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Hufflepuff!Joshua x Ravenclaw!Reader

A/N: The request was for a flirty Joshua and an oblivious reader and I relate so much to this because I am a dense human being and will not know if someone has feelings for me unless they flat out say it. rip whoever tries to date me in the future

  • You’re going to your Charms class one day, and as you head to your desk, you notice a cute box of candy heart just… chilling there.
  • You got there before the class actually began, so you ask generally to the class if the candy belongs to anyone.
  • Everyone is like “hmm nope. Not mine”
  • So you come to the conclusion that someone in the previous class probably left them on accident.
  • Because why else would they be there??
  • So when class is over you leave them… On the desk… For whoever left them on accident to come back and get them.
  • And with it you leave Joshua’s figurative heart. Rest in pieces.
  • Because basically eVerYone at this point knows that Joshua has a crush on you.
  • Everyone but you, that is.
  • Some people try to casually hint to you about his feelings towards you.
  • Like when Ravenclaw!Seokmin keeps mentioning all these great things that Joshua has done. But he’ll insert it randomly into a conversation where it isn’t relevant.
  • So you’re always like “that’s cool but back to Care of Magical Creatures, I think that with the Hippogriff it would be best to study it by…”
  • Some people are… Less subtle about bringing up Joshua around you *cough cough jeOnGhAn*
  • Jeonghan: “so what’s your deal with Joshua”
  • You: “I wasn’t aware I had a deal with him”
  • Jeonghan: “yeah but like… How do you feel about him”
  • You: “I don’t really get the chance to talk to him enough to answer that”
  • When Jeonghan reports back to Joshua on your responses Joshua’s just like “they’re literally not wrong like we haven’t talked much but I want to talk to them and I’m trYING”
  • Okay throwback to how y’all met:
  • This all started your first year. You were so eager to learn how to make cool stuff in your Potions class, that on the first day you didn’t bother to try and sit with someone you knew, you just sat next to a random kid.
  • That kid was Joshua. And first year Joshua in his head was like “oh god they’re very cute and it’s only the first day and wOw oKAy i’M fINe it’S fINE”
  • He’s too scared to speak to you for like half the year because you make smol Josh nervous with your impressive dedication to learning and really pretty eyes and the way you try to tuck your hair behind your ear whenever it gets in your face from looking down while you’re writing, but you never try to pin it back or tie it up and he thinks it’s adorable and that you’re the cutest and yeah he could probably ramble about you forever.
  • He’s like “the year is almost over, you have to say something to them”
  • So the next day he gathers up all his courage, turns to you, and is like “Hi, I’m Joshua”
  • And you’re like “Yeah I know that, we’ve been sitting with each other for months”
  • He’s screaming on the inside for two reasons because 1.) you know his name and he didn’t even have to teLL yOu iT and 2.) Dear god he’s actually talking to you and you’re talking back.
  • Next Joshua is like “Haha, you’re right. I left my textbook in my dorm,,, aha whoops so could we share one?? For today??”
  • And you’re like “Oh I’ll go get you one of the classroom textbooks, don’t worry!”, and shoot him a smile before leaving to find him a book.
  • And Joshua’s thinking “my plan did not work but I don’t even care because look at the way they just smiled at me”
  • After this, Joshua thought about trying to talk to you more during class, but you always looked so focused and concentrated and he decided it would be rude to interrupt you all the time.
  • But on the last day of your first year, he leaves a hair bow and some hairpins on your desk with a note reading “Y/N, if your hair is always in your face, why not put it up? Remember to take care of yourself, and keep doing your best!”
  • He wrote and rewrote that about 793 times because he was like “AM I TOO CHEESY?? What if they don’t like it. Is it too obvious that it’s from me? Do I want them to know it’s from me???”
  • You found the hairbow and pins and the note and quietly put it in your bag. On the outside your face didn’t change at all but on the inside you were “!!! asdfghjkl who the heck did this nICE THING for mE”
  • The first day of your second year, when the first years were being sorted into their houses, Joshua glanced across the dining hall to see you. Wearing. That. Bow. The one he gave you.
  • It was from that moment that he knew he was whipped for you.
  • And he’s been trying to do sweet things for you ever since but sometimes you just don’t get that it’s directed at you.
  • But when most people would be disheartened, Joshua is always like “I’ll do something bigger and better next time!”, after you end up not noticing him.
  • So Joshua’s attempts at flirting/confessing become more and more obvious.
  • To everyone but you, rip.
  • But even the most dense people eventually notice that something’s up, and you definitely do.
  • Some years have passed, and you’re cleaning out your dresser in your dorm, when you find the hair bow from your first year. You hold it with two hands, as if it’s the most precious thing in the world, when your roommate walks in.
  • They see you with this bow and are like “wow, by the way you’re looking at that, someone really special must’ve given it to you”
  • And you just sit there, dumbstruck. You knew that it meant a lot to you, but until your roommate pointed it out to you, you never realized how important it was.
  • Right then you decide, you’re going to figure out who the hell gave you this back then. You put it in your hair, so that if someone recognizes it, hopefully they’ll come talk to you about it.
  • You start by asking around, and first you ask Ravenclaw!DK, who is like “maybe you should ask some of the hufflepuffs… ;)”, but you’re like “why would the hufflepuffs know anything wth that’s not logical at all”, and you leave.
  • So next you go to Ravenclaw!Jeonghan and ask if he knows anything. It takes all of Jeonghan’s self control not to blurt out “IT’S JOSHUA, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW”
  • Instead he says “Instead of just that hairbow, has anything else… special… happened around you?”
  • You take a moment to think about it and are like “well… someone left heart candies on my desk yesterday… and there was that one time that I found roses in my bag…. But I thought someone just mistook my bag for theirs and put them in the wrong one… but maybe…”
  • Jeonghan: “yes you idiot, oh my god”
  • You: “they weren’t… from you, were they?”
  • Jeonghan: “Nope, wasn’t me”
  • You: “oh thank goodness, I mean you’re pretty I guess but you’re not my type and you’re always going on about-”
  • Jeonghan: “doN’T yoU haVe soMe gUY to fiND”
  • The weight of all the romantic gestures over the years is pouring into your head, to the point where you’re just trudging through the halls aimlessly, not looking where you’re going or paying attention to anything at all.
  • You feel awful for not noticing all this time, and are thinking that whoever keeps doing these gestures must think you’ve rejected them time and time again.
  • You’re legit about to cry when you stumble a little bit, expecting to fall on your face, but you collide with someone’s chest.
  • Tears start to pour down your face, this person’s shirt in you grip from you bracing yourself to fall, when you hear them ask softly: “You still kept my bow?”
  • You head snaps up and you look up to see Joshua, looking at you like you’re the entire world.
  • And it clicks. It was him. Of course it was him, he was always there, whether you noticed fully or not. That’s why Seokmin wouldn’t ever shut up about Joshua and why Jeonghan would ask you weird questions about the relationship between the two of you.
  • “But… why are you crying?”, he asks gently, cupping your face with one hand and brushing a tear away.
  • At this point you just break, and spill out everything that’s on your mind
  • “Joshua, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been paying attention enough to see all you’ve done for me, and I’m sorry for accidentally not accepting your kind gestures, and I’m sor-”
  • He takes yours hands in his, lacing your fingers together, and cuts you off in the best way possible- a kiss on the lips.
  • He pulls away and grins at you in a way that makes you just know that he’s not mad.
  • Joshua: “Who ever said it was me?”
  • You: “IT WASN’T?!”
  • Joshua: “Oh no, it definitely was me”
  • You playfully shove his shoulder because let’s be real how much more awkward would it be if it just wasn’t Joshua lmao
  • After this you two wander around the halls and catch up until it’s gotten so late that no one but the two of you are out of their dorms
  • You realize this and are like “frick what if Flich finds us”
  • So the two of you agree to meet up in the library tomorrow, but before you part ways, you’re like “so are we… dating?”
  • Joshua: “If I asked, would you say yes?”
  • You: “Well, of course”
  • Joshua: “Then yes. We’re dating”
  • You two walk to your respective dorms with the biggest grins on your faces.
  • You walk into you dorm looking like the happiest person in the world, and your roommate is like “smh maybe I should give someone a bow”
  • When you two are sitting together in the library the next day, Jeonghan walks up and says “Joshua you owe me, I’m the one who sparked all this”
  • And you’re like “um excuse you, I would’ve figured it out on my own eventually”
  • Jeonghan: “You’re right. It did only take you years to figure it out”
  • Joshua is trying so hard not to laugh but is desperately failing.
  • You: “Joshua who’s side are you on???”
  • Joshua: “yours!! Your side, I’m forever yours”
  • He gives you a quick peck on the cheek and you’re trying not to be flustered af.
  • But it’s okay, Joshua didn’t notice your cheeks turning a gradual pink because he was too distracted by Jeonghan making gagging noises and pointing at the two of you as he ran out of the library.
  • Neither of you care though, because even though you spent years apart, you’re both determined to make up for that lost time with each other.

(Sorry!!! I’m on mobile so I’ll try and fix that…….someday. Anyways, here’s “rise and shine, motherfucker” + nurseydex for @rocklardo !! ty + I’m still doing five word prompts!)

Dex was surprised, honestly, by how easy it was to live with Nursey. Yeah, they hadn’t been fighting nearly as much and Dex actually kind of enjoyed spending time with him as of late.

However, nothing could prepare him for the absolutely horrific, earthquake inducing snores that Nursey could produce after a kegster. From what Dex can remember, Nursey had been fucking sloshed. Dex lost control of both Nursey, and himself, sometime around eleven because, well, Samewell had won a home game and Dex had gotten two assists, of course he was going to celebrate. That, coupled with the fact that he could now get absolutely shwasted and only have to walk up a flight and a half of stairs to get to his bed, had made him invincible. He remembers, vaguely, Nursey challenging Bitty to a dance off; he remembers everyone taking out their phones to film it, it was that iconic; he remembers having to leave the room to get another cup of tub juice because he could not deal with the sheer amount of endorphins flowing into his brain or the way his skin flushed or how his heartbeat was chasing the time of the music blasting through the Haus speakers. When he returned, Nursey looked victorious. He was sweaty and beautiful and he was staring straight at Dex. Dex had downed his drink, then, before slinking up to Nursey and carefully wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Wanna dance?” Dex had asked, and that’s all he remembers.

Now, he’s lying on the top bunk, head pounding dully, painfully. He’s on his back, pillow held tight over his face and ears in hopes of blocking out both the sun and, futilely, Nursey’s snores. He wants to get out of bed, so bad, and do something to stop his headache, but he’s not sure he can even move without making the pain worse.

“Nursey,” he mumbles into the pillow. “Nurse.” He says louder and it feels like needles in his temples. He takes a deep breath and pounds his feet against the mattress in hopes of makig enough noise, or movement, to wake Nursey up. Nursey snores louder. Dex groans. Slowly, he removes the pillow from his face, wincing painfully at the blinding brightness pouring in from their window.

“Nursey wake the fuck up.” He grits out, pulling himself to a sitting position. “Okay.” He breathes, before hoisting himself out of bed. First, he roots through the drawers of his desk, finds a bottle of Advil, and swallows three dry. Then, he grabs the pillow from his bed and drops down into Nursey’s bunk. He’s curled into the corner of the alcove, surrounded by a nest of pillows. His blanket is pulled up over his mouth and he looks absolutely adorable; Dex scrubs his hand over his face because, what the fuck kind of thought was that to have first thing in the morning. Dex blames it on his hangover and grips the pillow tightly. Then, he smashes it against Nursey’s head.

“Rise and fucking shine, motherfucker.” Dex says, hitting Nursey again with the pillow. His eyes fly open in bewilderment.

“Dex? What–” he stars. “Fuck, what are you doing man, what the fuck!” Nursey scrambles to get away from Dex, who is still delivering swift attacks with his pillow.

“You are, without a doubt, the absolute fucking worst.” Dex says, his pillow blocked by Nursey’s forearm. The other boy reaches behind him into his nest of pillows and grabs one, uses it as a shield.

“What did I do?” He yells. Dex feels a thwack and then his ear goes warm. Sharp, searing pain begins to blossom in the back of his head and Dex clutches the area tightly, dropping his pillow before collapsing into the bunk next to Nursey.

“Your snores sound like a fuckin’ monster truck,” Dex mumbles, still holding his head. “And I’m so fucking hungover.” Nursey breathes out a laugh, curls an arm around his shoulder and–oh, that feels nice. Dex settles into the mattress and notices, acutely, how comfortable it is. “Did you bring your own mattress?” Nursey cocks an eyebrow.

“What? Oh, oh yeah. The one in here was a nightmare.” He says quietly and yawns. “Do you have any painkillers? My head is fucking killing me because I, too, have a hangover and was woken up by a fucking pillow to the head.”

“I’m sorry.” Dex laughs.

“No you’re not.” Nursey grumbles back and tightens his arm around Dex’s chest. He noses at Dex’s shoulder.

“Mm, yeah, I’m really not. I was woken up by the discovery that my new roommate was actually a lawnmower.” Nursey laughs again. Dex can feel it reverberate up his spine, can feel Nursey’s breath ghosting against his skin. “I have Advil, but you’re gonna have to let go of me.”

“You’re comfy.” Dex sighs because, well, he didn’t want to get up either.

“You know what would make your headache better?” Nursey asks, eyes cracked as he peers up at Dex.

“Hm?” Dex asks tiredly, his eyes slipping shut. He feels the bed shift, shake. His head feels heavy, eyes glued closed by sleep. He feels a pressure, warm and fleeting, against his lips, and his eyes wretch open. “Oh.” He breathes and Nursey is all he can see, eyes nervous and expectant. “I think,” he says softly, shivering at how Nursey’s breath fans across his lips. “I think I still have a headache. You know, I think I’m gonna have a migraine soon.”

“Well that’s not good.” Nursey says and presses his lips against Dex’s, firmer than the first time. It’s sweet, until Dex licks along the seam of Nursey’s mouth and, then, it’s not. Nursey sighs, presses his fingertips against Dex’s jaw. Dex wraps an arm around Nursey’s back, pulling the other boy flush against him as he licks into his mouth.

“Dex,” Nursey whispers and kisses the corner of his mouth.

“Yeah?” He responds breathily.

“You have the worst fucking morning breath.” And Dex laughs, shoves Nursey off him, before blowing a deep gust of breath in his direction.

“Tough shit, Nurse, because I think you’re stuck with me now.” Dex feels something warm uncurl in his chest as Nursey grins.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for months.” Nursey sighs and kisses him again.

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Even through Newt had to give up Frank we know he still ends up with a thunderbird in the end. This is so cute.


He let go of one Thunderbird but he’ll spend the rest of his life with a different one :3 Tina is his Thunderbird (okay wow that was cheesey to say oops)