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I saw someone told you about your being in the top 10 One Piece favourites on ff with TittM. Thought I'd let you know that you've got 3 in the top 20 One Piece fics when ordered by bookmarks on AO3. Cheap Thrills is 5th, TittM is 8th, and In The Pink is 14th.

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This is fantastic news, thank you so much for letting me know!

@5000 people

i just wanna take a moment here bc we just reached 5000 followers and like….that’s a lot?? at least to me it is so thank you all very much i hope you enjoy this shitshow!

furthermore i know that there are some people who are not happy with all the asks and advice stuff recently (i deleted some not very kind asks) but i encourage you to unfollow me if it bothers you. i am happy that so many people followed this page but what kind of person would i have to be to value a number on a screen more than the actual people behind it?
so yeah i’d gladly lose 100 followers but help one of you guys to feel a little bit better.

on a happier note, i appreciate and care for every one of you guys and if you have any suggestions or wishes for this page (or for some kind of milestone-special, is that a thing you need to do?) then you’re welcome to tell me!
have a great day and smile more!


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for my dear tas!


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Have you ever wondered how Viktor and Yuuri's lovechild would look like? Because I have and oh mY GOD I AM DECEASED