wow sorry for the bad quality

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hey i was wondering how you make your pixel arts have a high quality and large size? love you and your art! (sorry bad english :c)

hi !! thank you so much for loving my art and also me wow !!

to make my pixel art larger without quality loss, in photoshop i increase the size by even 100%s (usually 300%) and select “Nearest Neighbour” for image resampling!

it should look like this:

thanx and have a nice day sweetie ! <3

Hey remember me from a thousand years ago? Heh heh….i’m sorry…

After a super long hiatus, I finally got my artist block kicked out. I’ve been a long time follower of @kyokyo866 on YT and was listening to the Bad God AU she did with Lubo and was inspired to draw this, Nevo and Mikhail. So thank you for getting my artist’s block cracked wide open and have this as a token of my appreciation. 

I was amused and intrigued with Nevo’s obsession with religious iconography so I made this in a style of all those “Madonna and Child” paintings. Sorry I kinda rushed at the end and sorry for the poor picture quality, not having a comp or tablet sucks. 

(Also it’s pink!)

Hiya Anrez-Senpai!
I wanted to draw Swifty sooo.. Yeah I originally wasn’t going to draw his eyes but decided, why not ╮(─▽─)╭
Sorry mah arts bad though o(╥﹏╥)o
(You might have to click it for better quality (╥_╥) )
Thank you for looking ^^

——— Art by @xxxtrashxxblog

Mun: Wow! This is some good art!! Thank youf or drswing my son ^^ Swifty has been getting alot of fan arts lately. I wonder when the other two would get?


yay! hoodies! 

sorry if everything is kinda rough, i’ve been in and out of it all day. i sketched Tetsu’s hoodie from a picture i saw online and i thought ‘Wow, so cool! but should the wings be on his back or under his arms??’ then i passed out. 

i like Mahiru’s rabbit hoodie the best, coz i fits his personality, i guess (whoo, rhyming)  when i first saw him, i actually compared him to a rabbit. cute and innocent looking but actually little shits. :P 

everything’s blurry coz of camera quality, sorry!!!  (*・ω・)ノ

I really love the new Red Ridding Hood YuuMika fanfic! I’m sure you and Lyric will make a wonderful work together, both of you are amazing ♥! (I can’t draw digitally rn but I couldn’t help myself, sorry for the bad quality)


I’M LITERALLY IN TEARS RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT!! Thanks so much for submitting this to me! It’s perfect! Askwjdewfjn,, bless this so damn much I can’t thank you enough @seairu needs to see this ASAP because this is bloody amazing!! Thank you so much again!

For those of you who wanna read it: you can here!


*Requested* Imagine meeting Stefan without humanity and he is so flirty and sassy and the reader loves it and then Stefan’s is back bc of her.

( Since it´s hard going from sassy to flipping the switch back on, I´m not sure if it´s sassy enough but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Also this is not edited. Whoops. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 970 

Your name: submit What is this?

It has been one of those annoying drives back into your hometown where you´re constantly cursing and yelling at people who seem to be unable to drive correctly. You´re taking a break from college to visit some hometown friends and just to get a little timeout from studying.

You pull up in front of the Mystic Grill ready to get several drinks after this horrendous drive. You´re astounded that the parking lot isn´t packed already as normal as you walk to the entrance. You open the door and you instantly stop in your tracks as you see a vampire drinking blood out of a woman´s neck while numerous of bodies are scattered around him. 

Being a family member of one of the founding families you are aware of the existence of all the supernatural beings in this town, but you never joined the council because you didn´t much care for it.

Y/N: “Oh my god I hate this town.”

You´re contemplating if you should leave because this vampire could easily kill you, but then again if he really wanted to kill you he would´ve already. And besides your blood wouldn´t taste good anyway because of the vervain you´re taking every day.

Y/N: “Ugh, what the hell”

Stefan retracts his fangs from the woman’s neck, watching your reaction as you walk further into the room, not running away as expected.

Stefan: “Huh. Normally people run away screaming by now.”

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