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What if Goodbye Despair was a stage play

A/N Continuing from the one where class 78’s killing game was a stage play, class 77 got inspired by and got permission from class 78 to do this, this AU features Hajime with SHSL Guidance Counselor, by @ronin-warriorsfanatic

“The traitor is among you” Monokuma’s voice rang.

Backstage we see Junko reprising her role as Monokuma, and Hina acting under the roll of Usami/Monomi, Chihiro and the real Ryouta are working on a computer to get the animation for each murder sequence ready.

“This is going to be a huge hit.” Chihiro stated.

“Yeah, there’s a limit to special effects, and the animation here is the best I could do under short notice.”

“It’s fine, Ryouta, besides everyone’s gonna love it.”

It started with a simple idea, the first play featured Hope vs Despair, while that battle is played out once again, Chiaki had a better idea than just repeating the message, she wants to prove that Talent doesn’t have to be everything in life, let’s go back 2 months after class 78’s finished play. Makoto sat at his usual spot at the cafeteria, usually classes don’t interact with each other, but the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki Nanami decided to sit next to him today.

“The play your class did last time was amazing.” Chiaki said suddenly.

“Chiaki…thank you.”

“Which is why I wanted to do a version of it with my class, and was hoping for your permission.” Chiaki asked.

“Of course you can, we didn’t patten it or anything.”

“With that said, they got to work… Makoto, Byakuya, and Kyoko gathered with the 77th class to discuss the details of the play. The class discussion was mostly similar to how 78 did it the first timr, punishments based on talents, but due to constraints, they had to anaimate each execution, from there they decided who to die and who gets executed. They even got multiple costumes that Junko loaned, and Tsumugi Shirogane from the 79th class to edit each one just incase the specific scenarios came into play, and Kaede Akamatsu from the same class to perform the music to help set the mood for the story

Teruteru offered to be the killer for the first case, but nagito’s idea to kill someone was a good choice as well, so they added elements of his plan into the first case.

Everyone there voted for Hajime to be the main protagonist here, and he offered to pretend to not remember his talent to sell the point of “talent not being everything”, and came up with the Kamukura persona as “SHSL Hope” for a plot point, Tsumugi loaned them a long black wig to use. They all accepted this, they also brought over Kotoko from the elementary division to play Hiyoko (to set up a huge plot twist)

Peko offered both the death of Natsumi Kuzuryu as a motive, and Sparkling Justice as a plot point. Mahiru offered to be the victim of this case, and that Hiyoko offered her character to be hit with the blame.

What Surprised everyone was that Mikan offered to be a killer at some point, and that both Ibuki and Hiyoko offered to be her victims.

Gundham of course chose to be a killer, but Nekomaru offered it at the same time, so they both wrote 2 versions of that part of the script and the proceeding trial, and acted them out, the version woth Gundham as the killer worked better for all of them, so they went with that.

Hajime was chosen to survive due to his plot armor, Sonia volunteered to be a survivor, Fuyuhiko didn’t feel like killing nor being murdered, so he bevame a survivor Kazuichi became a survivor for comedic effect, and Akane had the same reason as Fuyuhiko.

Throuout the process, Nagito offered for his character to be the personification of Hope’s Peak’s philosophy. He set up a scenario where his death looks like a suicide, but the “traitor” grabbed something filled with poison, and have that person throw it. They all enjoyed the idea of that.

The rest was history, Junko would take the stage for the sixth class trial, chihiro will pretend to be Alter Ego, and each execution would be animated due to time constraints and an inability to actually perform each execution on the stage. The real Mitarai made each video of the killers, and shown them to his class, they all approved his work. Mahiru worked on creating fake photos for both the second motive, and some of “Izuru Kamukura” being the Ultimate Photographer made it a sinch to create fake photos.

Now back to the show, the Ultimate imposter took his togami disguise off, and his school clothes were underneath.

“I don’t know how much longer I could’ve gone.” TUI stated.

“Ah, you did well for being a fake Togami.” Hina said after covering her mike.

“Yeah, Shirogane really did some amazing work with the costumes and crap.” Junko added, doing the same.

Back on stage:

“The killer is you, Teruteru Hanamura, the Ultimate Chef!” Hajime declared.

Chihiro and Mitarai took that as their cue to activate the video where Teruteru was tar and feathered by monokuma, then dipped into the volcano.

Sometime later, Teruteru returned backstage.

“You fought really well out there Teruteru!” Hina complimented.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind, now if you excuse me, I have to make the dishes for the after party.” The midget chef informed before heading off.

The deaths of Mahiru and Peko were next, Peko profusely apologizing to Mahiru for such a death, but Mahiru shook it off as no big deal, and gave kudos to Peko’s performance.

Later Ibuki and Kotoko wound up dead, and Mikan execuded. Mikan started crying backstage, and hugged both of them, they hugged her back as a sign of forgiveness, and complimented her performance.

At this point, references to class 78’s play were profusely shown, and the audience clapped when they noticed each reference.

The idea of a “Mechamaru” was one the coach came up with himself, and after his death, Gundham was found guilty. Both of them returned backstage to watch the end of the play.

Next, Nagito’s character went completely insane, and his unsolvable murder-suicide began. It was heart wrenching, the audience shed tears when they saw him all tortured and bloody. Once back stage, he changed into clean clothes while Mikan took care of any potential injuries, class 77’s ultimate lucky student tended to suffer from some form of disease in real life, and Mikan’s been treating it in real life, although she didn’t really need to.

The trial went on slightly longer then the others to show off the complexity of this case, but when they reached the end.

“Do you understand what you’re saying!? You’re asking me to kill you!” Hajime yelled.

“Don’t vote for me because I’m the traitor, put your faith in me and the bonds we forged here.”

At this point, monomi and Chiaki were killed brutally, and Chiaki made it backstage.

“Chiaki…you did great out there.” Mahiru stated.

“Thank you, but Nagito deserves some credit, I mean..his death was the perfect unsolvable murder.”

“You’re too kind, but I’m glad I could serve as a stepping stone to make this play shine as bright as it possibly can.”

“Not this again, Nagito, you have a vouce in the class just as much as the rest of us.” Mahiru sighed.

The sixth trial soon began, Makoto took the stage, then pretended to be a program Monokuma created, then left as soon as he was found out. Monokuma referenced Frieza from DBZ, then after Chihro activated the smoke effect, Junko took the stage in a cellphone prop, Makoto shortly rejoined the trial with Kyoko and Byakuya shortly after. Then Junko fell to defeat once again once the survivors and class 78 members triggered “force shutdown”, with that the last execution played with Usami defeating the giant Junko.


With the completion of the play, the crowd began cheering loudly, and the applause sounded like thunder.

“Wow, killing game plays really are getting popular here.” Hajime stated.

“It’s because they enjoyed the first one and the omakes to it that the sequel to danganronpa did so well.” Chiaki added.

“Well, you guys worked hard on it, you should be proud of yourselves, and the plot points were amazing as well.” Makoto praised.

Quick 2am pen sketch of Hoseok because I wasn’t tired and Hoseok is beautiful

@ameb-stuff  HERE!  Papyrus on a skateboard!!

I gotta gush with how proud I am of this, I’m sorry. If anyone’s been paying attention to my posts, I’ve been saying that I’m brand new to digital drawing, and I’ve been loving it so far. My confidence in drawing has been renewed like I never thought it could be!  

That being said, I wanted an idea for something to draw. I hadn’t ever drawn Papyrus yet, so Ameb said to draw him oonnn a skateboard! I’m REALLY excited with how this turned out. 

That ALSO being said, I would actually love any critiques from other artists! I’m really working on figuring stuff out so any tips would be appreciated! Please be gentle, but let me know if you see something that I could work on next time! 

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Gah! I'm really proud of you and how far you have gotten, never let anyone's negativity get to you! You are amazing~ ALSO, have you seen "Holding out for A Healer" I just saw it on youtube and it's a WoW parody!! Anyways baaii~ ILY

Aww thank you so much! You are very kind. :D I have seen it, Faeb is actually in it and so is Skorn and some of my guildies ^.^ It was so nice of the creators to cameo us in there!

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is it bad that i'm like.. tired after the video?? don't get me wrong i love it and i love him and i'm so so proud of him, especially as a mentally ill person myself but? it was so real for me, i feel like i need time away from the phandom to process it for what it is and everything. but i feel like i have to be participating and being really vocal with my support and thoughts & feelings,,,,

dude no it’s not weird at all! i actually have a lot of friends who were like “wow this is a great video but i need to disappear for a while”, so you’re not alone in that!


Wow like Words really can’t express my emotions right now like Ichiya here sacrificing himself????saving Erzas man????? He’s fully aware that Jellal is a very important person in her life and he has gone through enough in his own life so seeing ichiya do this made me tear up a little, ichiya you good man I really have no words for this moment, this just proved how real he is, he’ll be missed truly. I don’t know if he’ll come back…most likely he will? Who knows? That’s all up to Mashima. If anything, if he does then that’d be great fr but honestly seeing him go like that, it would be better if it stayed that way. Another thing, what he said to Jellal, I found it so meaningful. He knows damn well what was best for him. And jellal realizing what he has done for him noticing it was ichiya doing the talking like when Jellal was saying his name as he was on his way falling into the water, drained without any energy in him, he must’ve felt so grateful for everything he’s done, obviously a bit heartbroken but he definitely appreciates his help and what he did for him. Plus while ichiya was doing the talking and Jellal catching a glimpse of erza he must’ve felt so good to see her there in the ocean knowing she was safe. Even when he was mentioning the whole “You have an obligation to make people happy!” And “You must have someone you need to protect with your life!” his beloved woman waiting right there running towards him to catch him in her arms ah that hit me seriously it’s pretty sad it got tears forming in my eyes. Both happy and sad tears. (Mostly happy ofc) This will now lead my babies to their happy ending they extremely deserve in the future I swear its gonna make me the happiest, im gonna be an emotional wreck. So now that this mess is over this can now mean jerza will have the best passionate kiss happen I really believe it could happen they deserve that touching scene. I Hope It Does. After dealing with Jellal sacrificing himself before, pushing acno and giving it his all leaving Erza worried sick seeing that in front of her thinking she was gonna lose him…. I can just imagine her emotions were everywhere it’s the craziest thing. Super nerve wrecking. I can picture the most romantic kiss between those two I really do, that kiss will be saving lives. Oh man the thought of it makes my heart warm and flutter so hard I really hope it gets to happen I wish them the best, I’m so hyped. Once again I’m really glad ichiya was the one to save him I’m proud of ichiya for being a strong warrior and doing it for the team. What a man indeed.

Things The Signs Have Said To Me:
  • Aries: I remember that faze
  • Taurus: lol I can't read but that's cool
  • Gemini: my stomach is really soft, right?
  • Cancer: my gosh, you clean a lot
  • Leo: but u look cute tho
  • Virgo: I'm so glad my dad didn't see that
  • Libra: wOw, u actually said something conservative. I'm so proud of u :')
  • Scorpio: wait, are we showing each other our butts or what's going on here??
  • Sagittarius: u gotta be careful with sequels bc sometimes they get a little too - romantic - !!!
  • Capricorn: are u brain dead, child?
  • Aquarius: wowww I can't believe ur Aquarius too hahaAhah

I’m finally finished with this!!! I’ve been working on this on and off since last spring and I’m so happy I get to share it with you at last, you have no idea!

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, time for some backstory. For those  unaware, the top image is spliced together from a panorama in the opening of Salty’s Lighthouse, an American cartoon whose creators bought the rights to use TUGS footage and spliced it poorly together to make filler for the show. If you know me well you may have heard me rant about it before, so I’ll give you the short version of my thoughts: It was awful. And that included awful 2D “animation” of our beloved tugboats.

So one day, I got to thinking: “Y’know, the art style of Salty’s Lighthouse really doesn’t do our boys any justice. I should fix this shot.” And so I did. Maybe that’s what TUGS would look like if it had a 2D spinoff that was actually competent? That would’ve been awesome. But instead, we got Salty’s. Oh well.

On a side note, I love how high Ten Cents looks in the background and how Top Hat seems so disappointed in him.

EDIT: WOW I forgot to color in Hercules’ glasses. I am a fool

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …

I love watching Super Junior reactions because some aren’t fans and they get this look of “Oh wow this is actually really good??” And I just sit there like “YES THEY ARE AMAZING AND THEIR MUSIC IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL THANKS FOR NOTICING” and when they say they’ll get into them I get so happy. Like I know Super Junior is one of the most influential groups but they still get treated like they aren’t, so when people see their talent I get so proud like yes these are my kings they are amazing.


click the pictures for the captions!

i did some canon verse jean and marco for my fic + threw in an armin, sasha and some other doodles along the way. i also love stickers but alas, have very few.

So I'm in the Panera,

And there are these girls in front of me. They are actually gambling while studying. It’s so neat. They’re putting in money for every answer they get wrong, and they’re keeping track of who get how many right and at the end of every ten minutes, the person with the least wrong gets all the money from the pile.
It’s so crazy oh my goodness. It’s also really smart though.