wow such snake

And they were unnaturally still, not quite troll and not quite serpent, though it seemed as if fire throbbed through the veins of the devotee wherever the familiar brushed against her skin.

A quick little birthday pic for my sister, who turns 24 today! Happy Birthday, Sis!!

She recently adopted a young blue-eyed ball python and named him Arthas … so naturally this happened. It looked far more badass in my head, but I had a deadline.

For @poffercake
World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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juliangohome  asked:

Could you please please please do the scene where Valkyrie, Bruce and Thor are talking about how Loki night kill them and then Thor tells the snake story?!!!!?!

It’s finally done.

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forgot Jules’ chest hair oops my bad

Can someone pls assist me on understanding this past relationship thanks


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(I am more than sure there is a better video or the original one is posted somewhere, but w/e) Animation rigs for the new Sethrak race, provides by Blizzard in Blizzcon’s Art Gallery. Race to be featured in upcoming expansion: Battle for Azeroth.