wow so at the recommendation of egg

So after going back and forth on EXACTLY how willing I am explain my unnatural trashbag desires to another human being, I commissioned coeuraubonheur to do a whole illustration based on a sketch she’d done back in March or so.

In addition to being a well-read human who can recite several pieces of Victorian poetry, wrote a 12 page paper on lesbian themes in Jane Eyre, and regularly sprinkles all kinds of highbrow shitheel references and vocabulary in her fanfic—


I already know what you’re about to say, and I don’t want to hear it. Titanic is a fucking gem to be improved only by turning Jack into a  butch lesbian (Leo is pretty, just squint). I will hear no different.

So obviously, what I really wanted was Haruka freezing to death in the Atlantic Ocean, forehead to forehead with Michiru, because my desires are, as the Republicans feared, truly perverse.

What I did not expect, however, was this. This is so filled with rich detail and emiotn, and the color on it is so saturated and it feels so real. The first time I got a WIP picture, I teared up. It’s just so well done. And I know you can see that with your own human eyeballs, but I need to express that the whole of my contribution was “Please draw Haruka as Jack dying in the sea xoxo Doc” and all of this is straight from her.

AND LOOK AT THE SHOOTING STAR. For those of you not “in the know” the shooting star is sort of a deep cut Titanic reference—in the original cut, Jack and Rose see a shooting star when they’re out together on the deck, and Jack tells her about how his father told him shooting stars were souls going to heaven. When Rose is lying on the door just before the lifeboat shows up, she sees a shooting star go by again awwwwww. So I did not expect such a great easter egg, but I was so seriously wowed by every aspect of her work.

I also got WIP drawings asking me if I wanted to tweak anything, she was so super wonderful and concerned with me loving the work and recommend her to anyone because LOOK AT IT.

Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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