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Can I just say that I have never been more happy in my life? Hamilton brought me and my wife closer – it got us through one of the worst traumas of our lives, and it brought me here. Where I get love and support for just being my dorky ass self and drawing my little doodles of these amazing and wonderful characters.

Thank you guys, all of you, so much for being so sweet and supportive of my fun little hobby and continuing to encourage me. You guys are all beautiful and amazing and just

thank you. For showing me personally that being myself is okay. That me and my wife are #goals, you guys are goals, all of you beautiful wonderful people akdhlgs;

I just get so emotional thinking about it I love you all so much ;___; Thank you for being here and existing and being you. <3

okay peeps i’ve got a fic idea and i wanna see what you guys think. i’ve been letting it percolate since last night and i just wrote a three page outline for it soooo yeah here it is: 

Liz is expected to make a full physical recovery but she’s got one persistent mental issue: apraxia of speech. (this is idea was inspired by her having to write on a clipboard bc she was connected to a ventilator in that last scene.) this condition can result from brain damage (yes, i did research!!) and it means that she can understand speech and knows exactly what she wants to say but she has trouble actually speaking. apraxia can be cured with speech therapy and time. red, having been with her literally every second since she’s woken up, has become a touchstone for her and she doesn’t like being without him. they decide to move into a safe house together once she is released from the hospital so red can care for her. they do so but lizzie is depressed and receding into herself, unwilling to speak to anyone, save red on occasion, and carrying around a notebook and red pen to communicate. red is so absorbed with caring for her in any way he can that he doesn’t see these problems. it takes dembe to point it out to him. 

tl;dr: liz has apraxia and is writing instead of speaking and red is taking care of her and there will be lots of handwritten letters from liz and red reading to her and physical contact and bed sharing because liz needs her touchstone and just a metric shit-ton of hurt/comfort basically bc i could not take the sight of red there at liz’s bedside without typing out some serious feelings about it so yeah. 

the only thing is, there would be no daddygate to speak of (obviously) and no stupid suitcase full of bones, just forget that, no drama on that front. also, no tom, like at all, just lizzie having been in an accident with little to no context on that bc i just really wanna focus on red and liz’s relationship and that development during her recovery, that’s all. and to accomplish that, i think i might also exclude agnes. i know that’s mean but i think these two crazy kids and all their feelings will be enough to deal with without throwing a baby in the mix. (also, something about liz missing a whole 10 months of agnes’ life, after her being separated literally after giving birth, just doesn’t sit right with me, i’m not willing to explore that stuff, i don’t think i can handle it, i’m sorry about that.)

also, i don’t know if this would necessarily be a chronological, chaptered fic, or instead a collection of snippets of their interactions and whatnot. i guess whatever feels better and jives right. i mean, i’ve got a pretty sappy happy ending sketched out, so if there’s demand, i can use that, but i could also just accumulate whole bunch of angsty snippets full of feelings and hurt/comfort and really stay in that whole mindset until we know where they’re taking us in 5b. idk, what do you guys think? does this sound like something you’d be interested in reading? cause i’m definitely interested in writing it :))) let me know please!!! <333 



Uh yeah, I’m shook to the bone and blown away like???? I was at 100 like a week and a half ago???? Wow????

As we are still celebrating 100 followers, I won’t do anything I’m also drowning in schoolwork and it’s killing me rip so I’m just going to say a huge thank you to all of my followers! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I love every one of you, so please remember that!

Also, I apologize for not putting out a lot of Matchups or any headcanons today. Like I mentioned before, I’m playing a major game of catchup in school so I’m trying to balance this blog and that and my personal life. It’s hard, but I’m making it, so don’t worry. I’ll try to get some more out over the weekend, though Saturday night won’t be nearly as productive as I have a parade that night in Chicago. Once again, thank you all sososososo much for this!! I’m going to sleep now, so have a good day/night! 💜

About Allura’s Mom

Allura rarely talks about her mother, we only get like one mention of her in S1 and none in S2? Alfor on the other hand is constantly being mentioned by Allura in S1. She has a lot of memories with her father, a lot of happy ones and they come back when she loses the last piece of him she had. 

In every single one of these memories with her father, Allura is wearing her circlet. The only time she isn’t is when she’s a baby. Alfor, on the other hand, is never shown wearing a crown/circlet/anything denoting nobility. He always calls himself an alchemist, and says he is not a good leader? Coran refers to him only as a ‘leader’ and a king, neither of which means he inherited the throne. 

Allura’s mom though, she is also always seen wearing her circlet. 

Like I am serious, Allura’s mom was the Queen regnant and Alfor was her consort. Since he had a military background it could be that they married after he rose up in the ranks? Also Allura’s mom (Imma call her Fala) was invited to the dinner party above meanwhile none of the other spouses were. Granted, Zarkon wasn’t married yet and we don’t know about the others but it could show that she is the queen and since they are a group of leaders she was also invited. 

The biggest thing that helps prove it is that Allura and her mom wear the same circlet from when Allura is about 10 onward. Idk if its inherited or not but if the circlet Allura is wearing is her mother’s, then that could mean Fala died before the destruction of Altea, approx. when Allura was 10-13. 

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THANK YOU guys so much for over 1000+ followers! I’m so glad that you enjoy the stuff that I post. :D

I’m going to be heading out soon for dinner, but in the meantime, I’m going to start planning out some more one-panel comics tonight! Thank you guys for all of your wonderful ideas! I’ll try to do as many as I can when I return home!

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.