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warcraft headcanon of the day

with the return of Medivh in Legion, many have raised questions as to where he has been and what he’s been up to in his long absence. while he might try to tell you he has been doing crucial research into the Legion, in reality it has simply taken him this long to get past the dalaran loading screen. 

Kinda wonder whether what Mary wants is hunting or family, because don’t get me wrong I’m all for both, both is good, and it can work for Sam and Dean and hopefully Cas but I don’t think it’s what Mary actually wants..
I mean, I’ve been buying the ‘kill all the monsters to give sons a normal life’ thing but now I think.. if she really wanted family, she wouldn’t have had the urge to hunt when Dean was a kid and all? Maybe she’s really kidding herself? Or is this also still the messed up cupid/resurrection thing affecting her?

I also wonder if John would’ve been able to/wanted to stop after Azazel’s death if he’d still been alive back then..

What I’d also like them do with this character story is the boys not ‘because mom’-ing everything about her, because that way they can never develop an honest relationship with her. I’d like them to temporarily(!) break with her so she can earn her place in the family by herself and not based on expectations. 

Anthony Quayle, photographed by Angus McBean

Thanks to @margotfonteyns

Remember the little dude who would pop up periodically throughout the beginning of the series for explaining shit??

What if he continued through the entire thing as Yuuri’s inner monologue
Ep 11: “wow so fresh” victors being a really big bitch right now….. the only logical explanation is he wants to sign off as my coach and return to the ice.

I’m guessing the same anon who sent me the same creepy haikyuu dolls didn’t send you the entire set like they did to me too. here is the entire set.

Little Technicolor Things - written by tekhnicolor
By Organization for Transformative Works


Louis is a poor writer and recent university graduate, depressed, anxious, and living in London when he meets Harry, an artist with a secret who likes to paint sunrises and pretty boys from California.

Author - teknicolor           Tumblr - @wordsbyjm

Chaptered 7/7 complete  |  72,093 words  |  Fic published September 20, 2016

Fic post here!!

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!


This fic is completely, stunningly, overwhelmingly beautiful. I cannot believe how many times I reread paragraphs because I was amazed by every element of the writing. From word choice to sentence structure - the writing took my breath away. 

It’s an addicting read, too. I couldn’t put it down, and eventually I found myself in the best kind of emotional haze. Which, speaking of emotions - oh wow. Everything Louis and Harry experience is conveyed so well you almost feel like part of the story. It’s just so beautiful.

If you’re looking for a poetic, angsty, intimate fic - here you go. Read this right now, you won’t be disappointed. 

My Answer

A/N: WARNING! He’s a bias wrecker. I’m so done, bye /cries

BGM: My answer (inst.)

You were just got home from work. When you opened the door of your shared apartment with Lay, it was dark and empty.


No answer..

“Lay where are you?”

You searched him all over the apartment, until you reached his composing room. It was messed. Papers all over the floor, two computers and a laptop were turn on. You found Lay sitting on his chair with his head lean on his desk. He looks so frustrated. You were a lil bit scared, maybe he was angry? But why? You slowly approached him and stroke his back

“Oppa..” you called him slowly

No answer..

“Oppa, I’m home” you kissed his cheek.

No respond. You furrowed your eyebrows. You started to lean to his ears and whisper

“What happen?”

Still stroking his back, you saw a tears coming down on his cheek. He was crying. You keep stroking his back slowly.

“It’s gone..” Lay said in weak voice. You didn’t hear what he said.



He accidentally yelled and smashing his keyboard. You shocked, really shocked. Lay never get angry like this. You keep calm and hold him.

“Let’s go to our room first” You whispered and went to your shared room while holding him. When you reached your room, he sat down in bed still sobbing. You approached him with a glass of water to help him calm down. You start to stroking his back again waiting him to speak calmly.

“Did you remember when I got home when it was raining a few days ago?” he started to speak.

“Um, Yes”

“I was wet that time. All wet. Even my hard disc” You were confused.

“My songs were in there. All of my songs. This morning when you were at work, I want to re-composing my songs. When I plugged in that hard disc, it didn’t plugged in on my computer. It was because of the rain, and that songs that I‘ve made for two years, they’re gone…. Forever” he started to explain to you while crying.

You knew music is everything for him. Music is his life. He often composing a song until midnight. He’s really in frustration right now. You hugged him.

“Ssh.. there there. I do understand your feeling. Did you had called your members how to resolve it? Try to call Chanyeol, He’s composer too” you said trying to give him advice as smart as you can.

“I did. Chanyeol said all of those data can’t be restore. It’s gone forever ___-ah”

“How about you started to make the new one? A lot of new one!” You cheered him.

“It’s not easy like what you said ___-ah. It needs a long time to make the perfect song. Our comeback is getting closer. I’ve been prepared that songs for our comeback”

You did feel bad for him. You want to help him so bad. You want to make his songs come back to him, but you didn’t know how to make a song.

“I’ll help you!” You grinned. He chuckled and give you a weak smile.

“Forget it ___-ah, it’s gone” he crawled up and covered his body with warm blanket. You sighed and took a position beside him. You were caressing Lay’s cheek until he fell asleep.

Next morning, you felt a hot skin temperature beside you. You opened your eyes and saw Lay still sleeping but mumbling in his sleep. You put your hand on his forehead. Oh God, he’s got a high fever. You got up and took a medicine for him.

“Oppa, wake up..” You shook him up

“My songs…” he’s still mumbling in his sleep. You bite you lips.

“Baby.. wake up” you help him got up from the bed. He did seriously got a high fever.

“____-ah” he said in weak voice

“Oh look at you, you’re in high fever Oppa.. Here, drink the medicine” he took the medicine and go back to sleep. You felt really sad for him. You don’t want him get depressed because of that damn songs.

Started from that day, Lay’s attitude was different. He’s more quiet. He always accidentally forget what people ordered him to do. He was eating less. He didn’t want to touch his guitar and his piano. He also become a talk less person for you. It happens for a week. You didn’t know what should you do for him. You miss him. You miss your talk active sweet boyfriend.

You started to write in stick notes for him everyday too greet him. You wrote many of stick notes and stick them on some place in your apartment.

“Good morning, my Changsa Prince” you stick it on a desk beside the bed to greet him.
He smiled and got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom and staring into the mirror. There’s a stick note again from you

“You’re the most handsome man I ever met after my dad, smile my prince” He blushed and took it.
After taking a bath, he went to his closet, wanna pick a shirt for today. Then he saw another stick note again.

“Have I told you? You looks so damn great in blue shirt” that stick note is sticked on Lay’s blue shirt.

Your favourite colour. He chuckled in amusement. His mood is lighten up now. He can’t wait to see you in downstairs.
He rushed up to the downstairs and see an empty dining room. But there was a table of mini breakfast. Lay went to approached it.


No answer.


No answer. Then he saw another stick note besides his plate.

“Wow you smell so fresh handsome! I’m sorry I had to go first, a new client today. Don’t forget to eat the breakfast. It’s your favorite breakfast right? A scrambled eggs and fried sausage. I’ll be back at 5. I love you Lay”

Lay cannot stop smiling and bit his lips. He’s really miss you. He can’t wait to see you.

5p.m, you got home on time. Yay! You opened the door. There was so much candle in your apartment with aromatic scent. Zhang Yixing..


Then you spotted him sitting on his piano. Smiling to you. You were so confused. Today is not your birthday, it’s not his birthday, it’s not the anniversary either.

“Oppa, what are you doing?” you asked him. But he put on his index finger on his lips, signalling you to quiet and enjoy him playing piano.

He started to play his piano. Charismatic, romantic, elegant mixed up in one person. He is Zhang Yixing. The music is so great. So.. he made this all for me? You cannot hide your feels. A tears running down on your cheek. Your boyfriend is back.

When he’s done with his mini performance, he stood up and went to you. You were so breathless to see him like that. He wore the blue shirt that you suggested this morning. When he was in front of you, he didn’t say any words and give you a kiss on the cheek. You giggled while crying. He wiped of your tears.

“You.. You did this?” You sobbed. He nodded. He hugged you. Oh how you miss his embrace.

“You made the song too? I thought you didn’t want to make songs again” you nuzzled in his embrace

“Who told you that?” He chuckled.

“No, I still want to make music, yesterday was quite shocking for me. Then I realized, I shouldn’t act like a depressed person. I ignored you didn’t I? I’m so sorry ___-ah”

“It’s okay, I understand”

“You were almost make my dying of blushing this morning, you know that?” He pouted. You giggled.

“I’m sorry handsome, did you happy this morning?”

“Very, thank you so much ____-ah” He said as he kissed your forehead and gave you a little box. When you opened it, you saw a necklace with your initial on it with a stick note

‘My answer is you’

starlights be like:
  • mata hari arrival:
  • : wow so fresh!
  • : that beautiful contouring tho
  • : walk walk fashion baby
  • : leo be strutting his stuff like he walking the runway
  • : damn son
  • : he look so gorgeous so so good so handsome
  • : this rude ass mothafucka
  • mata hari departure:
  • : aww look at this cute little hamster/kitten/bb
  • : so soft
  • : so cute so smol
  • : he's so smily wow wow
  • : he makes me happy
  • : keep smiling bb i love it
  • : aww such cute little waves aww
Saving Christmas

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 18

Character A and Character B have to save Christmas.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Saving Christmas; ~ 4, 800 words; FF.NET || AO3

“Emma Swan?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Oh, my apologies. This is Killian. Killian Jones. David’s friend? We met at Robin and Regina’s Halloween party a couple of months ago?”

Emma could’ve stopped him after his name. Honestly she could’ve stopped him after the ‘apologies’. She doesn’t know that many people who talk like that. Meaning she knows one. David’s friend. David’s very attractive, very suave, very good-looking-in-leather-pants, friend. Killian. Killian Jones.

But she lets him ramble on for two reasons.

First, from what she gathered at said Halloween party, Killian Jones’s ego could benefit from thinking there existed a woman who crossed his path, shook hands with him, did rum shots with him and was not, for weeks after, plagued by his stupid blue eyes and his even stupider smirk and the ghost of his warm hand at the small of her back and his hot whisper in her ear, running a hilarious commentary with the true (or so he said) facts of the stories David was telling about his year abroad.

Second, Emma is not that woman. But he doesn’t need to know that.

“Oh, Killian,” she says finally and tries not to let her grin at his sigh of relief slip into her voice. “Hey. Don’t remember giving you my number.”

“That would be because you didn’t. I swiped it from David’s phone,” he says with very little guilt in his tone.

“Oookay. And why did you go to all that trouble?”

“Because I need you to help me save Christmas.”

Emma laughs. And then laughs some more. And then snorts and wipes at the moisture in her eyes. And then she plops down on the couch with another little laugh for good measure.

“I’m sorry, I thought you said you need help saving Christmas.”

“I did.”

He doesn’t sound annoyed with her per say but he sure sounds impatient and ready to get down to business. The Christmas saving business. The business Emma is sorely unqualified for.

“Listen, Jones. I don’t know what you’re talking about but you’ve definitely come to the wrong person.”

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