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Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks once started, unless something unexpected happens!

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discord: Lupist#5442

You can also feel free to contact me on Tumblr via messenger! 

Extra Info:

-I’m not comfortable with sexual NSFW

-I’m comfortable drawing furries, animals, dragons, and humanoids! I don’t have experience drawing mechanical things but I’m willing to try. 

-I reserve the right to turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable

-Payment is due once I approve the commission, but I’m willing to be flexible!

-please help me buy cool stuff and support my family

-signal boosts appreciated!

EDIT- my Discord changes pretty frequently- if it’s not working, send me a message somewhere else! I’ll send you my updated tag. 

WHEEE I finished the faq and about the admins post p l u s the new masterlist. aah~ I’ve wanted to work on them for weeks but I always had more important things to do… Getting them off my back is a relief~ 

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these-vibrant-thoughts  asked:

Sorry for the spam but wow I'm like intrigued and fangirling and I want to know more about your story. This is making me want to write with my little babies and have them respond to things haha.

hey! don’t apologize for the spam. i could honestly talk about this plotline and these characters and the ways they develop for hours and hours and hours on end, so this kind of interest in my writing is always welcome (especially now, bc it’s keeping me from starting my editing process too early and doing a half-assed job of revising).

alright, to start, let me give you the origins of this story. i started it two years ago, and the reason i started it was i was reading the talisman by stephen king and peter straub, but i had to turn it back in to the library and i was only about halfway through the book (it was slow at the start, so it took a while to catch my interest). of course i wanted to renew it, but the book already had a waiting list of about four people, so my parents promised to buy me the book when we could afford it. in the meantime, i started writing something based very heavily off of a section of the talisman. you guessed it – that was this story.

it’s evolved as time has passed – it started off as a confused imitation of the talisman, had a 650 page stint as a fantasy novel, then got trashed except for the first hundred pages and remade into a simpler, more down-to-earth story. that draft is the foundation of what it is now: a story with no fantasy (unless you’d count nick’s telepathy as fantasy) but with what i think is a very rich plotline nonetheless (in fact, i think the plotline without fantasy is richer than the plotline with it).

speaking of the plotline, i still haven’t really described it. here’s a brief summary (i suck at brief summaries, but i’ll do my best): a boy with an abusive stepfather (who is also a cop) is told by his mother to run from home before his stepfather gets any worse. the boy runs, but is caught by a crooked cop; said crooked cop turns him in to a boys’ home, and the director there pays him for bringing the boy into his care (the more boys he houses, the more money he gets from the state – he’s supposed to use that money for the care and education of the boys, but he uses it for personal matters, so the more boys he houses, the better). immediately, the director thinks the boy is hiding something – the boy says his name is josh, but his name is actually dillan (he can’t give his real name because his stepfather likely has his name and description out across the country). the director, with the help of rider (his right hand man), starts to harass dillan, trying to find out his real name, and dillan soon figures out that he needs to get out of the boys’ home, fast.
dillan enlists the help of conrad, nick and victoria (she doesn’t live at the boys’ home, but is the director’s daughter and delivers the home’s mail), and he escapes with conrad and victoria – nick stays behind to watch the director (carlson) and rider, but soon joins the other three on the road. however, carlson chases them, and they have to avoid him. things escalate from there.

most of my plot points are pretty well put-together –  the second quarter of it needs more work, but the rest is pretty solid, especially the first quarter (which has had the most work done on it – in fact, it was the only part of my first draft that survived). for the longest time i had trouble with the ending, but i rewrote it just a couple of weeks ago and i think this time it will stick, thank God. i guess we’ll see, once i start editing on the 27th.

so yeah, that’s my story! if you have any more questions about anything, please feel free to ask – i love babbling about it.

Do you ever look in your queue like, “ah yes, my followers are in for a treat today, such quality, such content, look at that meme, see this edit, my my” and just kind of smile to yourself?

Do you ever look in your queue and basically it’s just “…oh guys, I… I am so sorry, wow, why am I reblogging that, why did I find that funny, what even is my blog, this spam is crap, I am so sorry” and you wonder why anyone follows you at all???


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