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when pete went to go see panic! at the disco perform that very first day, ryan and brendon played their songs alone, together, acoustically. can you believe that ryan and brendon’s relationship ALONE was enough for pete to realize that they were going to be something special? their chemistry built panic! at the disco and I will never forget that.


W25 Weeks OOR Challenge
Week 02: How did you become a fan?

I kinda said how I got into oor in the week 1 post (oops) but I guess I could do a more thorough explanation here. I discovered Hiro through his collab with Nano on Savior of Song when the MV for it was released. Found out that he was in My First Story and then a little later, found out about Taka’s existance lol. I think my first impression of him was like, who is this scruffy looking guy with his poodle hair HAHA but yeah, still love them both ❤️ 

(Gifset is FCR bc WAYWAW tour happened around when I joined!)

Reinventing the Veil
Beau Navire
Reinventing the Veil

Blur the lines, with your lies
How do you still survive?
Why do we teach such bad habits?
Where do we go from here?
Nothing is real anymore
It hurts to fall together, fall together
My knees are bruised
Stand and lift your arms as high as they can go
Higher and higher
Bring everyone with you
Then with your eyes in the stars stay there as long as you can
You’ll never want to sleep again


31 days of Muse
Day 31 - Appreciation post: Muse

“For me, Muse is about getting the hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations out of your system that you wouldn’t normally be able to do. It’s about showing people that there are things inside buried that should be exposed, and having no shame about them. We can communicate no matter the environment.” - Matt Bellamy

I'm back bitches

yeah I’m back because of a few reasons such as a member of my family has sadly recently passed away yet their passing made me realize how you should live life your way and secondly I have had so many sweet messages from people such as @wow-very-emo-such-bands @marlenahd @loversindeath @nottheemokink @knj-house-imagines and especially from the very sweet @secretlydaydreaminglifeaway who was very understanding and kind. Also I have decided that no matter how angry I ever get on here about this incident I will be mature and never say horrible things about or name the person who has hurt me. But I’m back and here to stay!!! <3

anonymous asked:

thanks for the input on that ask (nu-goth one, the asker here) i've seen legit younger goths saying there was nothing rebellious about the subculture and i cringe in every which way every time i see it. i've been round online since the early 00s and it's just gotten so bad recently... i got told by kids younger to the scene than me i should go for "darkly inclined" over goth because i don't personally like the cure

Oh wow thats so dumb. Theres so many great goth and goth friendly bands out there, you shouldnt have to like every single one. I find some young goths will get mad over the dumbest stuff when it comes to music. I love goth music but these other goths are starting to ruin it for me


why do i like this band

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Hey! so I know I did this already, but I need more blogs again.

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                 ❤ NOIZBA'S FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER ❤

i honestly can’t believe i’ve been on tumblr for so long. It has been, what, three and a half years since i’ve started this blog? and it has gone through so many different phases; bands, girly things, personal, memes (wow), and now it’s a trash anime/dmmd blog. i can’t believe there are 1.7k people following me who think my blogging is okay enough to not unfollow me. i really appreciate every single one of you guys, without you i would be very sad. i want to thank every single person who continues to follow me even though i am absolute gay trash. anyway, this is my first follow forever!

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