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Can you write anothor headcanons of how Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki would react if their crush used force to make them lie down on their lap and telling them to rest for a while before continuing their training because their crush saw them pushing themselves so hard to the point that it might have more negative effects than actually helping them?


  • He would be so guilty of overdoing it tbh. He doesn’t know when to stop so having someone around that forcibly makes him take a break would be greatly needed.
  • He’d insist that he’s fine, that he doesn’t need to rest. 
  • A little panicky about the fact that he’s got his head in your lap because wow its so comfortable and he actually really wants to stay.
  • So weak for his crush so he doesn’t take too much talking around. 
  • Wouldn’t fall asleep but he wouldn’t be confident about starting conversation. The you would need to be the one instigating. 


  • Why do you hate yourself? Why would you even try this? He’s so angry. Pls reconsider.
  • You really have to be a strong person, physically and mentally, to drag this boy away from his training when he’s really really into it.
  • He doesn’t really push himself too far all that often. He loves his sleep and his food and he’s so cocky that a part of him stops him from going ott. 
  • Once you’ve got him to settle he’ll eventually quiet down and try to get comfortable. Maybe grabbing a pillow. He ain’t moving from your lap, he likes it there. 
  • Play with his hair. I dare you. He’ll purr like a kitten.


  • Actually listens to sense. He values the opinions of others and understands that he needs to follow advice more often. He’d trust your judgement. 
  • He’d be shocked when you put his head there because it’s quite a bold move and as much as he wants to politely reject this position he just can’t; he feels like he’s being taken care of. 
  • Todo falls asleep really easily but for once he’d be wide awake, enjoying the moment and considering if this gesture means anything about your feelings for him.

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Another reason people bitch and moan about Pharmercy is that like everyone believes Angela is older than she says and that she's actually like 60+

ANGELA IS LITERALLY 37 why do people want to demonise her i just don’t understand?!?!?!? blizzard aren’t usually not forthcoming with things like this??? look i’ve been playing WoW for a v long time I understand how Blizzard works. If they wanted Angela’s age to be mysterious they would have put a ? beside her fuckin age tag SORRY BUT it’s so frustrating. 

Let this arabic woman be HAPPY with someone!! LET THIS INTERRACTIAL COUPLE BE HAPPY!!!!!!!

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Party! Shadow the saboteur wants to join your party!

“… Oh wow… someone actually wants to join your party in spite of the reputation you’re gaining for getting slaughtered on every single boss… “

“FUCK OFF, NARRATOR! … Ahem. Sorry about that… But anyway… Why DO you wanna join Team Shark Bait?”

“Internally you groan and wonder WHY you let Sanagi name your team… “


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YAAAS. Like, Shirayuki saving Obi would be the final main push for his character development of finding acceptance.. I reckon if Shirayuki were to do that, and truly express how precious Obi is to her, that Obi might actually break down and cry from happiness (or at least weep a little bit c'mon) because FINALLY someone would love him for being HIM and PROVE it. It would also be such a big thing for Shirayuki’s development wow this is becoming an essay im sorry guys lol.

Like I pretty much outlined a whole fic after being like I DON’T WANT TO WRITE TOO MUCH, so there is clearly no shame here

ALSO YES ALL OF THIS, like you know Obi would be SO UPSET about everyone finding out how TERRIBLE a person he was before, and like, starts telling Shirayuki he understands if she doesn’t want to be around him, like he’ll just go forever, and you know, it’s Shirayuki, she’s just PISSED that someone hurt him so much, that he had to LIVE THROUGH IT.

And he’s all like, I’m not the person you all believe me to be, I made those choices, and Shirayuki is all like, as soon as you had another choice you chose something different, and Obi says, It doesn’t change what I did, and Shirayuki is just like, so angry, and is like you can’t blame yourself for what they made you. Every child wants to be loved.

And then it’s like, the one manga panel of like, a single tear running down his cheek as he just STARES at her, and he like, touches the tear like oh my god i am leaking just like normal people do, and the Shirayuki probably just starts bawling and UGH, IT WOULD BE SO GOOD


@princegrisejoie tagged me in this on my side blog (thank you! hope you are good!) and I apologize for being so boring but the lock screen is literally the theme lock screen and the home screen is this photograph I am in love with for aesthetic reasons (and the girl’s hairstyle fuck I want to cut my hair so bad) also I am the kind of person who doesn’t like clutter on her phone or laptop so everything is wiped out, I don’t like unchecked notifications

wow this meme gives a lot away about someone actually :D Tagging the same people again @zenthisoror @vanyaliful @sybilius @lawlietinblue @charleywng @alius-alia do it if you wanna guys!

Has anyone ever been unfortunate enough to come across a racist fuck online, spewing a bunch of inaccurate shit at you and you just sorta sit there like…wow. I swear in that moment nothing will feel as awful, especially when youre a supporter but not an activist. Like ive been watching and silently gathering my opinions about these people but it wasnt really real until someone, an actual person who is communicating with you directly, starts chanting whitelivesmatter in your inbox. Or until they start telling all these ridiculous things about your race or about how “racism isnt real” about how “black people want cops dead”. Like guys, its so easy to see something and scroll pass it because dealing with that sadness and pain isnt something you want to do in that moment. But when youre put in a position where your phone buzzing and you cant ignore it…its…wow. I never thought i would come into contact with someone like that. That was always something in my head like “yeah it happens all the time but it wont ever happen to me…” And tbh because i kept myself thinking that way im not prepared to deal with it. Im kinda just curled up into a ball of sudden realization. It hurts. Its sickening. And i know these things are bullshit. And i know the facts and the evidence behind the facts. And if it were a conversation with my friends i’d have no problem reciting them because its textbook to me. Something i can memorize and have a discussion about, but now its like i cant speak. I cant say anything back. I sorta sit there stammering because i actually cant say anything intelligent. And they sound, for lack of better word, more put together than i am. And they probably are. Like they rehearsed this. Like thought to themselves, im gonna find a black person one day and this is exactly what im gonna say. And they deliver like theyve been waiting all their lives for this moment. And i cant believe i have to witness someone be so hateful and ignorant and stupid and to top it off i have to do it without being able to say anything back because i froze.

@randonymity finally gave me this pic from Momocon and I love it so much (the selfie I tried to take was a blurry mess bc I was shaking so much wow) Doing a closet cosplay of Senator Kylo Amidala was the best decision I’ve made all year, it was so much fun. I’ve lost the message someone sent me telling me who this Hux cosplayer was…so if it was you, let me know!

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youre soooo cute i want to be your best friend. but also youre really hot and i wanna do sexual things with you too

oh wow lmao thanks it’s actually rly nice and interesting to hear this cuz all in hs i was like “ppl just see me as cute but would never wanna be with me/sexual with me” so it’s always so fun to hear someone else’s unobtrusive thoughts of you cuz you kinda color your own thoughts throughout the years ya know? but yes let’s be friends baby!!!


Stole this from @thingsthatarenotbagels I think it was? It was someone. Heck a bunch of you have done it lately so let’s just say I took it from everyone, yeah? So tagging anyone and everyone who wants to do a selfie tag for any reason.

Here we have.
1. I put in a job spplication today is a good day day.
2. I feel good abs up to walking so explored downtown and treated myself to lunch out day.
3. I feel good because kcon nyc and my mom and sisters only argued a little on this trip. Wait, free stuff if we take a picture? Gimme! day
4. I feel good and want to try being sociable let’s hit up the local bar only to regret it because in person interaction with strangers is hard day.
5. I’m at kcon and it hasn’t really started let’s take a picture for a friend day…. I think? I honestly don’t know why this was taken.

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Wow, a Like Brothers update and the whole last section in this chapter has Blaise in it! I love you ♥ The hinted future Blaise/Astoria pairing makes me excited! Maybe she just wants to go to the Ball so she bets with Blaise, but I do secretly hope that she's interested in him - or would become so after they go together. Though I wonder if she's just sharp or actually knows some stuff about Moody ... (btw, the part about Blaise thinking how Theo & Pansy left him gives me so much feels ...)

Astoria’s just logical. *grin*. Someone gets into trouble near the 3-headed dog? Harry. Someone can talk to snakes and helps the staff kill a basilisk? Harry. Someone found sneaking around the very night the hippogriff goes missing? Harry. She’s not taking that big of a risk to figure Harry’ll end up having something to do with the magical Goblet. Plus, if she loses the bet she’s no worse off than before.

I always think of you when I write Blaise scenes. He may be turning into more than an angry, mean boy in this just because of you…