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emergency couple
hi! school love on
pride and prejudice
angel eyes
bad guys
my lovely girl

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Guys, Its serious time. I have something really important I’ve been meaning to bring up.

A few days ago I got this message

Lately I have gotten a LOT of messages about people with problems, and so have a lot of my friends that I’ve noticed. I have also gotten selfies people have taken of them cutting themselves or crying (Another reason I closed submissions).

But, we run our own lives, and have our own problems. Most of us are only young and have no experience with dealing with this heavy shit.  

I get messages where people tell me they see me as a mother figure, and see my blog as a safe place. This warms my heart, and I want to do everything I can to help you. But when I get messages like the one screenshotted above… ..  it’s completely unfair.

I have severe depression, anxiety and insomnia. I am currently looking after BOTH my grandparents, one whom is dying of melanoma. I am also working as a face painter and a vet part time as well as studying and being chauffeur/ cook/ cleaner. I also drive to and from states twice a week. I CANT ANSWER EVERY MESSAGE. Don’t put your life in my hands because I cannot carry the weight of 30 odd suicide messages a day, heck a few months ago I was were you are.

Don’t feel like you can’t approach anyone when you need help. If we can, we will do everything to help… but if we can’t, its not fair for you to expect our complete undivided attention 24/7, and then pull a guilt trip when you don’t get an instant response. Most of us are under 30 with little to no experience in mental health.  

Let me make it clear! If you need help, TALK TO SOMEONE!!! BUT, be realistic in that we cant respond to everyone right away…. and we can’t always solve all your problems. But I do promise Ill try where I can. 

Now in colors. I hope you like such fanart of your Tatty ^^’
Though I don’t like this picture >_<


WOW!!!!! DUUUDE NIIIIICE QAQ THANK YOUU VERY MUCH :D!!!!!!! Looks really really nice indeed!!!!