wow thank youu

everlastingdarknessisinevitable  asked:

(( you don't know me, but I sorta know you from your posts and I have to just say, from what I've seen of you this far you are super sweet and deserve all the happiness in the world. If I could give you a big old hug I would but instead I just send a virtual hug so *hugs tightly* feel better hun!))

((Ohh my gosh…. Thank you so so much. *hugs* I love hugs and this is really sweet just… Wow, thank youu))

Now in colors. I hope you like such fanart of your Tatty ^^’
Though I don’t like this picture >_<


WOW!!!!! DUUUDE NIIIIICE QAQ THANK YOUU VERY MUCH :D!!!!!!! Looks really really nice indeed!!!!