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So, you all know that I’m Youngjae trash, there’s no point hiding it. As if my lock screen wouldn’t be him in his cute lil pink sweater that makes him look adorable and fluffy. Last song was Crash, because it’s a feel good song and I was feeling down. Selfie is an old selfie because I didn’t want to leave my bed. Also, cropped face for reasons I guess??? 

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Is there a reason you ship silverflint instead of silver x madi? From what I've read in the tag, there's a lot of racism behind silver x flint shippers (I.e. we don't like Madi, she's the worst for no reason other than sleeping with my white fave, etc.)...Is there any actual narrative reasoning for that ship? Or is it just "I like these two white guys better than this one dark skinned black woman, despite all narrative and logic." I'd hate to start watching a show with Snowbarry 2.0 involved.

wow anon so passive aggressive lmao you made me pause teen pope 

I don’t go in the tags tbh so I don’t know what you’ve seen but this is not the way any of the people I follow are. I don’t doubt there are racist silverflint shippers though, sadly. But that doesn’t mean everyone ships it for Bad Reasons. Anyway the first thing you need to know is that just because someone ships Silver and Flint doesn’t mean they hate Silver and Madi’s relationship… I honestly like it and it’s rare for me not to be annoyed by a het relationship lmao? It feels natural for once. And I absolutely love Madi, another strong well written female character in this show and she’s sooo important in s4! (to be honest I can’t follow anyone who hates on any of the women) Actually what’s cool about this show is that it did poly relationships before so the general reaction (or mine & the people I follow at least) when Silver and Madi became a couple was to just start shipping it as madi/silver/flint (circle prayers)

I ship silverflint because I like the natural evolution of it, they were rivals at the beginning of s1 then allies out of necessity, then real allies, then friends, and it’s honestly so easy to read Flint as in love with Silver in s4. The writing parallels Flint’s relationship to Silver, to Flint’s relationship with Thomas who was his lover. Like, the parallels are blatant. We have a shot of Flint sitting, flashback to Thomas telling him that “everyone needs a partner” and “strange pairs can achieve the most unexpected things” and then we go back to Flint and see that he was looking at Silver while thinking about this. It’s deliberate. And absolutely BEAUTIFUL, one of my fave moments of the show, but anyway. And I just want Flint to get some love aqhdjhskhd it’s time, let this sad gay pirate be kissed

Madi didn’t arrive until 1/3 into s3 and I was already shipping silverflint by then (in a fun light way. then it became a little TOO SERIOUS), and Silver and Madi didn’t become a couple until s4. And honestly their relationship almost? makes silverflint feel more real in a way? like who knows if it was the writers’ intention but. When they think Silver is dead, Flint goes to Madi and is like “I know you two were close (he probs didn’t know they were together), I guess what I’m trying to say is he was my friend too” and it implies like “i know how you feel because he meant the same thing to both of us” and they’re literally waiting on the beach for the news in the exact same way like “when will our husband return from the war”…….. It’s a bit too easy to read it as unrequited but Silver puts Flint and Madi at the same level when he’s like “you tried to kill the people I hold closest to me?!” @ a certain someone, though honestly I know that’s just me reading into it because I just. CAN.

Last week after 403 I was half convinced they were Actually writing Flint as in love with Silver and honestly I’m still not sure they’re not, that’s how much sense it makes

I understand your concerns but it’s also azgshdjkdsjk to have to justify a ship to someone who’s never seen the show but hopefully that cleared it up. I have never hated on silver x madi ✌ 

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The signs as dead musicians I’ve cried about on my period

Aries: Amy Winehouse

Taurus: Leonard Cohen

Gemini: Michael Jackson

Cancer: Freddie Mercury

Leo: Johnny Cash

Virgo: Jeff Buckley

Libra: Prince

Scorpio: Mama Cass 

Sagittarius: Jim Morrison 

Capricorn: Whitney Houston 

Aquarius: David Bowie

Pisces: George Harrison 

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when one of your otp has freckles and the other is just so amazed by those tiny spots that decorate their skin in such a cute way that they just want to kiss them and count them and remind the other (who may not or may be unconfident about their little blemishes) of how perfect they look on their skin

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