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Hi hi, welcome. Mind if I ask you a question? Who's your main? (I ask everyone sorry) And a possible "Is that my shirt?" Request with prefall Gabriel Reyes?

Hi there c: Thanks for asking! Tbh I have most hours playing Mercy, but Soldier 76 is usually what I main now and I’ve been favoring Reaper a lot lately. 

…and speaking of Gabe :)

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“Gabe…” You whispered to yourself.

Where could he be? Was he okay?

Gabriel and a small team had left for an infiltration mission; a mission that would last only a few days. You have nothing to worry about, cariño, he had said, I’ll be back before you know it. But that was a week ago, and he should have come home to you by now. Still, you waited at home, not wanting to leave for any reason in case you should miss him.

You pulled out your phone, wanting to call him for the 23rd time but afraid it would send you straight to voicemail… again. Dammit, Gabriel, where are you, baby?

Make that 24 missed calls now.

You huffed loudly and sprung out of bed. The house had been feeling so cold lately.

I can’t stay like this all day again. I need to get out of this. I need to do something – something to keep me busy… please.

You tried taking a nice, warm bath. You lit a few candles and turned down the lights in an attempt to calm the nerves. But the thoughts of Gabriel and his well-being came flooding in. You missed his presence; his touch, his kisses and warmth. You missed the way he would greet you when he came home after a long, weary night. You longed for him to hold you tight in his arms, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You missed his familiar scent, and how much it comforted you in the cold nights. The house still felt so cold.

After washing up, you rummaged through your closet for an outfit, going through each article of clothing. Nah… not feeling this… Or this one… Is this even clean?… No… What was I thinking when I bought this?… Nope… Hey, this isn’t mine…

You stumbled upon a familiar black shirt that belonged to your boyfriend. It was a bit tattered at the bottom and slightly worn out, the dark color beginning to fade. You smiled. You had recently suggested to Gabriel to get rid of his old clothing to make more room, but he could never find a way to part with the things he was particularly close to. It still retained his familiar scent.

Finders keepers, you thought, and smiled as you put it on. Sure it fit big on you, and it may have looked a little awkward as it hung just above your knees, but that didn’t matter. It just felt so comforting and reassuring to wear something of his. You were so content on finding this little treasure that you didn’t even notice a large figure standing near the doorway of your shared room.

“I’m sure Gabriel wouldn’t mind…” you giggled.

“What wouldn’t I mind, amor?” a soft but recognizable voice had chimed in not too far away.

You heart nearly skipped a beat at the unexpected voice. “Gabriel!” You shrieked.

He stood there leaning against the door, arms crossed in front of him, a cute smirk plastered on his face. “I’m sorry for scaring you, amor. Don’t be mad,” he said playfully putting his hands up in defense.

You ran towards him at full speed and jumped into his arms, nearly knocking the air out of the poor, unsuspecting man. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he let out a chuckle and rubbed his hand up and down your back like he always did.

Gabriel. He was really here, you couldn’t believe it. You couldn’t hold back from breaking down any longer and let out quiet sobs . “G-Gabe… I missed you. I missed you so much. I thought I was going crazy, Gabe. You were gone and I-”“

“Baby, shhh…It’s okay, it’s okay,” he whispered. “I’m here now, please, please don’t cry, baby. I’m so sorry.”

He held you close like this for as long as you could stand it. He set you down back on the ground and cupped your face in his hands. He wiped away a few tears with his thumb before bringing his soft lips to yours.

“I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry. I hate making you worry like this.”

You shook your head, “The important thing is that you’re here, Gabriel. You’re safe and with me. That’s all I want.”

“I’ll always make it back to you. You know that,” he smiled.

He pulled you in for another tight hug, breathing your scent in. “By the way, cariño, is that my shirt?”

You giggled. The house was finally warm again.

my aesthetic:

barba and sonny sitting on a hill, watching the sun set. sonny tucks a wildflower behind barba’s ear. the wind is blowing.

the light grows dim and the stars begin shining weakly. sonny points out constellations to barba, holding his hand, laying in the grass.

everything is quiet, just crickets and sonny’s voice. barba loves listening to him ramble on, and eventually he catches the detective’s gaze. he stops talking for a second and they just listen to the crickets as they watch the last streaks of pink fade from the sky.

sonny’s trying to learn the ukelele because barba is so musical and he plays this lil tune he learned to surprise his boyfriend. he’s kinda nodding his head to the music, immersed in thought and concentration. rafael is sitting right in front of sonny now, watching him play.

he finishes his song and looks up from the ukelele about to ask if he did okay but barba just tackles him back into the grass and kisses him