wow that is alot of ppl

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can i just say something,,,,,,,, i'm really proud that theyre heading to the bbmas like wow its such a big deal!!!!! but at the same time i just have this feeling of anxiety or unease that i can't shake off )-: it's probably just me im srry

hi anon! alot of ppl have voiced their concerns about bts attending the bbmas and i also feel a little uneasy and i think, with good reason. however, this is a really big and important moment for them as a kpop group and we should focus on them becoming more well known and more widely appreciated on an international scale! they’ve shown that they (esp namjoon) can handle themselves very well in a foreign setting, so as long as they have a great time there and are respected by everyone else, this will be amazing for bts as artists!!! 

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I wil say one thing even though it breaks my heart to lose Jen & Emma. That the reaction to losing Emma/Jen has been WOW, that people were devastated and i saw fans leaving her messages on her IG and esp her facebook. Alot of love and trending. It goes to show you The Love ppl have & with the reaction, in that way i am glad to see that just to see ppl say how can the show go on without the main character, how can you lose her, what about her happy ending, what about Emma/Hook happy ending etc

The overwhelming love for Jen/Emma has been fantastic to see.

I am so grateful that I became part of this fandom because it made me discover Jen and she is someone that I find very inspiring and I hope I continue to learn from her for many years.

ahh okay here’s my story of the dan and phil signing ! i didn’t get a wrist band bc i they ran out at 10 AM I went around 5 bc of school , but when they were walking in I screamed honestly like I’ve never done before THEY’RE SO TALL IN IRL WOW well time passed and I made ALOT of friends c: i tbh just wanted to hang out with everyone. One thing is some of the security was quite mean and the manager but eh. So after the signing was done tons of girls and I ran to the back to see if they were there but once we arrived they had just left (( i really hope d & p are resting bc 500 ppl at the signing omfg )) EVERYONE WAS SO NICE LIKE WOAH THANKS we all hugged each other and said our good byes ,,, i didn’t get my book signed but I made great new friends and saw my favorite dorks from a distance c:

but honestly the whole “MINORS DONT U DARE POST NUDES WTF” thing annoys me because i feel like people think the reason why minors shouldnt post nudes is “u fuckin teenage temptress. tempting these adults wow youre fuckin awful you could ruin an adults life”

when the more important reason imo should be “things on the internet dont go away and nude photos even as a teen could unfortunately effect your future and also its kinda dangerous bc pedos might try to track you down”

idk i get victim-blamey(?) vibes from alot of ppl..

  • Confirmation - i have soooo much empathy for Prof Anita Hill and what she went thru😢😢 she is and was a courageous person. Much respect!
  • Kerry Washington jus WOW, totally embodied Prof Hill's character. She reminded alot of ppl why she is a A+actress, kerry brought it. And i am in awe of her once again, had me crying in the end getting all emotional. Im calling the Emmy/SAG/GG even da Oscars cuz she deserves all the awards.