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lmao I got a haircut today and it turned into a bowl cut Idk it's kind of cute and I just wanted to tell someone also I was just wondering when do u need to recolour ur hair bc it always looks gr8 and just wow!!! like u!!!!!!

i actually have more roots than colored hair rn oh goodness, but will probably wait until september to dye it again? because i will have to bleach my roots when i do and want to minimize the number of times i bleach it ahh  

but i used to dye it about once a month, if not more. It was really bad for my hair to do that though ahh 

but also ur bowl cut is adorable i love 


17. Fusion Frenzy: Quick! Fuse with someone!

Wow I’m about 2 days behind. ;n;  Been busy with working at my job and I’ve actually been staying up to get these done too!

I wanted to do something special for this prompted and thus here we are.  First panel set features uncannyillustrator / uncannyarts gemsona, Black Opal!  Not sure how accurate or in character this one would be but hey this was a brilliant idea~

Second set is my attempt at drawing a fusion dance! 8D;;;  Crocidolite and Carnelian fusing since they have done it before.  Also wanted to play it off how Croc has a bit of a hard time with it since she’s only done a few times and its such a foreign concept to her, something that she still somewhat afraid of.

Final piece in their fusion which is Heliotrope.  Actually not 100% happy on color choice but I know me and crimpeeekopick this gem because it was a close mix of our gems respective colors.  Also she has a spiked medieval like mace as her weapon and can do the chompy jaw thing Carnelian does!

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Larry fans keep getting Liam to read out old Larry quotes and he does it do you think he believes in Larry?

No. I think he wants to interact more with fans and for some reason thinks that all fans in the stadiums are proper fans who wouldn’t do anything to make him look stupid but wow hasn’t he got that wrong. Did you know that making someone do something and not telling them the real reason for it and then laughing at them afterwards is actually bullying?

So no, I don’t think he believes in Larry. I think he’s too nice to people who don’t deserve it.

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I actually haven't known you for too long, but I know enough about you to do this: First impression- amazing artist and cosplayer with some similar interest. Impression now- you are such an amazing person. Like someone I really want to be. I especially love how your relationship with God is strong and you're not afraid to be open about your faith.

wow i…….. i dont even know how to respond to this im just… thank you so much, that really seriously means a lot. im still far from where i want to be in my relationship with God but im still learning and growing. hearing this really makes me feel so happy, honestly.


I’m in a very bad way and I don’t know what to do I can’t stop cryin I feel dreadful and there’s no one to turn to though I don’t want to talk to anybody anyway I feel so stuck and helpless and I really am struggling I feel like things are never going to get better this is my life and it can’t change because I’m so consumed by whatever’s wrong with my brain I don’t know whatever label to put on it anymore I don’t exactly want to die but I also wouldn’t mind it rn but I’d never actually do anything my parents are supportive but I don’t think they see the severity of my problems and how my mindset is affecting me I’m so isolated but that’s my own fault wow what tf is happening to me I’m so paranoid and everything feels so daunting can someone knock me out for a solid 24 hrs or so

It’s Amazing What You Learn When You Read

So, Wildrose is really my top contender to get a puppy from to be my future diabetic alert dog. Yes, they’re Labradors. Their dogs are beautiful and they’re working Labs!

I was worried that maybe they WOULDN’T give me a puppy since I was under the impression they sold already trained diabetic alert dogs and I could understand not wanting to give someone a puppy who would train it as a DAD, have the dog come out horribly and then have people think that it was DAD trained by them.

But then I actually read their diabetic alert dog page in full (wow what a novel idea). AND THEY DO SELL PUPPIES FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TRAIN THEM. All their puppies go through their super learner & super scent program. They also introduce the scent of low blood sugar. I don’t know if they do that to all the puppies, or if they only do that if one of the litters will have a puppy/puppies that will be trained as a DAD.

They also sell started dogs and stuff. They have you in contact with one of their trainers and have quarterly workshops/seminars. I like Wildrose because their dogs (including the gundogs) are all trained “positively.” No choke chains, ecollars, etc.

They don’t advertise the cost of their dogs but I read an article that was a few years old that said the puppies sell for something like $1300 which seems fair. I am not sure if it’s gone up since. They sell fox red Labs which I like. But I think I like the yellow ones best? But looking at their dogs even the blacks Labs are really striking.

I’ve kinda been debating hiring someone as a sort of ghost artist just to help me with comic updates.

Some of these pages just feel so dry to me that it’s having an effect on my ability. It’s a lot of “end result will be cool to look at, but the drawings needed to get to that point are in the way”

Kinda like an advanced form of “wow I want to make this cool drawing but I actually have to draw it first”

If I did hire someone it’d solely be to do line/inks on pages. Hell if they were good at mimicking my style, it could even be on individual panels on a single image.

Dunno how good an idea it is or how much I’d need to offer for it to be fair, though.

this whole “YOU CANT HATE THIS SHIP” thing goes on since 4 years now, and really, the fans of this ship made it so horrible and shitty for me. I was actually pretty cool with it 4 years ago but wow, you guys really know how to make someone hate something.

I even have it written on my blog: Please dont follow me if you like this

Because I know that people will complain about me disliking it, so I dont even want you to get triggered or some other shit if you follow me, but you do it anyways and then you start crying and telling me I am rude, like Ok, I just warned you about following me if you are a fan of this but you act now surprised that I don’t like it.

And the question I ask myself everytime is: What do you expect me to do?

Telling you I am sorry that I do not like it, reblogging 100 pics of the pairing and drawing it from now on? giving you a smooch on your ass and write “I’m sorry” on it? Really what do you expect??? 

All I can say is: Then unfollow me please, I said it before, I don’t want fans of this ship to follow me. And people like you can’t change my opinion about this pairing, you make me hate if even more than before and now I am at this point where I would punch everyone’s face if they would say they like this pairing because I know that 99% of the people I met who liked this pairing caused trouble and tried to force me to something I do not like.

You say I am disrespectful but you are not respecting my wish as well, so I don’t see your problem here.

And now again my request to everyone who still didn’t understood after 4 years:

Leave me alone if you like this pairing.


GOD u know what im pissed about??? being single. im sick of it. i need a hand to hold. i need someone i can hug and theyll hug back an we will never get sick of it. i need to borrow sweaters that smell nice and i never want to give back. i need someone i can make jokes with and we think theyre funniest things ever and no one else gets them. i need someone where i can just go ‘wow! they are mine. i am going to kiss their cheek’. and then i do! i need someone whos going to try to lift me up and then not actually be able to do it and we will laugh and look at each other and just be like ‘wow! i love them’. i need someones hands combing through my hair really lazily at like two am and we are really tired but the movie thats on is really good and we are so happy with each other that we dont wanna go to sleep. i dont give any shits about sex i need someone to loVE ME AND GIVE ME CONSTANT AFFECTION UGh

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Is it silly to reblog pictures of books I haven't read yet?

Absolutely not! I actually do the same thing (of books that I want to read, want to buy or even just like the look of), and I imagine a lot of other people do it too. It’s a brilliant way of spreading the word about a book because if someone sees a photo and thinks “wow, that looks like a cool book”, they’ll check it out and bam! one more reader!

I think it’s an absolutely brilliant thing to reblog photos of books you haven’t read yet. :) Keep doing that, lovely! :D

I love how when someone wants to ask about my pregnancy or my baby they ring my mum… Like Its definitely my mum having the baby, 100% not my baby like my mum is currently sat in labour, definitely not my baby or anything like wow I don’t have a voice, I’m not capable of telling you how I’m doing, not at all. Actually fuck everyone. :)

92 truths!

92 truths!

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(you guys dont have to do it if you dont want to lmao)

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"Mommy, can you teach me how to use my feet like you do?" The girl had all her limbs and have full control over them, but like most kids her age she wanted to be just like her mom. She wanted to be able to hold things with her feet and to use for everyday tasks, she wanted to show her mom that there was someone that could do what she did and that she wasn't 'alone' in her own family. Of course her child brain still struggled to comprehend something like this, but she at least wanted to try.

((wow, someone actually sent me one))

“Of course. Hang on, I want to show you a little trick.” Rin began making slow motions with her right foot so her child could follow her movements at a steady pace, so she could mimic them as well. “It does take some practice.” She then began flexing her toes, as that was the more important part of learning how to use your feet for everything. “Like this, see?” She smiled, because she rarely had the right words to interact with her daughter, and she was happy as can be. 

((I haven’t done this in a while, so I apologize if it was bad))

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Someone actually wanted me to do one of these? Wow!

  1. my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world fave: Feferi or Tavros
  2. my trash-shit fave: Meenah
  3. my I love to hate them fave: Caliborn
  4. my I hate to love them fave:Gamzee
  5. my I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire non-fave: Jake
  6. my I didn’t care about them either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about them now I can’t stand them non-fave: Kankri
  7. my I could take them or leave them kinda non-fave: Meulin
  8. my I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love and always will be fave ship: GamTav
  9. my dirtybadwrong fave ship:(I am interpreting this is I hate it but love it it the same time) Vriska <3< Terezi
  10. my they’re cute together and I dig them but I’m not all that terribly invested kinda fave ship:Herb Lesbians. I Love it but not very emotional about it? IDK.
  11. my I didn’t care about this ship either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about it now I can’t stand it non-fave ship: JohnDave, JohnKat, JohnAnything basically
  12. my MAKE IT STOP non-fave ship: Stridercest
What Your Music Says of You

“You can tel a lot about someone from the music they listen to. Put our music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play, then tag 10 people to do it, too.”

I was tagged by doctorkrueger, and wow you don’t understand how excited I am to have actually been tagged in a thing <3 thank you!

1. Here With Me - Dido

2. Gold - Imagine Dragons

3. Absolute - The Fray

4. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

5. The End Of All Things - Panic! At The Disco

6. Enemy - Simon Curtis

7. Renegade - Styx

8. Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch haha doctorkrueger had something from them

9. O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps lol gotg

10. Here’s To Us - Halestorm

Oh dear chuck I’m so vomit inducingly mainstream. plz don’t judge my music taste I’m aware of how bad it is 

I’ll tag… mirax3163, msderpypants, hurraymonster, harrypotter-and-lordoftherings, renartpotiron, buckybarnes-and-nobles, battygrrrl, theafterpartypoison, andywarhollover420

okay but like, when I see celebrities with their phones, I’m like who gets their phone?? Do they walk in the store and buy it themselves?? WHO DO THEY TEXT OH MY GOD. Do famous people have other famous people’s numbers? And do they have to change their numbers often because people leak them?

Also, celebrity dating: it’s like a whole other level - like does one celebrity text their friend who is also a celebrity and is like, I want you to meet someone who is also famous? and celebrity 1 is like oh yeah I’ve seen them in ___ movie and wow holy shit I love their work, you’re actually setting me up on a date with them?? and then they have a fan moment.

I’m happy I’ve experienced life this far. (these days are rare so i wanna write about it just so i remember good days will come) actually pretty many nice things have happened to me this year, if I just try to ignore the worst ones. Many olds friends have asked me how I was doing. (like wow someone have actually thought about me ??even though we haven’t talked for years !) And knowing some people I don’t often see actually want to spend time with me is just so… amazing. I’ve also got few new friends from tumblr, some of them very close. It’s just so great to know people who like to talk about the same things as I do!
This is not a post where I want to scream how great my life is, it’s just that I suddenly realize that there is great things coming for me (even when I have difficulties with my life). and that’s all I’ve ever wanted ♡
I wish I could thank everyone enough for talking to me this summer, even one word because it means so much to me!
love y'all!!

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i'm sure it's not that people don't like you! i don't think it has so much to do w/ the # of people so much as the peeps themselves. it's just that the more followers one has the higher chance that you'll find someone to interact w/. honestly, i think i interacted w/ my mutuals more when i first made my blog than i do now :P i'll talk with you if you want (but be warned, i suck at making conversation)

i wrote that at like 5 am but thanks for the sweet message dude! i actually made my first tumblr friend when i had like 600 so u may be right.. and on the latter, if u ever want to talk/ watch a movie u can message me on twitter (
@_iareh [wow it looks like a bad self promo])