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words: 5k+
rated: angst/fluff
a/n: i just had this overwhelming urge to write a daniel fic, okay? don’t kill me. i still love jihoon, lol. also, i’m sorry for making sungwoon the bad guy in here, lmaoo also i didn’t proofread this since its midnight and im tired and i have class tomorrow so oops

warnings: inappropriate language, bullying(??)
summary: The most cliche stories of all stories - falling in love with your best friend

You had grown up with Kang Daniel since you both were babies. Your mother and his mother were also best friends and just so happened to be pregnant at the same time with you both, so they thought it would be a wonderful idea if the both of you became best of friends as well. There were cons and pros of growing up with the boy, though. He always teased you over the littlest of things and fought with you, but at the end of the day, you knew you could always count on him.

You started to notice a difference in Daniel when you both entered high school. He was no longer the playful boy you used to know. He hung out with the older kids, did more “grown up” things, and started dating a lot. No doubt, he still hung out with you from time to time, but things felt different and it hurt.

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Some background tips

In response to that last ask <:

I don’t consider myself very pro at backgrounds, but hopefully a thing or two here can still be helpful to some people c:

There’s 2 main things in making nice bgs, I think:

1) enjoying them

2) unifying them with the character

Enjoying them seems to be the biggest hurdle for a lot of artists. For understandble reasons, ppl like to focus on the character because it’s the most interesting - they have personality, a familiar anatomy, fun outfits, etc.

but what’s to say a background can’t have those too? :D (ok except the outfits)

I like to keep a library of backgrounds/little details that have interesting aspects in em whenever I need inspo. things that have story and personality to them

find such things/settings that strike your interest. (eg maybe it’s abandoned, breaking buildings - with paint-chipped walls, hanging vines, graffiti, cracked cement floors and moss and tiny flowers poking out, etc - look at all the specific details and textures in such places.) and get to practicing! 

experiment with brushes and techniques. Bricks are usually not just a perfect red rectangular box. They have cracks, different colors, and get splotchy with age.

look at real life/photos mostly, but it’s ok to observe how other artists interpret something too.

courtesy of studio ghibli

It’s a fun adventure imo <: the more comfortable you get with backgrounds, the more enjoyable they’ll get. They really open a lot of opportunities in your pictures.

ok and the second part: unity

I think, because people look forward to characters more than bgs usually, the bg may be started after the character is already 100% done. to me, it’s p apparent when this is the case. The colors/shading/style/time spent have a jarring contrast.

my tip is to progress in the picture as a whole.

I like to start by adding 1 color to the rough sketch to establish mood:

Using a semi-transparent brush to get values and colors straightened out-


Ok this was kinda a cheap example because it was a monochromatic pic. But the same general process is for everything <: just using a nice blendy/kind transparent brush on top of a mood-setting color (or two) will really help with unity. 

Overall sketching colors is a hugely important step for illustrations imo. A solid sketch is important for a solid final pic. Check out some tutorials on color theory, values, and balance/composition for more info there.


that’s some of the main things I can think of for now <: (sorry if it was a bit disorganized)

hope it helps!

Child of d u s t, to mother now return;
For every seed must die before it grows.
And though above the world may toil and turn,
No prying spades will find you here
b e l o w.

its been months but the end of Stone Ocean still destroys me

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Connor murphy in a choker tho, opinions

i am 100% here for It


CAP MEME »  colors abound + kill la kill (for aeriiths)


favorite unpopular characters meme: a character you love who gets hate for (even rightly) opposing a fandom favorite - Hawkeye/Kate Bishop

“Okay - on the list of people you get to yell at because of the bad day you’re having? Because of this amazing futz-up of a life you’ve made for yourself? I am very, very low on that list.”

Did I ever mention that because of that YV cosplay I made, I now have in my procession, a sweet-ass tiny laser pointer gun as a reference? Cuz I do.

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He’s so derpy

what am i getting myself into is the question