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Rescue Mission

Summary: British soldiers have just turned Alexander Hamilton into a prisoner of war, and it’s up to Thomas Jefferson to save his life before the battalion turns General George Washington’s right-hand man into King George’s little puppet. (Based on this prompt)

Part 1/??? (Hamilton’s POV) 

Trigger Warnings: Gun violence, torture, violence

Author’s Note: I am SO SO SO SORRY for not being able to keep up with the prompts I received. I will try to write as many fics as I can when I have the opportunity. To make up for it, here’s the best Jamilton I can write at 10 pm on a Sunday.

Also, yes, I know that Thomas was in France during the time at which the first events took place in actual history, but this is supposed to be fiction (wow spoiler). For right now, Thomas is working in Congress while the President is at war. To all my fellow history nerds: I’m so sorry.

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Imagine…introducing your boyfriend Barry Allen to your father Tony Stark.

Barry: Oh wow…I’m a big fan of your work Mr Stark. Do I call you Mr Stark? I’m so sorry am I supposed to call you Tony? Oh my gosh…
Y/N: Barry shut up. Dad this is Barry Allen.
Tony: He’s weird.
Barry: I always act weird.
Y/N: He’s just a bit nervous.
Tony: Uh huh. Well Barry if you make Y/N happy then I am fine with you dating them, but if you hurt them I will come after you as Iron Man. I don’t care how fast you are speedster, because I will catch you.
Barry: *stands in shock*
Y/N: He’s just kidding Barry. *glares at Tony*
Tony: You will just have to see.

okay but here are some plots to consider:

  • “this was supposed to be a one-night stand but before we started having sex something triggered me and i had a panic attack so you ended up having to comfort me all night long and wow you’re really sweet what’s your name?”
  • “we both go to the same hole-in-the-wall restaurant every week and we’ve never spoken, but one day it was super busy and there was only one table so we unanimously decided to share instead of waiting”
  • “i work at a lingerie store and i’m sorry if this is weird but i cannot allow you to leave without at least considering this ensemble i swear ur boyfriend/girlfriend will love it it’s like it was made for u–wait you’re single?????? why do u buy so much damn lingerie???”
  • “we’re best friends and we’ve never dated but we entered a ‘cutest couples’ contest as a joke and we WON??? so now we have to pretend to be a real couple to go on our grand prize trip to Europe and there are so many couple activities scheduled for us bUT HEY IT WOULD BE A WASTE NOT TO DO THEM RIGHT???”
  • “i’m an employee at a wedding venue and i was sneaking some food bc i’m rly hungry but then you started chatting me up and you’re really cute how do you know the–wait a second yOU’RE NOT EVEN INVITED YOU’RE JUST A WEDDING CRASHER??? fuck how am i supposed to kick u out when you’ve got such a nice smile?”