wow so asian

I’m proud. I’m so proud that the boys have no intention of changing who they are as Korean artists. They are who they are and they don’t have to change for anyone. If armys have loved them for nearly 4 years now as Asian/ Korean artists who love their culture and language, they’ll continue to do so for many more years. It’s about representation. We barely see Asian culture in mainstream media that doesn’t entirely make fun of us. The fact that the boys are growing bigger in the western music industry as themselves, as a Korean band, that’s really really huge for us, for everyone within Asia. They know their roots and fuck… that’s just really awesome. 

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my interpretation of professor moriyama!

i imagine him as a really chill and cool professor that makes so many dad jokes. he is pretty messy and he probably quite an airhead. he is a free spirit, going wherever his mind tells him to (hence that message he wrote on the board). whenever he lectures, he goes off on a tangent a lot. oh, also he wears crazy and colorful socks :D

Asian women are so beautiful. When I was little and realized I wasn’t going to grow up to be Asian, I cried so hard.

white woman, in Boulder, to a 12-year-old adopted Asian girl 

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dont play cards against humanity with white people

  • some white fuckboy who's bought every volume of some harem erotic manga: wow. asians are so privileged i wish i could be one
  • me: - remembers how a majority of asian immigrants were subjected to racism and discrimination and forced into labor to build the american railway system, as well as being rounded up in camps during the war and are subject to racism and discrimination to this day and disgusting fetishization from white children and ashy elbowed " im not like other blacks " black people who's only interaction with the culture is either korean music or japanese animation and often group this diverse ethnic group under these two races constantly. - nigga u dumb lol

One time I got a C+ in my 9th grade honors math class and my teacher (who was also Asian) told me I was too slow to go into a “honors” math class and made me take ridiculously easy math class in my sophomore year. I’m not good at math and I’ll never be good at math.