wow someone actually wants to do that

Amazing how much a single exchange can change your perspective on someone. And I’m not even talking about anything technically wrong in the information just…

“Well, being fat didn’t give me the flu I’ve gone to see the doctor for.”

“But it can suppress the immune system.” Said with a sneer.

Exo reacting to you having really long hair:

REQUEST: Hello welcome to the fandom! haha (im assuming youre new because your blog is new) could you do exo reacting to you having extremely long hair (like down o your waist and hips) 

No problem! And yes I am new to the whole kpop thingy heh. When you guys request a reaction or a ship can you please let me know if you want to be anon or not?? thankss!!



We all know that his ideal type is someone with long hair so he would be really smitten and sweet to you trying to win your heart lots of aegyo 


When he sees you from behind: 

“Aiyo that is a lot of hair” 


“ wow, your hair, it really works…” Mesmerized 


He would actually really like the way it looked but would hide how he felt. Like the other members would be like “Hyung do you see her hair??” And he would just 


He wouldn’t see what all the fuss was about “It’s just hair??” 




“That hair, Its my style” ;) 


“Where’s Xuimin” 

Sorry had to 


* Que shy chen*


Confused as to how someone could have that much hair


Doesn’t care his is better


He would be really surprised and excited and adorable, he would definitely be the one to go up to you and compliment it. 

“ Erm your hair, it’s so cool” 

匿名 質問:

I feel so alone....I stopped cutting myself a month ago but I really feel like doing it again :'( I stopped eating...what can I do to make them like me? I hate myself ...I hate the way I look!!.....I wish I was dead

Sweetie, why would you ruin yourself just so someone else could like you ? It’s not worth it. They’re not worth it. You’ll ruin yourself just so they could say “Wow,you’re beautiful”, and for what ? What will that do ? Make you feel good ? For how long would that last ? It’s not all in looks,sweetie. Actually, nothing is. The “ugliest” person in the world can become one of the greatest geniuses of our time; He can be president, a professor, a police officer - whatever he or she wants. Why ? Because they are no different. Nobody ugly. I refuse to ever allow anyone to call anyone ugly in my presence. Nobody’s ugly. Just because you don’t look good to someone doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t look good to me or that someone else that I found beautiful might be someone ugly in your eyes. People are so obsessed with this that it’s insane. The only beauty that age doesn’t deteriorate is the beauty of a human heart. If you have that, you’re beautiful. I met people you’d call “beautiful” and I would never ever wish to speak to single sentence with them. Beautiful outside, yet such bad manners, such a egoistic upholding - simply disgusting. A heart is what needs to be beautiful. Of course, we should always try to look our best, but never destroy ourselves because we want to change who we are. You are who you are and you’re amazing *hug*


Oosh if you’re reading this I just wanted to say thank you. You’re actually the person who inspired me to make this blog. I was so impressed with markiplierswhatifs that I though “wow what if I could do something like that?” And I made this. Now here I am. I am so honored to call you my friend.


feeling lonely sucks :(

every once in a while u see pissed off people of X majority group because someone from Y minority said “wow fuck X people” or “i hate X” or something

and like

I don’t get hate for that because I don’t do it. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just that I was conditioned from years of abuse to the point where I have trouble expressing those things. 

So I use diplomacy instead, I write long polite explanations, because I grew up in a situation where if I didn’t do that, I would be literally actually abused by people with power over me. Because I am deaf and that made me, a child, almost totally powerless. I learned how to write perfect, polite English responses as a way to survive. 

But people like to see that kind of response, they look at it like it’s the norm and those “rude guys who get pissed off at X majority group omfg” are such bad people. 

But, no, it’s the opposite, can’t you see? I’m no less angry. And honestly, my answers aren’t how we should be responding. They’re the result of trauma and abuse, nothing else. 

I’m Deaf. We have reason to be angry and we live in a world that systematically works against us and tells us we don’t have the right to exist. 

So if we say “fuck hearing people” instead of politely muttering about how mean the Flavor of the Week ableist person was, I don’t care if it hurts your feelings.

We aren’t obligated to take care of you. You don’t get to be the priority here. And we aren’t any less good or right for being angry.

Chemicals - Tigers Jaw

only the second verse becuase i was having issues playing.

i learned this song because someone told me to check out the album and this song played and i thought, wow i could learn this on the uke pretty quick. so i learned it in two nights and im pretty proud. i really just wanted to impress people 

actually i just got a collab offer from someone becuase of this. i really dont think its that good, but someone else did and they said i should post it because people ll like it, i dont expect even one person to listen to it, but if you do can you like it or something?

匿名 質問:

what would you do if you were dating someone, but then you broke up because of reasons but you guys were still talking and still had feelings for each other but then he drops this bomb that he actually doesn't have feelings for you and you just feel totally embarrassed cause that's where I'm at and I need advice girl

wow haha this is in someway the story of my entire life so I’d say let your heart do what it wants. Don’t be pushy because you cant change the way other people feel about you all you can do is live your life and focus on happier things in the mean time. I promise it will turn out good for you because its starting to turn out for me :) Whatever you do don’t change for other people and keep going because better things always turn up.

I’m all for new ships. I really am. I might be diehard buckynat, but these are comics and I can accept them floating through a few ships. 

I just hate out of the blue, destiny, this was what you were always made for, ships. & that’s exactly what bucky x ventolin are. 

to love without reason? to suddenly meet someone and ‘wow I love you. I don’t know why but I do love you’ is just…ugh it’s not my kind of thing. 

You want Bucky to move on from Nat? I’m totally all for that. Ten thousand percent, because it’s not fair to him to cling onto her, but if you’re expecting me to root for a new ship then I feel like I should have reasons to actually want them to be together other than 

this is how it is in other universe, soul mates, love at first sight, love without abandon, kind of deal. 

in other news, last issue was a disappointment bc I’m here for Bucky/Daisy/etc and this issue was short. #whinesforever

匿名 質問:

Are you actually Serbian or do you just really like Serbian culture?

holy shit i cant believe i still get this question

its in my faq and on my blog 

im actually serbian

i would take a picture of my serbian passport as proof so i can stop getting this question but i really dont want you guys seeing my personal legal document 

i would not say i was serbian if i wasnt actually serbian. that’s super offensive. 

like imagine if someone who wasnt japanese said they were. thatd be shady and awful right? same thing here

So today I learned:
“Don’t ever ever ever ever EVER let stupid boys convince you to stop doing things you like.”

I started talking to someone I met from my real job and he was super cute nice sweet gentleman-y blah blah blah. I was like “Wow, I actually like someone. I wanna give this a try!” So we started hanging out and everything (while I’m still sugaring) and there were times I had to cancel to meet up with Porsche. Well he started to get upset that I was canceling dates and I couldn’t explain myself. Anyways, I decided that I wanted to tell him about my SD. He told me that he understood and he was cool with it. So I’m like “Damn! Perfect! This guy is great. Things will really work out!”

Well I don’t get a happy ending after all. Last week he started to talk me out of sugaring. He told me that we can work together and help each other out. So put Porsche on hold. Then today I found out he’s seeing some other girl… I guess he’s been seeing her for awhile.

So I might have lost my SD who is everything I hoped and dreamed for. For some stupid boy with pretty eyes and a nice smile.

Just remember ladies, this is your life. Do what you want. You don’t need anyone’s approval. No one needs to know your business.

Good luck out there,

gatissed 質問:

wow, you are so intolerant. Why do you reblog a gif set of Armitage as francis dolarhyde with your unnecessary opinion underneath if you don't even want to watch this show? I mean do you actually think only one second of the one who made that gif set? They like these things and you bash it. It's just not okay.

Wow. Ok. Well, let me just say this:

  1. I do watch and will continue to watch Hannibal.
  2. I made no comment whatsoever on the gifs, which are lovely, btw.
  3. I was actually, in a roundabout way, expressing the fact that I love Richard Armitage, and don’t want to be horrified by his playing a gruesome serial killer, because that shit is scary. If he were a serial killer, I’d be an easy target. That said, I’m certain he’ll knock it out of the park.
  4. I wasn’t bashing anything or anyone at all.
  5. Accusing someone you don’t know at all of intolerance on such meager evidence seems… um… intolerant?

Thanks for not doing this anon-style, though. This will be my one and only comment on the matter. Thanks for writing! :-)

royalty-and-lye 質問:

Daisy, Carnation, Rose<3<3

Daisy: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Oh ummmmm wow. 

So what’s considered a first kiss? Like just a press of your lips, or like full on make out? 

Because I’ve only had a press of lips. 

And I was 22. And I was drunk.

Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Hmmmmm. Probably Panic! or FOB, or William Control, or Birthday Massacre. Somebody I’d really enjoy.

Rose: Are you currently in love with someone?

As corny as it sounds, I’m actually in the process of falling in love with myself. And it’s not something that you can do after a day or two or even a week; it’s a frustrating and hard process that takes a lot of work.

But I really am in love with myself.

“i don’t want to rush into a relationship until i fully know someone every side of them good and bad”

What are relationships doing that we aren’t ? It takes years to get to know someone. We rushed into everything else, time is the only thing catching up to us. I understand it, you don’t want a relationship. Just know that requires rules and regulations. I’m not gonna be at your place all the time, or give myself to you emotionally and physically. Bc those are all the things i’m giving to you now. The full real raw me. If you’re trying to get to know me, there will be limits. You want to see the bad and the ugly in me before betting into a relationship so you know what exactly you’re dealing with. So once you find something you don’t like about me you’re gonna dip ? My question to you is what is this we are doing and what is your definition of a relationship if what we are doing now is not the closest thing to it ?

iwantyoutofeelfreetoo 質問:

do you know what i think about? i think about wanting to be dead, alot actually, then someone said to me, you're gonna make someone so happy one day, you will be someone's absolute world. its shit atm, but i just look at families being happy and i will have that one day, so will you. todays a crap day, and tomorrow probably will be too, but in the long run, you'll get your happiness, and so will i. just keep holding on.

Wow thank you, that was actually a little bit helpful so yeah thank you
You keep holding on too x