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Which three russian cats are you most fond of

there are so many and i love them all of course but 3 of my favorite are 

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pls tell us all about the extra stuff Harry at Auradon to show he's in love with Uma

okay, hear me out: the isles of the lost obviously isn’t a place for love, pda or any type of affection so harry at auradon is Thriving.

and let me just mention my favorite hc which is that everyone’s already suspicious about harry and uma’s relationship bc of the Hook Incident™ where some curious student asks harry if they could see his hook or whatever and he makes a huge deal about it (evil threats included) and it’s pretty clear after that that touching harry’s hook is one of his pet peeves and will probably lead to some level of violence. so everyone is shook when a few days later, uma grabs the hook from harry and instead of immediate retribution, he just smiles fondly at her.

so the entire auradon population are already eyeing the two of them without harry’s xtra-ness.

said behavior includes:

- walking uma to the only class they don’t have together despite the fact that it’s all the way across campus and he ends up ten minutes late to his own class

- glaring and hissing at any student who has the nerve to try and insult uma (there are very few and even fewer after harry starts playing ‘harmless’ pranks on said students at night)

-more than one student has seen harry sneaking from his room to uma’s late at night and when he’s caught, the poor person that finds him only gets an unrepentant grin and the job of watching his room for the rest of the night to make sure he doesn’t try again (he does, at least three times)

-other students have seen harry, gil and uma chilling in the garden with harry making lovesick puppy eyes at uma while (to the shock and awe of said students) he runs his hands through her braids and puts them in a bun, ponytail, pigtails, etc all while cooing at her lovingly (yes, lovingly)

-harry almost fights a teacher who gives uma a failing grade on one of her tests and it’s only after uma (who had no idea harry went to confront the teacher) comes into the room to see harry restrained by a bunch of students and lays a hand on harry’s shoulder does he stop struggling

-the petnames? they never end. every other sentence ends with a “love, cap’n, beautiful, sweetheart, darling, angel, queen, etc.” people rarely hear harry call uma by her name

-lets not forget that harry is probably ridiculously jealous of any prep guy (+ girl) that tries to approach uma bc thats his ‘best friend’ and no one deserves her, especially not some privileged auradon kid so when any brave soul asks uma out on a date (after hes rejected) harry will do something petty like turn all his clothes pink or leave him dangling from a flag pole for a few hours

-he also probably spends a good hour picking flowers from some restricted auradon garden (i havent watched descendants 1 but if theres a garden where no one but the royal family is allowed to be he’s sneaking into it and getting flowers from there bc uma deserves the best) he presents these flowers to her at the end of every day when they finally meet up

-uma is pretty unapproachable to most of the students in the beginning and harry has that whole charming (but dangerous) personality and some students made the mistake of asking him about uma and his entire expression lights up and that student is trapped while harry sings the praises of his “fearless, clever, inspiring, did i mention beautiful” captain.

-harry also actually sings about and to uma. the songs are always goofy and flirtatious but one or two students have reported hearing harry sing really sweet and soft love songs to her as the moon reflects off the lake i conjure in my mind for this very scenario late at night


Art Trade with @papayapart

I am so so sorry this took me so long to make, wow. If I’m being 100% honest, I started off pretty good, then procrastinated a bit and forgot about it for a while, but I remembered to upload it today and here we are! Anyways, I hope you like it! And again, I’m sorry I took 800 years. 

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Because she loves him. She loves him, you know? She’s not gonna let him control her, or be her “everything”, you fall in love with someone and there’s a commitment there.  They made a commitment with their marriage to each other, support and be there together, through ups and downs, through thick and thin. It was made a long time ago, and through all the bad he has done, it’s always been with the guise of protecting her. It’s never been with destruction in mind, or causing harm and pain towards her. 

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Dead Man {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~  I just thought of this and it sounds good in my head, but could u do a kylo imagine where the reader gets taken by the first order & is in the interrogation type room (like where Poe/Rey were) & reader is kinda scared bc ur preggos with kylos baby (u got pregnant when he was Ben or something) & he’s like who’s the father? And u say Ben Solo, but he’s gone now. And I don’t know where to go from there so u take it away lol. Wow sorry this is so lengthy

A/N~ Apologies for how long this took writing has been tough for me these past couple months. Anyways I’m not really sure how good this’ll be because I have no idea how to write pregnancy and its been a good minuet since I’ve written some thing long like this. Please ignore any mistakes (I’ll fix them later. For now I need to stop looking at this) hope ya’ll like it!

If the doctor back on base could see you now you assume she’d be furious. Three balanced meals a day, light exercise, and plenty of rest. It was good advice for a woman like yourself eight months pregnant, and you followed those directions perfectly except for one. Rest. You couldn’t sit idly while the resistance moved so quickly around you. 

Yellow Squadron denied every one of your requests or rather demands to let you join them on missions, but it never stopped you from asking one more time. Out of pure luck they’d finally said yes. The rebellion had received intel of unregistered spacecraft loitering in the outer rim. There was reason to believe The First Order was behind it. An organization that had been around for quite some time but only in the past few months had they really surfaced and become a threat. Yellow squadron’s job was to go out take a look around and come right back. A scouting mission is what they called it and they must have figured the mission would be easy enough for you to come along, for the ride if nothing else. It was supposed to be easy, it was supposed to be safe.

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>.< I don't know why I picked this one... but could you do RFA+ Saeran and V finding out MC has a kid? It has been in my head for days and won't go away. I'm sorry!

never be sorry about requesting things! i’m always glad to answer them!! thank you for stopping by~ \(◕ ◡ ◕\)


  • oh 
  • he doesn’t mind at all, really, he wants kids
  • it’s just that now it’s hard for them to be public and such
  • but when they do go public, the fans don’t mind 
  • and respect the kid’s privacy
  • zen wants to be the ‘cool stepdad’
  • and he is, but he’s also a giant dork
  • the three of them act out his scripts together
  • sometimes, zen lets the kid take his role and he plays the bad guy
  • who needs story time when you can act it out?
  • also teaches the kid how to dance and sings them songs, they perform for mc at home
  • again, now zen’s fridge is full… and they have to get a new place 
  • he made a dad joke once, ok it was hilarious and totally sarcastic
  • because the kid called him ‘dad’ and he just responded with “dad? what’s the matter, sport? need some fatherly advice?” i made myself laugh imagining this
  • the kid says they’re never calling him that again, but he apologizes


  • oh boy, yoosung, let’s get that degree, yeah?
  • this is why he’s the fastest to do it
  • but he loves kids!!
  • teaches them how to cook
  • they make breakfast in bed for mc, it’s adorable
  • when the kid needs help with homework, yoosung is There
  • the best mentor, kid is blessed
  • mc loves watching them study together
  • he’s actually such a good father figure
  • the kid looks up to him, he’s so flattered
  • family game nights!! 
  • they play LOLOL and board games 
  • all of them get super competitive uh oh 


  • wasn’t really ready for kids, but is totally okay with it
  • even better, this kid is an angel
  • and a musical fan!!
  • wowie wow jaehee liked this kid
  • and the kid liked jaehee! 
  • they bond over hot chocolate because jaehee shows them the amazingness that is putting cinnamon in it too
  • true story: i did that of my own accord and it’s great i have seen light
  • mc joins in too and that’s how we have family bonding~
  • the kid helps jaehee become more affectionate like
  • hugs !! all the time!!
  • forehead kisses to say goodnight!
  • jaehee is a really good story teller wow mc wants bedtime stories too


  • did someone say ‘spoiled’?
  • this kid is spoiled rotten 
  • but has good manners, of course 
  • jumin loves the kid and gets said kid anything and everything
  • but mc’s kid, and mc’s favorite, thing he does is when he reads to them
  • jumin puts on silly voices sometimes for the characters, it makes everyone laugh
  • oh oh and piggyback rides!
  • basically jumin is the best stepdad ever 
  • totally supports the kid’s dreams and will help at every step of the way
  • mc thinks he’s a great dad
  • “…would you want more kids one day, my dear spouse?” 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • damnit v wh y 
  • he can’t like mc, the kid would be in danger too 
  • but he still does, damnit saeyoung
  • when he comes over and is all distant and stuff, the kid is really the only one who can get to him
  • because saeyoung can’t be too mean to a child
  • accidentally spills his crush on mc to mc’s child
  • and they just shake their head and is like ‘i knew it’
  • helps saeyoung sort out his feelings
  • after that distant episode, he and the kid are really good friends
  • called saeyoung ‘dad’ once and he couldn’t stop grinning
  • mc is actually really proud of the two of them
  • they always make them laugh

v / jihyun

  • oh boy what did he do
  • did he really let this happen, bad jihyun what were you thinking
  • and there’s a bomb in the apartment oh my go d
  • makes it a point to come to the party and apologizes a minimum of 6 times
  • mc tells him that it’s okay, but he’s insistent he do something in return
  • which is why v is babysitting for the day
  • turns out, the kid likes him!
  • asks about all his pictures and v tells the kid stories about them
  • also teaches mc’s kid about cameras 
  • mc came to pick their child up and the kid doesn’t wanna go
  • so they stay for dinner and the kid is like “parent…date this guy.” 
  • you are like 7 calm down
  • but then the kid falls asleep on the couch and jihyun offers to let them stay the night
  • the two of them talk over tea and mc lets it slip that jihyun would make a great dad (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • v blushes and then it gets to the whole ‘awkward crush’ territory
  • the kid, supposedly asleep on the couch, goes “date already” im the kid


  • shit
  • this was a mistake
  • i mean, yeah, mint eye is gone now, but look at all he put mc and their kid through!
  • apologizes to both of them
  • the kid also becomes his best friend
  • but this time because they just keep talking to him and being nice
  • saeran thinks he doesn’t deserve it 
  • but they just?? keep sticking by him???
  • even when mc can tell he’s uncomfortable and tries to pull them away
  • eventually, he gets used to it and their conversations become more interesting
  • everyone is surprised 
  • but he’s really nice to the kid 
  • and they’re mc and saeran’s #1 fan
  • literally ‘whoop’ed when he saw them hold hands lol 

I was gonna update with some new material, but while reading through the tags this past week, I saw a lot of confusion and questions about full outfits and heights, motives,appearances, etc. I thought you all might appreciate some more insight on the story so far instead. I’ve had so many requests to draw fanart, write fanfic of this, and even cosplay so I hope this helps! Thanks for all the love and patience! (sorry this update was a bit late!!)

 If you have any questions just let me know! To those who have already asked I’ll be answering them tonight and tomorrow! There will be a roster for the Band of Bosses (Ganon’s men*) as well so be on the look out! Sorry also if its hard to read/typos! >A<

More of The Ocarina of Time: a 1920′s Zelda AU, Here

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HALLO! can i request a reaction where you fight with bts and he say something hurtful but with fluffy ending please :)

hello! thanks for your request, i enjoyed this a lot and i’m rly sorry this took so long,, i’m a slow writer


  • “Well. If that’s how you really feel, then maybe we need to take a break from each other.”

You couldn’t fucking believe it. Was he really saying what you thought he was?

Your head began to spin and you could feel yourself starting to panic. You needed to get out of there. You grabbed your keys and a jacket and ran out of your apartment as fast as your legs would carry you, not bothering to shut the door behind you. You kept going for a block or two before stopping next to a convenience store, sitting down on the bench outside and holding your head in your hands.

How could this be happening?? You couldn’t even remember what you’d been fighting about. Something stupid, you were sure of that. You’d lost your temper and blown up at Jin, and now he wanted to break up, and holy shit, what were you supposed to do now? He was the only man you’d ever loved, the only one you could ever imagine yourself being with. You’d been planning to get married. How could you have fucked up the one thing that had managed to go right in your life?

You felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, what the –!”  Fuck.

Jin was standing in front of you, looking as pitiful as you’d ever seen him.

“Y/n……please listen to me. I need you to know that I didn’t mean what I said back at the apartment. I knew I didn’t mean it before I was even finished saying it. You’re the woman I want to marry. I don’t even know what I would do if I lost you. Please. Please forgive me.” 

“Please say you’ll stay with me.” His voice wavered as he looked down at you, pleadingly.

You couldn’t stop crying. You couldn’t bring yourself to care. All you could do was nod.

Jin breathed a long, shaky breath out, a look of pure relief breaking out on his face. Pulling you towards him, he wrapped you in a hug so tight you could barely breathe. You never wanted him to let go.


  • “Don’t you understand how important this is to me? There’s more to my life than just us, you know!”

Namjoon had spent the better part of the past four weeks at the recording studio. He was there when you got up for work in the morning, he was there when you went to bed at night, and you hardly ever saw him on the weekends. Sometimes he didn’t even come home to sleep; he just spent the night on the old couch at his studio. The most intimate you’d been with each other in the last month was a quick kiss when Namjoon was on his way out the door.

And yeah, you understood why he was doing this. You understood that he wanted to finish recording his mixtape as soon as possible, and you also understood that something deep inside of him was nagging at him to make it perfect. You admired how hard he was working, and you wanted to support him the whole way through.

You just missed him. You missed sleeping with his arm slung over you. You missed eating at your favorite Mexican place with him. You missed kissing him when he’d just gotten out of the shower and smelled like soap and peppermint shampoo.

So, when he said those words to you? It stung. It stung because he didn’t understand why you were upset. Even more so, it stung because you knew he thought you were being selfish.

At a loss for words, all you could do was stand there, staring at Namjoon with tears welling up in your eyes, your mouth half open in disbelief. Namjoon’s face softened instantly, and you could see that he regretted saying what he did.

“Oh….fuck. Aw, no, y/n, please don’t cry. Shit. I didn’t mean that at all. You know I didn’t. You mean more to me than anything. I just…..I’ve been working towards this for so long. And it’s like…I’m almost there. It’s so close.”

You swallowed, hard. “I know that. And I’m so excited for you. So, so excited and so, so proud of you. I just miss you. I miss us.”

Namjoon stepped closer, slipping his hands around your waist. “Oh, god y/n…..I miss you too. Really.” He let out a shaky breath. “I’m gonna try harder to make more time for us.“

He slid a hand farther down your back, grinning down at you cheekily. 

“How does right now sound?”


  • “I said I don’t want to fucking talk about it!!”

You froze. Yoongi had never raised his voice at you like that. Sure, you’d seen him get mad before. Sometimes he even got mad at you. But you had never seen him like this.

You didn’t like it.

Tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, you turned on your heel and went straight to your bedroom, locking the door after you. Leaning against the wall, you ran your hands through your hair, willing yourself not to let the tears fall.

You knew you shouldn’t have pushed him. He’d been so stressed out lately from work, and you’d thought that if you could just get him to talk about it, he would feel better. Usually, Yoongi would give in and vent to you about whatever was bothering him, but this time he just… lost it. He’d never talked to you like that before, and it really upset you.

You heard a soft knock on the door to your bedroom.


Of course it was Yoongi.

He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Y/n, please open the door. We need to talk.”

Hesitantly, you unlocked the door and sat down on the bed. A beat later, Yoongi entered the room, rubbing his neck sheepishly. You turned your tear-stained face toward him, not looking him in the eye. Yoongi looked visibly upset at seeing that he’d made you cry.

“Can I sit down?” he asked. You nodded, and he moved to sit next to you on the bed. You could tell that he was being deliberately gentle.

A few moments passed before Yoongi finally spoke. “Y/n….. I’m really sorry.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “I should never have yelled at you like that. I don’t know what the fuck’s wrong with me. I don’t know, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or the late hours at work, or the pressure of this new album – anyway. I know it doesn’t matter. I was way out of line. And I want you to know that I’d never hurt you on purpose. I’m so sorry, y/n.”

You sniffled. “Yoongi. It’s okay. I know you really didn’t mean it. And,” you paused, looking at him pointedly, “I know it’s never going to happen again.”

He nodded, looking serious, but relieved all the same. “Thank you, jagi. I love you so much.” He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you to his chest.


  • “That’s the problem with you! All you ever do is shut me out!”

Your depression had been flaring up again. In the past when you were feeling low, all you wanted was to be alone in your room. Sometimes you’d do nothing for days at a time. It was how you coped, even though it didn’t seem to really make anything better.

As much as it killed you to admit it, deep down, you knew that Hoseok was right. You did shut people out. You were fiercely independent, often to a fault, and Hoseok was earnestly helpful in the same way.  Hoseok always noticed when you were feeling like this. He could be incredibly perceptive when it came to you. When it seemed like you were in a bad place again, he would do everything he could to make you feel better. it was sweet, but it could also be really fucking annoying. All you wanted to do right now was be left alone! Why couldn’t he see that?

You felt terrible for pushing Hoseok away, but you felt even worse that he’d pointed it out to you. Who was he to tell you how you should be feeling? And why couldn’t he stop trying to help for five seconds?

You heard the glass door that led to the balcony of your apartment slide open behind you. You didn’t need to look to know that it was Hoseok.

“Hey.” You didn’t respond.

“So… I know you’re irritated with me, and I know you want to be alone. But, hear me out for just like, thirty seconds.” You hummed, letting him know you were listening.

Hoseok took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for accusing you of shutting me out. It wasn’t fair of me to say that. I know you’re going through a really rough time right now. But listen, jagiya. It kills me to see you hurting like this. But I really think that if you would let me go through this with you, together, it would help you. I just want to be by your side, through the good and the bad.”

You felt like such an ass. Hoseok really did care about you.

You still wouldn’t look at him, but this time it was to hide the tears forming in your eyes. It was no use, though. Hoseok moved closer to you, wrapping you in a big bear hug from behind. You melted into him, letting his touch comfort you. “Okay,” you whispered. “I’ll let you in.”


  • “If you like him so much, why don’t you date him instead?”

You couldn’t believe Jimin would even pull this shit on you.

You’d just been promoted at your new job, and one of your coworkers had offered to treat you to drinks tonight to celebrate. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except it just so happened that this coworker was a man. (A married man, to be specific, whose wife worked in the same office as the two of you and trusted her husband to make friends like a big boy. What a novel concept.)

“Okay, you know what, Jimin? I guess I just won’t go tonight. I guess I’ll just miss out on my plans to celebrate my new job because you’re feeling jealous.” The sarcasm in your voice was practically tangible.

Throwing your purse down, you stormed down the hallway towards your and Jimin’s bedroom.

“And, by the way, Jimin? He’s married. His wife works with us. Do you really think I would cheat on you? And with a married man, no less. But it’s nice to know that you don’t trust me.” You finally reached the end of the hallway, entering the bedroom and slamming the door.

God. How could Jimin even accuse you of something this ridiculous? He knew that you loved him, that you were in love with him. You couldn’t believe he would blow something this insignificant out of proportion like this.

You were just kicking off your heels when you heard the door to your bedroom open. You turned around to see Jimin standing in the doorway, looking hesitant.

“Jimin, I am seriously not in the mood to hear whatever you have to say right now –”

“Y/n, I’m sorry.” Jimin cut you off. “I was an ass. I didn’t know the guy was married, but that’s not even what matters right now.” He took a few steps, bridging the gap between you.

Looking into your eyes, Jimin continued. “I’m sorry I made you think I don’t trust you, because that’s not it, I just….I don’t know. I’m scared you’re going to find someone you like better than me. I dunno. I think about it a lot.”

Your heart was breaking.

“Jimin….I love you. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. There’s never going to be anyone else for me.” Placing a hand behind his head, you pulled him in to you and just barely touched your lips to his, hoping to reassure him.

Jimin let out a breathy sigh. “I love you, y/n. Now….get outta here,” he said, handing you your heels.

You hesitated. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Jimin nodded, looking serious. “For real, y/n. Go, have fun! Besides…..” he paused to wink at you. “I’ll be here waiting for you when you get home.”


  • “I’m just not ready for that right now, okay? Stop trying to move so fast!”

You really didn’t expect Taehyung to react this way when you mentioned going to your parents’ house for Christmas this year. 

You’d been together for almost a year and he still hadn’t met your family, despite the countless offers you’ve made to introduce him. You didn’t understand what the problem was; you’d met his family on several occasions and even had lunch with his sister now and then. They were as sweet as could be, and you loved them. You wanted Taehyung to have that kind of relationship with your own family, but every time you brought it up, he became visibly nervous and changed the subject.

Little did Taehyung know, you’d decided that this Christmas would be it. You had already called your parents to let them know, and they were so excited to finally meet the man who made their daughter so happy. You couldn’t wait to surprise Taehyung with the news.

Let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as you’d planned.

Taehyung completely freaked out. “Y/n, oh my god, we’ve talked about this! You said we were going to wait before visiting your parents!”

This made you even more exasperated than you already were. “No, Tae, you know what? We haven’t talked about it. You have never once given me an actual reason why you don’t want to come home with me! Are we not serious?! Do you not want to be a part of my family, like the way I am with yours?”

Taehyung’s huffy expression disappeared, and was replaced by one of slight embarrassment. “That’s the problem,” he muttered.

“What?” you asked, confused.

Taehyung looked up at the ceiling. “I’m afraid that they won’t like me, okay?” he said quietly. “I’m loud, and too hyper, and not serious enough. I’m worried they won’t think I’m enough of an adult to be with their daughter.”

You thought you could feel your heart shattering into a million pieces. “Oh….Tae.” That was all you could say. You opened your arms, feeling Taehyung lean into you, just letting you hold him.

“Taehyung…..they’re going to love you, because I love you. But if you don’t give them the chance, you’ll never find out. Please, do this for me. Please come home with me for Christmas.” A few beats passed before you heard a muffled “……Okay.” against your shoulder.


  • “I don’t have to consult you every time I want to do something!”

It was after two in the morning when you finally heard Jungkook unlock the door to the apartment you shared. You were laying in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep without Jungkook beside you.

Jungkook opened the door to your bedroom, his movements slow and deliberate. He probably thought you were sleeping.

“Where have you been?” Your voice startled Jungkook, causing him to run into the wall.

“Ow! Y/n, you scared me!” Rubbing his arm from where he’d bumped the doorframe, he continued, “I was out with the boys. It’s Yoongi’s birthday.”

You crossed your arms. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be out so late?”

Jungkook huffed. “Um? Sorry, I didn’t realize you were the boss of me? Am I not allowed to hang out with my friends anymore?”

You couldn’t believe what he was saying. “Holy shit Jungkook, I’m not mad that you went out with your friends! I’m mad because you weren’t answering your phone! I’m mad because you didn’t even think to let me know you’d be out this late! I was worried sick about you! And if you don’t get that, I guess you really just don’t understand me.” Grabbing your pillow and a throw blanket, you went into the hallway. “I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.”

You lay on the couch, feeling lonely and a little cold. Was Jungkook really accusing you of being controlling? You didn’t care what Jungkook did as long as you knew he was safe. You never told him to blow off the boys to spend time with you. You loved them as much as he did, and you even joined them sometimes. You were only mad because you were worried that something had happened to Jungkook tonight.

Soft footsteps padded down the hallway. You felt the opposite end of the couch sink.

“……Y/n?” It was Jungkook.

“Hey, y/n, listen.” You didn’t move to look at him, but Jungkook knew you were listening. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where I was tonight. We didn’t even think we were gonna be out that late. I should have called you.” He hesitated.

“And I’m also sorry that I called you controlling. I know you aren’t. You’re so good to me. I’m so sorry I made you worry.”

Sitting up from your makeshift bed on the couch, you leaned into Jungkook. “It’s okay,” you said. “I may have overreacted a little bit. I know you won’t do it again.”

Jungkook kissed your forehead. “Thanks for being so sweet, y/n. Now…..” He got to his feet, picking you up bridal-style. “How about we get you back into the bedroom?”


Kakashi requested by raikis (︶ω︶)