wow sorry for the edit spam

I'm sorry

ok, so, I’m on my phone and I can’t write and edit this properly and I don’t want to spam you guys, ik i said i’ll stop answering hate questions/asks, but for the past few days I started getting a lot of asks about how ungrateful, mean, and antisocial I am.
So.. I wanted to clarify a thing, that I’m sorry if I only like your posts without commenting or reblogging it, because I’m a little too shy or most of the times I can’t find my words, because I don’t want to say something wrong or spell incorrectly as my grammar isn’t that wow..
I just want you to know, that I love you, and everything you do for this community even if I’m not spamming you with comments or asks with supportive words and love. I’m thankful for every follower that I get, I just wanna take the time to thank all my followers for supporting me through everything, through my personal stuff and through the Ilkay’s story.
…and I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you.
I love you.


Animation Example: X

My Art Tag

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks once started, unless something unexpected happens!

Contact for copy/paste


discord: Lupist#5442

You can also feel free to contact me on Tumblr via messenger! 

Extra Info:

-I’m not comfortable with sexual NSFW

-I’m comfortable drawing furries, animals, dragons, and humanoids! I don’t have experience drawing mechanical things but I’m willing to try. 

-I reserve the right to turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable

-Payment is due once I approve the commission, but I’m willing to be flexible!

-please help me buy cool stuff and support my family

-signal boosts appreciated!

EDIT- my Discord changes pretty frequently- if it’s not working, send me a message somewhere else! I’ll send you my updated tag. 


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