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Friends Help Friends Fight Dysphoria

Hey friends, this is just a reminder that dysphoria is lessened with transition but for many trans people, no matter their stage in transition, IT NEVER GOES AWAY, so any chance you get to pay one of your trans friends a GENUINE, NON-CREEPY compliment about their transition or their appearance, take it! (Unless you know they prefer you not, always take what your friends say about their preferences over some random person on the internet.) External reinforcement can be super helpful.

Good examples:

  • “That dress looks so cute on you, it’s super femme, it really suits you.”
  • “Your new haircut frames your face, wow.”
  • “Those glasses really make your jaw look square, very boss.”
  • “Totally androgynous look today, it’s very you.”

Not-so-good examples:

  • “Your makeup really makes you look like a girl.” (Trans women are women!)
  • “I almost forgot you weren’t always a man, you look really butch today.” (Trans men were always men.)
  • Anything about hormones or how they’re affecting a person, UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP or you have already discussed that it’s okay for you to bring up HRT.
  • Do I even need to say that it’s never okay to talk about what’s in someone’s pants, ever?

Thank you, be awesome to each other!

the percy jackson musical

so a couple of days ago i saw the lightning theif: a percy jackson musical and i thought i’d share some of my favorite moments

• all of the kids sitting around the campfire cursing their parents and percy being like “uh yeah anyway my mom is great i love her so much” it was too pure
• grover singing and ultimately crying about pan at said campfire
• the actors!! we’re all so good!!! every single one of them!!
• mr d’s song was amazing and 100% in character
• “this isn’t some tinfoil zigzag from some odd broadway play!”
• chiron didn’t have horse legs he just had like a tail???and then galloped around on two feet?? and somehow it worked??
• “all hail percy jackson, supreme lord of the toilets!”
• the oracle of delphi!!!!! was just like i pictured it in the book!!!!! the lighting/costuming for that scene was phenomenal
• but seriously the toilet paper guns were amazing and hilarious and really everything you would expect from a percy jackson musical
• luke pulled off being super creepy but also really charismatic at the same time he was such a Complex character
• the montage of the trio going cross country was so cute and the song was so catchy
• SO many direct references to the book
• grover talking to the squirrel and percy subsequently offending said squirrel
• the whole underworld scene was. surreal. idk exactly how to explain it but the whole scene was like a disco-esque dream
• the trio has the cutest songs/moments together my heart felt like it was gonna explode
• annabeth leaving percy and grover to reenact thalia’s “death” and then coming back to present day…wow
• percy’s dream with luke and kronos was so good and ominous i had chills
• the actors playing 1073291827 different parts
• seriously medusa was played by the same actor that played chiron and it (surprisingly) worked so well omfg
• clarisse asking about ares “did he mention me?” hit me right in the feels
• also 3/7 of the main cast (including sally jackson) were poc which was really cool!!
• poseidon being kind of a dick and percy basically telling him to fuck off
• the finale was so good and energetic and ive been singing that song ever since i left the theater

tldr; you should see the percy jackson musical if you can it’s amazing

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my crush is so freaking adorable so whenever she sends me a selfie on snapchat i stare at it for as long as possible. i haven't screenshot any cause i don't wanna seem weird but damn does she take my breath away

pal when i type in my crush’s url the first suggestion after her blog is her face tag (wow this sounds so creepy sdfjhkl;lj i don’t visit specific tags on her blog often okay) so I relate on so many levels. i’m sure your crush is really cute :((

come and chat!

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Hello sweetie your blog is awesome! Can you make a cute reaction of bts? How they react after seeing you being deadly scared of spiders? Thaxx sooo much!!!💋💋

Yes Of Course! Sorry for the late reply and thanks so much! ^^

BTS Reaction When You’re Deathly Scared Of Spiders

“It’s okay, your prince is here my princess”

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“Really? You’re scared of this thing?” You nod. “You’re so cute, baby”

Originally posted by jeonggu

“My jag is the cutest!” He says hugging you, not even dealing with the creepy crawler sitting on your dresser

Originally posted by sonyeondan

“Wow, you’re such a weakling… You’re lucky I love you so much”

Originally posted by syubbie

“Don’t worry, I got it!” *Starts talking to the spider.* He would pick it up and tease you with it by bringing it closer to your face. Once he saw small tears forming in your eyes, he would immediately run outside, put the spider back where it belonged, run back inside and give you a tight hug, “I’m sorry y/n, I love you, please don’t hate me”

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*Would be sacred too*

Originally posted by jung-koook

“Pfft, really? It’s just as spider y/n..” *tries to act cool but is actually quite intimidated by it*

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Hope you liked!
~ Admin Luna


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Holy shit ur so nice and ur imagines are so cute n well written n stuff and I love ur blog a hella lot and just ???!!!!! Anyways ur gr8 and this has been my attempt at making friends lmao but I'm rlly bad at it ((I hope I didn't come off as creepy I promise that wasn't my intent😅)) -Rye

Wow, thank you so much for the kind compliments!! You’re such a sweetie, you’ve really made me so happy! You’re not bad at all at making friends, we can totally be friends anonny! You come off to me as a wonderful person, so don’t doubt yourself!! You’re an awesome person, never forget that!! :D

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ugh i just love girls they’re all soft and warm and smol and sometimes they’re not soft or smol at all but they’re still so warm and nice and lovely and their hair’s so fun to play with and sometimes they’ll have cute lil tummies or squishy thighs and sometimes they look like they can destroy me and i still love them so much i wanna wrap my arms around them and squish their cheeks and kiss their nose ugh i just love girls

Fighting for a hug...

Plot: TaeTen’s funny story inspired by one of my follower’s dream…with an unexpected cameo from an NCT member :p 

Summer holiday was already over and today you started your last year of high school…big decisions, lot of work and study…

Your best friends didn’t get any news at all from you during the summer, since you were travelling abroad with your older sisters. After one month spent in Japan, you were finally back at home and ready for school…ahh time flew by so quick.

After waking up, preparing and taking your breakfast in a hurry, you run to catch the bus since you were almost late for your classes. Your dear friends were none other than Taeyong and Ten – as people would usually call them TaeTen, because they were always stuck together like a couple. In fact, they were best friends since they were 5 years old and somehow they managed to stick to you since middle school and here you were – happy 3 friends.

What did they not know was that during your summer days, you undergo some big transformation…your hair became longer, you dyed it in a light color, you got a bit of tan and you even changed your style. You were looking always like a tomboy around them but now you were back as a lady-like. Thankfully your school didn’t require you to use any uniform so you could dress comfortable in your own clothes.

As you made your appearance in the classroom, almost everyone couldn’t recognize you. Everyone was asking at first “who is she?”, “is she a new transfer student?” but when you said “hello everyone, did you miss me?” they finally knew who you were as they recognized your voice.

You approached Ten and Taeyong,who  were busy playing some kind of game, when both lifted their heads…you saw their jaws literally dropping down – they couldn’t believe what they saw. Their best-female friend was back like a cute girl, all dressed up, wearing light makeup, a dress and mid-high heels.

They looked in awe at you as you carefully seated in front of them, and when you flipped your hair back…you turned to make eye contact with them and properly greet them, but all you could see was two confused-almost in love-faces. Ten’s eyes almost shot hearts out towards you, while Taeyong was busy sniffing closely your new shampoo…

In your eyes they looked cute but creepy too since you wouldn’t expect them to react like two boys falling in love – especially for you, their best friend.

“Guys, can you wake up for a second? Look, I hope your summer was great, I can’t wait to tell you about my trip abroad…and I also have a surprise for you. Let’s meet in the court yard at noon, ok? I’ll be in the library since I need to search for some books. So let’s meet after lunch, ok? I really missed you so muuuuch!!! Wow Ten, look at your smile, you’re not wearing those brackets anymore! And TY boy, where did it go that baby-fat from your face? Anyway guys, you look really cool and handsome! “

“You tell me…look at you!” Taeyong replied instantly, pointing with his hands at your face.

“Yes…I almost couldn’t recognize you, when did you start looking so pretty?” Ten asked you and you started blushing at his remark.

“Well, love changes a person…you know…but anyway let’s talk at noon since teacher’s already here” you faced the blackboard and let them doubting about what did you wanted to say with that…Love?

Was one of them who changed you…did you really fall in love with one of your besties??

Finally, after lunch time, they were already in the court yard waiting for you and you could spot them from far away fighting for something.

“Yahh, I told you it’s me! She sent me a message at 1 a.m telling me she misses me a lot and she wished I could be with her watching the night sky. She fell for me for sure! I’m gonna hug her as tight as I can when she will come over!” Ten said confidently, almost pissing off Taeyong.

“Keep dreaming bro, it’s clear she totally fell for me…she asked me 2 days ago to meet her for lunch because she had a surprise gift for me…I am sure is me…Wanna bet? I’ll hug her first and make her fall even deeper!” Taeyong almost shouted angrily, you could hear him as you were approaching them.

“No, no that’s unfair, what about playing something? Whoever wins first will hug her…I am sure I’ll win both the game and her heart!” Ten suggested since he was already fed up with his friend assumptions.

“Ok deal, let’s play some basket. Whoever wins 5 points first, will hug her! And that would be me!” Taeyong replied.

You were already near them and all you could see was a messy fight, dust floating in the air, as they were shouting, letting out small curse words.

“What are you doing guys? Fighting? For what? You are embarrassing me!!! I called you over so you could meet someone…who is very important to me!”

“What???” both of them answered at the same time, shocked it wasn’t actually what they were imagining.

From far they could spot a man silhouette and as he approached, he looked like a charming guy, with foreign features.

“Let me present you…He is my…boyfriend! Yuta! Nakamoto Yuta! We met in Japan and he decided to come over for an exchange student program…Well we fell in love somehow and he couldn’t live apart me!”

“Whaaaaaattt????? Your….bo…bo…boyfriend???” both of them asked again stuttering, couldn’t really believe what you were saying!

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am Nakamoto Yuta from Japan, I hope we will be good friends during my stay here. Thank you for taking good care of my sweetheart during these years…she is an amazing person! I am really happy finding someone so good at heart like her…”

While your boyfriend held your waist with his arm, carefully putting a strand of your hair aside and giving you a light peck on your cheek, your friends were looking at you and him, and looking at each other too…they finally let out a burst of laughter!

For a moment you shook their hearts for sure, almost making them fight for you – gladly your boyfriend appeared at the right moment and saved you from any embarrassment.

Somehow they felt sad leaving you in the hands of a foreign guy, but as long as you were happy, they accepted the real fact that you were happily in love with someone.

They grabbed him by his neck dragging him along…

“Let’s see you later, we need something to discuss…as men you know! Don’t worry, we will take good care of him!” both Taeyong and Ten said, leaving your boyfriend surprised at their blunt action. They made a plan to carry on with the game to see who would win in the end between the 3 of them…

Well, after all they needed to do something to get closer…since from now on you were going to become happy 4 friends…

So yes this is how they both lost to YUTA in the end…ahaha


I tried my hand, and it didn’t do my vision justice. But anyways…
This is Padparadscha Sapphire! Her gem is her eye (so sorry about how that turned out!) her weapon is the element of fire, much like Ruby, but she mainly gets it from sunlight (like it charges her up ya know? XD)

You can modify it however you like!

I hope you like it~

!!!!! Oh my gosh! I love this! She’s so cute! And I’m so excited about the fact that you would want to design a gemsona for me you don’t even know. I love the way you gave her the pink hair fade on her bangs and eyeball gems are just the right combination of cute and creepy I love it. Also ankle boots are always A+. (also also one of my favorite shows of all time is Avatar: TheLast Airbender and I always secretly wanted to be a firebender so fire powers are awesome) 

Just wow! Thank you so much for drawing this for me! <3

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Hello!!!!!!!! I was wondering how would EXO react to really liking a girl (wanting to ask out) and finding out that she's a '00 liner?

Baekhyun: “…Am I going to go to jail? Are my feelings illegal?”

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Luhan: “No wonder she looks so young… she is young!”

Originally posted by dawnlus

Xiumin: “…Wow, I’m really old.” //depressed about his age now//

Originally posted by youngjaes

Lay: //just feels incredibly stupid that he didn’t realize beforehand//

Originally posted by yixwing

D.O: “I can wait three more years.”

Originally posted by daenso

Suho: “Okay, so I was not expecting that.” //millions of thoughts running through his mind//

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Chen: “What if she thinks I’m creepy?”

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Kris: “Are you sure?” //just checking//

Originally posted by zeore

Tao: //counting in his head// “How many years apart is that?”

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Chanyeol: “That’s cute.” //doesn’t really bother him//

Originally posted by sugutie

Kai: “Reallllyyy?” //just happy that he’s older than you//

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Sehun: “So… what exactly is the problem?” //he could care less about your age//

Originally posted by zhangyixings

~ Jade

It’s 2 am and i can’t sleep and i’m not that tired because i slept til 4 today and my brain is buzzing and i like you and my sheets are starting to not smell like you and i like it when they smell like you because i wake up saturated in your sent and it’s really strong and sweet and thick and makes my skin tingle and i have a half cup of coffee sitting on the table and i am watching my fourth movie of the night and i want to watch sleeping beauty with you and i think you’re really pretty and i want to take pictures of you in the bralette and the lace thigh highs and i want you to wear them underneath a dress so i can pull the dress off of you and slide my fingers under lace and feel your skin and i like kissing your skin and i like it when you let me make you come and i think you’re beautiful and you have incredible full lips and every time you kiss me i feel dizzy and it’s amazing how good your mouth feels even if it’s only for a second and you always taste good and you’re intoxicating and scary and i really like you and when we broke up i thought i’d never get to kiss or touch you again and it hurt a lot but i’m glad i still get to have you and i should go to sleep but i’m really not tired yet

I spelled scent wrong up there and now it’s 3 am and i found the shirt you had in bed the other night and wow it smells like you wow it smells like you so strongly and i’m holding it and that might be creepy but it smells so good and i liked when we were talking about each other’s scents and you smelled me and it was really cute and it made me happy and i like it when we do tiny cute stuff like that and this shirt smells a lot like you but it makes me think of so many different things and it’s a lot for my brain, like when i get carried away kissing your back and side and it makes my brain all fuzzy and drunk, i could possibly get drunk off the scent of this shirt it’s 3:12 in the morning

The shirt smells less like you because i am smothering it, and that seems symbolic but we won’t talk about it it’s 4:06 am and i am still vomiting my stream of consciousness but it’s kind of nice and i hope i am not waking you up, this shirt is next to my head and i keep catching a whiff of it and it’s nice and i took a nice picture of my back and i like it and i think you are so beautiful but sometimes i’m afraid my compliments lose meaning to you because i say them so much but honestly every time i look at you i can’t believe how beautiful you are and every time i talk about you i sound so lame and cheesy and silly, but i don’t think it matters that much and i think i am falling asleep now it is 4:08 am

—  things i think you should know when i am falling asleep

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Malia actually had better development in her first full season than Lydia did...but you can keep thinking she's trash. Everyone has an opinion no matter how ridiculous it is. Lydia was a trope her first two seasons.

oh my god that’s Sooooo funny. Hmm, lets see what kind of development Malia has had:

  • is a wild animal that punches people
  • but I love you within ten minutes?
  • Math?? what math?? Lol who is abraham Lincoln
  • “I HEART STILLES” (wow so not cute)
  • IS dumb but also not dumb??
  • is thirteen??
  • Apparently shows love by aggression
  • “She’s so loyal” *continues to talk about how she would leave the pack in an instant, or is happy the rest of the pack would be killed before her*
  • DEER *fucking creepy smile*
  • lol I can dirty dance and make out but then when I need to be of any help I am child??
  • end of the season, what development have I made? still acts like wild animal that can only exist as long as Stiles is there.


on the other hand, with Lydia, we got a snobby girl that began to realize that she didn’t have to hide who/what she really was to be a cool person, that she was fabulous  no matter what. She was more on the uncaring side before, but she’s completely changed.

The same girl that once said “Why isn’t anyone available right now?” is now “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.” and for that matter?

here have some quotes the two have said to stiles that carry levity:

“You don’t need instructions. you’re too smart for them, okay?”

“I would never leave without you.” and not even two seconds later “Them, I would leave." 

HOW IS THAT CUTE. It would have been cuter if she hadn’t made it a point to put down his pack not seconds later, and even more than that, it was so ooc of Stiles to defend her when she keeps putting down the pack’s worth.

so yeah. Maybe Lydia was a trope in some aspects, but you know what? At least she’s not a completely irrelevant character that’s only tie to the show is her riding Stiles’ dick. You take away their relationship and what do you have? NOTHING. She’s a pointless character with no development, no rhyme or reason, or appeal besides the wild animal. And Malia is a trope too, you know? It’s called a Mary Sue one.

Here is another one of those au’s and i’m dedicating this one to my squad, livm-pvyne​, whitegirlwastedniall​ and kissingziall​. i love y’all. 

idk you but you fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus and the only reason i’m letting you stay there is bc you look very comfy and i’m a good person - it’s totally not bc you’re also possibly the cutest and most precious human being i have ever seen hahah okay maybe a lil” au - list link

Zayn doesn’t mind taking the tube to work. Prefers it to the bus, much prefers it to haggling Doniya at the crack of dawn, plus if he’s lucky, he gets to sit in the comfortable padded chairs. It’s a bit of a long trip, but he doesn’t have to change lines till the end. The ride is smooth, relatively quick even if there is a train delay. He listens to his music and relaxes – it’s chill.

Today he was lucky enough to snag a seat. To add even more to his morning routine, he has possibly the cutest boy he’s ever seen asleep on his shoulder.

Zayn’s a nice guy though. He truly tries his best by Allah and his mom so he let’s the poor lad sleep on. Doesn’t disturb him as he breathes lowly on Zayn’s neck.

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RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 10 Reaction

-alright!! A Ren flashback!! I hope we get to see his parents!

-awwwww no, Oscar! I’m so sorry kid. I still feel so bad for him. His whole life is changing for the simple fact that Ozpin just happen to transfer his soul to his body. Sure it’s the right thing for the world but if only he had a real choice you know? That’s just so sad.

-OF MY FUCKIG GOD! Hazel is here?!? Does that mean Oscar is near the Spring Maiden?! Is Ozpin at least gonna help stop that man or what? Well I guess Oscar isn’t physically strong enough…


-HIS MOTHER IS SO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOODNESS! And Ren inherited her sass!!! Ahhhh that’s so cute!! I love his big pink eyes, it’s the same as his mother’s! ;A;

-lol! Ren you’re not old enough for weapons and alcohol haha

-OOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOSH!!! IS THAT LITTLE NORA?!?!? She looks so scared! Nooooo stop bullying her you monsters! Ren go help her! ;A;

-aww Ren is scared too. :( it’s okay!


-awww I hope Nora and Ren see each other after that in this flashback.

-sighs back with Jaune and Ruby…

-awww no, Ruby honey it wasn’t your fault. :/ damnit

-well at least he’s finally telling her what she needs to know.

-ooooooooh no. Oh no oh no oh no! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! What is this?!


-This episode is too scary… they just took her away… why? Why would they do that right when Ren needed his mother?! ;~; I’m so upset! She was so nice.

-UGH NOT HIS FATHER TOO! And what the hell is that thing?! THAT GRIMM LOOKS MESSED UP! Kinda reminds me of the headless horseman…

-nooooooo Ren please don’t cry. Ugh! It’s too early to be this emotional!

-OMG NORA! Ren please you need to save her this time!

-WHOA WAIT WHAT?! Is that his semblance?! He can cloak himself using his aura or neutralize his emotions in the heat of battle?! That’s so useful wow! Amazing! He must have great aura control! :) go Ren!!


-I LOVE THEM BOTH AWWWW!! They’re so precious I love their back story! I do wonder if Nora was always homeless or if she was abandoned in the streets with no one to call family. :/

-ahhhh~ is Nora flirting with Ren? Adorable! And look at his cute little smile~!

-HOLY SHIT! Is this that creepy thing’s nesting ground?!?! OH NO!

-Ren is facing his past and he’s frightened, but he knows if they don’t do anything, that thing is gonna go straight for Jaune and Ruby… what are you gonna do Ren? :(

-overall, this episode was honestly scary as hell, but was really good in terms of directing and executing how the events went on. Like I could feel how traumatic ren’s past was and it was great! That Grimm is so scary and I don’t even want to see it’s whole design. I’m glad Jaune is stepping up I guess to finally make ruby feel better. I still feel bad for Oscar but at least he’s doing something now. But yeah! Good episode!

Dating Soonyoung/Hoshi

How you guys met:

  • you were literally going out just to buy a few things from the convenience store and apparently you live very close to his dorm????
  • He’s out buying mutha-fuckin chips n stuff for him and the other members
  • You both reach for the same damn shrimp chips
  • Oh crap, look at that cute lil ball of fluff
  • He’s like, omg, i’m having a moment and offers to let you have it bc you’re hella cute to him too
  • But you’re like nah man I’m good, you go for it
  • Amazingly you keep bumping into him at every location in your area
  • and OH MY LORDY LORD, you know that he’s from seventeen- like YOU KNOW THIS FAMOUS LITTLE HAMSTER BOY IS TALKING TO A REGULAR PERSON LIKE YOU and it is an amazing experience
  • So you decide to do a little research on this cutie at your local cafe, and you sit down with your handy laptop and start watching some of their videos
  • How does he get inspiration from a tissue??? You’re just-
  • “Hey!”
  • And jisoos christ it’s him
  • “Um, hi” *slowly pushes your laptop away because this is hella awkward*
  • Too LAtE he’s already seen you in action and knows
  • “So you like my group?”
  • Welp, might as well commit seppuku at this point, he’s seen you, he knows you like him
  • “Yeah you guys are so talented”
  • watch him become the most happy little creature on the face of the planet as soon as he hears those words
  • the cute girl/guy he kept running into thinks he’s talented
  • You guys start getting super friendly over a span of a month, texting, calling, going out to eat
  • I mean, all the other members are so annoyed because hoshi doesn’t have the balls to actually ask you out so all he does is talk about you non stop
  • During their comeback, and as he’s watching you react to him as you watch their video, he gets this creepy/cute grin on his face the more he gets that you like it
  • “Wow, Soonyoung that was soooooooOOoOO good!!!”
  • Um what?
  • He says he got inspiration for the dance routine by thinking of how to confess to you
  • omG he’s so cute
  • “Please date me”
  • “Hell Yes I will”

Dating Hoshi/Soonyoung:

  • Literally non stop laughing because he’s so freaking hilarious
  • You always telling him to dye his hair back to _____ because you thought he looked really good
  • teasing him about that one time he grew his hair out long bc the CEO told him to
  • “Hoshi, lets go camping one day, you can make all the fires”
  • “I’d burn the entire woods down y/n, my skills are too good”
  • Literally half the things you talk about you won’t remember the next day but does it matter you guys have so much fun
  • Him dancing to music while you watch happily from the side
  • Always being able to put a smile on his face whenever he’s down just by giving him a peck on the cheek
  • You guys are mostly loud, everyone knows it
  • but there are moments
  • when you guys just
  • sit, huddled together, playing with each other’s hands and fingers, in silence
  • and you love those moments
  • being graced with his beautiful vocals
  • Him always getting super giddy when they have a comeback soon
  • because god damn it he wants to tell you what’s gonna go down but also wants to surprise you
  • Almost all his choreographies have you incorporated into them somehow
  • “Soonyoung isn’t this from that time when we were-”
  • “Yes, yes it is”
  • Boo Seungkwan and Lee Seokmin being the Mother-in-laws you never wanted
  • always smiling because he’s always there for you
  • putting on some jamming music as he twirls you around your living room, and it’s so cheesy and you guys are so happy it’s the best
  • The greasiest pick up lines you’ve ever heard
  • “You wanna go-”
  • “YEah I DO”
  • “Out on a date with me?”
  • Him suddenly coming over with a bouquet of flowers on your 1 month and 2 week anniversary only to find out it’s actually in two days
  • “I still love the flowers, don’t worry-”
  • “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!”
  • “But you’re my idiot”
  • Him sometimes sleeping over at your place, and you having to get him up by saying “HOSHI FIGHTING” so that he’s not late to practice
  • he’ll come over, tired and worn out, and just fall into you
  • you making him his favorite food when he’s like that
  • petting his head as he falls asleep on your lap, and how could you ask for more than this?
[Fic][Drabble/Prompt Challenge] Small and Breakable

Cards on the table–I have like six of these things finished (but not edited) and maybe five or so more in progress. What is my life right now.

Title: Small and Breakable
Prompt: Promise
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 886
Note: Don’t know the context of what BTS was doing at the time that one sleeping Jimin Twitter video took place, but what’s written is written. *shrug*

AO3 link here

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A blurb where Justin comes home from the studio and you're asleep naked in bed and he kinda just looks at you and realises and then strips off to cuddle you and go to sleep.

um wow that’s actually ridiculously cute like just imagine him coming home rly late and he knows not to call for your name because it’s an ungodly hour and he’s so tired and all he wants to do is fall into his bed with his favorite girl so when he trudges upstairs and finds you unclothed, tangled in the bedsheets with half your face buried into the pillow and your hair an untamed damp mess from your shower, sound asleep, he just stands at the foot of the bed staring at you. and he doesn’t even realize how creepy he’s being cause he’s so exhausted but he can’t help but stare cause you look so peaceful and beautiful and he gets this warm feeling inside bc he just loves that he gets to come home and see his perfect girl sleeping peacefully in his bed, then when he’s done daydreaming he’d finally take off his own clothes and crawl into bed with you, careful not to wake you up, then wrap his arms around your bare frame and rest his chin on your shoulder and fall asleep by your side in seconds