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reyes voice: youre gonna bite a HOLE in your CHEEK, is this what you want?? ?

anyway. concept: jesse has a nasty skin picking/biting habit

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Hi! I hope you've been having a good day, if not I you feel better! Anyway I just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite blogs and I was wondering if you had any favorite blogs to recommend?

Wow!!! tysm that’s really awesome and hell yeah I got a lot of favorite blogs and like 95% of them are mutuals so uh yeah,, I hope everyone I tag is cool w/ it and lemme know if not,,, also I like a lot of blogs!!! these are just ppl i see on my dash frequently !!

First I’m morally obligated to tag @florettt because I love her, and she knows where I live so I have to. @grearl , @chewedbubblegumpink , @whitehydrangea , @monokoh , @valentinesmutual , @cupidcore and @luved-bug all have really awesome pink/heart aesthetics. @flannelbian is just super cool. @vnhelsing is fuckn cool and I keep using cool as an adjective but listen!!!! The dude is cool. @kaio-kenny is really nice n friendly!! @the-cryptid-witch is my fave witchy blog. @moonlsbian has a cool blog!! @sailorlynz and @skizzorlover are both two super nice, super cool, edgy emo kids in 2018 and I respect that. I’ve followed @starshinemutual over like 3 blog remakes so u know I really like them. @forensicks is just super cool and I feel like probably a badass irl who knows @fragilefox is nice & posts sum cool stuff @synodic-boy‘s blog is a mixed bag but is all good. same with @wildeoscars who has a bomb ass url & icon. @yanderekent is the only fandom blog I actually check and I probably spam them a lot (sorry!) @cleanie is cool !! @internetangels , @muddysocks , and @666grl all have super cool aesthetics.. @ptsdkachu is the human embodiment of pikachu and v nice and helpful with all the asks he gets. @humiliated is super duper nice and smart (and I hope they’re okay, I haven’t seen many recent posts)!!! and FINally, @nerdepic cuz his art is literally the shit and hes nice as fuck and fills my dash with weird fandoms I know nothing about but u know what,, I respect that,,

Oh also,, I follow the tag #lovecore and reblog a lot of stuff from there

Anywho!! Ur a sweetie, and I’m on desktop so just imagine a bunch of heart emojis going ur way

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Can I request a scenario where Mutsunokami, Higekiri, Kane-san, and Nikkari play strip poker?

Meant to answer this way earlier before I got distracted so I’ll at least do this much. I was looking forward to this since it seemed like a lot of fun, hope you’ll enjoy!!

• Mutsunokami was the one who suggested they play some poker, it certainly started off as normal poker and there had been other players too.
• As the night went on only those four remained, Higekiri and Nikkari out of amusement of how competitive Mutsu and Kane were being against each other. Even Horikawa had gone to bed after warning Kane against staying up all night.
• It was when they had the room to themselves Nikkari asked to make things more interesting since they were all bored of betting food and trading chores. Higekiri happily encouraged the game of strip poker, Mutsu hesitantly agreed only due to not feeling like retiring for the night yet and Kane only agreed once being provoked and called a coward for not wanting to play.
• Mutsu very quickly suspected either Nikkari and Higekiri were working together or that Kane just really sucked at card games because he was easily losing the most hands.
• Higekiri far too casually offered to help Kane with undressing if he was too nervous or drunk to do so successfully on his own. (I mean, of course alcohol is involved here.) Kane angrily refuses each time. Nikkari giggles profusely at how embarrassed he is.
• Both Nikkari and Higekiri have accepted the fact Hori will probably kill them once he finds out.
• While Kane is the obvious loser, Mutsu only ends up about half undressed. He doesn’t feel embarrassed since they’re all guys. He can’t resist mocking Kane a little with them too.
• Nikkari and Higekiri lose only a few layers each, both fairing ridiculously well at the game.
• The game was abandoned out of boredom when the alcohol was gone and Kane had long since passed out. Nikkari drew on his face but aside from that the other three just left him and returned to their individual rooms.


i watched an advanced screening of love simon today and omg…………… i loved it so so so much and i laughed a lot and i cried and i came out of the theatre so happy wow im so :’))))) all im gonna say is please support the movie in any way you can and try to watch it in theatres when it comes out!!!!!!!


hello!!!! i just hit 500 followers!!! wow, that’s a lot of people. half a thousand! so, i thought, hey, i’ve always wanted to do blogrates, maybe now is a good time! thank you guys sm for following me, really, i really appreciate it.

i will be tagging this as #ash’s blogrates so if you don’t want any of this on your dash than you can just blacklist that!


- gotta follow me :)

- send me an ask with a ‘ ✨ ‘ emoji + what your favorite supernatural creature is!

- i’d really prefer if you’re a bfu blog/post bfu content, bc that’s what i know best. if it’s a sideblog, than you can send the url on anon along with the above things

- you don’t have to, but if you’d like, reblog this post so others know!

- i’ll stop taking asks a week from now, aka January 22nd

i’ll put the format under the cut!

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I was tagged by: @internetmemeofficial wowowow thank you~!

Rules: tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better!

- Relationship status: I’m a pringle but it’s fine pfft

- Chapstick or Lipstick: I love lipstick wow so much such fierce much love though i do tend to wear chapstick a lot as well because i have very dry lips

- Favorite colors: Black, purple, recently red, maroon

- Last song I listened to: Grandson- Blood // Water

- Last movie I saw: `Nameless Gangster`

- Top 3 TV shows: Supernatural(lmao), Bones and CSI:Everything I like murder dramas k

- Top 3 TV shows (Korean): Gap Dong is quite fun at the moment, The Voice was amazing and apparently the 2nd season is coming out this year, Circle: Two world connected (I think that’s what it’s called)- those are my faves atm

- Top 3 bands/artists: Ling Tosite Sigure, XXXTENTACION, VAGUE003

- Top 3 Bands/artists (Korean): Drug Restaurant, DFD, LIVE

- Books I’m currently reading: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary- it’s eerily cool atm

I tag: @junghoeseokie , @jayparkambition , @hyamori , @seobtitles , @kawaii-hedgehog , @aegyo4me, @koneko14 , @dprxdreamers , @ch0c0muffin1

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💖 Tag Time 💖Go under Accounts ➜ Activity and look who are your most active followers. Tag them in this post and put this in their inbox along with 3 of your other favorite blogs. Lots of Love💖

 Wow! People actually care about me enough to send this to me. Thank you! But they are // 

No. 1 //  @simslovly

No. 2 //  @thesimmerpotato34

No. 3 //  @whitesnowsims1429

No. 4 //  @softmulberry

Three of my most favorite blogs are // 

No. 1 //  @lilplummerbob

No. 2 //  @ridgeport

No. 3 //  @grapfruit

XD It was so hard for me to just choose 3 so I have to add 2 more, 





hermione still flinches when ron’s hands brush her neck and she doesn’t understand why she does, because the cold, metal sting and everything that happened later, is painfully different from his soft palms. she stops wearing perfume, and starts casting protection charms.

remus despises his nature so much that the scars on his body are from his own hands. he knows what the taste of wolfsbane is when it doesn’t quite work; bitter and unmistakably sweet—it’s sirius’s blood when he goes too far.

ginny’s hands shake uncontrollably when she writes for hours at a time. the words will start to swim across the page and mix and scramble into anagrams. hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your na—

pansy knows what it’s like to cast unforgivables on first years. she learns how to enunciate the words with refined perfection, and learns how to want to hurt them. she throws up in the abandoned washroom after every lesson, and finds comfort in the absent arms of moaning myrtle.

ron faints everytime he apparates. he’ll wake up in hermione’s lap; his hair wet against his forehead, and his arms heavy with sweat. he always reaches for his shoulder and visibly relaxes when blood doesn’t rub off his fingers. he doesn’t know how to control his anger either, and feels the shame creep into his skin whenever hermione looks at his chest. he knows that she’s looking for the locket because he wishes that was what he could lay his blame on.

tom falls in love at the age of twelve—watched glimmering jewels glide down his own hand and pool at the bland tiles in the orphanage; started fires just to keep things lively. he collects followers like sheep in a mindless herd and finds that the acclaimed intricacies of a human brain is much more dull than he had imagined. he holds fear like a baby would with a blanket and spends nights wishing he had more time. he dies knowing he never had enough.

draco knows what it’s like to have your mind violated and out bare for all the world to see. he remembers severus saying that veritaserum has no taste, and discovers that he was wrong. the so called non dimensional potion is much too similar to the taste of the silent pleas he shouted when he watched snatchers salivate at the sight of his mother, or the copper droplets of red that sprinkled the surface of his cracked lips when he watched children slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

sirius has spent his entire childhood without the warmth of a mother’s embrace or the reassuring words of a father. he tells himself he’s okay with it—that he would rather have no family than one that wished his friends dead. he doesn’t know what to think when he has neither family or friends alive—the only embrace he will ever feel again is the one that lurks behind bars in his azkaban cell.

luna stops searching for wrackspurts, and instead, starts organizing her fathers office. she should be relieved when people stop calling her loony lovegood but all she feels is the absence of her imagination. war, it seemed, was not an adventure, but an old friend that came at inconvenient times in history.

harry doesn’t want to start a family because every father he has ever had has been hurt at his own expense. ginny rocks his body against her chest and brushes the tears away from his eyes as soon as they fall. she tells him that he’ll learn how to be a father—that it will come as naturally as magic had. the sharp pain that lodges inside of him whenever albus retreats back into his room is reflected so blatantly on ginny’s face. he wishes that he were a blind man so that he never had to see his mistakes out in the open, and rubs at his fading scar.

despite the years that had passed, it seemed that all was not well.


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first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 


The best part of Supergirl, for me, is when women are interacting and supporting each other. I wish the writers understood that better. So on this International Women’s Day, this is a little thing to show we are stronger together

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