wow that didn't make any sense

so I was in target the other day looking through the CDs, and there were a whole lot of 5sos CDs, and I said “wow, there sure are a lot of 5sos CDs. makes sense since no one would wanna buy their album” and there was this guy behind me who started laughing so hard it was hilarious

Responses to criticism
  • Ultimate Spider-man cartoon writers: Okay, we'll cut back on the cutaway gags and chibi moments. We'll also improve the art style and make Peter Parker more likable. Oh! and start tackling darker issues like child abuse and questioning if you can really make a difference in the world.
  • Teen Titans Go writers: LOL! We think that we're god's gift to cartoons and don't deserve any criticism at all. We'll make not one but TWO episodes calling out our critics and saying that if they don't like the show then they don't have a sense of humor! In fact, one episode will talk about how adults shouldn't even be watching cartoons because they're for kids! Wow, we're so great! We didn't even watch the show it's based on, only cashing in on that shows success! I mean robin is supposed to be a psycho starfire stalker, right? And beast boy and cyborg are just idiots that nobody likes, right! Of course we're right! We're right and you're wrong. LOL!
Well, that was unexpected

I think I gotta apologize to a few of you.
Because I said Meliodas wouldn’t be the one Merlin confessed to BUT I WAS WRONG. DAAAAMN, I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT.

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