wow so cute but so creepy

the percy jackson musical

so a couple of days ago i saw the lightning theif: a percy jackson musical and i thought i’d share some of my favorite moments

• all of the kids sitting around the campfire cursing their parents and percy being like “uh yeah anyway my mom is great i love her so much” it was too pure
• grover singing and ultimately crying about pan at said campfire
• the actors!! we’re all so good!!! every single one of them!!
• mr d’s song was amazing and 100% in character
• “this isn’t some tinfoil zigzag from some off broadway play!”
• chiron didn’t have horse legs he just had like a tail???and then galloped around on two feet?? and somehow it worked??
• “all hail percy jackson, supreme lord of the toilets!”
• the oracle of delphi!!!!! was just like i pictured it in the book!!!!! the lighting/costuming for that scene was phenomenal
• but seriously the toilet paper guns were amazing and hilarious and really everything you would expect from a percy jackson musical
• luke pulled off being super creepy but also really charismatic at the same time he was such a Complex character
• the montage of the trio going cross country was so cute and the song was so catchy
• SO many direct references to the book
• grover talking to the squirrel and percy subsequently offending said squirrel
• the whole underworld scene was. surreal. idk exactly how to explain it but the whole scene was like a disco-esque dream
• the trio has the cutest songs/moments together my heart felt like it was gonna explode
• annabeth leaving percy and grover to reenact thalia’s “death” and then coming back to present day…wow
• percy’s dream with luke and kronos was so good and ominous i had chills
• the actors playing 1073291827 different parts
• seriously medusa was played by the same actor that played chiron and it (surprisingly) worked so well omfg
• clarisse asking about ares “did he mention me?” hit me right in the feels
• also 3/7 of the main cast (including sally jackson) were poc which was really cool!!
• poseidon being kind of a dick and percy basically telling him to fuck off
• the finale was so good and energetic and ive been singing that song ever since i left the theater

tldr; you should see the percy jackson musical if you can it’s amazing
Friends Help Friends Fight Dysphoria

Hey friends, this is just a reminder that dysphoria is lessened with transition but for many trans people, no matter their stage in transition, IT NEVER GOES AWAY, so any chance you get to pay one of your trans friends a GENUINE, NON-CREEPY compliment about their transition or their appearance, take it! (Unless you know they prefer you not, always take what your friends say about their preferences over some random person on the internet.) External reinforcement can be super helpful.

Good examples:

  • “That dress looks so cute on you, it’s super femme, it really suits you.”
  • “Your new haircut frames your face, wow.”
  • “Those glasses really make your jaw look square, very boss.”
  • “Totally androgynous look today, it’s very you.”

Not-so-good examples:

  • “Your makeup really makes you look like a girl.” (Trans women are women!)
  • “I almost forgot you weren’t always a man, you look really butch today.” (Trans men were always men.)
  • Anything about hormones or how they’re affecting a person, UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP or you have already discussed that it’s okay for you to bring up HRT.
  • Do I even need to say that it’s never okay to talk about what’s in someone’s pants, ever?

Thank you, be awesome to each other!

The Softest™ Boy

A/N: So this came from a blast of inspiration that came from the @smols-n-tols group chat and the knowledge that Kang Daniel’s hobbies are being sleepy and eating jellies, resulting him in falling asleep while eating jellies. bLESS

  • So, Kang Daniel was the school’s certified bad boy™
  • Like the aesthetic was perfect. The guy had the leather jacket, the always messy hair, and whenever he took off his jacket, everyone got an eyeful of the scratches that litter his arms.
  • Little do people know the scratches are from the cats he save lmao, but you’ll figure that soon enough wink wonk
  • Anyways, you’re the school’s resident soft girl™
  • Like if you were in an anime, you’d be the character that has flowers floating around them whenever they talk 
  • Anyways, due to your extremely opposite social circles, the two of you never interact
  • Even if you’re in the same class as him, he’s in the back corner by the windows, and you’re front and center
  • Also, you’re like hella scared of him lol
  • Like, you’re cordial to him; you say hi and stuff, but he always does that weird bro nod thing in reply
  • So you just tremble in fear from afar
  • Anyways, since you’re the school’s soft girl™, you’re always helping out teachers whenever they’re in need
  • So when your science teacher drops a bucket of who knows what she sends you to the janitor’s closet to grab a mop
  • You open the door of the closet, and there’s Kang Daniel, asleep in the corner of the closet with a manga over his face. 
  • “Awww” you thought, “how soft” bc who knew the resident bad boy liked Ouran High School Host Club?
  • Anyways, you grab the mop, but as you were trying to leave you kicked something on the floor???
  • You look down and see some empty plastic jelly cups just littering the floor
  • So you turn to Daniel and slowly lift the manga off of his head, and you notice a half eaten jelly in his mouth
  • It’s strawberry flavored btw bc he can’t get any softer
  • Anyways, you lightly place the manga back on his face and lightly push some strands of his hair out of his eyes
  • wOW you’re face is red when you’re out of there, but it’s okay bc he’s gonna revert back to being scary so you’ll be okay
  • But little to you do know, Daniel woke up the moment you entered the closet, so after you shut the door, he took the manga off of his face and smiled softly to himself bc wOW you’re such a soft girl™
  • Time skip to a week later and you find yourself at the animal shelter bc your family really wants a pet cat
  • And you like animals so everything is gr8
  • But guess who works at the animal shelter?
  • it’s yA BOY DANIEL
  • He’s wearing an apron that has paw prints on it, and his hair is all floofy and wow you’re swooning
  • But you don’t want him to think you’re creepy or anything, so you get busy with looking at the little kittens playing in the little pen
  • Every now and then you sneak glances at Daniel and he’s helping out a family with a small cute toddler and your heart is just like awWW
  • And it’s the cutest thing bc this girl is to Daniel’s knees, so he bends down to her level and fishes around his apron pocket to produce a jelly
  • And your heart just soars when you hear the little girl gasp in excitement and the laughter that comes out of Daniel
  • bc who knew the resident bad boy was so soft™
  • So your parents continue looking around the store, but you kinda stay near the front of the shop just so you can sneak glances at Daniel and lowkey check him out
  • However, at one point when you sneak a glance he’s looking directly at you 
  • And you’re dead on the inside bc wow a cute boy caught you checking him out, you just want death 
  • So Daniel starts walking towards you, and you’re already thinking about changing your name and bolting out of there
  • But to your surprise he just smiles down at you and pulls out a jelly from his apron
  • “I usually only give these to the kids, but you’re cute, so it counts”
  • wOW you swooned right then and there
  • Eventually your parents pick out a cat, and you eventually eat the jelly he gave you (strawberry flavored bc y’all just soft)
  • Anyways, when you get back to school, Daniel just instantly swings his arm around your shoulder and pulls you super close to him before giving you a jelly
  • And everyone is like, “he’s bad, but he’s also soft™”
Boyfriend Jinyoung (Part 2)

A/N - Another boyfriend!Got7 headcanon yay~ The previous one was Jaebum and I felt it was only fitting that the next member I did this for was my one and only, Jinyoung aka my husband. Also I’m so incredibly tired from working all day as I write this so apologies if it’s not great! Enjoy and keep on sending in requests~

the first boyfriend!Jinyoung headcanon

  • so this absolute cutie is boyfriend goals
  • no doubt about it
  • and he would literally worship the very ground you walked on
  • like he just cannot comprehend how much he loves you and is completely head over heels in love
  • it’s really cute too
  • whenever you two go anywhere, even random strangers can see just how much he loves you
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend who is too perfect for words
  • when he meets them, he’s so incredibly polite and respectful, giving compliments and trying to impress them
  • and he’s just the most flattering person ever
  • sweet talks his way into your parent’s hearts
  • they love him so much it’s insane
  • like they’ll be asking you the next time you bring him over because they just want to see him again
  • always brings flowers and wine for them too because there’s no such as thing as too many gifts, right?
  • speaking of gifts, prepare for surprise presents from him
  • he’ll have seen something that reminded him of you and been like “I want to get that. I’m going to get it.”
  • you would constantly tell him he didn’t need to but did he ever listen?
  • lol no of course not
  • and if you try and give him a gift he’d just be like “the only gift I need is your love”
  • cue the major cringe but it’s cute so who cares
  • Jinyoung actually says a lot of cute but cringey things like that
  • he’d make shitty puns as a way of complimenting you
  • the other members would groan so loudly every time they heard a new one while you’re there just beaming at him bc wow isn’t he cute??!
  • likes to wake up before you in the mornings
  • one so he has the option of making breakfast for you
  • and two so that he can just look at you and admire you
  • Yugyeom said it was creepy but Jinyoung would just hit him bc it wasn’t creepy at all !!
  • he just likes to see how you peaceful you look when you’re sleeping
  • especially if you’ve been really stressed out recently (lol me)
  • and he loves being able to wake you up with kisses
  • lots of light little pecks on your lips and slowly trailing them down your jawline
  • it’s the best way to wake up honestly
  • i mean just waking up next to Jinyoung would be wonderful but like
  • if he was kissing you??
  • rip me bc I died and went to heaven just imagining it

Youngbin as a boyfriend

-yall would probably start off as friends tbh

-probably met in college or smth

-y'all were both pretty quiet and would occasionally go to the library to study

-well, one day the library was PACKED bc it was time for finals and everyone was trying to get in last minute studying

-you’d been at the library at least four times a week for about month tho so you were the real studious student 😤✊️

-but you had tend to see a random guy in the corner a lot while you spent your time there

-he was always invested in either a humanities or psychology textbook

-you may or may not have thought he was cute

-w his cute lil big head and weird hair that somehow fit him aw

-and how he literally Always had headphones in

-u wondered what kinda music he listened to

-aNYWAYS the library was jam packed but for some reason the only chair available was the one in front of yours

-you figured it was because everyone was studying in groups and they probably noticed how you were alone so they wanted to give you space

-na let’s be honest, they just didn’t wanna sit w you

-you ignored it, actually basking in the fact that you could concentrate

-until suddenly


-the chair in front of you is pulled out and o

-o my

-it was Him

-he looks at you for a moment as if asking if it were okay for him to sit there and you nod quickly

-so he sits down, opens a physics textbook ((this is new)) and puts his earphones in

-wowzers, u think

-he’s even cuter up close

-you Really wanna talk to him

-but you’re shy

-but then you’re like

-u kno what

-fuck it

-so you tap his shoulder

-and he ignores you

-LOL jk he looks up at you, immediately taking out his earbuds

-u hear bts playing from them n u cringe

-jkjk bts i love u

-“i always see you studying when i’m here, but you’re always reading humanities or psychology. this is new”

-you pray to god you don’t sound too creepy

-but he smiles

-he sMILES


-he lets out a small chuckle and scratches the back of his neck

-ugh he’s such a boy

-“yeah, i just finished taking those finals so now i’m studying for physics. i’m actually really bad at it.”

-you mentally dab bc physics is your SHIT ((i love physics so if u disagree then ding dong u are wrong))

-so you offer to help him


-wow this is long as shit

-over time tho your feelings kinda subsided, turning more platonic

-and yall became best friends pretty quickly but i mean cmon you’re such an awesome person how can anyone Not wanna be ur best friend

-anyways when Youngbin confesses to you, it’s super random but super casual as if he was talking about a dog or smth

-u had said a joke somewhere along

-“knock knock”

-“who’s there”


-“orange who”

-“orange you glad you’re friends with me”

-you literally can’t stop laughing

-“what a knee slapper. im so funny, why does no one like me”

-“i like you”

-n that’s how it happened

-so y'all started dating a couple weeks later

-now Youngbin as a bf:

-well well well





-your first date would probably be like stargazing or smth

-and y'all would just lay on a bunch of blankets and look up at the night sky

-his arm under your head, holding you close to his body


-the first time y'all kiss would be so cute

-yall would probably be laying around in your room, cuddling it up and talking about stuffs when y'all both just get quiet and listen to one another’s breathing, enjoying yalls company

-then he would randomly sit up and stare at you

-and you’re like ???


-kisses u right on the lips

-ah so cute

-around the guys, youngbin would probably be rly protective

-practically hissing at anyone who tries flirting w you

-especially dawon

-idk why but i feel like dawon is a major flirt, whether it’s intentional or completely unconsciously

-whenever y'all hang w the guys, youngbin likes to keep you on his lap

-so dawon, the little bastard, likes to provoke him by winking at you and then throwing the tongue at him

-you laugh every time

-idk all in all i think youngbin would be a great bf

-super cuddly and soft and nice but very protective n vigilant of Others

-he protecc but he also atacc

-i love youngbin so much honestly


-youngbin i love u

thank you for requesting

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Shinsou X Ojiro

Commission for @utatapyon

“Everyone, I’m sure you all remember Shinsou.” Ojiro looked up from his papers, face scrunching up a bit at the sleepy looking teen.

“He’ll be transferring to our class today. So make him feel welcome.” Aizawa waved for the Shinsou to take a seat, and he settled in next to Ojiro, much to his dismay.

Shinsou reeked of an Alpha, and Ojiro recognized his scent all to well. It was the first thing he remembered after coming to from his brainwashed state at the Sports Festival, something he certainly didn’t remember fondly.


“Hm?” the blonde realizes he’s been staring and looks away quickly.

“You’re name is Ojiro, right?” the ‘new’ boy leans in.

“Yeah, you know me from the festival.” there’s a hint of bitterness in that statement.

“Yeah, I know. I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you drop out.” an apology? Ojiro certainly wasn’t expecting that.

“It’s fine…I guess.” he shifts comfortably in his seat.

“Wanna tell me what to expect in this class during lunch?”


A few weeks passed by quickly, and the original grudge Ojiro was harboring had faded fast. The Alpha had settled into the class nicely, taking a place as one of the more popular students. Cracking jokes with Kirishima and going over notes with Momo. Certainly, he found his place and was flourishing.

“Hey, who said you could sit there?” Ojiro was interrupted during his lunch, a pack of Alphas from 1B stood at the head of the lunch table he’d chosen to sit at.

“Excuse me?” the Omega began to feel nervous, the Alpha’s might not be so intimidating alone, but together the sense of danger rose.

“Omega’s sit over there.” Monoma sneered, pointing off to a table where a small pack of about three Omegas sat, the only other ones in the entire school.

“I can sit where I want.” Ojiro forced down his discomfort. “Get with the times Monoma, we can sit wherever we want to now and days.”

“Is that so?” he circled around the blond, his presence domineering. Stopping behind the blond, he grips Ojiro’s shoulder tightly. Leaning down, his breath hot on Ojiro’s neck, “You talk tough, but your scent reeks of fear.” to close. Everything inside him was screaming, “RUN!” but he couldn’t. Showing fear to an Alpha like that was dangerous.

Ojiro opens his mouth, tail tensing as he prepares to send the other blonde flying, when he feels the grip disappear.

“Is there a problem here?” Shinsou. He didn’t even have to see him, his scent was thick in the air, powerful and angry, nothing to be messed with.

“N-nah, just paying a friend a visit.” that sleazy creep backed up, turning tail the second he was confronted.

“You ok? He didn’t actually do anything, right?” Shinsou sits next to the slightly shaken blond.

“Y-yeah, he’s all bark, no bite.” he laughs nervously, finding himself calming down in the presence of his friend.

Shinsou scoots closer and wraps an arm around the Omega’s shoulders.

“Good. I’d have to kill him if he hurt you.” it sounded like a joke, but Ojiro wasn’t sure it was.

“You don’t have to watch out for me you know. Just because I’m an Omega doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself.”

“Never said you couldn’t. If anything you and Midoriya are the only ones in the school I can see as worthy opponent.” the Omega swells with pride.


“Totally. I mean, you might not have a flashy quirk or anything but you kick major ass with that tail of yours.” he grins lazily.

“Thanks…it means a lot hearing that.”

“Oh, one more thing.” the Alpha leans back, scratching the back of his neck, almost as if he were nervous.

“What is it?”

“Would you go out with me sometime?”


“Ok, so, what is your favorite video game of all time?” Ojiro was sitting opposite of Shinsou at the park, a basket of fries between them, enjoying their first date.

“Easy, Street Fighter 4.”


“Hell yeah, just way to blow off steam after a rough day. What about you?” Shinsou picks at the fries, giving the Omega a toothy grin.

“Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask.”

“Ohh, an old one huh?”

“An oldie but goodie. Seriously awesome game with a great ominous vibe.”

“Well, your taste in games passes. What about movies?” the Alpha chuckles.

“Oh man, I have to many favorites to count.” he chuckled.

“But on a more serious note…can I ask why you asked me out?” Shinsou blinks, taken by surprise.

“Kinda obvious isn’t it?”

“Well, not to me it’s not.” Ojiro presses on. “Tell me, please?”

“Well, to put it simply, you’re perfect.” the Omega snorts, holding back a laugh.

“Yeah, right. Try again.”

“No, I’m dead serious.” Shinsou’s serious expression catches Ojiro off guard.

“Wait…you aren’t joking?”

“Why would I joke about that? You’re smart as hell, resourceful, strong and…pretty cute too.” Ojiro could feel his face burning hot, flushed from embarrassment.  

“Wow…I didn’t think anyone would think that way about me. Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Shinsou takes a deep breath and looks away. “I was so ready to give up ever getting into A1. Then…I met you at the festival…and to be honest, I knew I had to get into the class then. I had to get to know you.”

“Hold up, you’re telling me you did all this work just so you could court me?” the Omega’s heart was pounding now.

“Well…sounds kinda creepy when I say it out loud…but yeah, that’s the just of it.” he nods, looking back at Ojiro.

“It’s not creepy…in fact, I think it’s pretty endearing.”

“So, I guess we’re on for a second date then?” Shinsou gives Ojiro a lop sided smile.

“We are so on for a second date.”

Insecurities {Pt.2}

Originally posted by okayoongz


Genre: Fluff, angst? 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: A lot of yu guys responded really well to this fic, and honestly, I’m having so much fun writing this too. OMG I FINALLY LIVED MY DREAM TODAY! I basically spent 4 hours in a cafe, with calm music playing in the background, having a cup of coffee all while writing and editing this part. I was so inspired! Just a brief update, I’m going to Vegas this weekend, so I’m trying to work on as much as I can before I go. Also, there’s a one shot coming your way! Be prepared! 

[Jimin’s P.O.V]

I paced back and forth the narrow hallway that led to the bathrooms, waiting for her. What am I going to say? I mean, she’s cute and all, so how do I start talking to her? Obviously, I don’t want to look creepy by standing out here. Why does she seem so familiar though? I thought. I haven’t met her before. I would remember if I did! But why…why does she look so familiar? The realization suddenly hit me, but the effects were agonizing. I walked into the small table that was in the hallway, which was the perfect height for my utmost sensitive spot. I walked into it hard too, hard enough to make a small thud sound. Too embarrassed to face her, I bolted back to the booth where all the guys were at, tears almost streaming down my face.

“Hey, what took you so long? Why does it look like you’re gonna cry?” Jungkook asked the moment I approached the table.

“Uhh, nothing. Kinda ran into someone back there, as well as something” my voice hoarse from being in pain.

“Who?” Taehyung added. Everyone stopped talking and decided to focus in on me.

“Just someone” I reassured them as I sat back down in the booth.

“Ooo…was it a girl?” Jungkook teased. I flushed a little at the thought of me running away. “IT WAS WASN’T IT!” Jungkook shouted.

“Could you not?” I tried shushing him. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to know what we’re talking about. Worse yet, for the girl to overhear what was going on.

“Was she cute?” Yoongi hyung asked.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Was she cute?” he reiterated

“Well…I mean…yeah, but” I could feel myself starting to blush again.

“SEE! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO RUNS AWAY FROM GIRLS!” Jungkook mocked, in hopes of keeping his tough guy image.

“I didn’t run away because she was cute!” I defended “I ran away because, well, because there was a small accident back there. I was going to talk to her, but in the midst of thinking what to say, I ran into a table.”

“What do you mean you ran into a table?” Namjoon hyung questioned.

“Exactly that. I was pacing, walked into the table, hit my dick, and bolted back here. Why am I going to talk to a cute girl while holding onto my crotch with tears in my eyes?” I explained. The table erupted into laughter. And as if my life couldn’t get any worse, she passed by the table the moment the guys started laughing. Jesus, I hope she didn’t hear that last part. She gave me a quick glance, looked back down, and walked on over to her booth. Great…she heard it. I’m done for. I have no chance now. I looked down, too embarrassed at the amount of mistakes I’ve made in such a short time.

“Woah, dude! Is that her?” Hoseok hyung surprised by the girl’s appearance.

“Yeah.” I nodded. When I looked over my shoulder to see her sitting peacefully in her booth, I noticed she quickly turned the other way. Was she looking my way? I glanced back, trying to see if hopefully, she’ll meet my eyes. After a few seconds, I noticed that the guys were looking at me.

“Dude, just go over and talk to her.” Taehyung nudged me.

“No way man. I’m done for.”

“C’mon, we’re not doing anything for the next while. Just invite her over, maybe she’ll want to hang out with us” Jin encouraged.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated.

[Reader’s P.O.V]

I could see from my peripheral that Jimin was looking at me. Why? Why is he staring at me? Is everything ok? Is there something on me that I don’t know? I mean, they all laughed when I walked by. Were they talking about me? Just stop Y/N. Everything is ok. You’re fine. It was probably just a joke…about you. I drooped my head down when I suddenly startled by the waitress. “Here you go Miss, a glass of water for the moment. Is there anything I can get you?” she asks.

“Umm..can I just get a burger with a side of fries?” I ordered, unsure if I should be eating that this late.

“Sure thing.” and off she walked away with my order in her notepad. Thank god she brought water, I can feel myself really heating up from the embarrassment. I placed both hands on either side of the glass and stared into the ice cubes. God, I really hope I didn’t make a joke out of myself.

“You know, I kept wondering and wondering as to why you looked so familiar.” Jimin’s voice was suddenly above me. I shot my head up, curious to see if it really was him. “And then I remembered. You threw that pink mochi plush at me didn’t you?” Yup, it was him. Frantic about our chance encounter, I forgot that I did that earlier today. A look of horror must have come across my face because Jimin suddenly felt the need to comfort me.

“It’s fine, I’m ok. Thanks to you, I have an adorable plush, and I’ll never forget the face who gave it to me…more like threw it.” He chuckled a little.

“Oh.” was all I could muster out. Surprising, considering I was talking to him less than 10 minutes ago. Where is this coming from? Why am I not talking? Why am I so shy? I was just talking to him. C’mon Y/N, you can do better than this. Right when I thought things couldn’t get more insane, Jimin decides to sit across from me…IN MY BOOTH!

[Jimin’s P.O.V.]

Wow, she’s so cute. And the fact that she’s blushing…ugh, I can’t help but want to place my hands on her cheeks. Ok, Jimin, get a hold of yourself, that’s creepy. I sat in front of her, and before I knew it, I was staring deep into her eyes. As I looked down her perfectly shaped nose, then her heart shaped lips, I noticed she had a faint scar above them. I wonder how that happened. Her brown hair framed her face perfectly into the beautiful person that she is. To avoid myself from staring for too long, I made an effort to start a conversation.

“So…how was, how was the concert? Did you enjoy it?” I instantly regretted asking the questions. Scared to think that she noticed my mistakes, or better yet, didn’t like my performance at all. I might as well ask her for a report card on my performance.

“Mhmm” she quietly nods. Shit. Maybe she’s just being nice. She’s holding onto the glass of water as if someone is getting ready to take it out of her; lifts it up and places her lips onto the glass, slowly drinking the water. I look ahead and notice the guys watching us. It’s now or never Jimin.

“Uh…so, we’re going to be in town for a while. And well, we’re going to explore tomorrow. Would you like to join us?” I hesitantly ask. I guess she wasn’t expecting that question since I was given a mouthful of water to my face as an answer. I hear the guys laughing in the background, but at this moment, I’m more focused on her. If anything, she probably feels humiliated. I was so focused on her that I failed to realized she was apologizing to me the same way she was earlier at the concert.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” she coughs lightly and continues “Here, take these napkins. Excuse me!” She flags the waitress in a panic, “May I get some more napkins please?” The waitress comes back with a handful of napkins and hands it to her. “Such great timing Y/N…you couldn’t wait to drink the water now, could you?” I heard her scold herself.

“So that’s your name then. Y/N” I couldn’t help but let a smile appear after her name left my lips.

“Yeah.” she nodded. She couldn’t bear to look me in the eyes after what happened. I’ll admit, that was the last thing I’d expect, but then again, my request did come out of nowhere. She focused on wiping away the water off the table, so I took that as my cue to leave. Maybe she doesn’t want to go out. Besides, I think I’m making her uncomfortable.

“I’ll uhh, I’ll save you the embarrassment. It was nice meeting you Y/N. Thank you for the plush.” I got up out of the booth and started to walk back to where everyone was at.

“Wait!” I heard behind me. “I’d love to join you. You guys I mean, I’d love to join you guys” she smiled.

“Great. Well, we’ll be at the promenade that’s 10 minutes from here. How about I’ll meet you there?” I suggested.

“Ok. I know exactly where. But since it’s really easy to get lost, how about I meet you in front of the movie theater there.” She said.

“Sounds like a plan. Does noon work for you?” I asked.

“Perfect.” she smiled once again.

“Can’t wait to see you then Y/N” I said and strolled back to the booth where all the guys were sitting at. I caught Tae’s face gleaming, while everyone else had smug smiles on their faces.

“What?” I asked shyly.

“I told you you could do it.” Hoseok hyung chirped.

“No, you didn’t! I did!” Jin hyung corrected him. “See, it was simple. Did she say yes?”

“Of course she said yes, look at that smile.” Yoongi hyung pointed out. I didn’t realize I was smiling all this time. Did she notice it? Is it that noticeable? Did I give myself away? Am I that easy to read? I felt myself get hot and sat down immediately. I stared ahead thinking about the moments leading up to our meeting when I realized there was food in front of me. “Uhh…I don’t remember ordering food.” I said.

“Mmm…we ordered it for you while you were you know…trying to ask a girl out,” Jungkook responded with a mouthful.

[Reader’s P.O.V.]

Did. That. Just. Happen? I sat in the booth paralyzed. Am I really going to hang out with Jimin tomorrow? No…this is just a dream. When the server came back with my food, that’s when I realized it wasn’t a dream at all. Clearly stunned, I forgot that I was hungry in the first place. I pulled out my phone and quickly texted my closest friend.

Guess who has a date tomorrow?

 I quickly typed. Within seconds I got a response.


Yeah, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. Help me pick an outfit yeah? 

I responded


Cool, bet at my house at 10 am then. 

I took maybe 2 bites out of my hamburger, ate the fries and packed the rest for to-go. My heart is racing and I need to drive back home. I got up, walked over to the cash register and paid for my meal. Sneaking out of the restaurant, I’m hoping Jimin doesn’t notice me leaving because the last thing I want is to have more conversation with him. I’m nervous about tomorrow, and if I talk to him right now, it’ll definitely show.

By the time I got home, it was 1 am. Exhausted, I dropped my bag at the front of the door, and crash landed on the couch. Within a few seconds, I drifted off to a peaceful sleep, only to be woken by loud boom’s hours later.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOOM! I jolted awake scared that someone wanted to break into my house.

“Y/N! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE” Crystal shouted while continuously pounding the door. What the hell is she doing here? I walked over to the door to open it for her, and as soon as I did, Crystal made her way into my home. “DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! Girl, you gotta get ready.”

“What are you talking about?” I muttered in confusion. I had no time for the gears in my head to start turning. “I literally woke up seconds ago.”

“Your date! How could you forget about your date?” She exclaimed.

“Oh shit.” Whatever fatigue I had vanished once I remembered my date with Jimin. “Quick! What time is it?” I ran to my room to start getting ready.

“It’s 10:05 am” I heard Crystal shout from my living room. Ok, I’ve got an hour to get ready, and it takes me an hour to get to the shopping center. I can do this. I stared at my wardrobe wondering what to wear, and what felt like 10 minutes of white t-shirts, lace cover ups, and a row of jeans, I decided to walk over to my bathroom. “Hey Crystal” I shouted, “Can you pick out something for me to wear, you’re kind of good at that stuff.” Unless it’s a special occasion or a party, I really don’t know how to dress myself up. I’m an avid wearer of graphic tees, t-shirt dresses, t-shirts under dresses, and converse. Anything else is relatively fancy for me. Crystal, on the other hand, she dresses like she’s going out all the damn time. Her motto: dress like you’re going to meet your soulmate. My argument: If they’re my soulmate, then they won’t care what I’m wearing.  

By the time I’m done with brushing my teeth and facial routine, I return back to my room. I noticed on my bed lays an off-the-shoulder blue striped shirt with a circular flounce sleeve, cute boyfriend jeans, and a pair of tan sandals. “Woooow” I chuckled. “I never would wear this. This is too much!”

“No. This is date appropriate.” Crystal assured. “So, how’d you meet him?”

I slipped on the shirt and jeans and hastened to put on my makeup. “I uhh..” How do I mention Jimin without mentioning Jimin? I can keep the meeting general. Or I can just change the story a little and she won’t know. Yeah. I’ll do that. “Well, remember the plush I bought to take with me?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!” Crystal said.

“Well, I wasn’t watching who was behind me, and when I swung my arm back to get ready to throw the plush, I socked someone behind me.” I lied.

“OMG Y/N YOU DID NOT?’ she laughed.

“I did. But, he was ok. And funny enough, we both end up going to the same diner to get something to eat. I was walking towards the restroom, and he was walking out of them, and we ran into each other. Literally.” There, I told her mostly the truth. “And then we just sort of decided to go out today?” I added.

“Oh. My. God. That is insane! How is it that you manage to hit people, but they never get mad at you?” I’m sure Crystal was alluding to that kid Jose back in 4th grade.

“I don’t know. It just happens?” I shrugged my shoulders. “What time is it by the way?”

“ It’s now 10:15 am.” Crystal paused. “Why did you decide to go to the promenade?”

“I don’t know? Because that’s one of the easiest places to acquaint yourself with someone?” I responded. By the time I was done with getting ready and putting on my makeup, it was already 10:35 am.

“Hey Crystal, thanks for coming and helping but I’m good now.”

“You sure? You don’t need me to drive you over there?” She asked

“I’m sure. Besides, I would rather drive in case I have to leave early.” I reassured her

“Ok, well good luck! Knock him dead and don’t be nervous. Love ya!” and out Crystal went, leaving me to finish off the little details of the outfit. I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. “The last thing I need is for Jimin to think I’m a slob,” I said.

I walked over to the fridge in hopes of getting a small bite to eat. Rather, I’m met with a little note on the refrigerator of a small to-do list. Great, I have to wash the dishes before I leave. Ok, shouldn’t take me long…hopefully. I started cleaning the pots and pans that were in the sink, grateful that it was only 4 pans that I had to wash. I looked over my shoulder to see the wall clock, which currently reads 10:50 am. By 11:00, I was done with all the dishes. However, the water wasn’t being drained which is always problematic. I quickly reached for the kitchen plunger underneath the sink and began a swift succession of push and pulls. There was a small gurgle, and everything was draining until it stopped again.

“Ughhh…Why?” I impatiently shouted at the sink.I resumed the motions once again, and I pulled the plunger out of the way. Once I did that, there was a massive spew of water along with food remnants. The sink decided to regurgitate all of yesterday’s food onto my shirt. “No no no no NO!” I yelled. “Now I have to change! Really? Today, out of all days!” I bolted to the washing machine only to find clothes both in the washer and dryer. I couldn’t just take the clothes out of the dryer and abandon them in the hamper. If I’m going to take clothes out, I have to fold them. That’s the rule…or at least my mother’s rule. Not wanting to stain the shirt, I dumped the clothes from the dryer into the hamper, transferred the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and finally tossed m shirt into the washer. By now, it was 11:20 am.

As I was folding the clothes in my bra and jeans, I quickly spotted a large white t-shirt and a long spaghetti strap dress. I hastened to put the t-shirt on and the dress over, creating my casual, everyday look. Great, I hope he thinks I look a little decent. It was 11:45 by the time I was done folding clothes. I bolted for the door and jumped in my car and made my way over to the shopping center. I hope Jimin doesn’t get there earlier than me. Better yet, I hope he’s not already waiting for me.

[Jimin’s P.O.V]


“Ahh, you’ll be fine” he responded. I swear, Taehyung can be the most helpful person when he wants to be, but when he wants to see you suffer, he’ll leave you out on your own.

“Oh come on! I don’t know what to wear, and you’re always so great at that stuff.” I begged

“Stuff? STUFF?” He exaggerated. “Jimin, clothing isn’t just stuff. They are a form of artistry, a kind of expression! They determine how a person sees you, how they base their judgments off of you. Your outfit can determine whether the person wants a second date or not.” He mocked, trying to freak me out a little.

“Yeah yeah…just help me pick out an outfit already,” I said,

“Look dude, we’re going to a promenade. Just wear something casual, but not too casual. It’s still a date.” At this point, Taehyung was just pushing my buttons. I’m feeling extremely nervous because if I underdress, then she’ll think I wasn’t interested. But if I overdress, I could intimidate her, and I don’t want that to happen.

“Then. Help. Me. Pick. An. Outfit.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Alright alright. No need to get snappy.” Taehyung walked on over to my wardrobe and picked out two denim pieces. “Here. Denim on denim. It’s not too hard, and with the right shirt, it will look great. Wear it with that black turtleneck of yours. Don’t forget, we leave in 20 minutes” He finished. It’s currently 11:10 am, and it takes us about 10 minutes to get to the promenade. The guys wanted to go a little earlier that way by the time it was noon, they were already out and about doing their things. I got dressed, tousled my hair a little and my way out to the main room.

“Wow…look at our cute little Jimin” Hoseok admired. “I think she’s really going to like you.” I couldn’t help but blush. Hoseok hyung always makes me feel a little shy with all the compliments he feeds me.

“We ready?” Jin hyung asked.

“Yeah!” We all said. We made our way to the promenade and when we arrived decided to split into groups.

“Who’s doing what?” I asked.

“Namjoon and I are gonna go to the bookstore. I want to see what mangas they currently have right now. He just wants to go see if there’s a ‘modern classic’ he hasn’t read yet.” Jungkook teased.

“Whatever. I could say the same the same thing about you and your mangas” Namjoon hyung defended.

“Well, Yoongi and I are probably gonna go eat at some places there, try out snacks and stuff.” Jin hyung added.

“We’re going SHOPPING!” Hobi hyung and Tae said in unison, grabbing each other’s hands and jumping up and down in a circle. I don’t know what it is that the two love about shopping. I mean don’t get me wrong, shopping is fun, but when you own a whole bunch of clothes, then you shouldn’t feel the need to shop. They should take Jungkook with them. He needs variety other than those large plain white t-shirts. 

By the time we split off, it was 11:50 am. I began walking towards the large movie theater that was on the far left of the promenade. There are shops everywhere and little places to eat as well. With a large fountain in the center and grassy patches for people to rest at, it’s a great place for lunch dates, especially during the spring time. With many different flowers like tulips in the flower boxes everywhere, it’s hard not to be happy here.

I pull out my phone to check the time, which reads noon. I glance up hoping to see Y/N, but with no luck, she’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe it just turned noon. I can’t expect her to be here exactly at noon. Hell, I can’t expect myself to be anywhere exactly at a given time. I’ll be on time to things, just not exactly. I’m sure she’ll be here any minute though. Standing alone in front of the movie theater, I see some couples walking in to catch a movie. The promenade is a bit busy for a Monday. I’m starting to feel a bit more nervous than I was before, I feel like a complete idiot just standing out here. I always do whenever I wait for someone though. If it’s longer than 10 minutes, I feel like a fool. It’s as if people judge me for standing too long; wandering side glances from others, people whispering about me, probably thinking I was stood up. What other’s think really eats at me. No matter how normal it is to wait for someone, it still feels odd.

I wait a bit longer before I rechecked my phone, this time, it’s 12:05. She could be running a little late. After all, we did get a tiny bit of traffic coming here. Maybe she’s finding a parking spot. Or maybe she parked far and had to walk? I was coming up with different things as to why she could be late. There was a small bench, which I decided to walk to and sit on. Time was crawling at this point. I couldn’t help but have my nerves eat at me, and the longer I waited, the worse I felt. Checking my phone on a constant now, I hoped that a 10-minute wait felt like 2-minute wait. Did she actually decide not to come? Did I do something wrong? Did I misread her? She definitely said yes right? Did she feel bad for saying no, and just said yeah? I really hope she comes soon though. It was 12:30 at this point and I was feeling down. Slumped on the bench, face in my hand, I was feeling defeated. Maybe if I just wait a little bit longer, she’ll come. I’ll give her another 10 minutes, besides I could use something to drink. I’ll wait 10 more minutes, and if she’s not here, I’ll go get something to drink. But I should come back, right? But by now, I feel like more than just a fool. I feel like a complete idiot. I’m sure the people passing by having already made their deduction that I’ve been stood up; which could be true.

Maybe she decided not to show up after all. I let out a large sigh of defeat, got up and walked towards the coffee stand that was 20 feet away from me. Maybe coffee will perk me up, and I can wait just go back and wait a tad bit longer. When I reached the line for the coffee stand, I wasn’t expecting it to be long, but then again, I really have nothing better to do than just wait.

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Hello sweetie your blog is awesome! Can you make a cute reaction of bts? How they react after seeing you being deadly scared of spiders? Thaxx sooo much!!!💋💋

Yes Of Course! Sorry for the late reply and thanks so much! ^^

BTS Reaction When You’re Deathly Scared Of Spiders

“It’s okay, your prince is here my princess”

Originally posted by beanieboysuga

“Really? You’re scared of this thing?” You nod. “You’re so cute, baby”

Originally posted by jeonggu

“My jag is the cutest!” He says hugging you, not even dealing with the creepy crawler sitting on your dresser

Originally posted by sonyeondan

“Wow, you’re such a weakling… You’re lucky I love you so much”

Originally posted by syubbie

“Don’t worry, I got it!” *Starts talking to the spider.* He would pick it up and tease you with it by bringing it closer to your face. Once he saw small tears forming in your eyes, he would immediately run outside, put the spider back where it belonged, run back inside and give you a tight hug, “I’m sorry y/n, I love you, please don’t hate me”

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

*Would be sacred too*

Originally posted by jung-koook

“Pfft, really? It’s just as spider y/n..” *tries to act cool but is actually quite intimidated by it*

Originally posted by ofzico

Hope you liked!
~ Admin Luna


Hey guys!!!! New stuff coming into the shop soon, in the meantime putting up pre-orders for discounted price for those interested.
Doing two series of patches for December, the first are these cute creepy occulty patches! Their sizes range from 3x4 in. (the glowing hands) to the smallest being 1.5x1.5 in. (the bonus planchette) to give you an idea of scale. Hands and inner lamp glow in the dark,large planchette and eye keyhole have gold thread for extra wow~! Depending on preorder numbers you may also receive a free bonus tiny planchette patch!

So spread the word n everyone will get something extra!
They will not be sold individually outside of the set/series so grab them while they’re cheap! CLICK HERE!

Other examples of our patches can be found here! [ X-FILES ] & [ STEVEN UNIVERSE ]

8 Footsteps Thoughts

I haven’t been this excited since Lachlan retweeted my cosplay.

Omg hi Colin Mochrie

What a guy


Omg yes hi Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Omfg this is perfect

‘Let me touch your face’ can I do that with Lachlan pls?

Oh wow this is amazing already


Oh I love this already


Who’s this shitlord next to Ruth? I hate him already

Lmao Colin Mochrie again just wants booze

Ok Ruth isn’t actually that stupid that’s cute

Hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to speak with you again

RIP dead guy

Dead with a fork oh wow




Omg Alex is a genius





God she talks a lot xD

Yo Murdoch vision is back it’s creepy too

Henry get here now let me hug you

Blind man did it? Sure….

Omg he’s so upset about this I can’t even someone give Lachlan Murdoch an award

Lmfao George knows what god looks like


Omg Murdoch is getting Henry in on the action

Omg I love this so much

Murdoch and Henry are so good together it’s so cute he’s guiding him in doing the graphology thing

Omg I love this so much this episode is amazing



Henry yes you love her

‘When someone likes you, you don’t want to see them hurt’ is my yearbook quote now

I’ve learned more physics from Murdoch than I have in school

Murdoch must be fucking fast to get there so quickly


Spirit animal is Colin Mochrie

Oh hi Helen Keller

Ooooooh she loved David awwww my god I’m dying

Oh my god I’m so sad poor Helen

I’m actually in tears I can’t even

Oh my god

‘Are you being funny?’ No but you are Colin lmao hi

George get out right now xD

What is this even idk science me kids





Oh my god I’m in tears he’s so adorable HENRY YOU ARE THE KING

Lmao back to the banquet we go



Back to Murdoch Vision this is awesome

RIP Henry ;-;

I’ve already seen Lachlan die once this week don’t need to see it again

Herbert looks a bit anxious

I bet he did it

Oh shit Colin lmao

Couldn’t fingermarks help? On the knife?

Omg she hates seeing him die so do I Ruth it’s ok


Henry’s digging OMG










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Doodlesonice has a pretty cool Reverse AU but it's very popular so you might have already seen it. And the current popular one is so creepy tbh. 17 year old Victor giving 24/27 year old Yuuri hickeys? Havinh Yuuri be sexually attracted to Victor in the Eros costume? I don't care if they're not an "official" couple, that is just not okay. Victor and Yuuri is such a refreshing couple in anime, it's healthy and has no creepy age difference. Reverse AUs shouldn't kill that part of Victuuri.

I’m not as huge a fan of that one because I feel like it changes Yuuri’s character too much (so it’s just not for me personally and that’s fine!), but I love their AU with Yuuri and Victor both as teens and Yuuri being coached by older Yurio. It’s so funny and cute. 

BUT YES. Even if they’re not an official couple, there’s still always huge shippy vibes between them and wow please no.

Though I’m also not comfortable with content where they alter something about the characters so they can’t be an official couple. Like it’s so rare to have a canon gay couple, and changing the universe so they aren’t… a couple is not something I can get behind. 

ugh i just love girls they’re all soft and warm and smol and sometimes they’re not soft or smol at all but they’re still so warm and nice and lovely and their hair’s so fun to play with and sometimes they’ll have cute lil tummies or squishy thighs and sometimes they look like they can destroy me and i still love them so much i wanna wrap my arms around them and squish their cheeks and kiss their nose ugh i just love girls

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Hello!!!!!!!! I was wondering how would EXO react to really liking a girl (wanting to ask out) and finding out that she's a '00 liner?

Baekhyun: “…Am I going to go to jail? Are my feelings illegal?”

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Luhan: “No wonder she looks so young… she is young!”

Originally posted by dawnlus

Xiumin: “…Wow, I’m really old.” //depressed about his age now//

Originally posted by youngjaes

Lay: //just feels incredibly stupid that he didn’t realize beforehand//

Originally posted by yixwing

D.O: “I can wait three more years.”

Originally posted by daenso

Suho: “Okay, so I was not expecting that.” //millions of thoughts running through his mind//

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Chen: “What if she thinks I’m creepy?”

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Kris: “Are you sure?” //just checking//

Originally posted by zeore

Tao: //counting in his head// “How many years apart is that?”

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Chanyeol: “That’s cute.” //doesn’t really bother him//

Originally posted by sugutie

Kai: “Reallllyyy?” //just happy that he’s older than you//

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Sehun: “So… what exactly is the problem?” //he could care less about your age//

Originally posted by zhangyixings

~ Jade

Dating Soonyoung/Hoshi

How you guys met:

  • you were literally going out just to buy a few things from the convenience store and apparently you live very close to his dorm????
  • He’s out buying mutha-fuckin chips n stuff for him and the other members
  • You both reach for the same damn shrimp chips
  • Oh crap, look at that cute lil ball of fluff
  • He’s like, omg, i’m having a moment and offers to let you have it bc you’re hella cute to him too
  • But you’re like nah man I’m good, you go for it
  • Amazingly you keep bumping into him at every location in your area
  • and OH MY LORDY LORD, you know that he’s from seventeen- like YOU KNOW THIS FAMOUS LITTLE HAMSTER BOY IS TALKING TO A REGULAR PERSON LIKE YOU and it is an amazing experience
  • So you decide to do a little research on this cutie at your local cafe, and you sit down with your handy laptop and start watching some of their videos
  • How does he get inspiration from a tissue??? You’re just-
  • “Hey!”
  • And jisoos christ it’s him
  • “Um, hi” *slowly pushes your laptop away because this is hella awkward*
  • Too LAtE he’s already seen you in action and knows
  • “So you like my group?”
  • Welp, might as well commit seppuku at this point, he’s seen you, he knows you like him
  • “Yeah you guys are so talented”
  • watch him become the most happy little creature on the face of the planet as soon as he hears those words
  • the cute girl/guy he kept running into thinks he’s talented
  • You guys start getting super friendly over a span of a month, texting, calling, going out to eat
  • I mean, all the other members are so annoyed because hoshi doesn’t have the balls to actually ask you out so all he does is talk about you non stop
  • During their comeback, and as he’s watching you react to him as you watch their video, he gets this creepy/cute grin on his face the more he gets that you like it
  • “Wow, Soonyoung that was soooooooOOoOO good!!!”
  • Um what?
  • He says he got inspiration for the dance routine by thinking of how to confess to you
  • omG he’s so cute
  • “Please date me”
  • “Hell Yes I will”

Dating Hoshi/Soonyoung:

  • Literally non stop laughing because he’s so freaking hilarious
  • You always telling him to dye his hair back to _____ because you thought he looked really good
  • teasing him about that one time he grew his hair out long bc the CEO told him to
  • “Hoshi, lets go camping one day, you can make all the fires”
  • “I’d burn the entire woods down y/n, my skills are too good”
  • Literally half the things you talk about you won’t remember the next day but does it matter you guys have so much fun
  • Him dancing to music while you watch happily from the side
  • Always being able to put a smile on his face whenever he’s down just by giving him a peck on the cheek
  • You guys are mostly loud, everyone knows it
  • but there are moments
  • when you guys just
  • sit, huddled together, playing with each other’s hands and fingers, in silence
  • and you love those moments
  • being graced with his beautiful vocals
  • Him always getting super giddy when they have a comeback soon
  • because god damn it he wants to tell you what’s gonna go down but also wants to surprise you
  • Almost all his choreographies have you incorporated into them somehow
  • “Soonyoung isn’t this from that time when we were-”
  • “Yes, yes it is”
  • Boo Seungkwan and Lee Seokmin being the Mother-in-laws you never wanted
  • always smiling because he’s always there for you
  • putting on some jamming music as he twirls you around your living room, and it’s so cheesy and you guys are so happy it’s the best
  • The greasiest pick up lines you’ve ever heard
  • “You wanna go-”
  • “YEah I DO”
  • “Out on a date with me?”
  • Him suddenly coming over with a bouquet of flowers on your 1 month and 2 week anniversary only to find out it’s actually in two days
  • “I still love the flowers, don’t worry-”
  • “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!”
  • “But you’re my idiot”
  • Him sometimes sleeping over at your place, and you having to get him up by saying “HOSHI FIGHTING” so that he’s not late to practice
  • he’ll come over, tired and worn out, and just fall into you
  • you making him his favorite food when he’s like that
  • petting his head as he falls asleep on your lap, and how could you ask for more than this?


I tried my hand, and it didn’t do my vision justice. But anyways…
This is Padparadscha Sapphire! Her gem is her eye (so sorry about how that turned out!) her weapon is the element of fire, much like Ruby, but she mainly gets it from sunlight (like it charges her up ya know? XD)

You can modify it however you like!

I hope you like it~

!!!!! Oh my gosh! I love this! She’s so cute! And I’m so excited about the fact that you would want to design a gemsona for me you don’t even know. I love the way you gave her the pink hair fade on her bangs and eyeball gems are just the right combination of cute and creepy I love it. Also ankle boots are always A+. (also also one of my favorite shows of all time is Avatar: TheLast Airbender and I always secretly wanted to be a firebender so fire powers are awesome) 

Just wow! Thank you so much for drawing this for me! <3