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Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

Part 7

You woke up the next morning to the sunlight coming through the window. You yawned and sat up to stretch a bit. Harry was still sleeping and you giggled when you heard him snoring. 

You put your head on his pillow next to his head and whispered into his ear. 

“Harry,” you whispered. 

He didn’t move, just kept snoring. You laughed softly and poked his nose. He stopped snoring for a bit but still didn’t wake up. You groaned and knew there was only one way to get him to wake up. You pulled the sheet up a bit and hovered over him. He started to move so you stopped where you were. He still didn’t wake up. 

You rolled your eyes and shook your head as you started trailing kisses down his neck. You then moved on from his neck and kissed down his chest and stomach before moving back up. 

“Babe,” you whispered as you hovered your lips above his. “Wake up.” 

“Hm Nah, I’m good,” he smirked. “I wanna see where you’re going with this,” he mumbled. 

“How long have you been awake?” You laughed. 

“Long enough,” he smirked pulling you down towards him. 

“You were snoring,” you said. 

“Eh,” he smirked. “I’m tired.” 

“Hm, I wonder why,” you laughed. “I told you.” 

“Hey, I’m not exactly complaining,” he smirked. 

You giggled leaning down to kiss him. He ran his hands down your sides and up your back. 

“So, when do we need to leave?” You whispered. 

“What time is it?” He mumbled against your lips. 

“Uh… a little after eight…I think,” you said. 

“We’ve got plenty of time,” he said. “Now, come here,” he said pulling you back down for a kiss. 

You giggled when he flipped you over onto your back. He smiled down at you before sneaking under the sheet. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your nose. 

You scrunched your nose. “We should probably order some breakfast,” you said. 

“Eh, maybe later,” he said. “I’d rather enjoy you for a bit breakfast first,” he smirked. 

Harry leaned down to kiss you, but before his lips could touch yours, your phone rang. He groaned. “Let it go to voicemail,” he mumbled. 

“It could be important,” you said. “Let me just see who it is.” 

He whined and reached over to the side table and looked at it. “Who’s Jessen?” He asked confused. 

“Oh, that’s… she’s my best friend,” you said. 

“Oh, so you can just call her back later,” he smirked leaning down to kiss you. 

“Yes, I could, but she’s very persistent and she’ll just keep calling if I don’t answer,” you giggled. 

“Then we put it on silent,” he smirked. He put down the little switch on the side and put it back on the table. “Now, where were we.” 

It was a few minutes later and he was working his mouth down your body when your phone started vibrating on the table. 

“Bloody hell,” he mumbled. 

“I told you,” you laughed. 

“That’s like five times in the span of five minutes,” he said. 

“It’ll only take a minute,” you said grabbing the phone and answering it. “Hello.” 


“Mystery boy?” Harry smirked. 

“Jess, calm down!” You laughed. “What are you talking about?” 


“Will you calm down and stop with the yelling,” you said. 

“Sorry, I just, I can’t fucking believe you’re fucking him!” she said. 

Harry laughed and laid down next to you with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow over his face. 

“How did you figure it out?” You said sitting up. 

“Oh, I didn’t, but looking back now, I probably should have because it definitely adds up,” she said. 

“Wait a minute, if you didn’t figure it out and I didn’t tell you, how did you know?” you asked. 

“You don’t know?” She asked. “It’s all over the papers back home and the internet.” 

“W-What?” You said. 

“Yeah, apparently someone top secret “source” talked to that one guy from that one newspaper the uh The Moon no The Sun, that one and talked about how you two were dating, but were keeping it top secret or something, which is why there are no pictures of the two of you together, however, they did use a pictures of you from your Instagram, so people know who you are,” she said. 

“Oh my god,” you sighed. 

“What?” Harry said rubbing your back. 

“Look, Jess, I gotta go, I’ll call you later,” you said. 

“You better cause I want to know everything and I mean everything,” she said. 

“Yeah, yeah, bye,” you said before hanging up the phone. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked. 

“Jess found out about us,” you said. 

“I heard and I’m sure the entire city of Paris did as well,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, she’s a little loud,” you said. 

“But what’s so wrong about her finding out,” he said. 

“It’s not that she knows, but how she found out,” you sighed. “Word of our secret relationship is all over the papers and the internet. And my Instagram pictures were used in the article, so now everyone knows who I am.” 

“But how?” He said. “I mean no one knew about us, not really anyway. I mean my team obviously because hello, you’re here with me, but they would never…” 

You shook your head as you laughed. It wasn’t a laugh with humor, but a laugh, of ‘I should have known.” “Madison, I guarantee it,” you said. 

“I know she’s a bitch, but do you really think she’d go to the press about it? And she only saw us having lunch, so it’s not like she had any real evidence,” he said. 

“That wouldn’t stop her. She wants her fucking fifteen minutes and this is how she’s getting it. And if it’s a way to hurt me, then it’s like winning the lottery for her,” you mumbled. 

Harry wrapped his arms around you. “I know this isn’t how we wanted this to go, but it would have happened eventually.” 

“I feel like my privacy has been violated,” you sighed. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered kissing your head. 

“It’s not your fault. I don’t blame you,” you whispered. “It’s just what does this mean for us now? Are we going to be followed more? Are you going to be asked questions about me during your interviews now?”” 

“Probably,” he said. “But I’m going to do everything I can do protect you from all of this and when we go out together. I can go out to certain places and not be seen and I won’t talk about you in the interviews if you don’t want me to.” 

“I don’t want you to at least not right now,” you said. “Our relationship is still new and I don’t want all these eyes watching us.” 

“Don’t worry,” he said. “The whole world doesn’t need to know about our relationship.” 

“And I guess I don’t have to worry about calling my boss and quitting today because I’m pretty sure Im already fired anyway,” you said. 

“I know you wanted to leave, but getting fired wasn’t the way,” he sighed. 

“No, it’s not because getting fired for breaking company rules can’t hurt my chances for getting another job in this business,” you sighed. “God, Madison is such a fucking bitch!” You screamed. 

“Is there a reason she’s like this towards you?” Harry asked. “I mean is she like this to everyone or just you?” 

“Eh, she’s a bit to everyone, but she uses it mostly towards me,” you sighed. “And it’s a long, fucked up story to be honest.” 

“What happened?” He asked rubbing your back. 

You sighed. “We used to be friends, actually. We went to the same University, in the same classes. We even had a flat together for a few years,” you said. 

“Really? Wow, I’d never thought-” he said. 

“That we were ever nice to one another? Yeah, me either,” you sighed. “But anyway, we both got the internship at the magazine and we worked together too. And it was great, but then the end of our Uni run was coming up and we were graduating. The magazine only had a few openings for the ten or so interns that were working there. I guess she was afraid of me getting it over her, so she started to try to fuck with everything,” you sighed. 

“It even got so bad, when I ended up having the top grades in our major department, she told everyone it was because I slept with our professor,” you sighed. “I didn’t, by the way. It spread around to so many people, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. We were together the entire time we were in Uni and one rumor starts and he bolts. But quite honestly I have a feeling he was cheated on me most of that time because a few weeks later, he was with Madison and they’re still together to this day,” you said. 

“Wow,” he said wrapping his arms around you. “I can’t believe that.” 

“Yep, and when she found we both got the job, it was like she made it her mission to get rid of me so that she could be the top. That’s how she got to be the editor,” you sighed. 

‘I’m sorry baby,” he whispered. 

You shrugged. “Just when I thought I’d be free from her after this job, she’s going to be going to the press about me.” 

“No, she won’t. Anytime she even thinks about it, we’ll get any article taken down immediately,” he said. 

“Once it’s out there, it’s out there,” you sighed. 

“Then we sue her for slander,” he said. “She’s been bullying you for years, and you don’t deserve any of that shit from her.” 

“Let’s not talk about this anymore,” you sighed. “You don’t need to be worrying about my problems before your interview.” 

“Baby, your problems are my problems,” he said. “But we should probably order some breakfast though.” 

“You order some breakfast, while I go jump in the shower,” you said. 

He nodded. “We’ll talk about this more, though, okay.” 

You nodded and went into the bathroom. You turned on the water and waited for the shower to get warm before getting in. You were emotional with everything that was going on. You were angry for the most part, so you just let the water wash over you to help you calm down a bit. 

A few minutes later, you felt arms wrap around your waist and hands grab your chest. You giggled. 

“Really?” you laughed. 

“Yep, did you really think I’d let you shower alone,” he smirked. 

“This is going to more than a little shower isn’t?” You laughed leaning against him. 

“Well, we should finish where we left off…” he smirked. 


When it was time to leave for the interview, you two went out the back where the car was waiting. Harry took your hand and the hotel worker opened up the door. As soon as the light of day hit your eyes, so did the flashing light of cameras. 

“Shit,” Harry mumbled. “Keep your head down and don’t let go of my hand.” 

You nodded and put your head down before you felt Harry leading you out the door. All you heard was the sound of cameras and yelling. Harry stopped when he got to the car and helped you inside before getting in himself. The door was slammed shut and the car. 

“Are you okay?” Harry said quickly. 

“Uh yeah… I think I’m more in shock than anything,” you said. “I thought they coudln’t come in the back?” 

“They’re not supposed to,” he shook his head. “But unless there’s round the clock secruity back there, it’s not really montiored.” 

“Do you think they came back there becaue of the article,” you whispered. 

“Probably,” he sighed. “I’m so sorry about this,” he whispered kissing your head. 

“No, it’s okay. It’s not your fault,” you said. 

“It might be even crazier at the show today,” he whispered. 

“I’ll be okay,” you said. “And I’ll just stay backstage and watch it from there.” 

He nodded. “I’m really glad you’re here though,” he smiled. 

“I’m always going to be there,” you smiled. 

“That makes me happy to hear,” he whispered. 

You leaned over to kiss him. He put his hand over your face and kissed you back. 

Once at the studio for the interview, there was a crowd of fans and paps lined up on the sides of the entrance to get to the door. Luckily, they were barcaded. 

“Ready?” Harry asked. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

The door opened and Harry got out first, causing loads of screaming fans to start shouting. Harry waved to them before turning around and helping you out of the car, which caused them to scream even more. Harry put his hand on your back and walked with you into the studio, waving to fans. 

As soon as you got in, Harry had to get his hair done and changed into the outfit he would be wearing. 

“Stop staring,” he smirked as he buttoned up his shirt. 

“I’m not staring. I just happened to look up from my phone at the same time you looked at me,” you laughed. 

“Hm. Sure,” he smirked. “I think we both know that you can’t enough of this,” he said motioning down to his body. 

You rolled your eyes. “You’re the one who can’t keep their hands off me.” 

“Can you blame me though?” He smirked walking over to you. “You’re gorgeous.” 

You giggled and leaned up to kiss him. “Now, you have lipstick on your mouth.” 

He laughed and started wiping it off. You giggled standing up and took your thumb across his lips and wiped the red lipstick off. He put his hands on your hips. 

“After the interview, we can go grab some lunch nearby and go sightseeing, if you want,” he said. 

“I’d loved that, but do you think we’ll be followed?” You asked. 

“Maybe, but we’ll be okay,” he said. 

“Okay,” you nodded. “Then that sounds like an awesome plan.” 

“Harry we need you in five,” the producer said on the other side of the door. 

“Okay, I’ll be there,” he shouted. 

“Are you nervous?” You asked. 

“Eh, not really. Well, maybe  a bit because the interview is in French and someone is going to be translating to me in my ear, so that might cause for an awkward interivew,” he laughed. 

“You’re going to do great,” you smiled. 

“Thanks baby,” he smiled kissing your cheek before heading out to the interview. 


Once the interview was done, you and Harry had lunch, you walked around the city. 

Harry laced his hand with yours and held you close. You smiled up at him.

“What?” He laughed looking down at you. 

“Nothing, I’m just really happy,” you whispered. 

He smiled. “I am too. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Not that I wasn’t ever happy before, but not at this level. I have my music coming out and I have my girl by side, who I’m absoulety falling in love with, and we’re in Paris.” 

“Ooh, let’s go in here,” you said. “I should find something for Jess to make up for not telling her about us.” 

He laughed. “So, now that she knows when do I get to meet her? She sounds interesting…” 

“Oh, she is,” you laughed. “Very.” 

“I can’t wait to ask her what you’ve said about the mystery boy,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “I didn’t tell her anything.” 

“Uh huh, sure,” he said. 

“Come on, help me pick something out,” you said walking around the store. 

He nodded and started looking around the store. He pretended to look around, but was watching you as you were looking. He noticed that you had picked up a few things and held them up to yourself or put the handbag over your shoulder before putting them back after looking at the price tag. 

You finally decided on just buying a scarf and took it to the cashier. Harry snuck over to grab all the things that you had looked at and waited until you were gone to look for him. He quickly took them to the cashier and had her ring them up and put them in bags. 

“Oh, there you are,” you smiled. “What’d you buy?” 

“Just some things for my Mum and Gemma,” he shurgged. 

You smiled and nodded before he grabbed the bags and the two of you left the shop. 

As you turned the corner, there was a huge crowd of fans standing there. Harry sighed. 

“Could we go the other way?” You asked. 

“No, the hotel is back this way,” he sighed. “Just stay here, and I’ll take some pictures, maybe they’ll leave.” 

“Okay,” you nodded. 

Harry kissed your head and went to walk through the crowd. After about fifteen minutes of pictures, the crowd was only getting bigger. Harry sighed and went back over to you. 

“We can go back the other way and just call the car to pick us up there,” he said. 

“That’s crazy. The hotel is right there, we should just… go,” you said. 

“Are you sure?” He asked. 

You nodded. 

“Hold onto my arm and don’t let go,” he said. 

You nodded and took a deep breath before grabbing his arm. He walked his way back through the crowd of fans and ignored them the best he could. The second you were in this crowd of fans, you knew that you made a huge mistake. You couldn’t see anything, but cell phones, arms, legs, and Harry’s back. 

The shouting in your ear was deafening and you could feel people grabbing at you. That oh so familar feeling of being trapped started to trigger your anxiety. You started to feel sweaty and sick to your stomach. The knot in your throat got bigger and bigger as if it was cutting off your airway. 

Your tried tightening your grip on Harry’s arm, but the heat of all the bodies and your sweaty palms from your anxiety made it hard to do that. You were having trouble breathing now and felt yourself gasping for air. 

You tried calling out for Harry, but it was impossible with all the screams already shouting his name. After what seemed like hours, you were finally out of the crowd and heading into the lobby of the hotel. Harry looked back at you to check on you and that’s when he noticed you were having an attack. 

“Y/N!” He said dropping the bags. 

You were grabbing your chest and felt your legs give out as you fell down to the floor.

Matched Sets

This isn’t the fic I was working on for the 400 follower mark, but I figured I might as well send this out here since it’s as done as it’s going to get.

Summary: Alternate title is “Don’t be a jerk.”  (Most likely modern AU, but it’s kind of ambiguous.  A bit more Gajeevy than Nalu this time.)

Author’s Note 1: I hope I managed to treat this with the respect it deserves while still being humorous.  I’m fairly nervous about sending this out into internet land since I know it’s something many people are sensitive about, and I can only hope I didn’t screw this up.  Many apologies if I missed the mark somewhere along the way, and I hope it doesn’t come off as too preachy or something either.  Main author’s note at the end this time.


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