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“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”

excuse the banner i have no talent with editing

It’s been one year since I’ve created this blog and I seriously cannot believe what a great experience I’ve had so far. I don’t do follow forevers, despite reaching follower goals here & there because I am uncreative and lazy, but I really wanted to make one to mark this occasion and to let my followers know what blogs/people have kept my dash ((and my blog)) looking exceptionally beautiful. Special shoutout to the followers who aren’t full or at all BTS blogs but follow me despite not being multifandom most of the time! ily.

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i was tagged by @thunderhowell, @marvelphil, and @rosylester to post 6 selfies of 2016 (thanks for tagging me i love all three of you💕💕)

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i’ve hit 1.2k (holy shit) and it’s christmas so i wanna take a moment to acknowledge some incredible people who have made my gmw tumblr experience thus far so wonderful and full of joy. without further ado, i present lauren’s 2016 follow forever :)

to start off, i want to give a special shoutout to a couple people who have really shaped my tumblr experience. i love you all dearly. (i got really sappy and wrote you all special messages so click here to read them ♥♥♥)

@rumikipling // @minkuhs // @spookyminkus // @hollyjollyhart // @rorysgilmoree // @now-katy-hunter //

you’re all mentioned below, but i want to take a moment to shout out the amazing members of @rileydefense, @rucasnetwork, #riarklesquad, and #rjstrashnetwork for being overall brilliant humans and for giving me a lil community on here. i love you all ♥♥

now onto some people i love a lot and help make my dash a brighter place!!! thank you all for just being yourselves and thank you for making me so so happy every time i log onto tumblr ♥

A-H: // @aggressively // @annabellisario // @astralfreckles // @arianagrandes // @auroruhs // @beautifullyflawed25 // @callmecottoncandyface // @captainzaybabineaux // @cecibalagots // @charliegardnre // @charliesgardnr // @corybaboonmatthews // @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name // @cstlbyers // @dailyjoshaya // @dailyriarkle // @donniebaarnes // @duhriarkle // @farklefogelmanis // @farklely // @farkles-sunshine // @farklesdarling // @feenys // @friars-riley // @friarsriles // @fuck-yeah-rilaya // @girl-meets-cherry // @girlmeetsfarkle // @gmw-trashs96 // @gmwrucasgmw // @gofarkleyourself // @grantgustn // @grizbehr // @harlyquinn // @hartshoney // @hello-there-riley-matthews // @hersheyscake // @hurhuurr //

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if i forgot you, i am so so sorry! i’m terrible at keeping track of urls but please know that i love you dearly!!!!! ♥♥

it was their birthday on the 17th 🇮🇹🍝🍕:P


voice behind camera: okay boys, so just hold hands and look into each other’s eyes, yeah?
dan and phil:
dan and phil:
exasperated voice behind camera: you’re literally married. 

after my short-lived stint with overly sweet romantic phan, an anon asked for some hand-holding. which. i mean. technically i delivered.

i think you’re underestimating what giant nerds these fucking idiots are, tbh. the characteristics gods would not allow me this thing. 

I was tagged by the ever lovely @safyresky and @mellomadness to do this so here’s my info dump, friends

Rules: Tag 20 amazing followers you want to get to know better 

Name: Liliana 

Nicknames: Ana, (I used to go by Lili only? But I got tired of it and switched to Ana), Lilia, senpai, bean, queen meme trash, YOUNG LADY (HA)

Gender: female 

Star sign: *starts sweating like I don’t know my entire star chart off the top of my head* A-Aquarius? 

Height: 5′6 

Sexual orientation: bisexual (tbh it’s a little grey? It also has to do with the fact that my mom is not okay with me being anything but Straight™ in her household but it’s whatever) 

Hogwarts House: Slytherin 

Favourite colours: Green, red, brown, gold, light blue, pink 

Favourite animals: Cats (even though mine drive me crazy? HECK), Dogs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Giraffes, Sea Turtles, BIRDS ALL KINDS OF BIRDS 

Average hours of sleep: sLEEP IS FOR THE DEAD and i sleep as much as i can :/ 

Cat or dog person: it’s difficult to say since I have and love both? But if I had to pick I get along better with cats (except for one. JOSIE U MENACE) 

Favourite fictional characters: Castiel from Supernatural, Bernard from The Santa Clause 1 and 2, Jacqueline Frost and her canon counterpart Jack Frost from The Santa Clause 3 (though to be honest I only learned to appreciate Jack because of Jacqueline and @safyresky’s telling of his story? While I understood his frustration at the lack of recognition in the film, I just wasn’t a fan of his antics until there was a deeper reason WHY. Idk if I’ve ever said that before but basically thanks to Dani for that among other things.) Poe Dameron, Rey and Finn from Star Wars (everyone from the light side of Star Wars really, the Dark Side does nothing for me and Anakin is a lil SHIT) Clara Oswald, Amy and Rory Pond and the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, John Watson from Sherlock, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, Professor X from X-Men, ALL OF VOLTRON’S PALADIN SIDE, ALL OF THE GOODS OF STEVEN UNIVERSE, also the main Trio of Star Trek (Kirk, Spock, Bones) FOR STARTERS MY DUDE 

Number of blankets I sleep with: one on hot days (I sleep european style, with no top sheet just my duvet and comforter? HAWAII YO ITS HOT HERE) Sometimes also with my velvety blanket in a certain shade of maroon that soothes me *side eyes nervously* 

Favourite singer/band: I listen to such a wide variety of stuff it’s confusing so I’ll pull samples from all corners: P!atD, tøp, EXO, BTS, Daft Punk, Lorde, Stromae, Alessia Cara, etc. 

Dream trip: Super dream trip: space. JETTISON ME INTO THE VOID PLS Ideal dream trip: Canada to meet the Dani bean and see the snoe since it has been seven+ years since I have seen even a flake of the stuff  Other dream trip: I’d love to go to Europe, or Asia. GOT FAMILY HISTORY ON BOTH SIDES EYO 

Dream job: I used to want to get paid to write? Now I know that I don’t do well on deadlines and I don’t think there’s an original plot line in my head worth writing lmao. I don’t honestly know anymore. A lot of doors have been closed to me lately and I don’t daydream a lot about this kind of stuff 

When was this blog created: who says it exists (just kidding, probably around 2013-14 but I was never online until late 2015 when I started writing for supernatural) 

What made you decide to make a Tumblr? I had an idea for a fanfic I didn’t feel brave enough posting anywhere else. That fic became a series and that’s how ASIS was written! It’s the first work on tumblr that out me on the map. I think I gained 700 followers from that series alone, hehe 

 Tagging! ANYONE WHO FEELS LIKE DOING THIS! but also @bkwrm523 @splendidcas @imamotherfuckingstar-lord @willowing-love @joanne-egberp @netflixandcastiellll @afanofmanystuffs @enaishungry @casownsmyass and @it-is-bitter, i hope you guys don’t mind the tag ☺️


“Where words fail, music speaks.” - H.C. Andersen

❄❄❄ Merry Christmas, @zerograviga​ !  ❄❄❄
(click the lyrics for song titles+artist)


olivia dunham meme  ♛ [1/6] quotes


Law that’s not how you train dogs at all??

IT CALLS FOR A DOG AU! Veera said like wow imagine this and then I was like hell yeah and ta-daa, I had to draw it. Law is the frustrated owner of this mutt Luffy, give him strength.

sebastianvictorian  asked:

What have you done!? I know you did it... YOU STOLE MY TOAST. You bloody Englanders and your toasty stealing hands! Now how am I gonna wipe my bum at night?

wow i am so sorry but have you tried using toilet paper

the toast might be a bit abrasive if you know what i mean

Chapter Three – Part Four

Peter: Hey! You’re here! Was it hard to find? Ooh, you’re warm. I’m freezing!

Simon: H-hey! Uhhh, yeah, it was a little hard to find, I’ve never been in this city before… or any big city really. But I made it! This building is huge.

Peter: Really? You’ve never been to a city?! I should take you around sometime! Maybe tomorrow! I mean, if you’d want to. So, no one else is here yet. Even Hira and Colin are gone. They forgot to pick up some stuff earlier and left me here in case anyone actually showed up on time.

Simon: Oh wow, your apartment…

Peter: Sorry! It’s still a little messy; I tried to clean up a bit.

Simon: No, I mean it’s huge. Messy? It’s spotless. This is just the entryway? It’s really nice. Is that a pool?

Peter: Oh! Yeah, I’m kind of scared to use it, like it’s going to break and pour me onto the sidewalk. I’ll get over it sometime. Hey, do you want something to drink or eat? I also forgot to ask if you wanted to stay overnight since you had to drive all the way in. Like we have a guest room, I don’t mean with me. Necessarily.

Simon gulped: Oh, I mean yeah, that’d be nice, it’s a long drive. I’m good at the moment, I just chugged a whole bottle of water.

Peter: Okay, come sit with me in the living room then! Don’t want to hang out in the entryway all night!

make me choose

corazson asked: hancock or robin?