wow so fresh

you can tryyyyy, oh, but iiiiii….
I LOVE YOU means you’re never, ever, ever gettin’ rid of me!

warcraft headcanon of the day

with the return of Medivh in Legion, many have raised questions as to where he has been and what he’s been up to in his long absence. while he might try to tell you he has been doing crucial research into the Legion, in reality it has simply taken him this long to get past the dalaran loading screen. 

honestly how can people homestuck-shame in 2017 like. i get that 2012 homestuck era probably sucked for people who didnt like it but its 2017 and homestuck still offers the best representation for wlw i’ve pretty much ever seen in any fiction ever, still has some of the best written female characters, and a perfect 1:1 ratio of f:m, the story and general concept is interesting and funny and the music and art and the flashes are really damn good too. not to mention the fandom offers an unusually wide range of headcanons and so much amazing fan content and really good analysis so like. its not as if homestuck is, by any accounts, a bad comic or anything. (hussie being a giant weenie and the general opinion of the retcon and act 7 aside.) i’d say it’s pretty fucking good, for a random quirky scifi comic about four friends destroying the world. what i’m trying to say is that like…. i unironically love homestuck and i genuinely don’t get why people say ‘homestuck is so fucking CRINGEY and BAD’ in 2017 because not even the fandom is that much anymore? lots of people have left and the current fandom still creates some truly amazing stuff? well sue me for getting excited over two fictional ladies i love so much and whom ive watched grow over the course of thousands of pages get literally married. like, enjoy your damn tv shows or cartoons or anime or whatever but don’t look down on like…..literal kids who were probably too young to read homestuck when it was in its prime who are just getting into the fandom now for getting into a thing that is actually pretty great. don’t look down on people who still derive enjoyment from something that was already condemned in 2012 and like, we get it already

male idols: *is sassy, makes witty comebacks on variety shows*

stans: wow they are so Fresh™ and hilarious!haha!!! and unlike those boring girl groups!!!!

female idols: *is sassy, makes witty comebacks on variety shows*

stans: who the FUCK do they think they are???? so RUDE shut up to ur Mouth whore!!!!! no respect for seniors!!!!!

starlights be like:
  • mata hari arrival:
  • : wow so fresh!
  • : that beautiful contouring tho
  • : walk walk fashion baby
  • : leo be strutting his stuff like he walking the runway
  • : damn son
  • : he look so gorgeous so so good so handsome
  • : this rude ass mothafucka
  • mata hari departure:
  • : aww look at this cute little hamster/kitten/bb
  • : so soft
  • : so cute so smol
  • : he's so smily wow wow
  • : he makes me happy
  • : keep smiling bb i love it
  • : aww such cute little waves aww
Remember the little dude who would pop up periodically throughout the beginning of the series for explaining shit??

What if he continued through the entire thing as Yuuri’s inner monologue
Ep 11: “wow so fresh” victors being a really big bitch right now….. the only logical explanation is he wants to sign off as my coach and return to the ice.
Little Technicolor Things - written by tekhnicolor
By Organization for Transformative Works


Louis is a poor writer and recent university graduate, depressed, anxious, and living in London when he meets Harry, an artist with a secret who likes to paint sunrises and pretty boys from California.

Author - teknicolor           Tumblr - @wordsbyjm

Chaptered 7/7 complete  |  72,093 words  |  Fic published September 20, 2016

Fic post here!!

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!


This fic is completely, stunningly, overwhelmingly beautiful. I cannot believe how many times I reread paragraphs because I was amazed by every element of the writing. From word choice to sentence structure - the writing took my breath away. 

It’s an addicting read, too. I couldn’t put it down, and eventually I found myself in the best kind of emotional haze. Which, speaking of emotions - oh wow. Everything Louis and Harry experience is conveyed so well you almost feel like part of the story. It’s just so beautiful.

If you’re looking for a poetic, angsty, intimate fic - here you go. Read this right now, you won’t be disappointed. 

I’m guessing the same anon who sent me the same creepy haikyuu dolls didn’t send you the entire set like they did to me too. here is the entire set.