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Dating Charlie Bradbury includes:

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- Movie & TV show marathons.

-Book reading marathons.

- Cuddling ALL the time.

- Lots of cheek kisses.

- Going to conventions with her.

- Complimenting her and watching her blush.

- Befriending the Winchesters. 

- Making out pretty much every chance you get.

- Flirting with each other and making it into a ‘competition’ to see who can make who blush the most.

- Being nerdy together.

- Wowing her with how intelligent you really are.

- Not caring what anyone else thinks of your relationship.

- Handholding or looping your arm through hers when you’re out-and-about. 

- Having a weekly game night and a weekly movie night.

- Buying lots of pets together and naming them after your favourite characters.

- Learning more about the Supernatural world together. 

- Her teaching you how to hack.

- Being each other’s best friend.

- Having bubble baths together while drinking wine. 

- Taking part in each other’s hobbies.

- Making Charlie really happy.

- Being randomly kissed by her which leads to a make-out session.

- Charlie calling you ‘Love, ‘Honey’, and ‘Sweetheart’.

- Her trusting you and sharing her past with you.

- Comparing music tastes and then listening to your favourite bands together.

- A lot of smiles, happiness, and giggles.

so. are people drawing rose skinny to SUPPORT zamii? is that how she drew her? because i get it, i know that zamii went through a lot of bullying because of her art, (didn’t know it was specifically for steven universe art but w/e) which i would never condone. but would zamii really appreciate you all distorting a character out of PURE SPITE and then claiming it to be in her name? thats just fucked up yall, don’t try to use her pain as an excuse to make rose skinny lmao