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No-no, lance with a fake mermaid tail that he wears in the water and entertaining kids. A hose that constantly provides air so he can stay underwater for long periods of time. Swimming with peaceful fish in a large tank.

Okay I absolutely LOVE THIS so give me an entire Voltron aquarium AU

  • Voltron Aquarium was owned by Alfor, but he retired and his best friend Coran took over
  • His daughter Allura wanted to take over because she studies zoology but she’s still young and in school and Alfor wants her to graduate ,so Coran takes over so he knows his staff will still be taken care of
  • Allura still plays a huge part, she’s one of their best animal handlers and she teaches a lot of programs for local schools
  • Shiro is their primary physician for the animals, so he and Allura usually work together a lot to see if problems are medical or behavioral and just generally make sure the animals are happy and healthy
  • Hunk works there too, as a sort of grounds keeper and technician to make sure the outdoor displays look nice, the exhibits have proper lighting and temperatures and space and nothing is broken
  • And during the summer they offer boat tours! They have a boat they keep at a local marina and Hunk drives the boat while Allura teaches programs
  • Pidge can’t work there because she’s still in high school, but she volunteers there every weekend bc she’s a huge nerd
  • Sometimes she helps Allura teach programs and she knows all the animals and could babble about their ecosystems for hours
  • Keith is a marine biology and environmental science student at the local college and is there basically all the time because he has a membership that gets him free admission
  • Shiro is his best friend from childhood and they both grew up on the beach and developed a love for aquatic life so they both study it
  • So Keith goes there to hang out with Shiro, lend a hand when it’s needed bc he knows the whole staff and aquarium pretty well, but mostly he just hangs out by his favorite exhibits while doing homework
  • A local extremist “animal rights” group and publication called GALRA holds protests outside the aquarium saying that holding animals in captivity is wrong
  • The staff is annoyed and Pidge fights them a lot bc they work with a lot of conservation groups to create animal welfare programs and protect water rights, and their animals are all well taken care of with appropriate exhibits
  • Nevertheless GALRA is loud and public, and so they notice they’ve been losing money, especially on the days when the protestors are there
  • So they need a big new idea that can bring people in, but it has to be something they can be public about without GALRA condemning them and making things even worse
  • Hunk is the one who suggests it, he knows his neighbor is obsessed with ocean life and is a professional mermaid
  • It’s perfect because the aquarium needs a non-animal based exhibit and Lance has been struggling to make ends meet
  • He works during the day as a fitness instructor, and he’s studying at the community college nearby, but the mermaid thing is mostly just a hobby that he and his partner Plaxum do every once in a while
  • He and Plaxum get hired as a mermaid duo to perform shows fairly regularly
  • Keith shows up one day and notices it’s really crowded and is like ???? because he doesn’t know of any new exhibits or anything
  • So he goes exploring and sees one of the pools is occupied by two people
  • He looks around and there’s no staff around, are these people trespassing? So he goes over and starts telling Lance that guests can’t just jump into the pool, and there’s a crowd gathering so he needs to get out before he gets in huge trouble
  • Lance just looks all confused, then laughs and is like “Come back in 20 minutes”
  • So Keith gets all annoyed and leaves but he can’t help it, he’s curious, so he comes back later to see that these people are still in the pool, only now he notices they have mermaid tails and are putting on a whole show
  • And look, Lance may have just been doing this mostly as a hobby, but dang if he isn’t good at it
  • Turns out Lance is studying ecology and biology and like wow, he knows what he’s talking about
  • He and Plaxum look so graceful performing these shows, and he is really good at charming the audience and putting on a very convincing act while also teaching kids about marine ecology
  • At first Keith thinks it’s silly but I mean, Lance is very attractive and the mermaid costume is doing wonders for him
  • And Lance has his whole mermaid act, so he is very sassy and fun and teases Keith when he gets caught staring at them and pretending not to be invested
  • But like he’s clearly there with Plaxum and so he kinda just observes from afar
  • Except he’s there late one day, and sees Lance leaving after a show, and Keith realizes this is his first time seeing Lance with clothes, and his hair is dry and kinda curly from the water, and he looks tired but so so cute
  • So Keith is like whoaaa okay run away but nope, Lance sees him and starts up a conversation
  • And it turns out the mermaid persona is like, exactly that, a persona? And Lance is actually very sweet and soft-spoken and nice and wow Keith is done for
  • Keith just so happens to start hanging around the aquarium during every show, and Lance is an oblivious idiot who thinks he’s there to watch Plaxum and be a fish nerd
  • Cue some good old fashioned mutual pining
  • Until one day, Keith is hanging around waiting for Shiro to clock out and notices Hunk talking to Lance
  • So Keith starts to walk over and Lance doesn’t notice and Keith overhears him talking about how cute some guy is and how he’s there all the time but he only ran into him the one time and he can’t be flirting while doing a show
  • Keith is all :( because Lance likes someone else
  • And Lance still doesn’t notice him and is like “I don’t even know his name! I just call him cute mullet boy with the red jacket in my head” and like
  • Cue Hunk looking behind Lance to Keith, with his mullet and his red jacket and a freaking lightbulb goes off
  • So Hunk is like “His name is Keith” and Lance is like ?!?!?! you know him?! Can you introduce me?
  • So Hunk is like ummmm introduce yourself
  • And Lance turns around and realizes Keith has been eavesdropping and wow they are both very gay
  • So they start dating and they’re the ocean’s greatest power couple
  • Anyways Lance’s exhibit does wonderfully and GALRA can’t fight them on it and the protestors stop showing up so business is doing really well
  • And it’s happy and gay and mermaids bring everyone together!

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can you do a blurb where you get into a fight with luke and things get blown out of proportion and he starts shouting and you get really scared and he feels really bad and comforts you and yeah :)

sure thanks for your request :-)

so luke would’ve been back from tour for a few days and as much as you wanted to spend as much time with him as you could before he had to go away again you had arranged to meet up with an old school friend and luke was less than impressed when he found out that this friend was a guy. you told him to relax and that you wouldn’t be late home and when you were back you could continue making up for lost time, which made luke content in letting you go.

but 5 hours later, it had just gone 1am and luke was led on your shared bed mindlessly staring at the film that was playing on the tv screen in front of him. as soon as you finally got home, luke would immediately snap at you and start yelling. he would be so angry because he thought you would rather spend your time with some stupid boy that you used to know rather than him, your boyfriend who you hadn’t spent a lot of time with recently.

it wasn’t what he was saying, but rather how he was saying it. what started off as a petty argument had turned into the two of you standing mere centimetres away from each other, luke’s broad, tall frame towering over you. you’d both be shouting nasty, stupid insults at each other, but luke would say something that took it too far and as soon as the words left his mouth he’d immediately regret it, a look of guilt appearing on his face as you took a step back from him. he’d run a hand through his hair as you felt tears begin to well up in your eyes. he’d step forward towards you, reaching his hand out, but you would quickly turn and run into the bathroom, not wanting him to see you cry. you'd slump down onto the cold tiles on the bathroom floor and luke’s heart would slowly be breaking as he heard your sobs from the other side of the door, because he had made you cry; something he had promised himself he would never do.

eventually you’d reach up and unlock the bathroom door and as soon as luke heard it unlock, he’d rush in and sit down on the floor next to you. he’d scoop you up in his arms and before you had the chance to protest you’d be sat in his lap, your head pressed against his chest and hand clutching at his shirt as he mumbled shh’s in your ear in attempt to calm you down. the apologies would start, him saying ‘i’m so sorry baby, i just got so angry because i was a jealous idiot and i’m so sorry darling you’re so perfect and i love you so much please stop crying baby you don’t deserve to cry i love you so, so much’ and he’d lean down and kiss your cheek which was wet from the tears and then you’d feel his cheeks on yours and notice that he must’ve been crying too so you’d look up and he’d have puffy red eyes and he’d just have this pained expression across his face bc he’s hurt the thing he loves the most in the world and you’d just wrap your arms around him and you’d just sit there in each other’s arms whilst you both calmed down before he carried you over to the bed and showed you how much he really did love you wow