wow stop it you two


                                                            We’re standing face-to-face
                                                            With  our own  human  race
                                We commit the SINS again & our SONS & DAUGHTERS pay

  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING

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Hello! I love your writing <3 I also love fluff. That being said, since you are the best writer ever, do you think you can do a super fluffy day at a carnival (ferris wheels, other rides, foods and mini games for prizes) with the whole RFA gang? MC can be with your favorite member or Saeyoung cause he need so much love! It can be funny moments filled with fluffy cute small moments. I need the fluff >n<,

B-best wri-writer ever? *blushing*

So I don’t really have a fave, as I said before, because I think they all need so much love. But I chose Jaehee because, well… girls just wanna have fun *wink*

If you squint really hard, you can see the fluff and the carnival, it’s just the idea of a carnival is kinda different in my country, so I don’t know much about it and I focused on this dynamic between Jumin, Jaehee and MC. I hope you still like it, tho:

RFA at the carnival

  • It was Seven’s idea, it’s been a while since the RFA doesn’t get together just to hang out
  • It’s also a celebration due to the success of the café you and Jaehee opened a few months ago (although nobody said this officially, otherwise Jumin wouldn’t show up and wouldn’t let Yoosung go too)
  • So yeah… at first, it’s very awkward between Jumin and Jaehee. “Long time no see, Assi… Miss Kang.” “Good to see you, Mr. Ha… Jumin.”
  • But you and Seven manage to light the mood, you two are the most excited about the rides and keep telling everybody how amazing this is gonna be!
  • Zen is fascinated with the house of mirrors. How can he still manage to look so perfect even with his face all distorted? Ugh… he’s such a God’s mistake!
  • He also is showing off to you and Jaehee when he makes the bell ring at the strongman test, starts sneezing when he sees the prize is a stuffed kitten
  • “I think Jumin would like that, give it to him.” You suggest, Zen refuses giving a gift to Jumin. “Nevermind, I’ll give him.” You take the kitten.
  • Jumin is obviously uncomfortable, he watches while Yoosung and Seven are having fun in the bumping cars, Seven cornered Yoosung’s car and keeps bumping over and over.
  • He’s just… there, sitting on a bench. He starts scrolling on his phone when you sit beside him. “Not having fun?”
  •  “I’m just… working.” “I see… you really are a hardworker checking the chatroom where everybody is right here.” CAUGHT!
  • “You know I just came because Luciel basically kidnapped Yoosung, I’m not still comfortable being around…” “Her.” You finish to him, noticing the glance he gives to Jaehee while she’s shooting a target with Zen.
  • “Can I be honest with you, Jumin? I think it’s time to move on. Stop considering this a defeat, so what if you lost your assistant? You earned a new friend!”
  • “I… don’t need new friends.” “Jaehee really admires you and respects you, she’s ready to move on and forget the past, why can’t you?” he starts scrolling his phone again, is he listening? You sigh in frustration. “I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life! Okay, maybe you don’t need new friends, but you’ll definitely lose the few you have if you keep acting like this. Here’s a gift from Zen.” You storm away from him, throwing the kitten at him.
  • You’re worried that maybe you were too harsh, but Jaehee makes you forget this when she drags you to the roller coaster. You love her smile and he way her now long hair flows with the wind.
  • You two almost forget that you came with the boys. You try a lot of rides together and she earns you a stuffed turtle at one of the booths.
  • But you’re really alone when you go to the photo booth. You take silly pictures and you feel really hot when she leans closer to you. Is this gonna happen? For real? You’ve been waiting for so long…
  • “Ah, you’re here, Miss Kang, can we talk in private for a little?” the last photo is your flustered face due to a Jumin who just barged in to the photo booth. Seven is definitely keeping this photo.
  • Zen, Seven, Yoosung and you decide to grab something to eat. Most of the time, the actor and the hacker are trying to goofy off to make you two relax. It’s been a while since Yoosung isn’t able to just hang out like this, and you… are worried. Isn’t that conversation taking too long?
  • When they go back, Jumin scolds Yoosung for not waiting him to eat. “Yoosung couldn’t possibly know what you want, stop being a spoiled jerk!” “Hmmm, so I’ll have what you’re having.” Jumin takes Zen’s food out of his hands, the actor open his mouth to start a trail of insults.
  • “Before you make a scene, remember this is a public space, this can’t be good for a public figure.” And Zen sits reluctantly. Jumin is acting weirdly playful, what happened?
  • You want to ask Jaehee, but she sits across from you and start eating in silence. She looks hungry… and tense. Shit! Did you screw up?
  • For the last ride, Seven chose the Ferris Wheel, he takes Yoosung so he won’t sit with his boss. Zen wants to go with you, but Jumin gets in the way.
  • “Don’t thing too highly of yourself, though. We should just let the ladies stay together.” Well, Zen can’t disagree on that. “Also, you gave me this kitten, and I’m repaying the gesture. “ oh god… Zen will push Jumin off the Ferris Wheel, we should keep an eye on them.
  • You and Jaehee are together and alone again… you’re so afraid to say something, but you have to. “How… how was it with Jumin?”
  • “Painfully awkward…” oh god… “But I think we’ll be able to talk more properly when he goes to the café next Monday.” WHAT? JUMIN? ON THE CAFÉ? This is… this is… unexpected.
  • “I have no idea what you told him, but it worked.” She smiles sweetly, oh my… she’s not mad at you! And she’s so beautiful…
  •  You feel the thud of the Ferris Wheel stopping, with you two at the highest top. “Wow, the view is amazing…” she probably means the whole vision of the carnival, but to you, the view is her smile right now.
  • You’re staring, probably too much as she looks at you and blushes. “Do you think Luciel somehow hacked to leave us on the top like this?” she asks.
  • “Yeah, probably…” she’s leaning closer again… so hot… so hot… “Remind me of thanking him later.” And she finally does what was promised since the photo booth fiasco.
  • A kiss, the first one. You’re trembling and your face is on fire, her lips are so soft… you almost didn’t notice the fireworks exploding in the sky. Another Seven’s doing? Nah, just a very on point coincidence.

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you’re cool too! i’ve seen you in action. you? you’re just as good.


V with longer hear is infinitely more handsome than V with shorter hair. This is 100% facts so it’s not up for debate, so sorry :/

oh and he’s also getting absolutely Fucked with a capital F in my game rn, but that’s beside the point #spoilers

The City (Part 3)

Dean X Reader 

Tags: @oasis-in-a-desert-of-chaos , @sdavid09 , @paulis0499 , @bellastellaluna

Warnings: Drinking & Swearing 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is all it takes for the pill to start working. I lean back in my bed, and turn on the TV, hoping to distract me in the meantime. The sounds of Will Ferrell fill the room as I decide to leave on Talladega Nights. Before I know it, I am laughing along to a joke, almost oblivious to the pain I was feeling earlier.

My phone keeps ringing. First its Alyssa’s name, then Sam’s and finally Dean’s. I shut my phone off, not wanting to hear from any of them.

The credits roll across the screen. Turning my phone back on, I see twelve missed calls. I open the phone to get the notifications to go away, but I catch a glimpse at the time as well, realizing I have been in here for almost an hour. I stand up, deciding it would be better to just go out, so they don’t come here looking for me.

Opening the door, I run face first into Alyssa. She has her hand raised, clearly ready to knock.

“Hey!” Her voice is high pitched, clearly surprised at my sudden appearance.

“Hey.” I say shutting the door, and heading towards the elevator. She barley hesitates as she matches my stride.

Walking in silence, we finally get the elevator bank. Hitting the button I keep my head down, trying not to make eye contact.

“So, I haven’t known you very long, but I’m going to call it like I see it.” She doesn’t give me any time before she launches into her lecture. “You’re in love with Dean, and seeing him with that girl sent you over the edge. So instead of staying and dealing with it or what I would have done, smack him in the face, you left.” Letting out my breath, the elevator door dings, allowing me a few extra moments to decided how to respond.

The doors close, while we start our decent to the lobby. Alyssa patiently waits for me to answer, much to my surprise.
“Yes.” I say curtly. Keeping my head up I watch the numbers descend.

“Okay.” I look at her, not believing she was just going to drop it. “Do you want to go to a bar or to the stadium? I think they opened the gates so we can go in a get our seats.” Smiling I look over at her.

“Lets just go to the stadium.” My excitement of finally getting to see the famous Fenway has my spirits up once more. I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster this day has been so outrageous.

The streets are full of drunk people and vendors as push our way to Entrance B. the line was not long, and before I know it, I’m standing in the stadium, talking it all in. the smell wasn’t the best. Between the waves of stale beer and carnival food there would be someone’s perfume or cologne that was too strong. But I smile, enjoying every minute of it.

You couldn’t walk more than thirty seconds without there being a beer or food vendor, but Alyssa informed me that the seats we have on the turf have their own stuff there, that is much better. So I nod my understanding and agreement and follow her to the security guards to our sections. Holding out my ticket, they check that I belong here and step aside to let me pass.

Emerging from the little tunnel, I step up onto a huge raised platform. Not able to take another step, I stare at what is before me.

Bellow me is where the field is, but is now covered in a very large hard white plastic. It must be used to help protect the field from all the people. There are folding chairs that fill the floor, and surrounding the outside are a bunch of vendors. Looking up, there is a wall that has a metal railing at the top, where the stadium seating begins. I have a view of everything from this platform. I can even see part of the stage that was to my right.

Snapping out of it, I catch up to Alyssa who is already at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. “You good?” she smirks, clearly amused at my awe.

“Yeah.” I manage to get out while still looking around. First thing I noticed was the ground was not as even as I thought it was. The plastic looked almost like giant jigsaw piece, making some of the seams peak a little more than others. The second thing I noticed was by far the best. Sitting right next to me is a Vodka Lemonade cart. Alyssa see me looking at the cart and laughs.

“Lets get some!” She grabs my hand and pulls me to the line. Alyssa was right, there are so many vendors here, just for this section there was never more than three people at any of the lines.

“Thirteen dollars please.” The guy working the stand hands me my I.D. and drink, waiting for me to hand him money in exchange. Sadly pulling a twenty from my wallet I hand it to the guy, who smiles while giving me my seven dollars back. Grimacing I put the change in my wallet, seeing only two more twenties.

Walking to the security at section one, we show our tickets and walk down the isle to section b, where we have to show our ticket again to two more guys. Finally we make it to row three and take our seats right on the end. Alyssa goes one in, which I am thankful for. I love being the isle seat, I feel freer.

“I hate how often we have to show our tickets. Why not just give us wristbands or something so I don’t have to carry something around.” I tare my attention from the stage that was almost close enough for me to touch, and look at Alyssa.

“Thank you so much for this, this is truly amazing!” Alyssa’s face lit up.

“Oh its my pleasure! Really, its nice to see someone for once that aren’t my parents.” She laughs and takes out her phone. “Lets get a picture.” Before I could respond she has her arm up, and snapping a picture. “That’s a good one! I’m definitely posting this.” I just laugh, amazed at how normal and natural this feels. I feel like I don’t kill monsters for a living.

Finishing my drinking, I turn to Alyssa seeing she has as well. She stands, “Lets go get another.” I know I shouldn’t. The pill I took, I’m not supposed to drink on. It doubles the affects of the alcohol and the pill, and can even cause seizures.

I’m about to tell her no, when I spot Dean and Sam, with the two blondes from earlier, on the opposite side of our row. Dean goes in four seats and sits and is followed by Blonde One, then blonde two and lastly Sam on the isle seat. Dean looks down the row, seeing me; he gives a small wave. This catches the attention of Blonde one. She pokes his arm, and he turns to kiss her, forgetting about me.

Taking a sharp breath, I stand up, joining Alyssa in the journey for another drink. She places her hand on my shoulder as we walk, a show of sympathy.

Alyssa buys my next drink, saying she owes me for putting me in the same row as them. I try to say no, she has given me too much already but she buys it anyway, so I thank her and take it.

Back at our seats, I can actually hear the girl giggling at whatever Dean is saying, or doing. I know I shouldn’t but I drink to numb the feeling.

Fifteen minutes later I have nothing but ice in my glass, and a head full of sadness. Glancing at Alyssa I see she is not even half way done with hers. Getting up, I say I am running to the bathroom. Keeping my empty cup from her eyesight, I turn and head for the Vodka lemonade line.

Third drink in my hand, I make my way back to my seats. Keeping my head down I run smack dab into a broad chest. “What the fuck!” I am seething as look at my now soaked shirt.

“Watch where your going slut.” My head snaps up. I knew who it was before I even look at her. Blonde number one.

“I am so sorry.” The deep gruff voice I would know anywhere says. Looking up, I meet by the amazing green eyes I always get lost in. “Y/N?” I say nothing, unsure if I would cry if I opened my mouth. “You look… wow…I…” Dean stops talking at a loss for words.

“You two know each other?” she asks. I look at the blonde bimbo hanging on deans arm, claiming him. I want to pull out the knife I hid in my belt, and show her I am no one to be fucked with.

“Um yeah, this is (Y/N). We are um friends.” He looks down at his feet when speaks. Pain radiates through me. We have spent years together, every day fighting monsters this girl could never dream about, and I get a “we’re friends” really?! Anger and sadness engulf me.

“Yeah friends.” I say to the girl, who just huffs at me. “I need to go buy another thirteen dollar drink cause some asshole spilt mine on Me.” the venom drips in my tone, but I could feel the tears coming. Turning on my heel I head back to the drink line.

Taking out my phone I pretend to be so engrossed by something, so it looks like I don’t even notice as dean and her walk by. Unfortunately though, I am all too aware, so this time I order two drinks. Chugging one on the spot, I throw out the empty cup and take a few sips of the other so it does not look brand new. I can feel the swirl of alcohol and drugs in my system, making me feel delightfully intoxicated. Taking a deep breath I head back to my seat hoping more people would be in our row, making it harder for me to see him.

Leo Fitz thinks Jemma Simmons left because he loves her.

Jemma Simmons left Leo Fitz because she loves him.

3 Times He Wanted To Ask You Out, 1 Time He Did

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Three times Bucky Barnes wanted to ask you out, and the time he finally did

Warnings: none


The First Time: “You’re gonna do it this time.” Steve says assuringly, looking Bucky dead in the eyes. Steve’s spent the last half hour convincing him it’s finally time to bite the bullet and ask you out already. Partly because he knows how much Buck likes you and he wants his best friend to be happy, but mainly because you’re all he talks about and its getting really annoying.”I’m gonna ask y/n out.” Bucky mutters to himself, nodding his head rapidly. He glances over Steve’s shoulder and the air is knocked straight from his lungs. You’re just wearing a loose sweatshirt and workout shorts, you’ve been training with Nat and Peter the entire day, but you still manage to take his breath away. “I can’t do this. She’s one hundred percent out of my league” Bucky sighs, letting his head fall in his hands. Steve groans and runs his fingers through his hair, trying to think of someway to just make him go for it already. “Hey y/n!” Steve calls, pulling your attention away from the sandwich you’ve begun to make in the kitchen, “Bucky needs to ask you something.” And with that, he darts off down the hallway, leaving you and Bucky alone. “What’s the deal Barnes?” you ask, smiling as you cut the sandwich in half. He stumbles up to you, tripping over thin air. He fiddles with the ends of his hair and refuses to meet your eyes. His cheeks become flushed and heated as you wait for the question he’s supposed to be asking. “So I was wondering,” he blurts loudly, practically shouting even though he’s right next to you, “I was, um, just kinda, er, wondering if you would, possibly maybe kind of sorta, uh…” He stutters, hands shoved in his pockets while his feet shift awkwardly. “Bucky,” you laugh, “just say it already. You can tell me anything, you know that.” And it was in that moment that he realized, he can’t tell you anything. You and him have grown so close, as in sharing bad breakup stories, watching scary movies late at night and yelling at the tv, falling asleep in each other’s rooms because you stay up talking so late close. He would give anything to keep that forever. And if he asks you out and you say no…it would ruin everything. “I was just gonna ask if I could have half of that sandwich.” he sighs reluctantly, putting on a fake smile. You laugh, relief flooding your expression. “For a second there I thought it was something serious.” you grin, handing him half of the sandwich before taking a bite of your own. His gaze drops as he nibbles on the bread, his appetite gone. “Nope…nothing serious.”

The Second Time: “So I’ll just keep my hands on your waist.” Bucky says, guiding you across the dance floor that’s really just the mats of the training room. Both in your socks, you try the best you can not to step on his feet, but grace has never been your strong suit. “I’m never going to learn how to slow dance in time for this United Nations gala tonight!” you groan, tossing your hands in the air and pulling away from Bucky. He strides over to the record player that’s blasting 40′s music and lifts the needle from the turntable, the music cutting off abruptly. “Oh please y/n.” Bucky laughs, placing his hands back on your waist, “If you can learn to use a bow and arrow lethally in a half hour, you can learn to slow dance. You just have to…feel it.” He starts to sway gently to a song he’s begun to hum. “That’s just it Bucky. I don’t know how to ‘feel it’. You don’t have to feel anything to shoot an arrow, you just have to follow your instincts.” you sigh, following his slow footsteps in light turns. He pulls you closer against him, repeating the same 5 steps and humming the same song until you’ve begun to hum along with him. “Faster.” he says, puling you even closer and quickening his pace before you can protest. Your grip on his shoulders tighten as you both begin to glide across the room. You don’t give the moves any thought, they’re now engraved in your memory. “1-2-3, 4-5-6, 3-2-1,4-5-6″ you mutter over and over again, keeping you eyes locked on his. Bucky feels a tickled laugh start to rise in his chest at the look of sheer concentration in your expression. Dancing isn’t about thinking, it’s about having fun. Bucky has wanted to teach you how to slow dance forever, of course he was hoping it would be in preparation for a date with him, not a stuffy UN gala that Tony insisted you go to. “It’s just to leave a good impression” he’d told you when you asked him why you had to be the one to go, “You’re pretty and young and whatnot, it’ll make us look good.”  So Bucky settled for teaching you to dance instead. “Faster.” he mumbles so low you can barely hear him before he starts to move even quicker. His moves are graceful and sharp, never missing a beat. “1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7…I mean 3-5…no that’s not-” and before you can think of what comes next, your legs tangle in his and you both come crashing to the ground. He lands on his back with a thud, the mats breaking both your falls. You land squarely on top of him, bracing your hands against his chest before your head can bang against his. “Ughhhh.” you groan in frustration, pushing yourself up so your body still sits on his waist You ball up his shirt in your hands, the scratchy fabric itching your palms. “Why can’t I do this!” you cry, and without realizing what you’re doing, you’ve torn his nice button up shirt completely in half, exposing the tight t-shirt underneath. Your eyes meet his, and for a split second you think he’ll be upset, but theres a twinkle in his eyes and a smile takes over his expression. “I never liked the shirt anyways.” he says in all seriousness before you both shout with laughter, the ridiculousness of the situation humoring you both. You let your head drop as you cover your face with your hands. “I’m sorry Buck.” you laugh, dropping the torn fabric. He brushes your hair behind your ears and gently tugs your hands away from your face, still smiling. You shoot him your most apologetic look and bite your bottom lip, shaking your head. It’s in that moment that the words he’s held back for so long nearly escape his lips. He could ask you right now to go out with him, and you could say yes, and you could spend the rest of the day learning how to slow dance. Or you could say no. And the fear of that split second of uncertainty, the moment where you have to decide what your answer will be, is enough to keep Bucky from asking at all. “Let’s keep going.” he says instead, and you do. 

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Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 7

Part 6

  Sitting down at a table in the library you looked down at your textbook, trying to memorize fractures, when Cato had left it made things easier to concentrate. “So you and Calum?” He has asked.

 "Nothing is happening between us,“ You tried to tell him.

 "Something happened last night after you left,” Cato chucked. “You have a smile on your face.”

 "I always am smiling,“ You said looking up from your textbook.

 "Not when you’re reading this thing,” Cato said pulling your textbook away.

 "Alright fine,“ You said shaking your head. "He may have kissed me before walking over to his house. So what, it’s just a kiss?”

 "If you didn’t think it was something would you still be smiling?“ Cato asked flipping through your textbook.

 "Probably,” You said smiling. “It’s been a while since I was kissed.”

 "What? No,“ Cato said shaking his head. "I do not believe that for a second.”

 You shrugged and looked down at the table smiling when Cato started to laugh. Now you were sitting there thinking about bone fractures while you hummed along with the music blasting out of your earbuds. Someone sat next to you but you didn’t give them much attention until they pulled your earbuds out.

 "What the hell?“ You asked turning  to them, stopping when you saw Calum sitting there. "Wow, two days in a row. I think this may be a record,” You said turning back to your textbook.

 "Remind me never to do that again,“ Calum said making you smile as you put them back in.

 "There won’t be a next time and if there is you won’t be around for a third,” You threatened making Calum raised his eyebrows in shock.

 "That’s a turn on,“ Calum said biting him bottom lip as he looked over your shoulder at the textbook.

 "You’re turned on right now?” You asked looking at him.

 "I can’t control what I like and what I don’t,“ Calum said smiling and glancing away.

 "What are you doing here Calum?” You asked.

 "Do you want to go to band practice with me?“ He asked leaning back in his chair. You sat up straight and looked over at him with deciding whether or not you should go.

 “Are you sure you want me there?,” You asked.

 “Princess, if I didn’t want you there I would just leave without you and crawl into your window tonight,” Calum and standing up and leaning down so his face was inches from yours.

 “Point taken. Alright, I will go,” You said nodding, allowing Calum to take your textbook and bag before he started to walk off. taking your textbook with him. “Calum,” You said catching up with him, chasing him all the way to your car.

 “Pelvises,” Calum said as you both got in. You rolled your eyes and sighed knowing that you were going to have to listen to him all the way to the hangout.

 “Are you done?” You asked pulling into the gravel parking lot and parking.

 "I’ve learned so much,“ Calum said closing the textbook. The entire drive he was reading sections out of textbook aloud. The two of you waked into the hangout while Calum continued to read.

 "Really?” You finally asked standing up and closing your door.

 "No,“ He said throwing your textbook on the couch.

 "I should have told you to get out of my car,” You said looking at the couch.

 "Then you wouldn’t be here right now,“ Calum said walking up to you. "And we woulnd’t be standing right here.”

 "Your point?“ You asked looking around. You took in that the place was empty. None of the boys were there for band practice. "Where is everyone?” You asked.

 "They’re not coming until band practice starts,“ Calum said.

 "What? Then why are we here?” You asked turning back to him. You saw him looking at you and suddenly knew why he wanted to get there so early. Calum grabbed your bag off of your shoulder, letting it fall to the ground.

 "Is this alright?“ Calum asked leaning in and grabbed your waist.  

 "Are you going to talk through the whole thing or are you just going to do it?” You asked raising your arms making Calum chuckle. He pressed his lips to yours, pulling your body against him allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. Calum started to pull away but stopped and pressed his lips to yours again and again before he slipped his tongue into your mouth. You ran your fingers through the bottom of his hair as Calum ran his hands under your shirt, gripping your waist harder. “I’m not,” You started pulling away.

 "I know,“ Calum said nodding before pressing his lips to yours again. He picked you up and walked over to the wall, pressing your back up against the wall so he could bring both hands to your face, pushing some hair out of the way as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, making him moan.

 "Fuck,” You whispered as Calum moved his lips to your neck, sucking  and biting at your skin. You felt Calum smile against your neck as he moved up to your ear, nipping your skin and kissing you earlobe before leaving a trail of kissed down to your chest, stopping at your flannel.

 "I can’t go any further,“ Calum said looking up at you.

 "Shut up,” You laughed looking at him. He smiled as he made sure you were pressed against the wall and woulnd’t fall when he moved his hands. He reached up and grabbed your first button, looking up at you and raising an eyebrow, and the moved to the next button until all of the buttons were unbuttoned and your flannel was open.

 "I thought you would stop me,“ Calum said before pressing his lips to yours and then moving down to your chest, grabbing your camisole strap and pulling it to the side.

 "I thought I would too,” You whispered as you closed your eye. Calum smiled and pressed his lips to yours as he wrapped his arms around you, picking you up and carrying you over to the couch where he laid you down on top of your textbook. “Calum,” You laughed.

 "Sorry, I’m sorry,“ He said grabbing the book and tossing it on the floor. You laughed and looked up at Calum, seeing him smiling down at you.

 "I think we should stop,” Calum whispered kissing your chest and then your neck. “Before I can’t stop.”

 "You’re probably right,“ You as Calum sat up.

 "I’m just saying that it would be a good song,” Michael said pulling open the door.

 "Would you shut up already?“ Ashton asked walking in and freezing when he saw the two of you sitting on the couch, looking surprised to see them.

 "Calum. (Y/N). What are you two doing here?” Luke asked walking up behind Ashton as he looked at you, knowing something was different from when he saw you last.

 "I brought (Y/N) to practice,“ He said standing up and walking over to them.

 “You’re never early though,” Michael said staring at Calum before continuing to walk to his guitar.

 “People change,” Calum said turning to Michael. Luke and Ashton joined them as they talked making each other laugh. Taking a step back you cleared your throat.

 “I should actually be going,” You said before looking around and grabbing your stuff.

 “Are you sure?” Ashton asked.

 “Yeah. I have to write a paper and read tons of pages so I’m just going to drive back home,” You said walking to the door. “I’ll see you later.”

 “(Y/N),” Calum started walking over to you.

 “Calum it’s fine. I’ll see you later,” You said before rushing out and to your car.

hope you liked it. 

we’re burning one hell of a something


2.) this has been a long time coming. thanks to wingsof-flame for tagging me for this months ago (and providing like the best bits of dialogue) and the bae l0chn3ss for ficcing it out over skype and looking it over. kisses to you both!

3.) this is heavily inspired by real life events. except for the boy part because i am not that lucky

This is a fire emergency. Please remain calm and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevator. This is a fire emergency. Please remain calm and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevator.

It took a while for the flat, male voice to register. When it finally did, Maka jerked from sleep with a surprising intensity, given that she’d been in the middle of a REM cycle moments before. It took another minute for her to process the words. Fucking – a fire alarm? Again? How many forced evacuations would it take for the freshmen to realize that, yes, emptying the lint trap does prevent the dryer from catching fire and that water is an essential ingredient for EasyMac?

Too many, apparently.

Maka lay in bed a moment longer, rubbing the grit from her eyes. If she just ignored what was most certainly a false alarm, it wouldn’t end up too badly, would it? But then she remembered the alarm from last semester, when a dryer really had caught fire. Odds were that that wasn’t the case this time, but Maka had an exam in three days and burning to death wouldn’t help her pass. So she dragged herself up and climbed down her loft bed on wobbly legs, hoping that the drill would be a short one. Especially considering it was – fuck – three in the morning.

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What the AP Lit Exam Taught Me

1. Wow, Cleo, can you stop being a fucking bitch for two seconds?
2. You go, girl. Beauty standards be damned.
3. Julianna doesn’t date the mower and now the BEAUTIFUL MEADOW SUFFERS BC HE’S A CRAZY SHIT HEAD
4. The Mayor needs to chill the fuck out. Elizabeth-Jane can’t do anything right today, but dad needs to get over his self loathing
5. All hail the holy balls of the juggler
6. That speaker really REALLY likes balls
7. North Star is freedom bitches. Fight the power.
8. Deceitful people are fun af

My boss is so punny. This happened earlier today.
  • Me: They say puns used to be the highest form of humor. I think they still are.
  • Boss: My favorite puns are baseball puns, but I usually end up striking out.
  • Me: ... did you just??
  • Boss: It must be in my pitch...
  • Me: Yeah, you came way out of left field with that.
  • Boss: I'm always way off base with this kind of stuff.
  • Me: I guess I can let it slide...
  • Boss: I'll knock it out of the park next time.
  • Coworker, Sarah: *angrily* WILL YOU TWO STOP IT?!
  • Me: Wow, I don't feel safe right now.
  • Boss: Yeah Sarah, you look like you're about to hitter.
  • Me: Look Sarah, I know you've got a lot on your plate...
  • Sarah: I'm about to start swinging!! Wait... OH MY GOD I JUST MADE A PUN TOO! SOMEONE STOP IT'S CONTAGIOUS!
  • Me: *starts scooting away slowly*
  • Boss: Oh look, she's about to steal! Sarah, you better go catcher!
  • Sarah: I HATE YOU BOTH!