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So This is Love


Allura shoved her hand up into her hair, pushing away falling strands from her face. She let out a sigh and slumped backwards, leaning onto the wall of the castle. She was so…tired.

“Everything alright, Princess?” Coran asked, his voice holding the care of a father.

“I’m fine, Coran,” she assured him. “The battles just have me worn out.” Allura gave him a smile that she hoped was reassuring, but Coran didn’t buy it. He eyed her warily, opening his mouth to say something, when the paladins came into the control room.

They had just come out of a battle with a particularly nasty robeast, and everyone was looking a little worse for wear. Pidge had a rather large burn on her hand, where her armor had given way. Hunk had bruises forming on his face, and Allura recalled his cry of help during the mission as the robeast struck his lion with some beam, making his head crash against his dashboard. Lance was cradling one hand in the other, his fingers looking like they weren’t quite bent the right way, and Keith had a bloody gash on his cheek.

Shiro…Shiro just looked very, very exhausted.

During the battle, he’d gasped something out about having recognized the robeast before, and Voltron had disbanded soon after, leaving everyone scrambled and worrying for him. Shiro had assured everyone he was fine, but Allura (and everyone else) saw through his lie.

Looking at all of the paladins, Allura realized her qualms would have to wait. She straightened up and folded her hands in front of her, giving her friends a small smile. “I know this mission was a rough one,” she said, “and you came out with trouble, but we succeeded in freeing Xther from the Galra Empire. We should all be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone nodded at her speech, albeit a bit halfheartedly, when Coran let out a curse.

“Quiznak,” he bit. “Princess, paladins, I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to make a stop at the Balmera. Something that blasted robeast did damaged the crystal.” Coran let out another curse, and spoke some colorful Altean phrases Allura was sure a princess wasn’t meant to hear.

Despite Coran’s clear dismay, Hunk’s face lit up. “Can we visit Shay? And Rax?” (Lance smirked at Hunk when he mentioned Rax. Allura wondered why.)

Allura smiled. “Of course, Hunk.”

“Yes!” He pumped his fist in the air, letting out a whooping noise. “This is going to be so great!”

Shiro gazed fondly at Hunk, like a father watching an overexcited child. “We need to go to the infirmary and get fixed up first,” he said. “None of us are in good shape right now.” Then, as a second thought, he said, “Coran, is the crystal operational enough for the infirmary?”

Coran nodded. “Yes, yes. But our shields are severely impaired. We’ll need to arrive at the Balmera soon in case we want to avoid certain death by one of the Galra’s troops.”

Allura nodded. “We leave for the Balmera in the morning. Right now, we rest and heal.”


The next morning, Allura, Coran, and the paladins were gathered in the launch room, ready to go to the Balmera. Hunk looked as excited as an Altean child on Skliftmis, a gift-giving (or gift-receiving, for the younger ones) holiday. He was rambling on about how he couldn’t wait to see Shay and Rax and all the other Balmerans, how he had missed the place, etc.

Allura couldn’t deny that she felt a small spark of excitement as well. It was always nice to visit ally planets, and to see how planets free from the tyranny of the Galra were faring. Allura also found herself looking forward to seeing Shay, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. But that didn’t matter.

“Ready to wormhole,” Allura said. The paladins took their seats as Allura placed her hands on the platform, connecting with the energy of the castle and the universe to wormhole away. She focused on the image of the Balmera, inputting the coordinates to the system, and a gaping blue wormhole opened up in front of the castle.

They sped through it, the Balmera appearing on the other side.

Hunk let out a noise of happiness, almost a squeal, but not quite, as they beheld the yellow/green planet. It looked much like Allura remembered it, only more crystals had appeared, giving the planet a sparkling effect. It looked amazing.

Allura couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as they descended onto the Balmera and stepped out of the castle onto the rocky terrain. Balmerans greeted them, with Shay and her family at the front of the crowd.

“Princess! Advisor! Paladins! Hunk!” Shay sounded overjoyed to see them all, a large grin spreading across her face.

“Hello, Shay,” Allura said, stepping forward. Shay enveloped her in a hug as a greeting.

Allura felt something in her heart begin to overflow, causing a tingling sensation in her chest. Shay pulled away and went to hug Hunk and the others, but Allura still felt the phantom of Shay’s arms around her, her cheeks beginning to heat up.

What is this? Allura thought, though she already had an inkling of the answer.

“What brings you here today, Voltron?” Rax, Shay’s brother whom Allura always thought of as a bit cruel, asked.

“Our crystal is damaged,” Keith said. “We need to repair it or get a new one.”

“Only a repair will be necessary.” Coran launched into an explanation as to what had happened to the crystal and how to fix it, but Allura was distracted.

Shay was listening intently, leaning forward just a bit as if to hear Coran better, nodding along, and looking eager to help. Allura had to admire her.

Lance nudged her arm, causing Allura to jump. “Lance! What is it?”

He gave her a knowing smile, then pointed at Shay. “You’re staring.” (God, he was just like the annoying little brother Allura never had.)

Allura elbowed him in the gut, taking pleasure in the surprised, “Oof!” that came after it.

So what if she was staring? Allura was a princess. She could do what she wanted, and that included admiring Shay in all her beauty.

Shay was quite lovely. She was big and muscular, and her glowing eyes reminded Allura of the stars. Allura loved the stars.

After Coran finished his explanation with a few interjections from Pidge, a few mechanics from the Balmerans, Hunk, and Coran went inside the castle, discussing new ways to fix the crystal and how they could even improve it. Pidge raced after them, shouting, “I can help, too!” making Allura smile at her.

Lance, Keith, Allura, and Shay were the ones left. Shay was smiling after Hunk and her family in the castle, looking proud. Allura went over to her.

“So, Shay,” she said, “why aren’t you helping with the crystal?”

“I’m not much one for mechanics. I suppose I’m more of a nature person, or maybe an artist.” Shay looked around the Balmera, a small smile gracing her lips. (Lips Allura felt oddly attracted to). “I suppose there’s not much difference between the two.”

“Nature and art?” Allura asked.

“Yes,” Shay said, “they’re very connected.”

Allura nodded. “When I was little, and Altea was still around,” she said, “I would go into the gardens of the castle with my mother, and I would paint her with the junniberries, which are - were - a type of pink flower. I don’t think I ever painted her very well, because I was so small, but she would always put my pictures up all over the castle, as if I were some esteemed artist.” Allura smiled at the memory. Her mother had been the kindest woman she’d ever known. Allura hoped to be like her, one day.

Shay seemed to read Allura’s mind. “Your mother sounds like an amazing woman,” she said softly.

“She was,” Allura replied, voice equally soft.

Shay’s eyes widened. “Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Allura smiled, a bit sadly, and said, “Do not be sorry that she is no longer with us. The loss was a hard one, but…her life was well-lived. She loved unconditionally, and with everything she had. I think you would’ve liked her.”

Shay laughed. “If she was anything like you, I’m sure I would’ve!”

Allura felt her face heat up at that comment. “W-well, I’m- I’m flattered.” She resisted the urge to smack herself. “I’m flattered”? Who said that?

Shay looked amused at Allura’s response, laughing out loud when Allura covered her blushing face in her hands. The laugh wasn’t malicious at all - Allura didn’t think Shay could do anything malicious - but rather wholeheartedly pleased by Allura’s reaction to her flirting.

Once Allura recovered from embarrassment, and Shay stopped chuckling every time she saw her, Allura straightened her back and looked Shay in the eyes. “I do think my mother is far more like you than me.”

Shay didn’t get these words at first, but after a minute, she was the one hiding her blushing face in her hands, and Allura was the one laughing.

“You’re too nice, Princess,” Shay kept repeating, mumbling into her hands. “Too nice.”

“You are as well!” was Allura’s continuous response, which only made Shay blush more.

Allura wondered where her sudden confidence in flirting had come from. She had never had the courage to act like this back in the old days of Altea, when suitors were always trying to gain her affections. Allura thought maybe Lance had gotten to her.

Speaking of Lance, he and Keith had disappeared off somewhere. Allura didn’t dwell on what that meant.

After a few more minutes of excessive compliments, Shay turned to Allura. (Yes, there were most definitely stars in her eyes.) “Come on, Princess,” she said, “I want to show you my favorite place on Balmera.”

Before Allura could respond, Shay grabbed her hand and led her to a giant, rainbow colored crystal.

“Wow,” Allura gasped, eyes wide in awe. “I had no idea crystals could look like this.”

“Oh, neither did anyone else, before this crystal emerged,” Shay said. “But this isn’t even the best part. Come with me.”

Shay took Allura’s hand again, leading her around to a small hole in the crystal, just big enough to climb through.

“You- we can go inside the crystal?” Allura asked.

Shay nodded excitedly and pulled Allura in after her.

Inside the crystal, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of different colors bounced around and sparkled, mixing together to create an indescribably amazing effect. Allura was reminded a bit of space, only with far more colors. She was in awe.

“Shay, this is amazing,” Allura said, wonder in her voice. She finally ripped her eyes away from the crystal, the sparkles looking like stars, only to be confronted by more stars in Shay’s eyes.

Shay was looking down at Allura with so much emotion that Allura was taken aback. Tentatively, slowly, yet with no reluctance, Allura took Shay’s other hand in hers, realizing she had never let go of the one Shay had led her by.

“You’re amazing,” Shay breathed.

Allura met her eyes, and, between them in that moment, there was an unspoken connection.

The air was filled with a soft electricity as Allura stood on the tips of her toes and Shay leaned down, their lips connecting, Allura finally realizing why she had admired Shay so much.

The admiration she had felt was the allure of love, the pull to Shay drawing her closer, closer, closer.

After what felt like an eternity, the two girls pulled away from each other and stared, reverent in each others eyes.

Yes, Allura decided, this was love.

All exhaustion she had ever felt was cleared away by the exhilaration of that realization, by the touch of her lips to Shay’s, by the way Shay’s hands slipped from hers to settle on her waist and pull her even closer.

Allura’s hands moved up to Shay’s neck to pull her down a little more (wow, she was tall) to let Allura kiss her more.

This woke everything in Allura up, cleared away every tired cell in her body, replaced them with something so awake it took her breath away.

This was love.

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Beauty (2) - Loki Laufeyson x (f)Reader x Tony Stark

Words: 2178
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x (f)Reader x Tony Stark
Featuring: Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Odin
Warnings: children, loki being a lil bitch again
Requested: lol kinda??
Authors Note: i love lil baby liam.

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“Do not spoil him,” You told Tony a week before Liam’s fifth birthday.

“And what did you do? SPOIL HIM!” You shouted, and hit Tony with a rolled up magazine, causing him to snicker.

“Five is a big year!” Tony argued, “I felt it was a good idea, he’s practically my family too!”

“He did not need a cape.”

You watched your son play in his new cape and with his Avengers action figures. His favorite, of course, was Iron Man. “Yes he did,” Tony told you, crossing his arms.

All of the sudden, there was a bright light filling the room. Liam screamed when the light hurt his eyes, and you and Tony were just confused. “I heard it was a little boy’s birthday!”

“Thoo!” Liam squealed and ran to his uncle, Thor swooping him up into his arms.

Keep reading

danny-452  asked:

Wow man, just read your piece about colors. It was beautiful.

Aw, thank you so much. I write… very emotionally, and I’m wary of how others interpret it. So this was really nice to hear. Thank you again!

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 102)

All Chapters

Two days later.

I wake up next to my precious husband, a whole year older than the day before. I stretch, my first act as a twenty six year old. Mark looms over me, pinning me under his weight.

“Good morning.” He says playfully, peppering kisses across my face. I laugh historically.

“Happy birthday.” He murmurs.

“Thank you.” I laugh. I wrap my arms around his neck, my lips finding his. He hums, kissing me sweetly.

“What do you want to do today?” He asks.

“You didn’t plan anything?” I ask, surprised. He usually plans everything on my birthday, making the day full of surprises after surprises

“You know I did.” He says.

“But I know you would have loved to spend your birthday back in America, so I thought I’d let you chose what we do today.” He explains.

“Because you have something planned for…?”

“Tonight.” He says.

“And for this morning?” I tease, reaching down and palming his erection through his boxer’s. He looks up, feigning reflection.

“Mmmmh…I might be up to something.” He replies, making me giggle. I run playful hands over his bare chest, loving the feeling of his skin under my fingers.

“What do you want to do?” He asks again.


“And then?” He smirks.

“I want to see dolphins.” I say. It’s always been a dream of mine.

“Okay.” He agrees. It’s crazy how he always get me what I want. I feel like he might actually go get me a star if I asked him to.

After a very fun day with the dolphins, a shopping spree and a nice dinner, we’re finally back home from our day.

“How did you find your day, baby?” Mark asks as we get out of the car, my birthday nearing its end.

“It was very fun.” I tell him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He says, swinging his arm around my shoulders and kissing my temples.

“I haven’t seen your surprise.” I remark as we approach the door. I know I always act like the non materialistic, down to earth woman, but I would have liked a rose or something.

“Be patient.” He says, his smirk hinting he’s not going to disappoint me. I shrug and open the front door of our empty, dark villa. I flick the lights on, discovering a small crowd of people.


My whole family screams at me, startling me. They’re all here, Bea, her parents, my parents, Dorice and Dylan. In a nano second, the feeling of being home after so much time makes my heart swell. They’re all here for me, for my birthday.

I burst into tears, bringing my hands to my face.

“Oh my baby, look at your belly!” My mom cries as they all lose in. I sob, the emotion to strong. I realize just now how much I missed everyone.

She enfolds me in her arms,. hugging me tightly.

“Happy birthday.” She murmurs before kissing my temple.

“How?” I sob as she pulls away from me. She wipes my tears in a way only a mother would

“Mark flew us over.” She explains. I turn to my husband, finding him so extraordinarily thoughtful it hurts.

“Did you?” I ask him. He nods, smiling tenderly. I throw myself in his arms, crying even harder.

“Easy.” He says, wrapping his arms around me.

“Thank you.” I mumble into his chest.

“You’re welcome, princess. Happy birthday.” he murmurs before kissing the top of my head. I sob, his words making my heart too warm.

“Come on, stop crying. It’s your birthday.” He encourages. I pull away from him,l, trying to control my emotions. I wipe my tears, turning back to the rest of the family. Bea comes forward, her arms inviting me.

“Hi.” She says, hugging me. She looks different.

I don’t know what changed, nor how I can see it on her face, but her aura is different.

“I feel like haven’t seen you for years.” I tell her, hugging her back.

“Happy birthday.” She says before kissing my cheek. I then proceed to hug and thank everyone, feeling blessed.

“Thank you all for coming.” I say to them.

“Like we’d miss this.” Dorice says.

We chat and eat throughout the evening as the night settles in. I feel so happy to see everyone that during the first hours of the night, I don’t really pay attention to Bea. But I can’t help to observe her once the excitation has reduced. She’s very quiet and pensive. She keeps snacking on stuffs, only talking if she’s invited to.

I know she has something on her mind.

I come across her in the kitchen while she snacks on the leftovers from my birthday cake.

“Are you okay?” I ask her.

“Feels good to see you, man.” She gives me a small smile.

“You look different.” I say pointlessly. I really can’t put my finger on what has changed. When I really look at her, I see signs of tiredness, but something tells me there’s more. There’s… something.

“I’m stressed because of work, but it’s okay really.” She says reassuringly. Her cheeks are slightly redder than before.

“Are you sure?” I insist. Instead of answering immediately, she gives me a an apologetic look. She takes a deep breath.

“Abby, this is your day.” She says, her voice tight.

“I don’t want to-” She stops in the middle of her sentence, cut off by unexpected tears. She lets out a frustrated sigh, trying to dry her eyes out.

“It’s okay.” I murmur, putting a hand on her back. She can’t hold back.

“Letd go outside.” I prompt, leading her out in the backyard. She sobs quietly as I wall her to the veranda, and we take place on a sofa.

“I don’t want to ruin your day.” She chokes out.

“You’re not ruining it. I want to help you.” I retort. She sniffles, looking up at me with green and guilty eyes.

“I fucked up.” She admits.

“What happened?” I ask her.


“Bea.” I can’t help the disapproving and scolding tone of my voice. Why does she always give in to him? It’s the fifth time, when will she learn?

“I know, I know.” She says. “I tried my best to avoid him.” She tries to justify herself. “But he came to my apartment.

"Bea, it’s always the same thing.” I scold her. Apartment or not, they always manage to see each other, one always gives in to their yielding passion and longings.

“It was different.” She counters, looking at me through her tears. “He said he loved me.”

I stare at her, my mouth hanging open.

“And I love him too. I couldn’t help it.” She admits. I knew she had feelings for Andy, but I didn’t expect him to love her back. He’s very secretive.

She starts sobbing again, dropping her head between her hands.

“I’m fucked, Abby. I fucked up.” She sobs. I scoot closer to her.

“What happened?” I ask her. She starts crying even harder. I feel like this is something very serious. And I know it has something to do with how different she looks.

“Bea.” I insist. She shakes her head, her shoulders wobbling.

“I can’t. I can’t. It’s my fault. I was stupid” She sobs.

“Bea, look at me.” I order. She obeys, lifting her teary eyes to me. She looks terrified.

Realization hits me.

I know what is going on.

I know why she looks different.

“Oh, god.” I gasp, bringing my hand to my mouth in shock. She nods. “Oh, my god.”

She starts sobbing again, burying her face in my neck.

“Oh, Bea. Bea, honey, it’s okay. It’s okay.” I murmur, wrapping my arms around her.

“What am I going to do?” She asks, despair and distress in her voice.

“Don’t think about that yet. Just calm down. You have time.” I say to her. “We’ll work this out.”

After she’s cried her eyes out, she asks me to slip away in one of the bedroom to refresh herself, her eyes being red and puffy.

“What’s wrong with her?” Mark asks, catching a glimpse of her as she hops up the stairs.

“I don’t know if I should tell you.” I make grimace.

“I understand.” He says. “Can I have you for a minute?” He asks, grabbing my hand and kissing my forehead.

“Yeah.” I say. He leads me up the stairs and into our bedroom, then out on the balcony. He pulls me to his chest, kissing me tenderly. I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him back.

“I have a gift for you.” He says between two kisses.

“A signed contract that says you won’t try to name our baby Prune?” I ask. He laughs.

“Okay, no.” He says. I giggle.

“What is it?” I ask him. He sits down on a bench, indicating me to join him. He fishes inside his pocket, pulling a rectangular velvet box and handing it to me.

“Open it.” He orders. I do so, finding inside the box, a shiny golden anklet.

“Oh, wow.” I whisper. It’s so bright it almost blinds me. I take a careful look at it. There are small symbols dangling from the chain.

“A peanut.” I say, looking up at him in awe.

“And a prune.” He says, pointing next to it. There also is a Z for Zoe.

“It’s beautiful.” I murmur. “You’re always so thoughtful.” I say, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. Mark is very good at symbolizing important things or dates in our lives. He does it by getting them inked on his arm and by offering me personalized jewelry.

“You like it?” He asks against my lips.

“I love it, thank you.” I murmur. We hear a faint detonation noise, and turn our heads towards horizon.

“Oh.” I say in surprise. It’s a firework coming from the other side of the bay.

“It’s almost like they’re for you.” Mark remarks, brushing his lips back and forth against me.

“Almost.” I concur.

“Or maybe they are.” He muses.
I blanch. With such a megalomaniac man, I know this words aren’t to be taken lightly. I turn my head to him, my eyes wide.

He chuckles, his eyes giving him away.

“You crazy bastard.” I gasp. He did not organize a firework for my birthday.

“Did you plan this?” I ask him. He nods proudly.

“Oh, my god.” I gasp, an uncontrollable smile stretching across my face. How crazy is this man?

“You’re absolutely crazy.” I tell him, amazed and incredulous, and kiss his lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He says. I turn my head to the bright colors in the sky, shooting up and cascading down.

At the end, the fireworks write “Happy Birthday” across the sky.

“Oh, wow!” I say in awe. When the colors finally dye, I start to clap. When people join me, I understand the rest of the family has been watching from downstairs.

I look up at my man, deeply moved.

“You’re the best husband a woman could dream of.” I tell him. “That’s why I reacted like this. You’re too good to me for me to let you go.” I murmur, brushing my lips against his.

“I’m not sure I’m that good.” He responds.

“You are. I love you, and I need you.” I murmur before kissing him. “It would kill me if you ever left.” I sigh, my own thoughts making me sad.

“I thought we had already talked about this.” He says quietly.

“I know. I’m okay.” I kiss him again. “I just want to tell you that I love you.”

“I love you too.” He murmurs, kissing me back. “Let’s go. I have one more surprise for you.” He says, pulling away from me and taking my hand in his. He leads me out of our bedroom, downstairs where everyone is waiting for us.

“A firework for your birthday. This man beats me on so many levels.” My dad remarks when we come back to the living room.

“He’s cute.” I shrug. Mark chuckles.

“The cutie is going to get the last present.” He warns before ambling off outside. Bea’s mom gives me a warm smile.

“He’s very sweet.” She says.

“He is.” I agree. “But he wants to name our child Prune if it’s a girl, and I’m keeping that in mind.” I add.

“Prune?” Bea utters.

“He’s obsessed with Prune pies.”

“He even beat me on that level.” My dad laughs.

Mark comes back with a big present box with a lid on it.

“Here.” He says, dropping it on the kitchen counter. Everyone gathers around the box, me on the first line.

“Open it.”

I lift the lid, finding inside it a squirming white ball of hair.

“Oh, my god!” I cry in awe, my heart exploding. I drop the lid and reach onside the box, picking the tiny white kitty up.

“You got me a kitty!” I squeal, turning to Mark and realizing my eyes are full of tears. Everyone gasps in awe.

“You got me a little kitty.” I murmur, hugging the cat to my chest. It meows, looking up at me with big blue eyes just like mine.

“It’s so cute.” I squeal, running my hand through its soft hairs. I can’t deal with this. My eyes start to pour.

“It’s a girl.” Mark informs me. Oh, a baby kitty girl! She licks my chin with her harsh tongue.

“She’s so sweet.” I murmur. Mark comes up behind me, propping his chin on my shoulder.

“I’m glad you like her. I know you love cats.” He says, giving her his finger to play with. She puts her tiny paw on it.

“Give her a name.” My mom calls. I don’t think too far.

“Prune.” I declare, even though snow-white would be more appropriate. Everyone laughs.

“That’s for the baby.” Mark chuckles. Now that I’ve named her Prune, he can’t name our baby after the cat.

“My cat, my decision.” I retort. He laughs, pulling me close to him and kissing me. My whole family, an anklet, fireworks, and a kitty, what more could I ask? This is the perfect way to start the end of our honeymoon.

Everyone goes back to America the next day, leaving us two last days of pure bliss, intense sex, and plenty of good moments.

Eventually, we have to leave and go back to America to carry on with our life as a married life. After a long time in Mark’s private jet, we eventually touch home soil. Grayson is the who picks us up at the airport, even though I really wanted to see Jacob. I miss that man.

Once in the parking lot, Mark takes the carrier Prune is from my hands in while Grayson unloads the car and puts our suitcases on one of those treys they have in hotels.

“I have a surprise for you.” He says to me, taking me by surprise. I gawk at him. “One last birthday gift.” He explains, pointing something behind me.

I turn, and see the automatic door of the parking lot rising. A car comes in. A red, busty and shiny mini Cooper, with a white gift ribbon on it.

“A mini!” I gasp, whirling around to face him. “You replaced it. Oh, thank you.” I say, throwing my arms around his neck. He hugs me with his free arm, kissing my cheek.

“I upgraded it. This one’s even better.” He says. I beam at him, reeling. I turn around again, and the car is right in front of me. The driver comes out. It’s Jacob.

“Mrs Tuan.” He greets me.

“Jacob!” I squeal, walking up to him and hugging him. I’m not sure this is appropriate, but I’ve actually missed him a lot.

“Alright.” Mark says from behind me. “That’s enough.” He scolds, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me away from him.

“Hi, Jacob.” He greets him with an handshake.

“Hello, Mr Tuan.” Jacob nods. I glance at my new car.

“Can I try it?” I ask him.

“Sure.” He hands me the keys. I slip into the driver’s seat, the leather feeling like clouds around me. I start the engine, and she starts to purr like Prune.

“She’s perfect.” I say in wonder. Mark leans against the window, gazing at me.

“D'you like it?” He asks.

“I love it.” I say before kissing him.

“Go park.” He orders. I obey, enjoying the small distance I have to travel. She’s so easy. Imma name her Sally.

Once I’m done, I come back out and join Jacob and Mark who are waiting by the elevator, the luggage already inside it. Grayson has left.

“Jacob, did you meet Prune?” I ask him, seeing he has her carrier in his hands.

“Yes, I did. She’s lovely.” He says, smiling. I climb in the elevator with them, and Mark types a different code to go up. The elevator still moves, recognizing it.

“I got the pass codes changed.” He says in a way of explanation. I wasn’t aware of that.

“Did you?”

“I didn’t tell you?” He frowns.

“No. Why?”

“It’s been the same for a year.” He says. He’s always so strict on security. It doesn’t surprise me at all.

The door opens on the foyer, and I lose no time to dash in.

“Home sweet home.” I sing, stepping inside our apartment I haven’t seen for weeks. Carrying Prune, I step inside the living area. I crouch down and put her cage down, then I open it and let the white fuzzball free.

“This is your new home, Prune.” I tell her, picking her up into my arms. She meows. Mark joins me, a hand covering his mouth as he yaws. He sighs, reaching out and caressing Prune’s head.

“The trip was tiring.” He says tiredly. I can’t begin to imagine how tiring it is to be the best husband ever.

“Do you want a massage and a glass of wine?” I propose him.

“Yes, please.” He smiles. I hand him Prune so I can go fetch him a drink.

“Go, sit.” I tell him and turn on my heels, walking to the kitchen. I grab a bottle from the fridge and drop it on the breakfast bar. Before I can make a move to turn back around, I feel a presence, and then a hand claps over my mouth.

I gasp, ready to scream.

“Shhh…” Someone whispers into my ear. Panic grips my hard, but I refrain myself from yelling. Just from the aura emanating from the person, I know it’s not Mark. I know someone broke inside our apartment and is threatening me.

“It’s not your fault…” The familiar voice murmurs sadly, her voice trembling as if she was crying. “It’s his.” Olivia whispers. A beam of light catches my eye, and I look down to see her brandish a knife close to my throat.

“I’m sorry.”