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wow, first post on this blog and i feel super nervous! i hope this project will go well!! so, here’s the thing: on my main blog i proposed to make a fugo week because i noticed that he isn’t very loved in the fandom but someone also made me notice that more underrated characters actually need MORE love so i thought “why not make a specific week for each one of this characters?” i know, its cool. anyway, i want this to happen BUT i need YOUR help!

  • send me messages on THIS blog with MAX 10 names of underrated characters that you’d like to see featured in the jojo weeks
  • they can be from ANY part of the jojo series, steel ball run and jojolion included
  • by saying 10 names i dont mean 10 characters from each series (wowie that would be too much) but 10 characters in total 
  • PLEASE specify the series for each character, since I’m still reading Stone Ocean (even tho i already read sbr and jojolion) and i’m still not very familiar with the characters! also it’ll make it easy for me to write the names down
  • if something isnt clear SEND ME A MESSAGE and i’ll reply! english isn’t my first language, but i’ll try my best.
  • after i’ve collected enough names, i’ll make a survey poll so that we can start picking up the characters and the order for each week. i’ll give more details in the future (also because i still have to think about it eheh)
  • the first week is gonna be about fugo tho, since i first made the post on my blog with the intention of doing a fugo week;; 

please reblog this post so more people will know about this project!!

ALSO, i need someone to help me running this blog because exams are coming up soon and college is killing me. any kind of help is appreciated!



fic where derek becomes a selfie-addict

So I was really excited about doing Ace Day today, but due to adverse reactions about it being too close to Trans Day of Visibility, the date is changing.

So instead I’m just going to use today to make a post addressing some of the common reactions I get when I am open about my asexuality.

“So … what exactly is asexuality?”

Asexuality means someone does not feel sexual attraction.

So basically, I don’t look at someone and go ‘Oh wow! They’re so hot! I need to have sex with them!”

I actually don’t really know what the words ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ mean. Physical appearance in no way decides if I want to have a relationship with someone.

“Does that mean you’re a total loner?”

No. I have desires to be close to people just the same as allosexuals (non-asexuals) do. Sex just isn’t a part of that.

“So you should only date other asexual people, right? Because that isn’t fair to non asexual people.”

No, many asexuals are in mixed relationships with allosexuals, myself included. This is because some asexual people are ok with having sex, and some allosexual people are ok with not having sex. Sex and relationships aren’t mutually exclusive.

“But if you don’t feel sexual attraction, how do you know who you want a relationship with?”

There’s this thing called romantic attraction. It’s the desire to have a close romantic relationship with someone, shown through intimate actions such as kissing, cuddling, holding hands etc.

Some people don’t feel this either, of course. They’re called aromantics.

“Have you had your hormones checked? Because isn’t asexuality a disease?”

Yes, I have, actually, and my hormones are completely fine. Sexual orientation isn’t defined by hormone levels. Asexuality is an orientation, not a disease. It also isn’t a choice. It’s just a lack of sexual attraction.

“Maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet.”

But I don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone.

Straight people define themselves as straight from a very young age, normally prior to any sexual feelings. They don’t think: ‘Oh, maybe I’m gay but I just haven’t met the right person yet.”

Similarly, gay people don’t think: “Oh, maybe I’m straight but I haven’t met the right person yet.”

It’s the same for asexuals. I know I don’t feel sexual attraction.

That’s just a few questions I have had from people in my life. I hope it helps to spread awareness :)

Anonyme a demandé:

yO have you watched will d-arbyshire's video "sunday"? it's just a video of his day in london with arden but it's just so sweet and it's the cutest thing 💕 it was posted a week ago i think but i watched it again and since most people think tronnor would come out with an artsy video, i just thought that if they were to do it that way, it would be like will's video.. idk just a thought x

wow im honestly speechless, this video is so beautiful and just the perfect image of love and the simplicity in life that makes you happy, especially with someone you love. if connor and troye did something like this i think it would be perfect as a possible way of ‘coming out’ as a couple without actually saying they’re a couple but it would confirm it nonetheless.

i want this kind of collab more than anything now, it’s right up troye&connor’s alley and i think this is absolutely beautiful and perfect, i hope they do this omg

imagine: bitty’s hometown has a dinky little country festival (peach festival??) every summer w/ a parade thru town. the boys happen to visit while it’s going on & mama bittle arranges for them to ride in it on a float that says like “HOCKEY CHAMPS” on it. but it’s one of those floats that’s rly just a tractor trailer hooked up to someone’s truck.

mama bittle happens to know everyone in the parade and is trying to gossip as each float passes.

there’s a carnival with tons of rides that’ve been the same since Eric was a kid and he’s ridden them all so he wants to see the shows but jack makes him ride all of them just to get a reaction. but once he’s actually strapped in he gets all nervous and “wow bittle is this really safe? I mean it was just on a truck 2 days ago. maybe we shouldn’t do this” “you know, I’m going to be in the NHL soon they really need my body alive” meanwhile ransom and holster go on every single death trap ride like 4 times

OK now that pictures and stuff are up let’s go over some etiquette issues.

1. NEVER is it ok to try and compliment someone on their outfit by shitting on other people wearing the same thing. “Wow you look great and actually fit in your outfit!” is not a compliment. Take your pretentious dudebro ass out of my site and never come back.

2. NEVER is it ok to grab someone’s prop without asking. IDC if you don’t have time to talk. IDC if you just wanted to see without bothering me. IDC if you were too nervous to say anything. You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT touch something of someone else’s without getting permission from the owner beforehand! I had a girl grab one of the joysticks on my etwahl asking if it was real, and almost pulled it out!

3. NEVER is it ok to make a comment about the cosplayer’s body. Don’t say “wow nice tits they really fit the character” or “you should show more leg, the character does.” I heard this shit all weekend to people of all ages, body types, and gender.

If you think any of the above actions are not problematic, you do not belong in the convention scene and should remove yourself now.

wow ok i had a dream last night i got recruited on the su team and i was working on random things here and there and didnt really have a set job but i guess i want doing it very well cause sugar kept hovering over me and walking by to make sure i was doing what i was supposed to while she was like doing rounds checking on everyone and i was so nervous and so afraid id lose my job

that is such an inaccurate way that those jobs actually work lmfao but sounds like someone is so bothered by my career/school choices that its infecting my dreams wtf

anyway wow cool anna’s friends want to hang out with me. not the ones i know super well but like.. different ones…. who do not think i am a vicious cunt so thats exciting

Tfw one single sentence can make you so hung up you don’t even want to view the place it was said to you anymore 

Anonyme a demandé:

So tell me something, why would you get the Eye of Horus? Are you in any way affiliated or descended from the ancient Egyptians? Or are you just being an ignorant white girl who feels entitled to the symbols of other religions?

i’ve have a fascination with ancient egyptian culture, history, religion, and mythology since i was a kid. honestly learning all about it is one of my passions, but no i am not descendant of the ancient egyptians.

the eye of horus is a symbol of protection and good health, which are two things i’ve needed a lot this past year. the ancient egyptians wore amulets of the eye to protect them. i like to think that my haircut is a modern way of wearing an amulet.

maybe i shouldn’t have chosen a symbol from a culture that i have no connection to, but the eye of horus holds no meaning to anyone beyond what we know it meant to people who have been dead for thousands of years. me (a white person) with an eye of horus shaved into my hair isn’t the same as me (still a white person) wearing a bindi or a war bonnet as a fashion statement. the eye of horus has no sacred meaning to anyone alive today.

anyways, i hope you have never

  • worn a shamrock if you are not irish, as they are druid symbols
  • kissed someone under the mistletoe if you are not irish, as it is a celtic symbol
  • looked for your sign on one of those astrology posts, if you don’t take astrology seriously, because it was an important part of greek, babylonian, and really any ancient civilization’s culture and religion
  • doodled a five pointed star/pentacle on your notes in school, as it is a wiccan symbol
  • been a fan of marvel’s thor, as his creator stan lee, is jewish and not of norse descent (like, thor’s a fucking god surely this is sacrilegious)
  • celebrated christmas if you are not christian (look i know that christianity is shoved in your face on the daily, but a lot of the symbols of christmas [the mistletoe, the yule log, hell, the fucking date] are derived from pagan practices, so really that’s twice the appropriation)
  • and holy shit you must have had a fucking field day when you found out what hitler did to the swastika

i hope you get this indignant about white people who have “dreads.” or white people who unapologetically use the n word. or white people who wear bindis and war bonnets. or white people who have tattoos of chinese/japanese/korean words when they don’t speak the language. i hope you’re this mad about those things too.

look, i’m not perfect. i’m willing to admit that maybe this wasn’t my symbol to take. i’m willing to listen to someone who wants to educate me, or at least tell me that i’m wrong. i’ve been lucky to be shielded by a lot of privilege in my life, and there are a lot of things that i don’t understand because of that. but i’m not here for someone who can’t be bothered to show their face. because that just says you want to yell at someone and make them feel bad about themselves and their choices, not open their eyes. 

and besides, my hair will grow out in three weeks and it’ll be gone. i was thinking of getting a shamrock, or some stars, or the fall out boy logo. is that okay with you?

do you ever just want to hard core acknowledge how amazing someone is? like theres this friend who youre not really really close with bc youve only met them face to face twice but you talk occasionally on some social media and the times you have talked to them face to face you just really connected and like, they are such an amazing person and you love how strong they are and how beautiful and kind and funny and you just love them so much but its scary to say it somewhere public where they can see it bc what if they dont consider you that close of a friend or even as a friend bc in reality youre just an acquaintance to them so if you say any of those things it can be taken as creepy and weird and then you end up pushing them away

so yesterday my coworker went to panera bread in her uniform and one of the cashiers there was like “oh you work in the grooming salon? Savannah is my puppies favorite groomer!” And when she told me that i literally wanted to cry like thats just so special to me. This person like, knows who i am and knows that their puppy likes me and they actually remember who i am. Like i made an impression on someone. Thats honestly just the best feeling in the world and it made me so happy and i keep wanting to cry because that just makes me feel so great about what i do and wow i just really love my job


Love .. i SOO BADLY WANT A GF LIKE WOW.. i don’t want any short time shit. I want the actual experience of feeling like we are about to get married. I want someone who’s able to show attention. To actually feel something towards someone. Now on the one hand ((i AM one ugly motherfucker😂)) but everything else about me is on POINT my dude! I can promise that. So ya know if you’re interested i will talk to you.. just lemme know.
P.S.- My thirst may be real so if you’re not ready .. don’t msg me. Or do … pls do.

Anonyme a demandé:


       i’M ???
       thank you SO so much !!! i actually don’t really know what to say right now
       because, wow, thank you, really! but what i do want to say is thank you for
       taking the time to send some love! there’s so much hate in the roleplaying
       community and  sending love to someone really is such an amazing way
       to make their day brighter! i honestly have such a huge smile on my face !

Anonyme a demandé:

You should still thank them. It's only common courtesy. It doesn't feel pleasant to only be seen as a follower you can flaunt.

Flaunt? I so rarely mention how many followers I have. In fact I think in the (almost) year I’ve had this blog I’ve given a number a whole three times and each time was a ‘wow I am surprised this many people like my portrayal, thank you’ type post. I’m not here to gather followers I’m here to write and those who actually roleplay with me know I’m grateful. 

If the only form of thanks someone wants is free stuff then they don’t really deserve the gratitude do they? 

HhHH is a wild ride so far..  (I’m glad I randomly noticed it at the library!)

(I can see how some people have reservations about the style given the subject, but… for me it feels something like talking about history with someone, or something?  Well, actually feels a lot more exciting and breathless than that.  But his passion for the story means you want to find out more from elsewhere.  Someone called it a ‘notebook novel’… it gives the impression that it’s being written as he goes along, only in order to do that it has to be really carefully structured and balanced!  And the bits like “I’ve been talking nonsense - that didn’t happen” wow, way to pull the rug out.  The actual prose I really like.  Precise, snarky, oh yes totally posed and pretentious but that’s the point and it works.)

Anyway.  I’m only one like chapter 39 of ?a couple hundred (really short) chapters.

The only vague comparison I can draw is Norman Hampson’s The Life and Opinions of Maximilien Robespierre?? in terms of this post-moderny approach to writing, nothing else, though that was called a history book and HhHH is called a novel ……. funny because the Hampson is the one starring the invented characters…. 

Also like all the Second World War history there are so many parts where I just stop reading and swear for a bit/want to cry. 

Rules: Repost and tag 10 peeps u wanna get to know better, buuuut since I hate rules, I’m just gonna answer the questions and forget about tagging people, because I am terrible w/ bothering to do that (I also can’t pick y would u make me choose amongst my children)

got tagged by supersaturatedskies, hecka.

Nicknames: Cas(s), Cassy, someone tried to call me Andy once. Never again.

Birthday: September 5th, aka, same as Freddy Mercury and Hanji Zoe, honestly, can’t get better then that….

Gender: Female

Height: 5′8 (legitimately 5′7 ½, but plz just give me this one thing in my life…)

Sexual Orientation: If we are using ‘fancy terms’, I prefer to consider myself Demi-Homosexual Panromantic af, buuuut to be perfectly honest, gay is a much easier way to put it, and I cannot disagree with that at all, lol….

Favorite Colour: Red, Black, Dark Blues, White. Everything else in between…. eeeehhhhhh…

Time & Date at Current Location: Rn, it is 4:59 PM, 4/16/15, hecka.

Sleep Times: This varies from as early as 8 pm to as late as 5 am, but typically, I’ll go to sleep between 2 am and 3 am…. I tend to wake up around 7:50 am on the weekdays.

Last Thing I Googled: It was literally Freddy Mercury, to make sure I was even spelling his name right. I am still so unsure….

First Word That Comes To Mind: D a n g

Place That Make Me Happy: Typically my room, specifically my loft bed, I just go up there, and automatically the rest of the world is out of mine. There’s also this big hill/mountain that’s at the end of my block, and on days where my mood is fluctuating a hella lot, I climb up there, I sit on a huge rock, and I get to see the train station, and all the people that come and go from the trains, hair blown windy, everything seems clearer up there, for sure.

Blankets I Sleep Under: I got a fuzzy blanket, and I got a quilt sorta thing. In the summer, we don’t use blankets…..

Favorite Character: Most prominent rn is Jasper from Steven Universe, but I also hecka like Peridot, Pearl, Vriska from Homestuck, Kanaya, Rose, Morrigan from Dragon Age, Leliana, Sera, Dorian, and finally, Dr.Strangelove from Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker……. I can’t pick, how dare you even think I could….

Favorite Anime: ….. Serial Experiments Lain OR Psycho Pass…..

Favorite TV Show: Courage the Cowardly Dog OR Steven Universe…. both of em have hecka morals, well written, love em both.

Dream Wedding: I never really thought much about any solid ideas, ah ha ahahah, haaaaaaaDon’t ask me that plz…

Dream Job: I kinda really wanna do a handful of things, including illustrating for a comic, storyboards for a cartoon, concept art for movies, books, shows. Also freelance things on the side… I haven’t figured out how to organize all of that yet, but life goals…

What I’m Wearing: Navy Converse, skinny jeans, Comic Con shirt from 2011, and a white button-up shirt, cuz that went well with the kickass leather jacket I was wearing out today, lmao.

Last Book I Read: Currently, I’m reading Battle Royale. I miraculously stumbled upon the translated copy in Barnes and Noble, it was destiny….

Aaaand I’m sorry, not tagging, that took enough of my time already, not only that, Steven Universe is starting soon, o boi. Thx tho, I love talking about myself.