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Tough Love

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Characters: Jinyoung x Reader 

Requested  💕

Genre: Angst, Some Fluff

Word Count: 1,719

When you turned around you almost ran into Jinyoung. He stood so close. His face only inches away from yours. You both were trapped, mesmerized by the others eyes.

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Riarkle Studying AU: Both of them are on the top of their class, and there is no way that they could do that without studying. Now, while Farkle was intense during studying, Riley was playful, occasionally playing footsie with Farkle when she was reading, or making a game out of it.

Now normally Farkle would get furious about someone interrupting his learning process, but he couldn’t ever be mad at Riley. In fact, he found it adorable, and would smile at that her and play along.

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Request: How about a Riarkle aesthetic where the two adorkable nerds are studying? :P :)