excited/turned on/horrified



Their parents both named them R names

So like

Ranae and Rene

“This is my sister Ranae”

“… R your name is Rene..”

“.. Different spelling..”

“Your parents.. Not that smart..”

“Yeah also considering we were in the same classroom until 5th grade just made it even worse”

They both go by R too which makes it even more difficult.

They end up going by
R (Grantaire because he’s the oldest)


r (Ranae because youngest)

R and r being little shits during meetings

r teaching R about fruity alcohol drinks and which ones get you drunk faster

They end up a giggling mess laughing at the tiny umbrellas

Ranae and Enjolras becoming like best friends

Ranae still has that fire to her that R lost and Enjolras and her are fucking horrific together
They spur each other on
Like ranae is the one that’s like “Come on Enjolras it’s just ONE more shot”

And he and r end up dancing on the bar top
Ranae can’t dance for shit unless it’s ballet which she is amazing at

So her and Enjolras look like dads at prom

R is Fucking crying laughing

Enjolras drunkenly singing “Best Friend’s Brother” at the top of his lungs
And Courf is just like “I fucking knew that asshole watched Nickelodeon with me when he said he was ‘studying’”


R and r doing ballet together
And its hypnotic to watch

r having the most ridiculous crush on eponine




R is jealous Ranae is best buds with Enjolras but doesn’t mind that they usually hang at his place since Ranae and him magically live together now and their apartment is a million times better than when it was just R

r may or may not have had a threesome with Ferre and Courf and no one can confirm or deny the rumor

People would actually start referring to ranae as petitaire just as a fucking joke
“Oh hahahaha grand r and petit r”

And theyre like

“no exactly This is how people told us apart at school”

Renae has undoubtedly the best eyebrows on the face of the planet



So theyre basically one soul split into two people


Grantaire with a twin sister Ranae















Pretty Eyes

Prompt: “He was unconscious when I found him”

Pairing: Slight Scott/Reader 

Other Characters: Stiles, Liam, Isaac, Malia,

Warning: Mild language (there are two curse words in here)

Words: 2,909

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After a moments stretch, Y/N took off at a quick trot. Down the hill of her street she went; across the Northern bridge, and past the turn into Beacon Hills High. With her hair pulled back into a high ponytail and headphones jammed into her ears, Y/N ran. She was set on chasing the sun westward, its color had deepened to a fierce tangerine as it lowered along the Preserve’s tree line.

She paused in front of the school to catch her breath, and couldn’t help but notice the group of teenagers gathered in the parking lot.
She thought it was odd; what would a bunch of teenagers be doing at the High School this late? Was there a function going on that she had forgotten about? Being new to Beacon Hills, it was most certainly a possibility. Y/N glanced around the rather, barren looking lot. Or maybe not.
“How can we find him if they’ve covered his scent?” Malia snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. “We aren’t psychics.”

“We’ll find Stiles.” Scott reassured the Were coyote, before scanning  over his packs determined faces. “We have to.”

“How sure are we that they’re still in town?” Isaac asked, leaning back against Lydia’s car. “They could’ve left with him.”

“Stiles is still in town.” Lydia interrupted. “I’m positive.”

“We’ll find him.” Feeling eyes on him, Scott looked up to find a young woman watching them. Flustered at being caught staring, Y/N turned away and continued on her jog. “If you run into trouble,” Scott stared after her, a peculiar look on his face. “Yell. I’ll come find you.” The True Alpha returned his attention to his Pack.  The group dispersed into pairs. Kira went with Lydia in her car, while Malia and Isaac ran off. Leaving Liam and Scott on their own. The youngest beta turned to his Alpha.

“Scott… what happens if we run into any of them?”

Upon entering the Preserve, Y/N  strayed from the main trails. Weaving in and out among the trees, she didn’t slow until she found a stretch of river.

Keeping it on her right, she  walked to catch her breath and take in the surroundings.  The trees were growing closer together. As the sun began to sink, the shadows in her path lengthened.  The woods became a gloomy version of its daytime counterpart right before her eyes.  

By the time a thin sheen of sweat coated her from tip to toe, she had stumbled upon a clearing. Y/N paused; there was absolutely nothing in the area. No speck of green. No breath of life–nothing. As if the atmosphere wasn’t spooky enough, a strong cool breeze picked up. She stilled, feeling that familiar charge of magic in the air. It was almost as if there were wisps of whispers trapped in her surroundings. Something, or someone, was attempting to warn her about something.

Her hand twitched at her side.

No, Y/N thought. Beacon Hills was a fresh start. Under no circumstances were she to turn to magic. She swallowed past the sudden constriction in her throat, shook out her hands, and continued her run.

When her limbs began to ache and her lungs began to burn, Y/N decided to head back down the way she came. The moon had come out, casting the landscape in a pale silver light.

As she approached the clearing , she considered avoiding the area altogether. That is, until her gaze fell on a boy sprawled out on the ground.

“Oh god,” Y/N jogged over to the unconscious boy. Hovering over him, she skimmed her index and middle fingers over his neck until she found a pulse. It was slower than she would have liked it to be. “Hey, can you hear me?” She asked, ripping the headphones from her ears. The boy looked to be around her age. The skin around his left eye was red and purple with an angry looking bruise. His brow was mottled with a deep gash that had just begun to crust. Trails of blood stained the side of his face, and his arm lay at an awkward angle. Her stomach dropped.

Y/N’s gaze explored the area; they appeared to be alone. Pursing her lips into a thin line, Y/N returned her attention back to the boy. He was actually kind of cute— dark hair and a face dotted with moles. By the looks of it, he probably had a really nice smile. “Hey!” She patted his cheek a couple of times, delicately of course, in hopes of rousing him. To no avail, he stayed comatose.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Y/N scanned the tree line once again. A sense of unease settled over her like a heavy fog. Something wasn’t right about this: The state of the clearing and the sudden appearance of the boy….  Although there  appeared to be no palpable evidence, she knew someone was still there. Just beyond the clearing.

Y/N nibbled worriedly on her bottom lip before her gaze sought the boy. She could attempt to lug him back into town, yet with the state he was in…

Y/N leaned back on her haunches and looked skyward, before exhaling heavily with resolve. Hesitant, She leaned forward. Waving her fingers besides his temple, her eyes glittered purple before fading back to Y/E/C. The boy spluttered awake.

“What—where—?” His wide, brown eyes darted around, before landing on Y/N’s face. “What’s going on?! Who are you?”

“Hey— Hey, it’s okay.” She offered a small smile. “You’re safe right now, but you’ll only be awake for a few moments.”

The boy stared up at her through bleary eyes; “What’s going on…? What do you mean I’ll only be awake for-” Y/N frowned at the sudden alarm that crossed his face. “Why can’t I move?” Y/N was taken aback. He should have been able to interact with her normally for a few moments before falling back unconscious.


He began to breathe rapidly. “Who are you? Where did—” And then he froze. “Oh no. No, no, no, we have to go!” The terror behind his gaze made her stomach leap to her throat. “ I know you probably won’t understand this, but some really bad people are coming.” He groaned at her inquisitive stare. “Listen, you have to just help me up. I have to warn my friend, Scott—!”

“Hey, hey, hey— easy!” She cooed, running her knuckles down his face. At her touch, he calmed. “You’re okay. I promise.” Seeing the doubt in his expression, she added. “There’s no one around. Just you, and me, and the woods. ” Y/N lied smoothly; for all she knew his attacker could be just beyond the brush. “Though, that’s the start of every bad horror film, isn’t it?” After an awkward pause, she added. “Sorry. I’ll help you find this Scott, okay?”

“Thanks… but, your eyes…” He mumbled, after a pregnant pause. Y/N’s brow furrowed as his eyes scoured her face. “You eyes are… wow, you’re pretty…”   She cursed inwardly as the boy’s energy began to diminish. It would be difficult to have him concentrate now that his body was beginning to shut down.

“Hey, focus here.”  She had expected to do most of the talking, so she used a weaker version of the spell. “Can you tell me what happened to you?”

“Like stupid pretty… but you’re eyes they’re purple.” He slurred, eyes drooping as her spell began to fade. “Werewolves don’t have purple eyes. What… What are you?”  Y/N winced. She thought that she had had her eyes under control. So much for keeping her use of magic a secret.

“I’m someone who is going to help you, but I can’t do that unless you talk to me.” She prayed he didn’t remember any of this. He began muttering unintelligibly a list of creatures. Y/N sighed. “Can you at least tell me your name?”

Seeming to come back to himself, he said.“I need Scott.” He nodded to himself. Although with his lack of control over his body, it was more like a stiff jolt of his head. “Scott needs to know.”

“Okay buddy, c'mon. You need to focus for me.” She ran a hand through his hair, fingertips glowing as she attempted to calm his mind. “I told you, I’ll help you find Scott, but first, lets concentrate on you, okay?” The boy blinked in confusion. “I’m Y/N, what’s your name?”

“Stiles,” He said finally. “My name is… Stiles.”

“Okay Stiles…” Y/N muttered as he drifted off into unconsciousness. “Let’s fix you up.” Pressing her palms flat against his chest, she allowed her eyes to flutter shut.


Her eyes snapped open at the sound of someone approaching. Y/N looked over her shoulder, only to find no one there. Corporeally anyways, she thought. She slipped her left hand away from the boy and into her thigh holster. Opening up the pocket with a snap, her fingers fished around before curling around the hilt of a dagger. Pulling it out, Y/N returned her attention to Stiles.

“You must have pissed someone off real bad.” Y/N muttered.

The snapping of a twig startled her. Y/N whirled around. There was definitely something just beyond the underbrush. Jaw set, she looked back down at Stiles, determination creasing her brow. Y/N ran a swift finger down his forehead to his chest, leaving his body to glow gently.  Compared to direct contact, it wouldn’t heal him as fast; but it would have to do.

Y/N stood  up, watching the light fade from his form before looking out into the tree line.

"Come out!” She cried. “I know you’re there.” Shifting her grip on the wolfs bane clad blade, Y/N turned to look behind her. Besides the wind picking up, nothing happened. She couldn’t help but feel as if someone were playing games with her. “Fine,” Y/N swallowed. “You want to play?” Eyes flashing purple, she raised her hand and began uttering a reveal spell.

“What are you doing?” Y/N whirled around only to find a pretty girl with short brown hair glowering at her.  In the dim light, she noticed that the girl wasn’t wearing any jogging attire of the sort. Why exactly was she out here now?

Yet that thought dissipated quickly at the realization of how she must have looked. She had her knife out and was standing over a body in the woods while uttering archaic Latin. Y/N gave a regretful smile, attempting to shield the knife from sight.  "Okay, I know how this looks, but trust me, I found him like this—”

The girl growled at her, eyes flashing blue. Y/N went rigid. Well, shit.

“Okay, okay.” Y/N shifted her stance to stand protectively in front of Stiles. “Let’s not do anything hasty.” Her heart was thundering beneath her chest and her grip tightened on her blade. Fighting a werewolf was the last thing on her to do list.  "How about you put those pretty little teeth away, hm?“ She cautiously reached with her free hand behind her, in an attempt to cast a shield over Stiles.

Malia’s confusion at seeing the girl with Stiles was replaced by a searing heat as soon as Y/N made a move towards him. The Werecoyote roared, and race forward to intercept her.

Y/N was quick to react. Throwing up her hand in defense, the girl went flying backwards and into a tree with a deafening crack!

Next thing Y/N knew, she was on the ground. “Malia!” Another boy with eyes blazing red burst from the tree line, taking her by surprise. He knocked the blade in her hand aside and roared terrifyingly close to her face. Y/N stumbled backwards onto her backside and besides her unconscious charge. Almost immediately two other boys— eyes glowing gold— appeared on either side of her.

Y/N scrambled to her feet in front of Stiles. Werewolves, she thought,  a fucking pack of werewolves. This boy better wake up soon, she thought. They may have to start running for their lives. Her eyes darted from shifter to shifter, before settling on the Alpha in front of her. He was from the group she saw earlier. All of them were.

"Are you okay?” Scott called over his shoulder, keeping a trained eye on the girl. Isaac rushed over to Malia’s side.

“I’m fine.” Malia huffed. “How’d she do that?”

“She smells weird.” Liam observed, looking to Scott for an answer. “Good, but weird.”

Scott said nothing. His stare had found its way to his best friend. Looking battered and bruised and paler than he had ever seen him before, he felt his heart racing dangerously. Scott turned his attention back to Y/N. His gaze latched onto her own, stare unwavering. “Let him go.”

“I’m not handing you a free meal.” Y/N spat, ignoring the way her insides quivered. He was a young alpha, but a powerful one at that. “You want him, you have to go through me.”

“Meal?” Isaac asked, brow furrowed . “We’re not going to eat him.”

“I don’t know what you werewolves do! Eat him, maul him, it doesn’t matter.” Y/N snarled, eyes flashing purple. “I’m not letting you take him!”

“Wait,” A flicker of puzzlement passed over Scott’s expression. “You aren’t the one who did this to Stiles?”

“No. I’ve been trying to–” Y/N paused, registering the fact that the alpha had called Stiles by name. Her eyes returned to normal. “Wait, you know Stiles?” Remembering that Stiles knew about Werewolves, she warily asked. “Are you Scott?” By his guarded expression, she supposed that the answer was yes.

“You know, Stiles?” Liam glanced around his Pack.

“No, I managed to wake him for a moment. He just kept muttering Scott’s name” Y/N explained, before looking at Scott. “ He needed to tell you something.”

“What did he say?” Scott inquired.

“He kept saying that bad people were coming.” Aware of their hearing abilities, she decided to stick to the truth.

“How do we know she’s even telling the truth?” Isaac spoke. “I mean, no offense, but you did just toss Malia here around like a rag doll. Who knows what else you’re capable of.”

“How does my heart sound?” Y/N locked gazes with Scott. “He was unconscious when I found him. I was trying to help him, when you guys came.”

“What about the knife?” Malia glared. “And the strange language?”

“I think whatever hurt him is still here.” Y/N lowered her hands to her sides. “I took my knife out when I realized that there was something in the woods.” She explained. “Its been watching me since I arrived.”

“And the Latin?” Isaac questioned.

Reluctantly, she answered. “I was going to see if I could make it come out, only to be attacked by your friend right there.”

“How was I supposed to know you were trying to protect him?” Malia shot Y/N a withering look.

“How about next time use your words instead of baring your teeth.” Y/N countered. Malia growled, taking a threatening step forward.

“Okay, okay!” The Alpha stepped between the two girls. “Everybody calm down. We need to get Stiles out of here.” Once both girls relaxed, he picked up Y/N’s knife.  Scott gave the blade a once over, before handing it back to her. “There’s wolfs bane on it.” He stated.

“Wolfs bane can protect you from a lot of things.” She answered, glancing around at the pack surrounding her before taking the blade. Scott kept his hold on it, and for a moment the two just stared at one another. “Look, if you still don’t trust me, its me versus a pack of wolves. Who do you think will win?”

“I’m trusting you.” Was all he said as he released his hold on the knife. Y/N flushed beneath his intense stare and put the blade away as Scott walked passed her and towards his best friend.

“If you do get him awake, he may be a bit…disoriented.” Y/N said. “I tried to heal him,” Ignoring the questioning looks she received from the betas, she continued. “but I was consistently interrupted.”

“Hey, Stiles.” He knelt besides him, shaking his shoulders. “Stiles, wake up.” Stiles stirred, ever so slightly. Y/N crossed her arms over her chest and watched them. “Stiles C’mon, wake up!”

“Mmmph— pretty eyes? Wuzgoingon?” Scott frowned in confusion. Y/N stifled a giggle. “No, no no, that’s not important— we can have a convos-convoser-…no, con-ver-sa-tion later about your eyes. And face.” Scott rolled his eyes, sitting his friend up. Stiles leaned into him heavily, cradling his arm. “Hey Scott! I found you!”  He celebrated weakly.

“Great.” Isaac said. “You fried what was left of his brain.”

Y/N scowled at him. “I’ll finish healing him later. Right now he’s not feeling any pain. He’s more or less going to act like he’s on drugs until my magic wears off.”

“That’s great…” Stiles’ smile fell. “Wait, does that mean the pretty girl was a figment of my imagination?”

“No Stiles,” Scott smiled slightly, looking up at Y/N out of the corner of his eye. “The pretty girl is very real.”

Imagine Conjuring Your Patronus

╰ ☆╮  Imagine conjuring your patronus

(y/n) - Your Name

(y/p) - Your Patronus

“Expecto patronum!” you shout and a beautiful blue light comes out of your wand.

“Wow” you mutter under your breath as your patronus take on the shape of a (y/p). You hear people ooh-ing as your patronus traveled around the room

“(y/n) its beautiful!” Luna says, twirling in a circle so she can follow the (y/p) with her eyes. Different people send praise and compliments your way.

“(y/n) that was brilliant!” your best friend Harry praises, impressed by how quickly you were able to pick up on this difficult spell.

“Thanks Harry” you say with a smile on your face.

Harry bumps shoulders with you as you both walk to an unused part of the classroom.

“If you don’t mind me asking”, Harry says, his voice dropping down to a whisper “what memory did you use? It took me days to figure out mine, and it took you just a few minutes.”

“Well…” you look around and see that everyone is diligently trying to make their own patronus appear “I already knew what memory I was going to use” .

“Harry,” you say smiling to yourself ”I thought of Hogwarts and everything that has happened here. All the friendships and memories I’ve made. I…I thought of home.”

Do you have anything to help you through difficult times?

Yunho: More than an item, it’s more like I cast a spell on myself so that I believe in myself. And then I pound myself on the chest.

Changmin: He does it until it hurts!
Yunho: No no, ahh it’s more like 2 or 3 times. (laugh)
Changmin: I don’t believe in things like jinxes or anything. I’ve never thought about stuff like that up until now. I always believe in myself and as long as I’m with Yunho I’ll be fine.
Yunho: Wow!!
Changmin: I gain strength when we’re together.
Yunho: That’s cause your always teasing me!

Source: Non No (Jan 2011)


Harry laughed as he put Hermione’s letter aside and picked up her present. It was very heavy. Knowing Hermione, he was sure it would be a large book full of very difficult spells – but it wasn’t. His heart gave a huge bound as he ripped back the paper and saw a sleek black leather case, with silver words stamped across it, reading Broomstick Servicing Kit.“Wow, Hermione!” Harry whispered, unzipping the case to look inside.