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fic where derek becomes a selfie-addict

Being asexual is so weird and a little sad because you don’t actually experience any sexual attraction to anyone ever so things that people who do experience it find incredibly sexy aren’t actually appealing and you’re just like “oh wait shit that’s sexy? I mean sure his hair pushed back looks okay but there’s nothing super special to me about it” and they lose their shit over this little thing and its like wow I wish I could know what its like to look at someone and say “damn they are so fucking hot I want to bang them rn” but I never will and that’s a little sad

wow this isnt fair i want to cry into someones arms but i also push everyone away and tell people i hate them and then tell people i love them and fuck that up too and then i yell at people and apologize and it isnt good im not good what the fuck am i doing actually what the fuck is going on with me

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Yeah someone either looked like or a actually did grope frank at a show idk abt the details

that’s so fucking gross what the fuck

why would you do that. like what mindset do you have to be in to even think that is remotely okay?

how long, how fuck long, is it going to take for people to understand the god damn fact that touching people inappropriately— or in anyway actually— without asking is NOT FUCKING OKAY AT ALL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE


like these fucking disgusting people are going to ruin it for everyone else who want to see frank live. because guess what?!!??! HES FUCKING HUMAN. HE HAS FEELINGS. HE HAS STATED EXPLICITLY THAT HE HAS MAJOR ANXIETY.

and do some people not understand that touching someone without asking (especially groping, like fucking seriously) can trigger someones anxiety and make them feel awful!!!!! wow!!!!

holy shit i am so fucking infuriated

My favorite things about dating an Asian/Vietnamese boy:

Departing from the negative today, I want to talk about the positive things in dating a Vietnamese boy! If you look up this topic on YouTube, it’s riddled with girls talking about how they love how Asians spice their food, rather than how it actually is dating an Asian. While I can’t deny it…food will be a topic here… (don’t kill me!) I’ll try to diverge from those stereotypical and offensive topics!

 All the looks we get

Usually this is a negative thing, but I’ve come to actually enjoy it. You never know if someone is looking at you because ew, weird? are they dating?? or because wow, I’ve always wanted to date someone who wasn’t my race. I feel very proud when I get these looks because I know I’m doing something admirable. It’s a brave thing to date someone of another race, though it definitely feels like there’s no other way. 

His family

This also can be a huge, huge con! Due to experience, I’ve learned that Asian families are not quick to accept their son’s girlfriend or wife. But once, and if, they warm up to you, their company can be a pleasure.  It seems very hard for Vietnamese families to open up to “outsiders.” Once they accept you, it will go a lot smoother. While there are still negative people in his family, for the ones who are not, I’ve learned to accept and love their culture. 

The excuses.

If you’re dating an Asian, you know what I’m talking about. When you date an Asian, you get to try a lot of new things (food! yas!). I didn’t even know what pho was before I dated my boyfriend. Now, I love it. I get to immerse myself in a different culture without shame. And that’s a relief, because people are quick to judge Caucasian girls who have an interest in Asian cultures. To that I say: phooey! My boyfriend is Asian, I can eat pho whenever I want!

 L I B E R A T I N G. (because you don’t get judged as harshly for eating at a pho place when you’re with your vietnamese boyfriend. Boba! Boba for everyone!) 

The moral of the story is to not be scared to date someone of another race.  While there are cons-  huge cons - the subtle little pros even it out. What really tips the scale is being with that amazing person every day. 

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Name: Birdie
Time and date: March 22, 1:49 am
Average hours of sleep a night: Wow, it varies a lot. Usually 5-7 during the week, and then like, 10+ on weekends. It’s messed up.
Last thing I googled: "what do hospitals do when someone flatlines“
Nickname: Birdie is actually a nickname.
Birthday: April 11th
Gender: Cis woman.
Sexual orientation: Biromantic asexual.
Height: 5ft 3in
Favorite color: Maroon!
One place that makes me happy: The airport au…
How many blankets do I sleep under: When I’m at school, two. At home, three.
Favourite movie: shit um probably Pan’s Labyrinth overall
What I’m wearing right now: A black t-shirt with a crow and my school’s name on it and red and green plaid pajama pants.
Last book you read: Middle Earth by Henri Cole
Most used phrase(s): “Follow your dreams” in unnecessary circumstances
First word that comes to mind: hamster
What I last said to a family member: “what why can’t I go there” to my sister in reference to a cool place with a lot of birds
Favourite beverage: Shirley temples are the best thing ever tbh
Favourite food: Ice cream????
Last movie I watched in theaters: Into The Woods, I think.
Dream Vacation: Ugh, I would love to go to Europe and be able to go to a few cities with friends. I want to show the people I love around Florence and Cinque Terre, and I want to go to Paris and back to Edinburgh and Stratford-Upon-Avon. But also, I’d love to go photograph birds in Masai Mara… decisions…
Dream Wedding: I honestly haven’t given it a lot of thought. Depends on who I marry, I guess.
Dream Pet: I would love to have horses someday, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford it.
Dream Job: Wildlife photography!

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5 things that make me happy

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1. When my friends actually want to talk to me and actually want to hear what i say and don’t brush me off when i’m talking. And just wow friends that actually like talking to me.

2. Concerts. Honestly nothing compares to the feeling of seeing your favourite band live screaming all the lyrics at the top of your lungs. 

3. Traveling. Seeing the world and visiting places and experiencing things i wouldn’t be able to do in Canada. Going to europe, to anywhere. Exploring 

4. Going to historical sites. Walking in a place knowing that 1000s of years ago someone else walked here too. Touching walls and imagining what life was like for the person who built them. Going to historical sights of places i’ve been fascinated with my whole life.

5. Seeing the stars. Looking at the stars and the moon reflected off of the oceans. Listening to the waves hit the shore and feeling like nothing matters. The universe is so big and beautiful. 

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"Rae…" Ginny came up to her sister after the performance. "I think everyone now understood that you’re actually cool. And worth Tiave."

"Oh, I thought it wasn’t that good," Raven sighed with relief.

"At least someone in our family can sing," Ginny smiled. "You know I don’t share your talent. So, what are your plans for today?"

"Tiave will take me to the cafeteria, to have some pancakes and celebrate our success," Raven said proudly. "And you?"

"Actually, Orion has invited me for a dinner with his family. He wants to introduce me to his mom and little sister."

"Wow! Your relationship has already gone that far?"

"Well… Orion is only my friend, actually," Ginny replied. "It’s alright for good friends to do this, right?"

"Right… but watch out," Raven grinned. "Bye."

Ginny didn’t know why, but some bittersweet thoughts were left in her head after this talk.

remember that episode of phineas and ferb where dr doofenshmirtz found the doll that his daughter wanted when she was a little girl he spent like her entire life looking for it and found it when she was an adult but it was actually candace doll accidentally put in a thrift shop and vanessa and candace were fighting over it and vanessa was like wow i wanted this doll but would i take it from someone else i understand the importance of a doll to someone and i know my dad loves me because he looked so hard for it so i dont need it

ummm yes i do!! [takes doll]

i love that episode

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You are extremely adorable like wow! And so is your blog! You make me want to draw would it be possible to draw you something? Like receive a request? Anything you want ((even if it's like nsfw although it would be odd and uncomfortable might I add....)) but yeah! You're on of my fav bloggers and I want to do a request for you even though my art is shitty! But please, tell me what you'd like ((also nice new icon and theme))

oh my god fdkjhjfdhjfdg oh my god
oh my god??????? Ok first of all thank you so much????? You’re so precious omfg let me hug you ;A;
Also I would never ask you to draw something if it makes you uncomfortable holy jesus. I can be a rude bitch but I’d never stoop dat low chill my friendoe~

Y-you really don’t have to but??? ;vvv; if you really want to then ofc?????? ??? Like??? APH Romano or Prussia would be really cool??? (whichever one you want to draw)
????????????????? I’m like literally making ‘’aaaawwww’’ noises irl this made me smile so much. Thank you again omg ILYSM

Oh wow, Tumblr is actually deciding for me. This is legitimately unexpected.

From bottom to top;

- I always have too, which is one of the reasons why I’m heavily thinking about it. I don’t know if I’m really going to have many other chances to just disappear for a week without it, you know, dramatically impacting my life for the worse.

- This is an option too, but most of my friends do this thing where they hate doing anything. But I totally want to take someone along.

- My favorite part of growing up and being an adult so far is that I bought a brand new car that gets crazy gas mileage, so I might actually only have to fill up in Nebraska and Utah. That’s definitely something to consider though.

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Mr tabby I told my cat to dig but then she went in the catbox and dug there? How can she be so dense, I specifically gave her a vague and directionless lead and she went to the wrong place?? Like what does she want me to do, actually tell her what I want her to do???

Some cats are just not ready to take on someone like SH. 

Don’t worry just keep telling your followers some tea is coming and make vague references to some big secret. No one will even know.

evakaname replied to your posti thought i had a free evening but turns out that…

wow ure dusting down that one yeeeyy XD :P XD

well, i got a very sad guest review and i realize that if i do want to actually write it, i should probably get to work on it. it’s just that i have a shitload to study this weekend plus so much work, and then next week we get the PMs and it’s just… downhill from there. 

and as if that wasn’t sad enough!!!!!!! today, my crush said this: “i could never date someone younger than me, actually they should be at least 30!”

brb crying

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Matters of the Heart 4 the nerd

13. How would you propose to someone?

“Wow, Kisaragi, I don’t want to hear that from the nerd who has partner icons with his significant other.” A quick smirk. Though in a way Takane thought it was really cute but Shintaro would never hear that.

“Hm, what is you ques- WHY WOULD YOU ASK SUCH A THING???”

Takane’s mind managed to wander straight to a certain someone and her face couldn’t be any redder. “L-like I dunno? Ask? W-why do you even- ooooooh I get it!”

It was a funny trail of thought, skipping the actual proposal and heading straight to marriage and she thought of Ayano as bridesmaid and Shintaro as best man and Haruka- and her thoughts screeched to a halt for more than one reason.

“Kisaragi, please, if you wanted to ask for advice on how you could propose to Ayano-chan, you should have said so earlier. Did you get Tateyama-sensei’s blessing yet? Kano’s?”

She felt like a genius, managing to avoid answering the question and centering it around Shintaro.

“Since Ayano-chan talks about being a hero you should totally be the male in distress so she can save you and you can tell her she is even more important to you than soda and give her a soda with the ring in it and then you two marry and have kids and you might get offed by Tateyama-sensei……………………………” Her Ene-traits were showing again.

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Oh wow dude damn you’re quick

1:Is there a boy/girl in your life?

I mean there are boys and girls everywhere so yes?

2:Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?

Kinda, kinda not? It’s complicated

3:What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?”


4:What’s something you really want right now?

To be on spring break

5:Are you afraid of falling in love?

Yeah actually

6:Do you like the beach?

Hell yee

7:Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?

I don’t think so?

8:What’s the background on your cell?

Haha a picture on an app called thisissand it’s pretty rad

9:Name the last four beds you were sat on?

My mom’s, my sister’s mine and mine again but at my dad’s house (I think?)

10:Do you like your phone?

Yeah, it’s a convenient form of entertainment

11:Honestly, are things going the way you planned?

Not really, but they’re not going badly, just differently than what I expected

12:Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?

One of my friends from choir class

13:Would you rather have a poodle or a Rottweiler?

Either, but I’m not really a dog person

14:Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?

Emotional pain, definitely

15:Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?

Probably an art museum

16:Are you tired?

Yee it’s kinda late and I still have all my homework to finish soooo

17:How long have you known your 1st phone contact?

I mean I guess a while but I’m not close to them at all

18:Are they a relative?


19:Would you ever consider getting back together with any of your exes?

I mean maybe?

20:When did you last talk to the last person you shared a kiss with?

Today considering it was my mom

Thanks for the ask, anon! I love you guys, and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

i can’t wait to be a teacher! i helped out at my little brothers after school club thing again today and i always feel so excited when i go into the classrooms i can’t wait to have my own classroom and make up all the cute little things to teach with and planning lessons and everything about it just seems so fun. i’ve gotten excited about career paths in the past and when i actually saw someone doing it i always got discouraged and thought “wow i don’t want this to be my life” but i don’t feel this way when it comes to teaching and i’m just super excited. i’m just ready for anything that even relates to teaching or an internship honestly i’m so over all the mandatory basic bullshit that you have to do to get an associates degree 

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Budapest & Mumbai

Budapest - what tattoo do you want?  Wow I was actually just drawing on myself something I may want tattooed. I want to have the word Begin spelled out in the pattern of Cassiopeia. It represents one of my favorite TVXQ songs and a word that motivates me.

Mumbai - What is your favorite scent?  Like coco butter,baby powder and carmel cake, scents that remind me of my grandmother. Or plaster and paint a scent that reminds me of my father…It’s nothing particular but if it reminds me of someone close to me I’ll like it.

Send me a city

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yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (memer)

YOU’RE the memer!! 

1. First impression:

Wow!! what a cool person. nice energy. seems like someone you can talk to about a large amount of topics.

2. Cool Word that rhymes with your name:


3. What food item you remind me of:

triangle cakes! I don’t actually know what they’re called we get them at asian bakeries and they’re really poofy and fluffy and there’s a layer of cream in the middle, I really want to eat one.

4. Do you remind me of anyone IRL:

it a mystery

5. What Animal you remind me of:

since I so cruelly took kung-fu dugong from you, I shall grace you with Lapahn. kick everyone’s ass.

6. Best feature:

yo man, you’re like, in this constant state of self-awareness and appraisal. you’re never afraid to analyze the deeper meaning behind your own actions, which really fosters this environment of introspection. but in a constructive way, you know? you work hard to understand yourself so you can be a better person, to your self and to other people, and that’s really rad. it’s like, there ain’t no judgement, but at the same time, you have this way of encouraging self-improvement while skipping over that self-deprecation biz.

7. What Movie I would want to see with you:

idk man, have you seen the iron giant? what a good movie.

8. You’re super power would be:

VIDEO GAME CLASSES. you’ve studied a video game class well enough to know its stats, attack names, attack effects, design, etc., you can invoke it and be that job class, costume and all. sp and hp don’t carry over, so like, you only really have enough energy for a couple spells before you need to dispel it.

9. Name in my phone:

your name!

10. Now I will give you a random fortune:

what haven’t you fought yet? fight it. win.