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Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful @heshometome ❤ for the get to know me tag! ⚠ Warning ⚠ I talk a lot :’) lmao

Appearance: I’m about 170 cm (5'7 but my dad said he thinks I’m 5'8) I have sandy brown hair with reddish/blonde strands, and no it’s not dyed (I’ve never gotten the “permission” to Dye my hair but now I’m 20 so hEy :^D) I have dark brown eyes, boring asf but hey they’re mine so I love ‘em :’) OH! I have freckles scattered around my face, n I love my freckles and I’ve been told they’re cute huhu (fun fact: when I was younger my dad used to put this itch cream called cortisone cream all over my face bc he thought my freckles were a breakout lmao he still doesn’t want to believe they’re freckles to this day 😳😂)

Personality: Alright let’s see, I’m really nice. I’m probably one of the softest ppl you’ll ever know lml I’m really sensitive n I cry easily and a lot, I’m painfully shy but when I get to know someone I’m pretty outgoing. I still like making friends even tho I’m really shy. I talk waaaayyy too much, I mean have you SEEN my tags? And this is gonna be wordy too so I’m sorry I just…talk a lot lmao. I laugh a lot and I like to make ppl laugh! I’m really chill and mellow (my friends have compared me to a hippie too many times smh lmao), I don’t like drama and all of that stuff so if you wanna know anything pertaining to that I have nothing for ya sorry lml. Bo i, I have a sailors mouth when I’m with my close friends I curse up a storm but I grew up around that so it’s like, ingrained or whatever but I stop when I feel like I’m doing too much lml

Ability: I’m v understanding. I’m not judgemental (unless you’re being an asshole) I can write?? I guess?? My friends like my writing so lml I adapt pretty quickly, and (I’ve been told) I can sing but I don’t think so n I have mad stage fright (fun fact: I cried when I had to sing infront of my chorus class rip me :’D) ignoring ppls texts and calls bc I don’t like texting or calling so

Relationships: Uhhh I’ve dated a guy for like, less than 24 hours one time, I’ve dated a girl for a couple months but then I moved back with my dad and it became long distance n das a big ass no for her ig lmao but we’re good friends so that’s gr8

Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, playing video games, watching anime. Ya know, just the normal nerd stuff

Experiences: I stay inside most of the time and sleep bc I’m afraid of ppl n I’m depressed, but I’ve had some pretty embarrassing experiences. I experience regret often bc I’m always doing cringey shit (especially on here) and then I have to rethink my whole life. Seriously. Smh @ myself. I’ve only been to a couple different states, but I’d like to travel someday

My Life: I’ve got 2 older half sisters (same mom, different dad) that I’m not really fond of, and I’ve got 1 older brother and 1 little sister (same mom, same dad) I’ve had to move a lot in my life, I just recently was able to move back with my dad so yay for that! My mom died a few days after my 4th birthday so she’s been gone a long time which is good ANYWAY my life is pretty sad so to avoid making anyone even sadder I’ll end this here :)

Random things: I’ve got a ton of stories, I’ve got short term memory loss (which is weird bc how do I have stories to tell if I have memory loss right? Lml my life is complicated), I’ve got anxiety, I hate TOMATOES they’re the devils Kin, I don’t like French fries and my aunt called me “Un-American” bc of that, I don’t really like to eat potatoes either bc I can feel the starch like I just feel the carbs when I eat potatoes and I hate that, I don’t like dogs n ppl find that weird but dogs are really loud and sudden noises mess with my anxiety so I don’t like loud animals, I get frightened easily I swear I’ve lost about 20-30 years of my life from being scared of absolutely nothing so many times, I’m weird™, I like pop punk bands sue me , I’m not super into social media like normal ppl, I get dehydrated easily, and I am not a girly girl (but I hate dirt, sweating, bugs, and being in the sun)

I tag: @midnight-kook @jeonmilks @jihyped @elenaki663 @koreaisanaddiction @jimiinnah

I went in first last time.
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