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Imagine this. Derek. The grumpiest mermaid to ever grump the 7 seas. His tail is the colour of his magically hazel eyes, and he has these starfish and kelp thingies as jewelry around his arms and neck. And stiles the happiest teen to ever swim bc wow LOOK! Thats how the sea looks like?! Actual sea, not a photo! I always dreamed of thiiiiis-ohmygod its cold wow! Water!!! And mermaid mates and stiles maybe gets caught under water? And then kissing under water to help stiles breathe and save him!!

I’m sorry. I just had to. Bc literally all mermaid aus is stiles being a mermaid. But. Omg. I just. Derek would be SO fricking adorable being all grumpy with his tail, and flopping it irritated around and splashing, arms crossed, and looking so grumpy. Yeeessss…

@benaya-trash OLGA OLGA OLGA, LOOK AT THIS. I need to see this *coughs* so much *coughs*. 

I adore mer!Stiles (and truthfully I probably prefer him to mer!Derek for reasons I don’t actually know myself) but gosh, I love mer!Derek too. 

Can you imagine though, Derek being that mer person. The one who could so easily lure anyone to their deaths, just by looking a them, but he is a good soul, the purest soul; and yeah, maybe he grumps about it but he totally finds himself lurking by the nearest beach in case kids decide to ignore their parents and swim out a little too far to sea. Derek can’t count the number of kids he’s saved from drowning. 

And Derek…humans have always intrigued him but none as much as Stiles Stilinski does. Stiles who is beautiful and smart and funny and who is such a beautiful swimmer…well, until he gets distracted by something and starts drowning that is (psssst, he totally keeps getting distracted by Derek’s tail). Derek does his utmost best to continue to appear annoyed every time Stiles starts drowning around him - he is kind of convinced Stiles does it on purpose just to get his attention - but he can’t help be drawn in by him every time, wanting to know more about him, to hold his freaking hand, goddammit.  

Stiles who brings Derek books and reads to him about the mermaids from Homer’s The Odyssey, making Derek laugh. Stiles who brings Derek milk shakes, laughing in delight when Derek spits them out because ugh, they are horrible. Stiles whose face is covered in the most beautiful freckles Derek has ever seen; he’s never seen so many freckles on one person before, not like these, and he finds himself longing to touch them, to trace them with his fingers.

Derek who shows Stiles his favourite caves, telling him stories of the sea of his people. Derek who frowns, confused, at the way Stiles looks at him; most people look at him with awe, like they are looking at a painting; Stiles looks at him, making Derek feel almost nervous and self concious for the very first time in his life. Derek who “begrudgingly” holds Stiles’ surf board for him a he tries to learn to ride the waves, always panicking a little when Stiles falls off, scared he’s hurt (not that he will ever let on how panicked he gets, even if Stiles probably already knows by the way Derek dives after him under the water every time).

Basically, I need grumpy mer!Derek who is actually not that grumpy at all, who just pretends to be, but melts around kids and, of course, one Stiles Stilinski. 

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@wanna-one lmao im the worst mutual ever but omg,,,ur the nicest person ever and i wish we could talk more if i wasnt such an awkward i dont even think we deserve a human lik u on this planet earth….wow but even if we talk for 2 seconds im still blessedbc ur still an angel anyways i wish we could talk more often soon yay and also ur like the only person whos close to my age lolol which is comforting..i find

@seunghyuks ACTUALLY i just started following her/him lmao sorry just now…idk them but the blog colour is bootiful af and seems well organised… so aesthetic an d alot of gifs yes i was stalking but i guess from the looks of it they r definitely jonghyun trash why wasnt he in the top 11 tho i still cri but yayyaya lets become mutuals idk???!???? this was embarrassing shouldnt have reblogged i cry

okay so first year of college yaku stays in the dorms and regularly sexiles his roommate on the weekends when lev visits


the roommate somehow manages to never meet lev until like almost halfway through the school year. somehow they just always manage to miss each other.

so when they finally meet lev they’re just like ‘oh my god you’re actually real’

and lev is like 'yes i am!’

and the roommate then says 'wow you’re rlly tall’

and lev, who has managed to finally hit 2m, is like 'yes i am!’

the roommate looks from this super positive excitable energetic giant to tiny little yaku who’s always bitching at them for leaving their dirty laundry out and is like 'wow i’m sorry’ and he isn’t even sure which one of them it’s directed to

lev is just like 'that’s okay!’ while yaku’s all 'yeah me too’

Signs react to the fine bros trying to copyright/trademark reaction videos

Aries: It’s time to back the fuck up and sit the hell down.

Taurus: But why though.

Gemini: Bitch you don’t own me.

Cancer: Started from the bottom aaaand you’re at the bottom again.

Leo: Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you created the genre. Oh wait you didn’t motherfuckers.

Virgo: Wow that’s the biggest subscriber count drop I have seen in years. 

Libra: So much bullshit in just one video.

Scorpio: Oh I’m sorry I can’t watch the video I’m allergic to money hungry pieces of trash.  

Sagittarius: Oh man I actually really like these vide……and go fuck yourselves.

Capricorn: Take a look at them dislikes.

Aquarius: Youtuber to unemployed real quick.

Pisces: Who does this? Why would anyone do this?