wow so i made this a while ago but forgot about it

(©) I’M FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO THIS !!! MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER !! first off, i’d like to say thank you to every single one of my followers. i can’t even begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. when i first made this blog about two weeks ago, i was so, so certain that i wouldn’t get any followers and i almost gave up on it, but now i have 200+ and……wow that just….Makes Me So Happy….it honestly feels like i’ve been friends with some of you for a while. you’re all so kind to me and genuinely supportive and it really, really means the world to me. i’m on this blog all day because you all make me love being here. thank you. ♡ NOW FOR THE FUN PART !! 

* urls in italics are people i’m not particularly close to but are still my fav blogs, bolded ones are my close pals whose blogs i also really love !!

woozismiles blondesuhoofficial ♡ pinkhoshi wonweedlchvn ♡ tfwjisoo ♡ deureun  ♡ vernonshit ♡ kiminguy wendysons ♡ hans5l 17joshua ♡ woozication ♡ mingyunism ♡ seunkgwanseunqkwan ♡ minghaosnovia ♡ junhumid seventeenzdiamond ♡ vernonie ♡ hansolmp3 kimtaehyungsgf ♡ svnteenish ♡ wonwooi ♡ floppyhairhansol ♡ kkimgyu wooziscalves ♡ sugambino chowvernon ♡ sailormoonv ♡ thurstae svnten ♡ fairyjisoo ♡ woewoos ♡ 17sgf seungskwan ♡ hansoulvernon vertnon wandwoo plsvernon ♡ jshuas ♡ itsalways-1400 1004cmmprettybbywoozi ♡ hansoluv ♡ scvcnteen  ♡ hansolc ♡ scoupdogg mineral-craving shiningmingyu officialminghao chowhansol schlongbinverrnonsjiisoohhyunhoshoe nuneonjeonqhans slothwoo sugajimhansolemoji  jaehopes hansolver164cmwooziseungquality hearteyehansol  nezuminseok meisterjisoo abixmay woozidaisy wonxoosvnteeniehansvc  ho5hi stopminghao maybezino softwoozi  taeili pholemvernsace idkhansolbz17 joshsgfvernonyhngjsoojisoosnoviayoon-angel ♡ kai-shhitwonshiks c0ups the8ghtseventeentrashwoozistopdeathescentvernchoi coupsgf vernolversacevernonjihoonseventenewoojeonvernonsboo17dadvernonsbabe jisoospeachprincehansolswonwooing wonwoosgfvernonstop

baby v ( the #1 mingyu stan probably )