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fic where derek becomes a selfie-addict

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Whats with some of the weird tags you put on your reblogs, like did someone actually get "triggered" by say, "hands" or "teeth" any angrily send you a message to tag them? WTF is the deal with that? Also, is there any other stupid shit that people have gotten angry at you over and bitched about? >inb4 this ask

Wow, you’re a big asshole.

Making fun of people’s triggers is a really shitty thing to do.

And the people who asked me said it in a kind, polite way.

There were also some people who wanted me to tag ships, usually because they didn’t like them.

I tag requested things for blacklisting because I want to be considerate to others and I’m not a douchebag like you.

quite honestly i don’t understand why people actually believe the person in my thread…like ? they literally tried to guilt me into holding an accent for them because they were having “a bad day/month” or something//// and then the next day after i put the remaining accents on the AH they were all “wow this is horrid customer service you’re cruel because you want more money and priced your AH accents higher” and im just .. . but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? and basically they insulted me and drove away business because someone was just like, “i’m going to sell this because i don’t want to support you after seeing customer service this bad” and im

?? i answered their questions, i did everything, and they got their panties in a twist because there weren’t five slots? there were four? which was what i was going with from the start? i don’t understand, and i feel horrible . 

like I love smt games and persona is a gateway for people to get into smt games

but if someone only likes newer persona because it’s content caters to them, or they don’t enjoy the difficulty or grit of mainline smt games, then okay, that’s cool, they found something they DO enjoy and like to play

god forbid someone doesn’t want to play something masochistic, or they aren’t as good at games to breeze through a mainline smt

it’s like those people that use the “git gud’ joke unironically and actually measure dick sizes over being really good at video games and it’s like wow here have a cookie or something

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Hey, just wanted to tell you that I like your art, and I really, really look up to you because you seem to draw whatever the hell you want to draw. Keep on rocking girl, and keep on creating awesome art.

oh my gosh you lovely person you 

i actually went to check out some of your work and wowowowow you draw so well!  i love your traditional work so much and urgh, the way you draw people is so lovely and awesome uwu

 do not look up to me im someone who eats fried macaroni for breakfast

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hiiii, so i've identified as ace for some time now, but now i'm having doubts. Like, i guess that all this fuss about 50 shades of grey kind of caused it, because i read a lot of stuff about bdsm, and i realised that that is something that i'd like to try. So like, obviously i got confused because wow yesterday i didn't really want sex and now bdsm like really? And like, I've never been repulsed by sex or anything, actually i have always been open to having sex one day, if i find someone (1)

i can trust. It’s just that i feel like sex isn’t something that i’d necessarily need in my life. And like, i know that the definition of asexuality is not feeling any sexual attraction but like, i don’t know if i do? I can’t tell if i just wanna have sex or if i’m actually sexually attracted to people. Or like, i’m pretty sure that i’m not attracted to men like that but maybe women? And yet i can’t really picture myself having sex with anyone and oh my fucking god this just drives me crazy!(2)
(3)i have no fucking clue of what i feel anymore and it’s really scaring me. So yeah i don’t even know why i’m sending this but like.. Is it okay if i want to try bdsm and sex and still identify as asexual? And like, how do i know if what i’m feeling is sexual attraction or not? And yeah, idk, thank you already and i’m sorry for the horribly messy message. x

It’s actually not unheard of for some asexuals to be interested in BDSM. Although there can be sexual acts involved in BDSM, it’s really not based in that. It’s more about the dynamic between the partners than it is about sex. In fact, there are BDSM relationships where there is no sex at all. I’m going to refer you to a blog on here called kinkyasexual because they can probably help you understand that dynamic a bit more. 

As far as the possibility of attraction, that depends on if it’s in a general sense or if it’s directed at specific people outside of a sexual context. If you’re just potentially interested in women in general, it might just be a sexual interest and not attraction, but if there’s a specific person that you’re getting those urges toward without them being in a sexual situation, then it might be attraction. 

Starting to find the right people/ riders/ equestrians in my area.
Some amazing instructors and people who know their shit. WA is VERY much all about the head and nothing to do with the hind end of a horse and nothing to do with the riders balance and what not. Riders just kick and hold on. I haven’t had anyone teach me dressage recently due to this trend we have here. I don’t want to go backwards. But after watching a woman ride yesterday at the show I was like HOLY SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO RIDE. she looked INCREDIBLE her horse was a reflection of it and like wow we don’t get them kind of riders in PC events! So I just fb messaged her and friended her and she super nice and has given me the name of her instructor- a German- this means she’ll know what to actually do! She told me she’s all about the core in the rider and I’m like GOOD THATS WHAT I NEED! Haha she apparently is exclusive but it sounds as if I may have a chance- she requires regular lessons! Which is what I need I need that commitment for both myself and Bazz. So hopefully it all goes well :)

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I've realized that you have a lot of headcanons of trans!Hiro and trans!Tadashi, but I've seen other people (not from this fandom) post about how they find it offensive when someone slaps a transgender headcanon on numerous characters. They say doing so is like treating being transgender as a costume / entertainment and devalues actual transgender people. I don't remember exactly what the posts said, but what do you think about that? I'm just curious about both sides. :o

Oh wow, um, this is going to be a difficult one to answer, because personally I don’t consider myself trans. Because of that, I don’t want to speak over those who are in the community, and to be really frank, I don’t really know what it means to use something as a costume, therefore, I can’t really come up with a good counter argument.

For all I know, I may inadvertently be doing that without meaning to. That being said, contextually, I can assume it means to slap on a disguise just for shock/entertainment value. If that’s the case, no, I don’t use trans!Hiro or trans!Tadashi in that way. I use it as a means to further explore their dynamic, and while it sounds horrible, romanticize the support that would gleam from one another. It just adds another layer to their relationship for me. 

However, if ever anyone was offended by the way I write trans!characters, I really want someone to point it out to me. I’d like to think I’m really receptive to criticisms like that without being defensive, because it’s not my place to be defensive. Never be afraid of pointing out my problematic behavior, because I can’t change it if I don’t know.

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oh wow. there's no point reasoning with someone who wants kurt to be with someone who bullied him so badly he transferred schools? who shoved him into lockers? despite actual abuse, you prefer that to a guy who's emotionally harmful but hasn't laid a finger on kurt? you really are sick.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT?! I know exactly what Dave did to Kurt. I understand why he did what he did but in no way do I condone his actions. Dave’s death threat and bullying and intimidation were things he should have never, EVER done but he did. HE. WAS. IN. THE. WRONG! When I see kurtofsky getting together it is after Dave apologizes to Kurt and several years of them working on a friendship before they go on their first date. A selfish part of me wants kurtofsky endgame but I would be pissed because I want a good god damn story. So in truth I don’t want kurtofsky endgame. In fact I would have rathered Adam but they threw Adam out too soon.

stop triggering the shit out of mentally ill people for having kintypes and fictives they cant help or change, when there are neurotypicals being racist.

mentally ill people are constantly dehumanised and destroyed systematically, with no defense for their cause. ( wow just like victims of racism!)

dont poison your activism by attacking mentally ill people when you can target people who are actively being racist

its not rly my place to talk about racism bc im white and i benefit from it systematically whether i want to or not.

but it is my place to speak about ableism, and the rights of the mentally ill, and i wont stand for this.

please go spend your energy on someone you can actually do good with, someone who actually can change.

jenngwynn replied to your post “I don’t need more lectures on staying in school oh my fucking god I…”

Mental health always comes first. And I hate when people force others into higher education… It costs so much and if you mess it up it’s hard to do over and still get aid. Better to only go in the first place if you really want it.

Yeah!!!! the thing that’s different though is that I’m not even talking about higher education in general (like im a PSEO student so I’m at a college but technically a high school student) I just don’t feel like I can finish high school right now. And I even mentioned that its messing up my mental health (which like you said, should definitely come first) and they’re like “well nobody likes high school” and it’s like no shit but there’s a difference between disliking it/being kinda stressed and having mental breakdowns and bad thoughts/tendencies and whatnot. And also, like you said, there’s the thing with messing it up and not having a decent chance to redo it. If my mental health is bad, so will be my grades, and then when I’m paying for college getting aid will be super hard. That’s just how I operate at this point, like I can’t do school when I’m not doing well so like dude I don’t want a bunch of F’s on my transcript because my mental health was shit. I want good grades from times when I could handle school, which I can go back to because my district has a high school diploma program for adults (not GED, like a legit high school program). 

So their entire argument about me just needing to “power through it” is honestly the worst idea. I can’t handle it right now, and that’s that.

I agree with this whole thing so hard, like thank you for sympathizing omg. It might’ve sounded like I’m disagreeing with you but I’m just like ranting more bc it’s like YOU FEEL THIS and I really appreciate it. Definitely taking a gap year at least between high school and college.

Also sorry about this being so long haha.

I feel like a lot of those Oscar speeches were nothing but bullshit to make the said person look better and it totally works.
People are still reblogging the sex income gap not realizing that the actresses want to be paid millions like their male counterparts. They do not give a shit about minimum wage or race or disability.
Someone talking about a disease or an illness is usually because it affected someone they love. They don’t actually give a shit about the realities of sick people who aren’t sheltered by money.
And people just eat it the fuck up and smile and cry and think “oh wow these millionaires are just like me!!! They care about me!!!” No they fucking don’t and they only care about you going to see their movies or what the fuck ever you can do to give them money.

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So, if someone wanted to RP wit chu, how would they go along the lines of doing so? :}D

Catch me in-game! I know it’s a bit difficult because of my timezone, but that’s the easiest way if you’d like to RP. Though I’ll only RP on weekends (actually, on Friday & Saturday) because my laptop I’m working with on weekdays barely runs WoW :’)

frustratedoctor skomentował(a) Twoje zdjęcie “Everyone says this fic is awesome, maybe I will read it one day.”

It is. It made me love parentlocks. And yes im planning on translating but it’s so fucking long that it will take me 5 years… Actually I want to translate everything by EGT68 ❤️

Wow, this is a huge compliment. At least I would die from happiness if someone said they wanted to translate all of my works.

Doesn’t matter, I am sure you will do this before s4. xD

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Lol I literally don’t like drake at all like not even a little I actually hate rap music I never said I was a fan I just said fuck you, you don’t know me and I’ll do what I want because this is my blog and I reblogged that post because I heard about his new mix tape from someone and I thought the picture was funny so why don’t you get over yourself with your fucking sense of musical superiority because I reblogged one post I thought was funny like wow you don’t have better things to do with your life than challenge if I’m a drake fan because I reblogged one post seriously what’s your damage

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But she's been around for months and pretty much no one knew? The difference between this and Hadine btw (someone said both started around the same time?) lmao That shows how private they guys can be if they want. And wow she's a larrie and seems such a sweetheart, do you think she'll deleted or likes her tumblr after this?

Haha, I think we all know why she was able to stay lowkey. Or rather, why Nadine wasn’t - because she isn’t an actual GF, and barely a fake one.

I don’t have receipts but I’m reading on Twitter that it looks like he’s known her for over a year. Imagine that.

I don’t know; I’d imagine it depends on how the “backlash”, reaction goes, if she deletes or not. I can’t imagine how crazy it is.

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First off just want to say WOW I would love to bang your wife!!! Does your wife enjoy anal? do you have any pictures of her bing fucked or sucking a cock that you would put up by chance?

She’s not too crazy about me posting pics of her face as we had a problem on another site where someone recognized her in public and became an obsessed pest thinking she was shady and would be interested in having an affair behind my back. It actually took me confronting the guy and “setting him straight” so that’s why I don’t post pics like that now.